Lakers News: Xavier Henry Benched By D’Antoni; No Injury Concern

Lakers News: Xavier Henry Benched By D’Antoni; No Injury Concern


The Los Angeles Lakers fell to the Memphis Grizzlies on Friday night after a solid effort on their home floor against a very good defensive team led by Marc Gasol.

Along with the loss to his former team, Lakers newcomer Xavier Henry was deemed ineffective against the Grizzlies and therefore benched for most of the game according to head coach Mike D’Antoni via Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters:

Henry has played well during his time with the Lakers this season making an impression on his teammates, fans and the coaching staff. Unfortunately, the former lottery pick simply couldn’t get it done in the seven minutes he played on Friday night at the Staples Center.

With D’Antoni mixing things up with the starting lineup and rotation on a nightly basis so far this season, it comes as no surprise that certain players see extended minutes one night and barely any the next night.

It remains to be seen whether D’Antoni is starting to see something that he doesn’t like with Henry’s effort on the floor.

In seven minutes on the floor on Friday night, Henry missed two shots, grabbed one rebound, dished out one assist and committed one turnover. Nick Young on the the other hand scored 18 points off the bench in 33 minutes going 7-of-14 from the floor.


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  • Disgruntled Laker Fan

    He should bench himself. Talking about D’Antoni. Why can’t he use Pau Gasol’s versatility. Something we’ve been accustomed to see during PJax’s era!

    • Daryl Peek

      Pau has all the free reign to do what he wants in the D’Antoni system. Anything he does not do is his own fault.

    • meep

      how pau playing has nothing to do with coach. pau the one that take the shots coach doesnt tell him what shots to take. pau play is on him and not the coach it also doesnt help he not as young as he use to be so he lost a step or 2

    • Lakers Fan

      Pau is responsible for Pau. I have my issues with D’Antoni, but this is Pau’s fault. He has been declining ever since the Dallas series. I have defended Pau for the last couple of years, and now I understand who people criticize him so much. There is no excuse for the way Pau has played. He wanted the paint to himself, he got it. He wanted to be more of a leader for this team, he is in a great position but he has failed miserably. Other than the rotations at times, Mike D’Antoni has done a pretty good job with this roster. It’s Pau’s fault he is playing the way he is playing.

    • Matt Williams

      People don’t seem to know how basketball coaches work. Pau has to work within the D’Antoni system. No “free reign”. Every system is different. Otherwise why have a coach?

      • Daryl Peek

        I guess you haven’t listened to D’Antoni in press conferences? He’s said he wants Gasol in the post more. Remember that guy named Stoudemire who played C for D’Antoni in Phoenix? He got plenty of low post touches. PNR offense more often than not leads to a big rolling to the front of the rim (I.E. low post) and having a chance to score in the paint.

        All Pau has to do is work the system and freedom D’Antoni is trying to give him. If Hill can get all those PNR baskets in the paint coupled with the low post hook shots we see from him time to time, why can’t Pau? Kaman does a better job in the PNR offense than Pau and PNR is the bulk of the offensive system D’Antoni runs. Run and Gun is just a term used to convey his desire to get shots often and early. PNR is the half court bread and butter of this offense.

        Blake and Farmar are having the best season’s of their careers so far. Pau needs to step up and roll with them, literally.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Xavier took a hell of a tumble,MDA is going to ride the hot and hand on certain nights.

  • Deedotal

    So basically this idiot doesn’t know how to develop a young player! Handled that wrong! Let him play and learn, we are not doing good anyway, let them learn to play through struggles

  • iDontCare

    Farmar (0-4) Kaman (3-10), Wesley (0-1), and Williams(2-4) had almost the same “bad” game Xavier had. (0-1) but they played more….

    • Kasey

      Exactly! Pringles man is wrong for that. Xavier has been playing good, give the man a chance to get in the flow of the game. He could really be our future. Also, Jodie Meeks didn’t have such a great game when they played the Nuggets but he still got to play. smh

  • Matt Williams

    Mustache really knows how to discourage players. I will celebrate the day he leaves or is fired.

    • lorenzo/sirlaker/lakersfan247

      well if you are going to say that it seems like Laker fans know how to discourage coaches haha

      • lakersfan247/sirlaker

        but yeah i feel it. we have high standards here. you dont get respect until you get championships. i feel it.

  • Jim213

    Consistency is the key, he’ll learn and come back stronger (hopefully). It seems like a few still play timid/confidence when they should face the challenge given that some/many won’t be playing for the Lakers next season. Unless they put the effort and meet the challenge though coming close to hitting one’s head on the court floor speaks volumes too.

  • Daryl Peek

    I love how everyone’s a critic when the HC makes a move like this but never gives him credit for sticking with someone like Meeks or Blake, who most were calling for to be either traded for Shannon Brown or benched for X.

    Blake, Farmar, Hill, Johnson, X, and Meeks are all getting the most PT they’ve gotten in their careers and having their best seasons as Pros so far, but none of that’s due to D’Antoni’s coaching them up?

    Growing pains are expected early and often given all this team is dealing with this season so far. None of it is an excuse for failure but Rome wasn’t built over night either. My advice is to let the process play out and reserve judgment til at least the halfway point of the season. No trades or major roster changes will be made til that point and time IMO, therefore it’s senseless to get riled up against the HC at this point. The FO is sticking with MDA like it or not.

    • Gregory Choa

      Agree! I honestly believe that D’Antoni is doing a GREAT job with this group without Kobe in there to help get the W in some of these close games. Players like Meeks, Blake, X and Farmar are all benefitting from MDA’s flexibility. Even Shawne Williams is looking better than expected. The amount of crap that D’Antoni is taking from a lot of you so-called Lakers fans is shameful! Get a grip!!! We’ll see where the chips are truly falling with this team right around the All-Star break…we haven’t seen what this team is fully capable of yet, just wait until Kobe is back before throwing MDA under the buss.

      • meep

        the ones who are calling for mike d head are the one i bet live in the past and wont move on from phil. lakers fans need to understand this isnt a great overall team, yes it has talent and were young. but it a young team that will be inconstant and we just have to face the fact without a guy like kobe the team play will be like this for the time being. we just have to grow to deal with it and not just blame coach for every damn lost. not all the lost are on him.

        • Gregory Choa

          Agree, I really don’t understand what people we’re thinking would happen…smh! News flash…Dr. Buss is dead people! This is the antithesis of a Dwight Howard (led) team, thank God!

  • Lorenzo/SirLaker/Lakersfan247

    Why does it always have to be so personal. Dantoni is trying to figure it out. Give him credit for not just doing one thing over and over

    • meep

      people just love to blame the coach and since it mike d, it easier for them to just blame him and not see the real problem.the problem is this team is built with alot of good role players and we dont have that one star who can carry a team. we want pau to but he just not that player anymore and we need to realize that. this team is going to have guys who step up and who struggle. it never going to be a perfect game. lakers just need to be good enough to win games

      • Joseph Apohen

        Mike D is doing well with what he’s got. These players will eventually play well within the system the more they play together. The team record is better than I expected. He’s playing more people who can contribute, Blake, Farmar, Meeks, Hill, Kaman, Young, Johnson, and Gasol. It is not every night each player will play well. Give them time.

        • Daryl Peek

          Please convey this to Jim213 and others who keep harping on the consistency theme. I’ve been trying to tell them this all season. There’s no such thing as constant consistency in the NBA, especially for role players. Starters have off nights, even superstars.

          • Lakers4Life

            The 4 of you above can convey your Dumbtoni love amongst yourselves. The other millions of fans will continue to laugh at Pringle Man and his total miserable failure as coach of Lakers – can’t wait for the coming day when he’s outta here for good! 😀

          • Joseph Apohen

            You’re right. Even the Heat has off nights.

  • lakersfan247/sirlaker

    but really dantoni is just a scapegoat here. But ALSO, I dont like the fact they have all those cameras and camera people in the practice facility for backstage lakers. they shouldnt trust those people and honestly they could be giving away practice secrets. they need to treat this like the olympics

    • lakersfan247


  • mg_harrier

    At this point in time still MDA can not finalize his starters and having it change for so many times?this coach is a mess he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Summer camp plus summer league and yet he doesn’t know who should start and come out off the mamba give him your killer stare..

  • Lakers4Life

    What a freakin idiot — no wonder everyone calls him DUMBtoni lolz. Mix up the rotation and starting line up over and over, and now suddenly bench one of the better players for most of the game for no particular reason.
    Somebody just get rid of this ridiculous clown from the Lakers so that we can finally bring in the Zen Master!

  • Martin Susman

    This high school coach treats these men as if they were boys. Not playing well for a few minutes, ok, you are now benched for the rest of the game. I don’t like you, you are benched. Bring in my 40 year old point guard & we will win, oh he is a crippled, sorry about that. This coach is doing more for the Lakers to get a good first round pick then anyone else. Keep him in charge & tanking is automatic……..As for Gasol, I have been begging for months, TRADE him befoire it’s to late to get anything for him. Don’t screw uop like you did with D12 & get nothing for him….