Lakers Post-Game VIDEOS: Team Buying Into Mike D’Antoni’s Concepts Reviewed by Momizat on . The Lakers improved their record to 7-7 through 14 games this season with their win over the Sacramento Kings, making them .500 without their closer Kobe Bryant The Lakers improved their record to 7-7 through 14 games this season with their win over the Sacramento Kings, making them .500 without their closer Kobe Bryant Rating: 0
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Lakers Post-Game VIDEOS: Team Buying Into Mike D’Antoni’s Concepts

The Lakers improved their record to 7-7 through 14 games this season with their win over the Sacramento Kings, making them .500 without their closer Kobe Bryant. After the game, Lakers guard Steve Blake who brought in 12 assists tonight discussed the current state of the Lakers locker room. Many players brought up the fact that the entire team is finally buying into Mike D’Antoni’s concepts and making them instinctual. Shawne Williams breaks down the double technical with DeMarcus Cousins and Jordan Hill talks about his chemistry with Pau Gasol. Check out our post-game videos below and don’t forget to subscribe to our Lakers Nation YouTube Channel.

MIKE D’ANTONI: Talks Chemistry, Sharing The Ball, And Understanding The System

PAU GASOL: On Lakers 7-7 Record Without Kobe And Concern For His Brother, Marc Gasol

STEVE BLAKE: Discusses Current Lakers Locker Room And Upcoming Road Games

SHAWNE WILLIAMS: Talks His Double Technical With DeMarcus Cousins

JORDAN HILL: Stopping The Kings’ Bigs, Chemistry With Pau Gasol, And His Success

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  • Gregory Choa

    Well, well, well…whadda’ya know? The players are buying into Mike D’Antoni’s system and concepts.

    I wonder what all the MDA haters are thinking about now…wait, I know, let’s get rid of the coach and all the players who want to play for him and let’s get ‘Melo! (smh)…

    • Jim213

      For myself… during the summer yes given last year’s results and short rotation that may have aided to Kobe’s injury (trying to do too much). But given that it didn’t take place BEFORE THE SEASON have no choice but to #rollwithit. However, the coach should be given credit for being allowed to construct his own unit to fit his style (2nd unit) though it’s a mixture between both units today.

      The changes have resulted in better overall team play and chemistry that lacked last season. With that said and with all the information out with regards to last season’s locker feuds… the coach wasn’t given a fair chance to implement his system. Today, many teams are starting to go with a quicker pace of game (small ball) as I doubt management would’ve been able to find a more suitable coach to implement this type of system given the coach is the one who’s mostly implemented it in the league under his previous teams.

      However, the coach gets some blame given the constant rotations switches that took place. YES, it was expected given the new acquisitions but like the coach mentioned he wanted to keep certain players within certain groups at first without starting the most consistent players thus far which likely cost the team a few games. With that said it seems like the coach is starting to get a better feel for his players given the close to 15 games played that has resulted in a more consistent line up these past few weeks.

      Players are starting to understand their roles and are playing better team ball. If they struggle on one end show up on the other to put your two cents in which seems to be taking place now. That’s all one can ask for hustle AKA energy. But IMO, I’m not the real coach hater, it goes mostly to those who want him fired today and who believe that the team should tank (reason?)… but AIN”T TANKING! My issue is also with those who still believe that DH should’ve remained a Laker.?! Like I’ve been mentioning since 7/2013 wasn’t worth the $118 mil.

      • Jim213

        The team is playing better today but the issue of finding starting players is still on. Dec 13th vs Thunder will be a good test for this team given they’ll be playing in OKC. No matter what takes place this seaon Melo will be considered by management next off season. He seemed like a ball hog but from some recent articles that have came out as of late Melo doesn’t even break the top 10. Kevin Durant gets the honor of being #1 today. Another article also mentions that Melo has proven that he can’t carry a team and as he’s seen more as the 2nd guy on a team rather than the main guy.

        I disagree, though he’s been in the league for close +/- 10yrs he’s still running in 4th gear. Can’t blame Melo if he decides to leave the Knicks given they haven’t put together a solid team to help Melo win a title (bad pieces). Many think of Melo as a Donovan McNabb believing he can’t take a team to the promised land, Yes, aware of his playoff record too, but IMO it seems like he lacks emotion and confidence many times which can be addressed if he left NY aside of the Knicks signing Lebron.

  • Lakers4Life

    None of the players are buying into Dumbtoni’s retarded system. It’s the other way around — the current rotation and recent success is merely a by-product of Dumbtoni’s failures since trying almost every possible combination since training camp, the China games, pre-season and the first 10 or so games of the regular season, and now the players make Dumbtoni look good. Looks like this is triggering a mini reaction our of the Dumbtoni lovers lol.
    Lakers need to remove this coach so we can lure in LeBron and Melo for a few more championships FTW!

    • Spitfire

      you sounded like a geniune idiot.the same class as Skip Bayless.No further explanation.

    • Danny E. Pagan

      Nobody is buying “Dumbtoni’s retarded system”? Have you been paying attention? This team is 100% D’Antoni. He went out and got the athletic players he wanted, and now Blake looks like the second coming of Nash, Wesley Johnson looks like Shawn Marion, Xavier Henry looks like Joe Johnson, the whole team even Gasol is shooting 3′s, the ball is moving from side to side, no name players are thriving, guys are having career years, screens galore, pick and pops, pick and rolls left and right, everybody has a license to shoot, I mean when are you are going to admit that when you watch the Lakers you are in D’Antoni World?!

      This is a good time to be a Lakers fan it honestly feels like when Carmelo Anthony went down in NY and the Knicks and D’Antoni went on a 7-0 with no name Jeremy Lin at the helm. That’s what D’Antoni does, he makes average players look good. The thing is when Kobe comes back will he be like Carmelo and Dwight and refuse to share the ball and screw every thing up ( highly unlikely) or will he be the facilitator that he was during the second half of last year’s season that helped the team finish the season so strong?

      • Walt

        Lol you bring up all these former Phoenix players like Marion, Nash, and Joe Johnson, and none of them have a championship. These are the Lakers, we are not happy with getting in to the playoffs and having an exiting team to watch. We win championships!! Dantoni needs to do something he has never been able to do, if he is going to last in LA. Learn how to make a playoff run, until then I am glad we are .500 and with Kobe coming back soon, maybe we are even a playoff team. But without a big trade we are still way short on talent compared to the heat, spurs, Indiana, Oklahoma, and if we are a 7th seed again time for a new coach.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    LakersHeatBeef approves wins,if MDA can lead Lakers all the way to the finals then great.

  • Paytc

    I’m not sure on whether or not the teams is necessarily buying into the system? But they are most importantly winning winnable games. As long as they are winning everyone looks great. But as I keep saying …. “we can not get too high on wins or too low when the team suffers a loss or two”.

    They are developing some team chemistry the longer they play together, and adjust to the system, and rotations.
    Let’s hope they manage to stay at or above 500 until Kobe returns to anchor them down.

    Go Lakers !

    • Paytc

      And do remember I have never been a hater of anyone to include MDA. I have said all along to give him time. I also thought the untimely firing of Mike Brown was not good for the team. It was clear MDA was brought to the team to better fit Steve Nash’s skill set. But firing the coach in game 5 was a horrible decision considering we had just picked up D12 and needed to keep the momentum going and benefit from the training camp under Mike Brown IMO.

      Stability is key.You can’t keep changing coaches in mid stream and expect the team to all be on the same page especially with so many new parts coming and going. MDA has had the benefit of helping to hand select pieces to fit the system he wants to run,and rightfully so.

      MDA has the team playing well enough to have upset a team or two and win winnable games.
      That is all we could ask from any coach all things considered. But the players have to keep “STEPPING UP ” regardless to any management decisions IMO .

      Go Lakers !

      • Mark Rigney

        I have to disagree on Mike Brown. He was a horrible fit. Pulling the plug 5 games in was definitely not ideal – but it was the right move to cut him and move on.

        • Paytc

          I was never particularly a Mike Brown fan by any means. I did like the fact he was defensive minded. But I enjoy MDA system and style more than I did Mike Brown’s.

          Again it was the timing when Mike Brown was fired that I thought did the team a dis-service. They would have made the playoffs with Mike Brown last year and possibly gotten into further rounds instead of getting swept? But the whole purpose was to bring the success MDA and Nash had in Phoenix to the Lakers by any means necessary.It’s all a gamble and things may or may not work as planned?

          But I am obviously in support of MDA and this years team given a small tweak or two. Go Lakers !

          • Mark Rigney

            We’ll have to agree to disagree on the goal of bringing in D’Antoni. The goal wasn’t to turn LA into Phx – the goal was to improve the team. Nash was just an option that was possible to make happen. Mike Brown coaches an ugly style of basketball. That wasn’t the style Jim, or Jerry for that matter, wanted going forward. Would we have made the playoffs with Mike Brown? Maybe – though if we did we’d have squeaked in just like we did with D’Antoni. No coach was getting us deep in the playoffs with the roster we had last year with all the injuries and Dwight moping around.

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