Lakers News: Xavier Henry Says Lakers Don’t Give Up, Aren’t Quitters

Lakers News: Xavier Henry Says Lakers Don’t Give Up, Aren’t Quitters


The Los Angeles Lakers were able to win a second straight game on Tuesday night at the expense of Phil Jackson’s New York Knicks.

One player that stood out amongst the rest was Xavier Henry. The Lakers newcomer is dealing with a torn ligament in the left wrist of his shooting hand, but that didn’t stop him from suiting up and having a solid performance against the Knicks.

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Henry spoke to the media after the game against the Knicks and let it be known that this Lakers team has no intention of giving up despite the circumstances according to Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters:

Henry scored a team-high 22 points in 23 minutes off the bench for the Lakers. Nick Young also had a solid outing, pouring in 20 points in only 19 minutes. The dynamic duo of athletes were virtually unstoppable on Tuesday with the Knicks literally having no answer for the offensive onslaught.

Young and Henry helped lead the Lakers to a franchise record 51 points scored in the third quarter. New York simply couldn’t contained the two-headed monster off the bench while Kent Bazemore also chipped in with 18 and Jodie Meeks added 14.

After winning two straight games, the Lakers will hit the road for two games against the Milwaukee Bucks on Thursday and Kevin Love’s Minnesota Timberwolves on Friday.
Nick Young Impressed With Xavier’s Ability To Play Through The Pain

  • richard

    No doubt, we have found our bench for next season…
    Henry, Young, Marshal, Kelly, Sacre…

    Now, who will be our starting lineup to join the Kobe, Bazemore, Pau(if he agree to a lesser contract)?

    • michael

      why not young as a starter?

      • Pope Chuck Paul

        i say for now young off the bench. him and henry go off! we shall see though. great game last night!

      • comrade24

        NIck didn’t play too well at the beginning of the year in the starting role. I think he thrives off of the bench. If we can field a better team next year and resign Nick i think he’ll def. be in the run for 6th man award

        • richard

          I agree with that… the reason why he really needs to come off the bench.

      • richard

        I was thinking about that… but NY will strengthen that bench, he will be able to lead it… I believe that is way better than starting him along side Kobe…

    • comrade24

      i think Sacre is ready for a starting role, even if we’re somehow able to field a playoff bound team next season. I don’t think we need an all star offensive center. Sacre does all the right things on defense. He hustles, rebounds, challenges shots, and works hard on the block. No, he’s not going to be the go to guy in the 4th quarter but i think given starter minutes he can be a consistent 10/10 guy, which is good enough. Resign Jordan Hill, fire D’Antoni, and bring in a defensive minded coach. That tandem could be very effective defensively given the right defensive schemes. I love Pau, but i just don’t think we should spend 7-9 million on him when he doesn’t defend the paint and is basically an aging pushover on defense.

      • richard

        I wouldn’t disagree with you about Sacre… I think he will be a serviceable defensive starting center, if we can get a good starting power forward in the summer,I wouldn’t mind seeing Sacre man the Center with Jordan Hill as his backup.

  • Lonny

    Man oh man hats off to the Lakers for never quitting.Many teams would have folded a long time ago but the Lakers keep fighting to try to get a win.None of these guys believe in losing no tanking here.Teams like the 76ers and Bucks are the tanking chumps.The Lakers have more pride than is letting on,when they lost to the Clippers by so much they were doing the right thing for business putting the Clippers over.That’s all it was.

    • richard

      Those teams have been tanking for ages, and where are they now? They are still tanking… I tell you, the draft is an overrated way of building championship teams… teams need to be smarter than that.. free agency is still the best way to build a team.