Lakers News: Xavier Henry Set To Miss 7-10 Days With Bone Bruise Reviewed by Momizat on . The injuries continue to pile up for the Los Angeles Lakers after newcomer Xavier Henry went down with a knee injury in Sunday night's loss to the Philadelphia The injuries continue to pile up for the Los Angeles Lakers after newcomer Xavier Henry went down with a knee injury in Sunday night's loss to the Philadelphia Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Xavier Henry Set To Miss 7-10 Days With Bone Bruise

The injuries continue to pile up for the Los Angeles Lakers after newcomer Xavier Henry went down with a knee injury in Sunday night’s loss to the Philadelphia 76ers. At the time, the non-contact injury appeared to potentially be serious, but after an MRI this afternoon, results showed a bone bruise and an abnormality of the lateral meniscus. According to the Lakers press release, the former lottery pick will be re-evaluated in 7-10 days. Thus, the Lakers will be without Henry for at least a week.

Losing Henry to a severe knee injury would have been devastating for this team. As if Kobe Bryant, Steve Blake and Steve Nash out with injuries wasn’t bad enough, the loss of Henry for an extended amount of time might’ve seriously derailed this team’s chance of competing against even the weakest teams in the NBA night in and night out.

Along with Henry dealing with the knee injury, Pau Gasol is still battling an upper respiratory infection while Jordan Farmar deals with hamstring tightness.Marshall was signed from the D-League back on Dec. 20 following the announcement that Bryant would miss six weeks with the knee fracture.
Kendall Marshall On Aggressiveness, Knocking Down Shots As A Laker

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  • jeremy

    well now coach is force to play marshall since it didnt seem like he was going to play him before henry got hurt. unless coach move young to SG and use willams at SF, marshall should get time and good time

    • Jumbo Dumbo

      Mike D’Antoni is a idiot.He is making huge mistakes.

      • J Taylor

        What mistakes are those?
        He’s taken a rag-tag bunch of upstarts who would and should be an entire second squad and made them into a .500 team.

        In case you haven’t followed, the team was designed around Kobe, Nash, Pau, and Blake. Are any of them on the court? And yet the team is close to .500 and some say “D’antoni is an idiot.”
        - D’antoni for Coach of the Year.

  • Lakers Fan

    I guess this is a chance to see what we have in Marshall. It sucks that this is yet another injury to a key player, but we have to live with it and move on. Injuries has become a norm for this team. It doesn’t even surprise me anymore. All I know is that if we don’t win tomorrow, we might be on board for a long losing streak because the schedule only gets tougher. I’m not complaining anymore tho. This just pushes us closer and closer to a top draft pick, which is all we can look forward to at this time.

    • jeremy

      yea no reason to get mad anymore. maybe if lakers dont found the perfect player for them they should trade the pick to get many picks like a 1st and 2nd and maybe a future 1st. however lakers would never do that since they dont build though the draft. since this draft might be deep and some good players the past few years have been second rounders.

      • Lakers Fan

        First, they should see if they are going to keep D’Antoni or not. If they are not, they should build a team that fits the coaches needs. Hopefully it be Lionell Hollins, because we seen what wonders he did for Memphis.

        Secondly, we should resign Farmar, Henry, and Hill( if they can afford him). I’m hoping Young stays as well. Hopefully Wesley can get back to playing the way he was before so he can be resigned as well.

        Depending on who they sign in free agency, the player they draft should fit whatever hole they have left.

        • kobe24

          Lets be real here…Lakers need pretty much help in EVERY single aspect (except SG cause we got the Mamba if he plays in his all star form) and I’m not even exaggerating.

          Any guy (given that these guys are actual future franchise players and not bust) in the top 5 of 2014 class will help the Lakers.

          Personally I would love if Lakers could pick up Jabari Parker but I doubt they will land no.1 to pick him so I say guys like Marcus Smart or Dante Exum will be a nice draft pick

          I would love to have Lionel Hollins he did a great job with Memphis, and although it was a slow pace game with not many points it was steady. With guys that can score Lakers can become a great offensive and defensive team with him.

          • Lakers Fan

            I agree. I’m hoping we can snag Monroe cause him and Jordan Hill would be a beast down low. I want them to get either Bledsoe or Lowry as well. If we get either of them, then we wont need to draft a point guard. But if we get Deng instead, then we should look to shore up the point guard position with either Smart or Exum. I think we are the only team in the league desperate for a point guard. and from the looks of things we will be in a good draft position to get one of them.

            We should keep the bench as it is. With a big front court like ours would be, Lionell Hollins would be the perfect coach for us. We we would have a similar playing style to the Grizzles. We would have a coach who would actually have a defensive mindset. Passing up on Lionell Hollins would be an idiot move if the Lakers don’t get him.

          • kobe24

            Dang finally someone I can agree and talk about off season acquisitions instead of some idiot saying “Lakers should get Rondo + Lebron + melo derp”

            If we can sign Monroe and Hill I think our front court is settled. Ryan Kelly can be the back up and even Robert Sacre (seeing how well he develops).

            I would love a solid wing player for the future that Lakers could build upon Jabari Parker, Andrew Wiggins would be nice, lets also not forget Julius Randle.

            What do you think of Geroge Karl? I know many people say he isn’t great cause he could never get his team to win a NBA title but I think his style could match with the LA players

          • Lakers Fan

            Lol. I’m one of the realistic fans who don’t throw out absurd trades/acquisitions. I would hate to see Melo on this team. I’ve grown to like LeBron, but he would never come to the Lakers. I don’t know why people keep bringing up his name when they talk about the offseason. He would never come here, especially seeing the situation this team is currently in.

            I like Kelly and Sacre. I mentioned earlier in the season that I like Kelly because I watched him play at Duke and the dude can flat out shoot the ball. He is also not too bad of a defender. Sacre is all about energy and hustle, and that is the type of intangibles you need in a player. He is also a solid defender, especially at contesting shots and rotating. I think they would be great as our backup center and PF moving forward.

            As much as I would like to get Wiggins, Parker, or Randle, they will be gone by the time we pick. We might not be that great as a team, but we also won’t be that bad to where we can draft one of those players. I’m hoping that Smart or Exum will fall in our laps, but only if we don’t sign Bledsoe or Lowry.

            George Karl would be an excellent coach. He has everything you need in a coach, and would definitely fit well with this team. But given the age difference, the defensive mindset of Hollins, that get in your face attitude Hollins has, and the fact that Karl hasn’t won any titles, I think they would go wit Hollins over Karl. Hollins also didn’t have a superstar player last year and almost took the Grizzles to the finals. Hollins would just make too much sense for the Lakers, no diss to Karl tho.

          • kobe24

            Agreed with what you said, although really interested in how Kupchack is gonna. The guy is a genius and 2nd best GM (other than the great Jerry West).

            Lets just hope he does the right thing however, its still hard for me to think that Lakers can become contenders even with acquisition of top 5 draft pick + Monroe/Bledsoe (would great to have them both but …hard to imagine especially bledsoe).

            I’m not really looking into 2014-2015 season because its gonna be pretty mediocre. I just hope the Lakers go under the salary so that in 2015 we can get a guy like Kevin love…

            Kobe + Love 1,2 combo + top 5 draft pick (whoever it is) would be pretty damn nice… and if Minnesota keeps playing like that I can see him coming here

  • kobe24

    Thank god it wasn’t like Jordan Farmar’s that lasted a whole month..

    10 days means that he will miss out on about 4 games? Not bad (would’ve been nice to have him) but this could give Kendall Marshal a chance to show what hes worth before January 7th

    Get better X you were fun too watch~

  • Jumbo Dumbo

    Fire Mike D’Antoni.He is total trash as a coach and i hate his coaching blunders.

    • J Taylor

      Same tired D’antoni rhetoric. – Especially when D’antoni’s performing miracles on a game-to-game basis.

      • Percy Hezekiah

        @ J Taylor get off lakers nation D’antoni

  • laker soul

    Injuries have been plaguing the Lakers for the second straight season. ISN’T IT TIME to start pointing fingers at their STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING TEAM instead of D’antoni?

  • VulkanKrusader

    Lakers need to draft the next Russell WestBrook , UCLA’s Zach LeVine, biggest upside on any point guard in the draft

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Please don’t cut Xavier Henry.Non guaranteed deal kicks in January 7.

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