Lakers News: Wesley Johnson Wants Team To Use Loss As Motivation

Lakers News: Wesley Johnson Wants Team To Use Loss As Motivation


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Tonight represented the low point of the season for the Lakers as they suffered their worst loss in franchise history, a 48 point evisceration at the hands of the Los Angeles Clippers.

With a tough road game against the Denver Nuggets tomorrow, the Lakers won’t have much time to dwell on this loss. Wesley Johnson spoke to reporters on Time Warner Cable SportsNet and wants the team to use this loss as motivation:

“Hopefully everyone will remember this, and take it out on our opponent tomorrow.”

When you lose by nearly 50 points, it’s impossible to find positives. Probably the best thing that the Lakers could do is get right back on the court for another game and redeem themselves and they have that opportunity.

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The team has to be embarrassed by their performance tonight and they will definitely be looking to turn it around tomorrow night in Denver. Sometimes being embarrassed, on national television no less, is what a team needs to make a change.

Many players spoke about the team not playing hard enough tonight, and that can never happen with a team as undermanned as this Lakers team is.

The Clippers put their foot on the Lakers’ throats once they had them down and never let up. Johnson is completely right in believing that the Lakers better use this as a reason to get better immediately.
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  • karasoon4


  • Jim213

    It’s excuse after excuse from the coach and players. Bad rotations and lacking game fundamentals on a constant basis is the issue.

    • Daryl Peek

      Disagree on the rotations but can’t argue much else. This was BADDDDD! You cannot lay down like that as paid professionals and expect to be respected by your peers, fans or management.

      • Jim213

        SMH, Out REBOUNDED 64 TO 33! But you’re cool with the rotations. Best yet, keep Wes at the 4. smh

        Many of them likely forgot about it and are tweeting or instagraming as we speak.

        • Daryl Peek


          When we beat them in October Wes was at the 4 playing along side of Hill at center. Farmar, Meeks and X rounded out the bench mob that smoked the Clippers in that game. This team lacks mental toughness no doubt, and that may be due to D’Antoni or the acceptance of mediocrity from feeling sorry for themselves due to all the injuries this season. Either way it’s unacceptable!

          • Jim213

            Even Hill (not available) and Kaman would’ve shown more effort under the rim. Said it before, many of them lack the mental aptitude to represent the brand night in an out as starters (as Reggie Miller also pointed to Bazemore showed heart on both sides of the floor even when things turned for the worst which goes for his struggles too).

            I get a serious feeling now that the coach will not be around next season. Too many excuses and little progress to show as a result tho feel for the masses at Staples the most. Serena was probably crying her eye balls out today. Oh yeah, AND MEEKS PLAYED LOUSY AS A STARTER TOO!

          • Daryl Peek

            I can’t keep defending MDA. Someone has to pay the price. I still completely disagree with the rotations assessment. Hill and Kaman wouldn’t have made any difference given they didn’t when they had a chance the last time we played them.

            The whole season is hard to bundle up into who’s at fault but these lack luster performances are tired.


          • NickOld

            This is pretty much a regression to the mean game, they over achieved their last few and everything went way south on this one. Regardless I think only a hands full of players on this roster will be around comes next year.

          • Daryl Peek


  • truth24

    Like I’ve said so many times b4!!! Lakers fans hype up these bench warmers way to much. Everyone on this Lakers team as of now is garbage. Marshall , brooks, bazemore, kelly, henry, young, sacre suck!!!! Gasoft is done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hill and Meeks can be traded. Keep farmer and Wes Johnson only the rest can go along with this sorry a $$ coaching staff. Xavier Henry sucks!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop thinking he is good and Marshall these true elite point guards will eat him up!!!!!!! No need to blame the coach. These guys suck Haha

    • karasoon4

      One of the biggest problems this year is (aside from lack of talent and experience) the inconsistency of lineups due to injury, which has led to none of these guys knowing their role night in and night out. They are all over the f***ing place! Especially after tonight’s game, I’m ready to move on from most, except for Farmar, Wes, Bazemore (only one giving 100% effort and fight all game), maybe Meeks to come off bench, and I am one of few who would love Gasol back. Tonight I reailzed the rest are incapable of bringing any intensity, heart, desire and competitiveness during the midst of an absolute ass-whooping.

    • Jim213

      Agree about the over hype but they’re not going to let all of them go. IMO, I’d still go with Farmar (2nd unit), X Henry (possibly), Brooks, Bazemore, Hill, Sacre (signed for next yr), and Meeks (so so reliable player). Thus eight possible returning players tho sad to say but Pau for no more than $8-9 mil per yr. SMH! Hard to find another so so center who puts up consistent #s (not great).

      They have something to offer the team IMO but as bench players mostly (no diss). These players at minimum give you effort on both sides of the court which goes for D. But I’d still acquire another center, pg, and 2 pf’s which two of these positions will likely be addressed come the draft. If you include Kobe and the one who’s failed to give the fans their money’s worth that adds up to 10 players plus the 4 (pg,2 pf’s, and center).

      Try them out next season and then possibly waive one or two players who haven’t lived up to expectations (via un-guaranteed contracts before they become fully guaranteed). This would give them some leeway with regards to signing another player or two before next yrs trade deadline. But the masses will start to see real improvement (hopefully, competitive team) in 2015 IMO.

  • Daryl Peek

    Enough! I can’t do it anymore. It’s a broken record now. We all understand the inconsistencies the injury plight caused in this team but there’s no excuse for a lack luster performance like this? IMO every fan that purchased tickets to that game deserves a refund and the people paying for cable who endured it should get a days worth of cable service credit. That was totally unacceptable and I’m tired of the constant post game excuses.

    If D’Antoni has to be fired to light a fire under the asses of these players so be it! If all of them have to be replaced next season so be it also!! That shit they collectively pulled last night canot be tolerated. No NBA teams fans should have to endure that! I’m beyond PISSED! I had to get out of the house after the second quarter. This is the first game where I was home, that I didn’t watch the entire game. I was DVRing it but stopped recording when I left the house at the half. Totally disgusted!

    • Jim213

      SMH… “Enough! I can’t do it anymore.” excuses after excuses DP…


      Found this online (pun)

    • TTKIN

      Yo man how do u think Philly feels. They lose by 30 every single night. We have been losing for 2 seasons. Philly has been awful for a long time (8 seeds in the playoffs dont count, and if Rose was healthy, they woulda been swept). Relax. We r rebuilding and we’ll be right back in the mix in 2 years. Most teams take 5-10 yrs. The Bobcats are having one of their best seasons ever and theyre 7th in the East (and 4 games in the playoffs away from being eliminated). We’re fine. So we have to lose a little bit. Who cares? Honestly Id proly stop watching if the Lakers won every single yr. Why bother at that pt? It’s cliche but the tough times make the ring that much sweeter.

      • Daryl Peek

        I feel you and I’m not one who comes to this kinda feeling so easily. I’ve done my best to be patient this season. One can only take so much. My issue is with a group completely laying down. I can deal with the tough losses but when you fail to compete like that? I can’t roll with it and I lose all patience’s in the moment. I have faith we’ll bounce back a bit next season. Just in the midst of present day frustration, that’s all mayne.

  • richard

    Aside from coaching, you need talent to win in this league… and right now, we are low on that department…. guys are asked to perform where they should have been on the bench…. this is LA Lakers.. the pressure here is greater than in all other arenas in the NBA…. the players that we have playing are not used to this kind of pressure, so naturally they will play bad at home compared to on the road.

    Now let;s move on to the next game.

    • afs

      True, but when you have guys that ARE on the bench named Chris Kaman and Jordan Hill, it’s hard to say you don’t have some talent. Chris is a great low post player who may even draw double teams once in a while. Jordan is simply a hustler, he works so hard. But yet, those two ride the bench?

      • richard

        Kaman a great low post player? Now, that’s what I call, uninformed exageration… where did you get the idea that Kaman is a “GREAT” low post player… he has not never been a good low post player,,, at best he is a mid-range jumper center, that has below average averages for his career…. cant believe you said that.

        • afs

          Put it this way. If I were the Lakers and had a half court set, I’d be pretty confident in throwing it in there.. He has some nice moves, and we could work an inside out game. Wheras Sacre is simply just a big man.

    • NickOld

      This game does tell alot though about they players, I hope atleast half of them wont be on the team next year.

    • Jim213

      ? Home record @ Staples 10-20 road record 11-21. They are who they are…

      • richard

        Jim, it is a general accepted norm that it is so much harder to win on the road… I can take an 11-21 road record… but a 10-20 at home?… it’s telling so much about the fortitude of these players… they succumb to pressure at Staples.

  • 3339

    dantoni just can’t do the job. allowing him to coach another game for the Lakers after this massacre is insulting to our franchise.
    Just giving dantoni better players, or healthy ones isn’t enough to make up for his inability to properly coach and lead a team.

  • RB

    Fire Mike D’Antoni NOW!!! Let Kurt Rambis finish the season. Hire Byon Scott, sign Carmelo Anthony, keep Pau Gasol with Kobe Bryant and draft Wiggins or Embid. Also, buy out Steve Nash contract and from there you cn add pieces around
    that team.

  • Sti1lmatic

    It is what it is. I don’t expect next season to be any better. Even IF we get the right draft pick. This franchise isn’t going to move forward until we get a coach that BLEEDS defense.

  • Michael Hilton

    The Lakers Front Office is spitting in the face of Lakers fans by not firing Mike D’Antoni.I understand this roster sucks but losing by 48 points to the cross the room Clippers team just spells out humility and i guarantee you not one of these players gives a shit about the Lakers franchise they all want to get the hell out of LA and go play for a big contract somewhere else.If the Lakers offer these players more money than other teams they will possibly re-sign,i only expect 3 to 4 of these players to be back mainly Wes Johnson and maybe 2 or 3 more guys that’s it.These players have zero pride and they don’t give a crap about this team.Mike D’Antoni is literally begging to be fired,he is sabotaging this great franchise day by day worse and worse.

    • TTKIN

      Yo dude, there’s no pt in firing a coach when ur already eliminated from the playoffs. Why hire a new coach with 20 games left? Makes ZERO sense to pay 2 coaches (ya, we still pay Mike even if we fire him).

      Honestly, he’ll proly be coach next yr too. Lakers arent going to sign any FA this yr. Thatll happen next yr. so why hire a new coach to take the lead of another roster full of 1 yr contracts? Just let his contract run out (much like Steve Nash). Then start from scratch in 2015 when we REALLY have a blank slate.

      And read up more on the players, most of these guys took pay cuts to come here cuz the Lakers were their team growing up. Nick Young would take a pay cut to sign long term. Farmar would too. So would Wes. Jordan Hill already took one to stay. Jodie Meeks already took one too.

      The roster really is not that bad. It’s like the fish that swim with the large sharks and eat the bacteria off of them. Great role players, but you put them out there without the superstar Shark to lead them, and theyre lost. We just need our stars. We have complimentary players but no one for them to compliment.

  • Bull>Lion

    I get it the Lakers are tanking for lottery ping pong balls.Fuck Pride!Last hope.

  • Godfrey Uche

    This is very, very disgraceful to be embarrassed and humiliated by a team sharing a building with you no championship,fire everybody, start rebuilding process immediately before it get worse.


    Dude it’s difficult enough to play in Denver with their altitude when you have 3 days off before the game. There’s basically ZERO chance of winning there when u play the day before (especially that poorly). The good news is that the Nuggets are trying to tank too!

  • Alexandra Taylor

    Then Wesley Johnson needs to show up! He has been missing the last two games. What’s up with him?