Lakers Post-Game VIDEOS: Pau Gasol, All Concerned About Steve Nash Reviewed by Momizat on . In the Los Angeles Lakers loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves, Steve Nash sat out the second half with back issues and will see a back specialist tomorrow. There In the Los Angeles Lakers loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves, Steve Nash sat out the second half with back issues and will see a back specialist tomorrow. There Rating:
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Lakers Post-Game VIDEOS: Pau Gasol, All Concerned About Steve Nash

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In the Los Angeles Lakers loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves, Steve Nash sat out the second half with back issues and will see a back specialist tomorrow. There is much uncertainty ahead for the aging point guard and his head coach and teammates are definitely concerned. The Lakers lacked intensity and focus in Sunday’s loss. Pau Gasol, Chris Kaman, and Mike D’Antoni addressed the issues in our post-game videos below.

STEVE NASH: Uncertain About Future, Leaves Game With Back Issues And Will See A Back Specialist Tomorrow

MIKE D’ANTONI: Concerned About Steve Nash, More On Rotations Not Working

CHRIS KAMAN: Talks Groups Not Meshing Well As Part Of Lakers Loss

PAU GASOL: Discusses Concern Over Steve Nash, His Own Health, “Outrageous” Loss To Timberwolves

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  • Jim213

    Nash: Future uncertain, acupuncture may be a viable option aside of addressing the issue by going under the knife.

  • ra

    ah, too bad. Nash. He has usually been a sharpshooter, and the fact that he has been missing his ‘usual’ shots lately tells us that he’s probably having physical issues. (and that is indeed the case).

    It’s too bad that it has been sort of a ‘bust’ for Lakers – Kobe injured and out, Nash now out for a while. These were (and are) superstars that are experiencing the difficulty of long NBA lives. I don’t really want to see anyone go out like this. I’ll just continue to have hope on speedy recovery, and not have big expectations for this team. The team will recover.

  • Sti1lmatic

    3 team deal
    We get Rondo, Celtics get Gasol and Toronto gets Mr. 3,000 Nash.
    Of course other small players involved, expiring contacts, draft picks & all that other jingo jango.

    • AntRodrigues

      Rando is not a fix all for the Lakers, Gasol is not having the greatest start and Nash is pretty much all but gone from the NBA…. I doubt that the Celtics would take on an old player like Gasol (I might be wrong), I don’t see Toronto taking on Nash unless he can prove to stay healthy…..

    • Jim213

      I don’t believe the Celts would go for Pau given they’re on rebuild mode and are looking for younger talent for the long term. I’d still go with sending Nash to Toronto for a #1 draft pick (hopefully). With that use it to bargain or wheel and deal for a trade for Rondo or make it a three team trade sending Gasol where ever for a more prospective player that may entice the Celts.

      The Pacific and Western Conference as top and future PG’s thus the team will require and elite player at the #1 to go up CP3, and the rest of the top guards. Kobe likes Rondo play and hustle and has previously expressed (2011) that he wouldn’t mind having him on the team. Proven champion, competitor, who knows what it’ll take to get to the top too.

      Given that the Lakers don’t seem to use draft picks SMH if possible send a future #1 with Toronto’s #1 pick to the Celts if possible. They’re on full rebuild mode and given Rondo’s previous play that took them and made them champions I’d strongly doubt that he’d consider staying with the Celts in the long term. I’d still trade Gasol given his inconsistent play these last few years.

      Plus he may just need a different scene to play up to his capabilities though the team shouldn’t expect him to turn things around over night. Especially since he’s been inconsistent with his play these past few years. Toronto has expressed interest in Nash which is more of a marketing move than a long term acquisition.

  • winorgohome!

    dantoni is causing the team to lose by putting blake, nash, gasol as starters, thats 3 weakest defenders in the team. he needs to put the best defenders as starters and down the stretch of quarters and the end of games in order for the lakers to have a chance to compete at a high level and win… or else the team will dig a bigger hole and might now even make the playoffs.
    dantoni better fix this problem now!!!!

  • Gregory Choa

    All you Lakers fans clowning on Mike D’Antoni and Steve Nash need to realize that the success of this particular team, as presently constituted, directly hinges on the well being of Steve Nash. There is only so much even a healthy Kobe Bryant can do to right the ship. Yes, this team misses Kobe’s leadership and scoring, but I would argue it misses the player Steve Nash could’ve been had he not broken his leg in the 2nd game of last season, resulting in not only his DNPs, but this nerve damage and these tangential back issues. A healthy Nash, even at the ripe old age of 40, would’ve really helped this team be a lot more competitive than people are giving him credit for. This “turn for the worse” that Nash’s health has taken is some seriously crummy news…and it’s not the front office’s fault, and it’s not MDA’s fault…it’s just freakishly bad luck…part and parcel with the same freakish bad luck that conspired with David Stern to unceremoniously veto the trade that would’ve landed Chris Paul as a Laker for Pau & LO.

    At this particular juncture, and if the prognosis is that Nash’s back, nerve, whatever issues are not necessarily fixable, I think the only really prudent course of action for this franchise has to be shutting him down and, subsequently, shutting Kobe down as well…no sense in putting more mileage on Kobe’s frame when he could still potentially give the Lakers 2 to 3 more (final) seasons playing at a high level under a new, cap friendly deal. Let D’Antoni continue to develop some of these young guys, let Pau play out his final year, and let’s reload for next season knowing that with both Kobe & Nash shut down, the team will still play hard, and will see alternating inspired wins coupled with some really bad losses, but will ultimately fall short of making the playoffs…and find themselves with a ping-pong ball or two in the hopper in the next draft.

    I’ve never been an advocate of tanking…but if Nash is truly no longer physically fit to play, he’s gotta get shut down, and at that point it only makes sense to take the most prudent course of action with Kobe.

    • ra

      Agree with most, but the term ‘tanking’ suggests an intentional attempt to either ‘lose’, or ‘not play well’. I don’t the Lakers will ever ‘tank’. However, it looks as though they are even further from making the playoffs, if they even had a chance before.

      Agree with Lakers playing out this year, giving it their best, seeing what happens. Nash was ‘already’ being shut down by limiting minutes, skipping back to backs (hm. ‘back’ … strange – that’s what’s ailing him). Even if he comes back, I’m sure that unless there’s a miraculous recovery (and maintenance program for his back that keeps him functioning at a decent level), his playing time will still be limited, and maybe even more limited.

      It many actually require serious ‘down time’ for the best recovery, which means, again, he won’t be playing much this year. It’s too bad for him, and us (we could have benefited from his skills).

      For the Lakers organization, what they should ‘really’ do is to make Nash a ‘player coach’, or an assistant coach to D’Antoni to implement his system. I don’t mean that he shouldn’t play during this, but use his knowledge to help our other point guards.

      For the CP3 fiasco, how’s that working out for the Clips? They had a first round exit last year. I don’t know if they’re a championship team, although he is indeed an exceptional player. Maybe the Lakers would have done better with him, who knows.

      The Lakers are not just in a rebuilding mode, they are entering into a re-tooling mode. I would say that the Lakers philosophy is morphing into a new identity, but we won’t know what that identity is for a while, not even this year. They will no longer be the 80s Lakers, or the 2000s Lakers. I hope they will once again be elite, but it is not happening this year.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Yeah Pau Gasol sounds worried.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Major rebuilding is ahead whether we like it or not!

  • hookedonnews

    Nash has nerve root irritation and will be out a minimum of 2 weeks. Hope this doesn’t mean the end of his career. I know he wants to play. Hate to see this happen to a guy like him. Tough break.

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