Lakers News: Without Kobe Bryant, Xavier Henry Will Play Point Guard

Lakers News: Without Kobe Bryant, Xavier Henry Will Play Point Guard


Xavier HenryThe Los Angeles Lakers were dealt devastating news prior to practice this morning, guard Kobe Bryant is expected to miss six weeks due to a fracture of the lateral tibial plateau.

Bryant played in six games after recovering from a torn Achilles and without Steve Nash, Steve Blake and Jordan Farmar available to play point guard, he took over playmaking duties.

Without Bryant and the two other point guards for at least the next four weeks, according to Serena Winters of Lakers Nation, head coach Mike D’Antoni named a new starting point guard:

Henry was joined by Jodie Meeks in the backcourt during practice, with Wesley Johnson, Pau Gasol and Jordan Hill joining them in the starting lineup. Of the three injured point guards, Farmar looks to be recovering the quickest as he’s out for just another week while Blake and Nash won’t return for a significant amount of time.

In his first season with the Lakers, Henry is averaging 9.6 points 2.6 rebounds while he’s been a catalyst off the bench primarily this season. Signed to a one-year deal with a lot to prove, the former lottery pick has shown a knack to get to the free throw line.

However, with him as the primary playmaker, the Lakers offense hasn’t run smoothly and will be tested until Farmar gets back. Hopefully Henry and possibly Meeks can take care of ball handling duties until the Lakers are able to get their full compliment of point guards back.
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  • Jose

    Ok are they going to realize that its time to blow it up now. Pau Gasol needs to go and Nash needs to retire. That way they can get a high draft pick and maybe bring a starting caliber point guard to the team.

    • Josh

      The Lakers haven’t had a starting caliber point guard since Chris Paul. Oh wait, nix that. They haven’t had a starting caliber point guard since Nick Van Exel. I wonder if he’s available…

      • meep

        so your just going to forget about d fish who help the lakers win 5 rings

        • Josh

          He helped them win, but he was not a starting caliber point guard. The triangle offense made the point guard mostly irrelevant, so the team didn’t need a true point guard. Fisher’s job on offense was to give the ball to Kobe and go stand in the corner.

          • Jim213

            Might as well call E Jones and Shaq too.

      • nlruizjr

        Yeah, but he isn’t “Nick the Quick” any longer !!!!!

        • Josh

          I bet he’s quicker than Nash, Blake, Farmar, and Bryant right now! :)

    • Marty Susman

      Agree, they need to get a super pick in the upcoming draft.

  • meep

    sad to say but i guess it time to say f it and let just play for next year. lakers could still make the playoffs but only as a 8th seed at this point. it time to truly rebuild for next year.

  • Nick The Quick

    The FO better not say they’ll wait on Farmar to come back, cuz this just puts more heavy load on the rest of the team. Henry will have to play point and sg, meeks has to play sg and pt, and same with young. With all these guys doing double duty, it just ends up hurting them, especially for a guy like henry whom is above the rim and all about the risk. Even with nash coming back in 4 thousand years, he’ll be slower, more of a liability, and still limited = useless. Pick up other guys!

    • meep

      i think lakers at this point are just tanking it without showing it. if they really wanted to play for this year they would of got a PG

      • Nick The Quick

        If it is a tank, at least lose with some dignity and trying. and why put other players at risk for injury, and have them be set back to produce. i would rather have the team play hard, be healthy and produce with the young guys, then jus say f*ck it tank and go risk yourself cuz we trying to get wiggins.

        • nlruizjr

          Plus, there’s no guarantee they’ll even get a top ten pick !!!

  • 3339

    so a majority of our backcourt gets injured back to back seasons. That can’t be a coincidence.

    • Lakers4Life

      Exactly! One thing in common — Dumbtoni!!! He should get kicked out of here soon, according to close sources.

  • Lakersforlife

    this is how you do it without sayin it!
    Tank Tank Tank!

  • Deo

    They do not need to blow it up, Nash just needs to medically retire because if its taking this long to heal, then he needs to realize his body is done. But they need to pick up a legitimate ball handler, who can create shots for others, take care of the ball and shoot decently. Damn go pick someone up from the D-League with a 10 day contract.. can’t be as bad as having a back up small forward bring the ball up.

    • marcus mims

      10 days contracts don’t happen till Jan

  • Lakers Fan

    Time for the turnovers to escalate. But on a serious not, this season is now an auditioning season. This season is to see who can contribute in the future. I’m done getting upset over games, I’m done expecting the management to make any moves, and I’m done hoping the Lakers can make the playoffs. It hurts to say, but it’s the truth. Just let these young guys do what they do on the court and worry about next year. Hopefully our high draft pick turns out to be exactly what we need post the Kobe era.

  • Kasey

    Too many players are getting injured playing point. I hope X can handle it and it doesn’t take a toll on him. We can’t afford to have anymore injuries. My goodness, my team just can’t catch a break. smh

  • Marty Susman

    Henry, Hill, Sacre, Young & Johnson should be starters.

    • meep

      nope leave young on the bench, because that where he doing so well so why change it. meeks is fine if he can get his shot back

      • Dragon7s

        Agreed, Young needs to be the scorer off the bench.
        He’s shown that he’s better if he has the opportunity to watch the game before jumping in.
        As for Meeks, I think he’ll be fine as well and that his recent slump was simply him coming back to the mean after such a hot start.

        Let’s just hope the team can find some consistency going forward.

    • Jim213

      I’d go with Henry, Meeks, Johnson, Pau, and Hill. The bench mob may still produce with Young coming off the 2nd unit thus relying on him more on the offensive side. This leaves Young, S Williams, Kaman, and Sacre, though R Kelly may play minutes at the 3 or 4.

      With that said to improve the overall chemistry of the team X could practice his ball rotation abilities more aside of letting Pau (SMH) try to do his thing.

      • nlruizjr

        Jim, you’d be asking MD to manage more than 5 players and he’s already proven that 5 is his limit and he can’t even do that, well !!!!

  • Sti1lmatic

    This is where JJ Reddick or Nate Robinson would of came in handy.

    • Jim213

      Kept babbling about signing Lil Nate this off season. SMH