Lakers News: Westbrook Discredits Meeks’ 42-Point Game, ‘Got Lucky’

Lakers News: Westbrook Discredits Meeks’ 42-Point Game, ‘Got Lucky’


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In the Los Angeles Lakers first meeting against the Oklahoma City Thunder this past Sunday, Jodie Meeks surprised fans with an impressive 42-point performance, which lead to a 114-110 Laker win, possibly the best of the season, against a team that was the best in the West.

After Sunday’s game, Thunder guard Russell Westbrook had no desire to talk about or credit Meeks’ performance.

“There’s nothing to talk about,” Westbrook said with a blank stare Sunday night, annoyed by the question.

Apparently, after a few days to think about it and a win under his belt, Westbrook did have a thought on Meeks’ career-high performance. The Lakers traveled to Oklahoma City Thursday, only to lose by 29 points in Chesapeake Energy Arena, and Westbrook decided it was time to speak up on Meeks’ production Sunday night, according to Royce Young of

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The Thunder kept Meeks’ to 19 points on Thursday, still a solid performance for the shooting guard, though Westbrook wasn’t impressed. Westbrook scored 29 points, dished out 9 assists and came away with three steals in their victorious rematch Thursday night. Westbrook’s eight turnovers kept Westbrook quiet after Oklahoma City’s loss on Sunday, but he could not help but take a dig at Meeks’ after their win.

The Lakers ready themselves for another back-to-back, as they take on the San Antonio Spurs Friday night, looking to upset the team with the best record in the West.
VIDEO: Jodie Meeks After His 42-Point Performance

  • zombie


  • lakerfan0

    What a prick!

  • Nick

    Arrogant with no sportsman spirit. Shows he’s hurting inside. Joker with geeky dress style.

  • Magickwyrkz4u

    He’s just a whiny immature child because Jodie got the best of him on Sunday. I now hope the Thunder gets their ass kicked in the playoffs if they make it. (Sorry DFish but you are not getting a ring this year). And I never want to see him on our team ever!

  • MOA

    Hope this faggot doesn’t come to LA. We want professionals; men. Not childish ass babies like this dude.

    • Randy Fernandez

      So why do ya’ll have nick young?

      • SUV

        OKC fanboy spotted

  • Tina Moran

    Total opposite of Durant. I want to see what Westbrook does if Durant moves to another team.

  • C*HarrisTHEboss

    Westbrook looks like a duck that gets dressed in the dark

    • lakers72

      personally I think he looks more like a turtle… donatello .. michaelangelo… rafael… leonardo.. pick one… lol

  • Jim213

    Appreciate Westbrook for speaking his mind. But this should be used as motivation foremost as he’s not the only player who sees this team as weak. Meek’s scored the most points yesterday out of the entire Lakers team. They don’t play a consistent game all around but there’s just a month left in the season.

  • truth24

    Like I stated b4 it didn’t matter that Meeks had 42. Your really gonna think the Thunder played hard that game they had an 18 point lead got lazy .reminds me of how the Lakers use to dominate teams so bad and then just got relaxed… it’s funny you guys wanna build around marshall. Very low standards for laker fans…..

    • Tray Dee LoC

      How many rings doees Seattle/Okc have get one then Westbrook can talk

      • truth24

        Your right they have none but since you want to put it that way I’ll use Kobe for an example. People are discrediting Kobe Bryant for being old and selfish for not taking more of a paycut…………… The thunder are way better then the Lakers now. It doesn’t matter what they say since where talking about what’s going on NOW. Lakers flat out suck and all the haters want to bash on kobe. You people should appreciate Kobe more then ever. The guy is hurt and still has that hunger and fire to keep winning more championships!!! And now you want to point out who has won championships. Kobe helped the Lakers get 5 from how I see it. Silence hypocrits!!!

      • Sam Woo

        Seattle actually has a ring, back in 1979 with Gus Williams, Dennis Johnson, Jack Sikma. They were actually in the finals in 1978 loss to Washington Bullets and then beat them in 1979. But that still doesn’t give Westbrook the right to diss another players game.

    • designzrus

      Oh so since okc didnt feel like playing basketball that day meeks shots magically decided to drop.ok

    • bum

      who wants to build around marshall? your bum ass is always commenting on these posts just waiting for people to reply. Get a job

  • truth24

    No one here has played basketball I take it. People talk shit all the time and want to get in your head. You think Westbrook is the first person to talk shit????? Lol. To all the softies don’t play then cuz you’ll just get your feelings hurt. Shaq use to rip people’s heads off down low. They all cried like babies reminds me of sabonis. Hahaha

  • Chris Lilly

    people crazy. Westbrook is not wrong. Im a laker fan. And i’ll admit meeks got lucky. Never again will he drop 42. But he’s a keeper, a sharpe shooter for the future. Quit being so damn sensative laker fans. Yall kno we suck this year and we have zero chance against the thunder without a full healthy roster. Not only that but i agree building a team around kendall marshall is sooo low when we can get guards like rondo. We wont win with inexperienced players

    • Josh

      Once you wear that green jersey in a game, there should be a law that you can’t wear purple.

      • LakersGyrl

        Then Rick Fox would have never been a Laker.

        • Josh

          And I’d be okay with that. A big difference, though, was that Fox was never supposed to be “the guy” for either team. Interesting, though, that the Lakers later traded him back to the Celtics along with the pick the Celtics used to get Rondo.

  • Alex K Tatiracanal

    Westbrook’s attitude is what makes him a great player, it also makes him seem arrogant and dismissive of others. I’ve seen Durant be the same way, but somewhat more subtle.

    In regards to Westbrook talking about other players, be careful. Westbrook has had 3 knee surgeries since last April.

    When it’s all said and done, Jodie Meeks could have a long career as a journeyman player and in a couple of years, Westbrook could be out of basketball completely because of injuries.

  • Daryl Peek

    There’s nothing lucky about a player dropping 42 on a quality team. Meeks still had 19 against the same team who was clearly angry and focused on keeping him in check. I’d say that proves it was more than luck.

    Why couldn’t Westbrook drop 40+ on Jodie’s head? Meeks supporting cast failed to knuckle up and that allowed the much more talented, 1-12 Thunder to cruise to an easy win.

  • Al Haldie

    He still beat ur 29 u had thur.- nite don’t u think its time to grow up WESTBROOK..

  • richard

    Why the negativity about waht Westbrook said? The man said the truth… he doesn’t care what Meeks one cares what Meeks does… Meeks won’t get people sleepless. Other teams knows this, and yet many lakers fans can’t take the heat… come on! Westbrook knows, this lakers team is weak. ONly Kobe can make it strong….

    • Al Haldie

      Its a shame about westbrook I feel sorry fo him..SHOOTING: westbrook fg 435 % 3pt 346 % MEEKS: fg 463 % 3pt 404 %.. and this is for the yr-what do they say open mouth insert foot—Westbrook just did it….ha ha ha


    I love serena winters, but jodie didnt score 42 against okc in their first meeting. They played each other right before the all-star break too

    And the only reason we lost that game is cuz durant went off in the 4th. So we already beat them once, and nearly beat them right before the ASG. Maybe we r a good matchup for the thunder

  • bod

    “It’s better to be lucky than good”

  • Al Haldie

    Here is one for ya… WESTBROOK —-Shooting fg 435 % 3pt 346 %.. MEEKS –shooting fg 462 % 3pt 404 %.. any questions whos LUCKY….

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Basketball is a team sport and the Thunder are clearly better than the Lakers.We are all Lakers fans here and we all love the purple and gold but i must admit we are a terrible team this season.We are a last place team in the west.So whatever players say about the Lakers this season doesn’t surprise me at all.

    I am pretty sure Jodie Meeks didn’t appreciate that comment by Russell Westbrook but the bottom line is Jodie Meeks is a career journeyman that makes right about the league minimum in salary and he is a streaky shooter and he did have a amazing game against the Thunder last Sunday scoring 42 points on tremendous shooting and now Westbrook is butt hurt because Jodie Meeks and the Lakers beat them and that messed with their playoff seeding as now they are #2 in the west because of that unexpected loss.Jodie Meeks is a solid player and by all accounts he is someone the fans have grown to like.Jodie is solid.

    Well Jodie is having his best individual season in the NBA this season for us.I have no problem with the jabber that Westbrook took,it is just some BS chatter IMO.Just next time Russ keep respect in mind when speaking on another player.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Jodie Meeks didn’t respond did he?

  • Josh

    Any time I start liking Westbrook just a little bit, he gives me something like this. Stay away from this guy, Mitch, please.

  • LakersGyrl

    Westbrook is entitled to his opinion. Meeks is not consistent so I can understand why he would feel that way. Trying to act like Meeks is some basketball great is a joke.

    • Al Haldie

      Not consistent – look at his stat sheet for the yr – way better then WESTBROOK. – AND MEEK has played many more games then WESTBROOK so he has a right to be tired more games and more min. per game -WHOS THE JOKE ON-READ THE STATS AND THEN SAY .THAT

      • LakersGyrl

        Now you’re making up excuses for Meeks? LOL

        • Al Haldie

          Not making excuses-facts are facts !!!

  • Godfrey Uche

    Westbrook, man up that is childish to take cheep shot on Jodie Meeks Career high points

  • Godfrey Uche

    Westbrook, is not good to be arrogant. Everything won’t go your way. Wait until you get a ring before discrediting other players who got the best of you.

  • Sylvia Ross

    The record books won’t show that he was LUCKY it will just show that on that night he had 42 points !!. So, what and how westbrook feels is his problem.

  • brandon

    How do you get lucky and score 42 points? Westbrook is just a punk that runs his mouth

  • Joe Sangenito

    He’s an ass anyways

  • Van Lok

    Someone once asked me, “What’s is your problem with Westbrook?” I answered, “He just seems to always have that asshole look on his face and he is probably an asshole on and off the court” This article helps me prove my point. I mean I am not super fan of Meeks. I even gave my friends a hard time about the Lakers picking him up, but I must admit his performances have been picking up lately and that game verses the Thunder was fun to watch even though the Lakers should be tanking every game this year LOL 😉

  • NG

    I can’t stand how cocky this dude gets. He can throw up 10 bricks in a row and make one 3 and do that stupid taunt and start yelling at the crowd. He had 8 turnovers and single-handedly lost the game for them with that air ball he put up down the stretch. Yeah they got the win now but why throw salt at Jodie Meeks? He had a good game and the Lakers got a win, no need to hate. Show some meekness sometimes, Russ. No pun intended.

  • fawheeldoe

    fuck Wussle Restbrook i dont care how good he is or how much money he has hes still gonna be ugly

    • fawheeldoe

      + he wears them tight ass pants probably got that needle dick

  • greg

    It was luck. If it wasnt luck then we would of won a decent amount of games this year. Quit bitching its the truth

  • Marty Susman

    There are a hundred different idea’s of who among the present Lakers should be signed for next year. Everyone has a different idea of who has a future with the Lakers & who does not. The only agreement seems to be Kaman & Hill will not be among them. (not sure if Mitch agree’s or not but I think Kaman is gone for sure)

    Now as far as the the rest of the “kids” one on year deals (And two) it met be really hard to maintain a winning edge or even try very hard to win. The team is horrible, the coach is without question the worst I have seen in years. (Well as bad as he was in N.Y.) It has to be hard to keep your eye on the ball/win a game & so forth when most of the time, you are horrible.

    having said that, I am sure that we should be able to cobble together a really talented bench mob & that’s where the Laker scout’s should be concentrating. Find you r starting bench five & resign them to a two year deal max. Then after the draft & assuming Kobe will be back along with Blake find the rest of the starting five & go from their until the 2015 free agency when Love & Irving put on purple & gold.

    BUT ladies/gentleman ease up on the kids, give them a brake & let them do what they do best.

  • hookedonnews

    I guess if he has a great game it’s all about skill and ability. The guy is a jerk, and no one cares what he says. He’s taken more bad shots in his career than Jodie Meeks will ever take if he plays 20 years. Even if he thought that, he should have had the class not to say it.

  • Darrell Stephenson

    Westbrook is bitch; funny how he had nothing to say the night he got his ass busted by Meeks. Now all of a sudden he wants to say he got lucky WTF!!! Your a dick with a shaky knee.

  • Nashir Mohammed

    who cares what guys with no rings say! OKC isn’t even going to win the west this year, most likely the clips. And he’s second banana to durant who despite all the media hype is nowhere near to lebron’s standing right now.

  • Gary Kelly

    sorry you don’t get lucky by dropping 42 on ya

  • Emissary

    Westbrook need to win a championship ring first before he can discredit anybody’s effort…a 42 point performance against a good team like okc. Even Kobe who won 6 rings always gives credit to a good effort. FUCK RUSSELL WESTBROOK!