Lakers Practice Report: Friday A Possibility For Kobe’s Return?

Lakers Practice Report: Friday A Possibility For Kobe’s Return?



After a 106-102 victory over the Detroit Pistons last night, the Los Angeles Lakers (surprisingly) returned to practice this morning. While head coach Mike D’Antoni did not anticipate another practice until December 3, it allowed Kobe Bryant the opportunity to measure his game as a return is near.

Following practice, D’Antoni shared that Bryant only participated in 5-on-0 drills and will not play tomorrow according to Lakers reporter Mike Trudell:

With four days off before the Lakers face the Sacramento Kings on the road, there will be numerous practices and a return on Friday is a possibility:

In last night’s victory over the Pistons, both Pau Gasol and Jordan Hill sustained injuries. Gasol has had issues with his ankle and left hand, while Hill sprained his left ankle. However, both big men are expected to play against the Trail Blazers:

Without Kobe Bryant, the Lakers have exceeded most expectations this season. While some already expected the team to be out of the playoff race, Los Angeles is only three games out of first place in the division. Although the start to the season has been impressive, there is still a long way to go and the Lakers need to continue improving. When Bryant finally returns, they will have the best closer in the game again and will secure more victories.
VIDEO: Is Pau Gasol Happy With Where The Lakers Stand Right Now Without Kobe?

  • Lakers Fan

    When I first read this, a big kool-aid smile swept across my face. But Kobe will come back when he is ready. If he feels he is ready to go Friday, who am I to question a five-time champion? The team will only get better. Go Lakers!

  • Lakers4Life

    Kobe will return on Christmas. What a present for us Laker fans!

  • Jim213

    “Pau Gasol and Jordan Hill are probable for tomorrow.”

    Best to bring in Kaman off the injury list? He’ll likely play the 5 tomorrow especially if Gasol DNP. Sacre will get some playtime too with Hill out though Kelly may also play tomorrow, IMO. Although, may play tonight D Fenders if assigned?

    • cj

      gasol will play and so will hill.

      • Jim213

        Gasol likely but it may be best if Hill sits out (precautionary purposes) for at least a game given the 4 days off after the Blazers game.

        • Zimmeredge

          we must limit their minutes for tonight’s game.

  • cj

    heres what i would do if i was the lakers. 4 team trade.


    raptors- nash, lavory allen, pope, kaman

    phil- villanueva, Aaron gray

    detroit- rudy gay

    lakers- monroe

    reason raps do it- get out of gays contract, and gets them nash for a season or two wile getting worse so they can get the first pick in this years draft. keeps them under the tax.

    reason phily does it- they need to add salaries to their team they are to low at this point and both contracts come off the books next year.

    reason detroit does it- they need to get something for monroe and they need a true sf gay fits both very well.

    reason the lakers do it- they get a future pf in manroe. this cuts about 8.4 mill of the books so the lakers are not a tax team. the new lineup would be.
    blake, kobe, wes, monroe, pau
    farmar, meeks, young, will, hill
    ?,?, henry, kelly, scare

    the way i look at it every team gets something they need.

    tor gets worse and gets cap space if nash retires. phily gets to keep their cap space but add some this year so they dont get fined. detroit gets a true shooter/sf that they need and can push them selfs nto the playoffs. las but not least the lakers get a young star and might be a new contender after this trade.

    • Zimmeredge

      you can’t trade 40y-o vet Nash. you have to respect him.
      want Monroe? he will test the market this summer. If you can’t wait then try a trade for Kaman.

      • Daryl Peek


      • cj

        i dont see kaman getting a team involved to get the lakers monroe. so i had to throw in nash to get the raps in the deal.

        • Zimmeredge

          lakers’ fo won’t trade Nash because they have a lot of respect for the player. they will rather wait for the end of the year.
          you can’t trade a guy who’s limping.
          you can have Monroe for Kaman why? because the pistons have to free some cap in order to resign Drummond. long term, they will build around Drummond. Monroe is a young guy. he was carrying the pistons on his own. now you can see his stats going down because he is not involved in the game as much as he was involved in the past. And i think, as a GM I rather prefer to get someone with a lower wage to replace him via trade instead of letting him go for free this summer.

          • cj

            if the pistons made a kaman for monroe trade the gm would be fired. there is nothing wrong with getting rid of nash at this point we have 5 guards that are better then him.

          • Zimmeredge

            Monroe wil not sign a new contract this summer for the Pistons. and you look at the pistons’ long term plan he is not part of that plan because of the duo Smith/Drummond. Dumars was willing to trade him few months ago because he knows he won’t get anything in return. if he stays in Detroit, Monroe knows that he will never be taken seriously. he’ll spend his time in the nba anonymously. And if you look at his potential, one of the most youngest, talented big men in the game, you can say that Lakers’ fo will try everything to get him.

  • Daryl Peek

    Watching the Defenders game right now. Ryan Kelly looks really good again but Malcolm Thomas is a BEAST! He’s knocking down three point shots also. This could be the reason Elias Harris was released, or Kelly may need to watch his back also. Thomas will not be in the D-league much longer. I hope the Lakers call him up.

    • LakersHeatBeef

      Lakers must hurry up and sign Malcolm Thomas to a contract.A D-League doesn’t count,it must be a NBA contract to retain his rights.But yes i concur Malcolm THomas is a beast.But when i say beast it has been in the Summer League and D-League i wonder if this could translate to the NBA?

      I know he has played in 15 NBA games in his career averaging 1.1 per game.Now that is also in only 4.8 Minutes Per Game.Maybe if given 20 to 25 MPG he would be a player that could put up good numbers in the NBA.

      He would likely not play for MDA since Shawne Williams has the backup power forward position on lock right now,but he must shoot a better % to assure a hungry player like Malcolm Thomas doesn’t take his spot and minutes.We already have Jordan Hill and Pau.

      Also he is way too small to be the backup center as Robert Sacre has that position for now.Caveman awaits his turn.Unless Jordan Hill or Shawne Williams give up their minutes.Maybe making Malcolm Thomas the small forward would be a way he plays meaningful minutes.

      • Zimmeredge

        Johnson and Young are both great at small forward position. if he’s a good shooter as a strech four then he will have his opportunity.
        also the most important thing that we need right now is a guy who can protect the rim. i don’t think we need another scorer as we are not struggling offensively but our inside defense is really poor.

      • Daryl Peek

        Thomas Is the same as Jordan Hill but with a much better long range jumper. Thomas is very long for 6’9″ like Wes Johnson is at 6’7″ both are very good rim protectors in help defense. I could see Thomas as another stretch 4 on roster. D’Antoni would love the fast twitch flexibility because it would allow more running. Not much of a defensive drop off either. Thomas is best know for his defensive prowess. His offense was a huge question mark last season but he’s improved big time it seems. Malcolm is the number one d-league prospect.

        • Zimmeredge

          i’m watching the game against SCW. the problem is that people are not aware he’s now a reliable shooter so he is not tightly guard 1v1. he’s often wide open that cannot happen in the nba. So he might not have as much opportunity to score from long range but if he can shoot 40% that’s very nice.
          he also has a pretty decent inside game. nice athletic moves, good footwork.
          he has to work on his concentration and focus.
          he definitely deserves a spot in our team.
          6’9″? he reminds of Earl Clark a go-to-guy who can do it all.

        • LakersHeatBeef

          You know what bro,if Malcolm can just come on in to the Lakers main roster and work with Mark Madsen and Larry Lewis on developing his skills and also Kurt Rambis can help him out on big man play.

          Then in that case given it is the MDA offense and we run a small fast lineup out their we might be able to use Malcolm Thomas as the undersized backup center,he is similar to Jordan Hill only he has a jump shot that is much better.Malcolm Thomas is a rebounding machine.

          Robert Sacre and Chris Kaman would not play much at all if Malcolm Thomas gets signed and gets the backup center minutes.Also maybe sitting Shawne Williams in favor of Malcolm Thomas would be smart.Malcolm Thomas has been with the Lakers D-League team off and on for a few years now.

          Also he was in Lakers training camp years ago but he got cut along with Gerald Green.So yes lets get the #1 prospect from the D-League.I love what he has done this season.

          • Daryl Peek

            Actually Thomas is already very good as a big man playing. That is what he was known for coming out of SDSU with Kwahi Leonard. Thomas would be a PF not center IMO. Thomas didn’t stick in the NBA because he had no mid range or long distance jumper consistently.

          • Zimmeredge

            what about his bball IQ?
            anyone who can grab some rebound, alter or block shot inside, play some inside D, with lenght, athleticism and can knock down few points as a four whether if it’s in or out is welcomed in our roster.
            he definitely has a profil similar to Earl Clark.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Fast And The Furious star Paul Walker died in a car accident yesterday,well it was very tragic and sad to hear that tragic news.RIP Paul Walker.

    But onto the Kobe news yes i am very patiently waiting his much anticipated return and i think he should just play as many minutes as he can,i am old school in a sense as i don’t like that minutes restriction philosophy it seems to backfire on the returning player as it didn’t work with Stoudemire,Nash,Bynum and everyone else that i know of who tried it after returning from serious injury.Kobe should just play minutes as much as he can.Gotta play as if nothing ever happened,must forget the past injury and prepare for the present and future playing a refined style.

    Adjust the way you play so you last longer as in become more of a jump shooter play posting up much more,also use the fadeaway jumper.These are all moves he will use IMO.Kobe knows how to drive the lane and dunk,knowing when is the key.

  • Martin Susman

    Kobe needs to think “Rose”, he came back & got screwed up again. Kobe should NOT come back before the first of the year & only then if there is a solid shot at the playoff’s…