Lakers Post Game VIDEOS: Pau Gasol, ‘Isn’t Much We Can Do Different’ Reviewed by Momizat on . The Los Angeles Lakers lost another winnable game Friday night to the Memphis Grizzlies, and it became even more evident how much they need their closer, Kobe B The Los Angeles Lakers lost another winnable game Friday night to the Memphis Grizzlies, and it became even more evident how much they need their closer, Kobe B Rating:
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Lakers Post Game VIDEOS: Pau Gasol, ‘Isn’t Much We Can Do Different’

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The Los Angeles Lakers lost another winnable game Friday night to the Memphis Grizzlies, and it became even more evident how much they need their closer, Kobe Bryant back on the floor. After the game, head coach Mike D’Antoni and Pau Gasol discussed the issues with not having Bryant on the floor, not only as a scorer but as a facilitator. Interestingly, Gasol also says that he really doesn’t feel like this team could do much differently against any other team. Despite the loss, Jodie Meeks registered his Laker-high 25 points, just six points shy of his career-high of 31. Nick Young scored 18 points off the bench as a member of the second unit. Check out our post-game videos below and don’t forget to subscribe to our Lakers Nation YouTube Channel.

MIKE D’ANTONI: On Benching Xavier Henry, Not Having A Go-To Kobe Bryant Out There

PAU GASOL: “There Isn’t Much We Can Do Different Against Any Other Team.”

JODIE MEEKS: Talks Teams Closing Struggles, Is Confidence Wavering?

NICK YOUNG: Not Thinking About Kobe Bryant Right Now, Addresses Teams Struggles Down The Stretch

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  • Jim213

    Go to guy, FGM-A, (4-12). Defense good.

    • Daryl Peek

      4-12 for gasol, 3-10 for Kaman, 0-4 for Farmar, 0-2 for X and 0-1 for Johnson. Outside of Gasol, these kind of numbers should be expected from time to time from the others. There is no such thing as constant consistency from role players. Even superstars have off nights.

      What the Lakers are missing is that alpha dog. Randolph showed us the difference in not having Kobe on the court. Alpha’s have off nights too but they stay vigilant in their determination trying to win. Our hopes are in Gasol for that right now and it’s becoming clear he’s not up to the challenge.

      Hopefully the team can stay afloat til Kobe comes back. Pau will need to bee more aggressive as our offensive focal point if that’s to happen IMO. Can have him under 18 points a game to often if we are to compete. Others will always be up and down.

      • Jim213

        Stop it Daryl, go to guy. avg. stats FG% = 39%, FT% 71%, TO = 2 PG, PPG = 13 pts.

        Expected more from him being the 2nd go to guy on the team. Although, has produced solid defensive #s but given that he’s having trouble posting up closer to the inner paint he’ll have to become more of a distributor given that he seems to be man handled at times.

        • Daryl Peek

          STOP WHAT?!? Where did I say Pau is manning up? Why are you assuming that! Everything I said points to higher expectations from Pau. WTH are you talking about?!?

          • Jim213

            Consistency, that’s all… why compare starter #s to backups stats. Although, he’s put good defensive #s, the fact that he mentions this is about the best they can somewhat do makes his comment look bad when he’s literally the only real starter aside of Nash (Hill earned spot) who’s struggled on the offensive end.

          • Daryl Peek

            ?!? Again we don’t have legit proven starters outside of Pau. My point was not compare. It was showing that Pau needs to step up and anything we get out of others at this point is gravy. On one hand your agreeing with everything I said but in the same breath you’re arguing?!?

          • Jim213

            The “even superstars have off nights” when he hasn’t stepped up consistently just made it seem like we’re expecting him to rise up one of the days when physically he seems out of it at times aside of out of breath while on the court. Get you point too.

          • Daryl Peek

            You know I’ve been very critical of Pau this season. He just needs to man up IMO. I’m no doctor, and he could be still hampered but I had very high hopes for Pau coming into this season given what we saw from him down the stretch of last season.

      • ra

        Good at pointing out defensive strength. Recall that ‘strong defense’ often comes at the expense of offense. Meaning that if a player concentrates on defense, chances are they are still on the defensive side of the court, after a block or an assisted turnover, and in the 1/2 second of defense it is a liability for then turning around and running down the court, and arriving there for the offensive set.

        There are few players who are ‘both’ a defensive juggernaut, and a strong offensive presence in the same game. Kobe ‘used to’ be able to do that, for example. Also, recall that when Bynum was concentrating on defense, his offense suffered. But, he would still get double-doubles.

        Actually, we need a ‘tall’ guy for defensive purposes, so if Pau is stepping up there, that’s actually good. The Lakers are deficient in ‘tall guys’ who can clog the paint on defense, except for Pau. The Lakers are mostly ‘smaller ball’ run & gun guys. And, the Griz has ’2′ bigs, Z-Bo and Marc Gasol, so it’s not easy for one person to guard both, and stop both from the ‘inner court’ presence.

        So I think the Lakers did a fine job, considering. And, Pau did fine in his role.

        • Jim213

          Daryl brings up most of the stats of the second team? Can’t expect the 2nd team to carry the team given the so called STARTER is the one who needs to show more consistency. So far gasol hasn’t met expectation aside of his pay. From reading other site news about Gasol looks like rumors (office) say that he’ll be getting traded,

          • Daryl Peek

            We don’t have proven legit starters on this team outside of Gasol! End of story.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Just a season filled with drastic changes for the Lakers,the ownership changed from Jerry Buss to Jim Buss,PG changed from Nashty to Blake.Shooting guard changed from Kobe to Jodie Meeks.Center changed from Dwight Howard to Pau Gasol.Small forward changed from MWP to Wesley Johnson.Bench changed we added Nick Young,Xavier Henry,Caveman,Farmar,Shawne Williams.Jordan Hill is a player on the rise.

    Too many changes to expect perfect chemistry and harmony.It’s a work in progress and it’s not pretty at times watching the mistakes and growing pains,but it’s my favorite team the Lakers,so i watch every game and remain loyal to the Lakers as a fan.

    MDA has a lot of duties as a coach and his job is very tough as his roster is a collection of players that were misfits elsewhere they were draft busts and odd men out and now they all find themselves being coached by MDA and this is one hell of a task for any coach to make this team reach the playoffs.4-7 is the record and the Lakers are quickly falling back in the standings,currently sitting at number 12 in the western conference.Go Lakers!

  • Magic

    MDA has to stop with the lineup changes constantly. Xavier was gettin go in beginning of season and yest he benched him. He’s a young kid. He ll struggle at times. But he can create his shot and get to ft line. Lineup can stay
    Blake Meeks Johnson hill Gasol. But bench should be
    Farmar Henry Swaggy Kelly Kaman. Enough with shawne Williams. And keep this consistent. Ryan Kelly has a nice touch , smart duke product. Needs minutes. See what he’s got. Lakers not going anywhere. So let the young guys plsy. Stop messing up their confidence with all these lineup changes. Geez this guy is a mess.

    • jeremy

      what are you talking about, yes at one point he was changing line ups, but as of the last 3 games the rotation has been the same and i dont see the starting line up changing any time soon unless nash or kobe are back or someone take wes spot.

      • Daryl Peek

        So on point Jeremy! Most just like to complain about MDA after a loss regardless of the truth.

        • jeremy

          i think at this point it showing the struggles are more then the rotation. since the lakers have their best rotation out there the last 3 games. so the struggles are more on the players then mike d. he can say the right things and make the rotations, but it up to the players to play well

    • jeremy

      one last thing to be fair x started off the bench before he played those like 2 games as a starter. yes he got bench it had nothing to do with how he played coach was just trying to find the best rotation.

  • Daryl Peek

    Steve Blake was one point and three rebounds from a triple double last night. Anymore questions about who should be the starter in Nash’s absence?

    • Paytc

      When we start winning games I’ll get back to you with my answer. I am not very impressed with any of the 3 PG’s on the roster. I still believe Farmar is younger and more athletic and better in the long term than what we have. I will say without watching the games Blake is doing ok but not anything special IMO.Blake is getting the bulk of the minutes so his stats should be best. We have to get some wins to prove Blake,Farmar,or Nash are capable of holding down the PG position. I am patiently waiting as I know it does take time to get into sink offensively and build team chemistry.

      We need to be near or above 500 when Kobe returns. The only stat that really matters in team ball is the number of wins. Go Blake! Go Farmar ! May you both “STEP UP ” and help us win at least 2 of these 4 home games?Go Lakers !

      • Daryl Peek

        Blake is averaging 12.2 points, 4 rebounds, 9.4 assist, one steal, while shooting 46% FG and 50% from 3 pt land over the last 5 games, 4 of which Nash did not play.

        Would love to have more wins as a team during that stretch because yes, wins is the only stat that matters but given who Blake is as a career PG those numbers are outstanding and he’s absolutely STEPPING UP in the absence of Kobe and Nash as a leader on this team. Also keep in mind Blake has the best PER as a defender of the three PG’s.

        Blake is playing way above his projected ceiling as a player right now. His numbers are Nash like (younger Nash) and comparable to the top 5 PG’s in the league right now since becoming the starting PG. As a matter of fact, CP3 and Rubio are the only PG’s to average more assists per game then Blake over that time period and Rubio is only .2 better than Blake at 9.6 per game. None of the top PG’s in the league are shooting as well as Blake. It’s not even close in comparison. Blake is not a scorer so some of the top PG’s average more point per game. Being more aggressive as a scorer is the only thing I could say bad about Blake but again, that not who he is and he is outside of his comfort zone in STEPPING UP to help this team in need.

  • Daryl Peek

    Shawne Williams had a very good game given 5 rebounds and 3 blocked shots! Would like to see more scoring out of him but you can’t expect that from a player of his caliber coming off sitting a full season out last year.

  • Sti1lmatic

    I don’t like Gasols stats (still early in the season) but I can’t say anything bad about the guy. Mitch brought him down from the Grizzlies and he helped bring two championships to LA. Without Gasol we probably wouldn’t have gotten to the final dance those two seasons.

  • Daryl Peek

    “Interestingly, Gasol also says that he really doesn’t feel like this team could do much differently against any other team.”

    Not only are the Lakers missing Kobe, they’re missing Gasol. 13 points a game is unacceptable whether Kobe is with him or not. This team needs at least 18/10 Gasol, the one that once commanded double teams in the post. With Kobe out we need this even more! Other role players are stepping up but they cannot be counted on to do it on a consistent. Any failures of this team revolve solely around Gasol’s lack of leadership and production to date.

    Blaming D’Antoni for rotations, minutes or whatever is meaningless if Gasol does not step up. Just as Kobe said “this is my team” last season, its Gasol’s team til Kobe comes back.

    • ra

      Gasol is playing ‘center’ in a ‘run & gun’ system. If they played 1/2 court offense (like the Triangle), then it would be different. Even Shaq couldn’t ‘quite’ fit in to ‘run & gun’. MDA called it ’7 seconds + Shaq’. As Jim213 points out, Gasol did a good job on defense. A good center does that, and ‘few’ centers can dash down the court after a phenomenal block or game-changing defensive move.

      Dwight Howard is one of the few centers that can actually do that, but … he’s no ‘Wilt Chamberlain’ or ‘Kareem AJ’. Also, look at DH’s numbers. That’s a center that ‘could have’ fit in with this system, but didn’t.

      Gasol is stellar in post-up, and Triangle 1/2 court. So, his points would go up for certain, in that type of offense. But, since the Lakers don’t play that offense, then his concentration on defense is something that works for the team. I saw a few game-changing moves in the Griz game last night, by Gasol. Very good. It kept the Lakers in the game.

      Gasol is ‘not’ a point guard or shooting guard, and they are not set up for 1/2 court offense – the Lakers spread to floor in their offensive set, and attempt more 3-pointers – they are in the top of 3-point shooting.

      So, if the style of basketball changes for the Lakers, then you can bet his point total will increase. But, that will be at the cost of ‘needed defense’, or having a ‘big’ in the opponent’s paint to help prevent baskets there.

      I’m sure that’s what Gasol means when he says ‘there’s only so much the team can do’.

      • Daryl Peek

        D’Antoni gives Pau the freedom to be a post up player in this offense. Pau chooses to pass on low post opportunities most of the time. That’s his fault. Pau can also execute half court PNR, its all about effort.

  • jeremy

    yes there isnt much the lakers could do, i think the best the lakers could do is wait for kobe or try to make a few improvement on the roster.the team is talented they just are missing something to take them to the next level.

    • Daryl Peek

      The talent is there man. We just need Gasol to step up and lead. There are no trades that make this team better this season without disrupting the plans of tomorrow. Trade who for who is the question I ask? Who’s gonna make a Kobe impact on this team via trade?

      • jeremy

        i dont know who, but there could be someone out there that can help improve the team.

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