Lakers News: Xavier Henry Fighting To Play Through Pain From Injury

Lakers News: Xavier Henry Fighting To Play Through Pain From Injury


After being out for two months, Xavier Henry had his best performance since his return. In the 125-109 loss to the San Antonio Spurs on Wednesday night, Henry finished with 24 points and four rebounds while keeping the Lakers afloat in the first half.

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Unfortunately, Henry struggled with his shot in the second half and the Lakers couldn’t contain the Spurs. After the game, head coach Mike D’Antoni suggested that the fourth-year guard’s injury is still bothering him according to Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters:

While Henry could sit out the rest of the season, D’Antoni hopes that he can manage the pain and play the rest of the season:

After suffering a bone bruise in his right knee on Dec. 29 against the Philadelphia 76ers, Henry encountered numerous setbacks and many thought he would eventually be ruled out for the season. While he is still dealing with pain, Henry is likely playing because one, the Lakers’ backcourt is depleted and two, he has the chance to earn a new contract.

While the Lakers were eliminated from the playoffs on Friday, there is still a lot at stake for players like Henry who were signed to one-year contracts. Although Henry is having the best season of his career, the final 15 games of the season gives him the opportunity to further improve his value.
Lakers vs. Spurs: Xavier Henry Plans To Push Through The Pain

  • truth24

    You been in the league only 4 seasons. You started in Memphis then went to New orleans. The last 2 seasons in NO you played over 50 games each no injuries. You come to LA and now your just always hurt??? Kobe been in the league how long????? Xavier henry you don’t make the cut you must go.

    • cyborgspider

      He’s also 23 years old. Too young to have sustained all those injuries already. I’d keep him (but only for the league minimum), but I don’t think anyone should miss him if they decide to let the X-ship sail away.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Xavier Henry is becoming injury prone and he should just take it easy and sit out.Too much long term risk to his knee,if he plays.This guy is injured and he must consider sitting out to avoid further damage to himself and the team.