Lakers Practice Report: Christmas Day Game With Farmar Is Back

Lakers Practice Report: Christmas Day Game With Farmar Is Back


0lakersThe Los Angeles Lakers will face off against the Miami Heat this Christmas day. The Lakers have been blown out in the last two games without a true point guard or Kobe Bryant, but a Christmas miracle could happen as Jordan Farmar is back from his hamstring injury and could lead the Lakers to an upset over the Heat.

There has been much debate over the holiday jerseys this year because of the added sleeves. Many shooters from the Heat have complained that the sleeves hinder their shooting motion and compared them to soccer jerseys.

Will a Christmas miracle happen? Can the Lakers take on the Heat on Christmas day?

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Laker fans rejoice as Jordan Farmar is back in the starting lineup and the Lakers have a legitimate point guard. The Lakers have struggled with Xavier Henry running the point and the newly signed Kendall Marshall has barely seen any minutes and has not impressed so far in the time he’s stepped on the court.

Pau Gasol wishes everyone a Merry Christmas! — Read more here.

Happy Holidays From The Lakers And Lakers Nation

  • GM Jack

    It is very painful to watch today. DH could have been signed this year and Melo would have signed in 2014. Problems would have been solved. The Lakers would be competing.

    • Paytc

      Not sure about that? But even if we had D12 without a healthy PG (which the team has been without for weeks) we would have most likely looked like Dwight Howard had us looking during last seasons playoff S.A. sweep/ butt kicking.

      This is a decent team playing without it’s experienced team leader,Kobe Bryant. Four new starters from last seasons team.
      They were playing a confident back to back NBA championship team and held their own IMO.

      I feel your pain in wanting to see the Lakers on top. But that would take a bit of time ,and good team health, no matter who we have coaching or playing for us. Go Lakers !