Lakers News: Wes Johnson Says ‘I Want To Come Back’ To The...

Lakers News: Wes Johnson Says ‘I Want To Come Back’ To The Lakers


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With only 21 games left in the 2013-14 NBA season, the end is drawing near for arguably one of the worst seasons in recent memory for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Along with the Lakers likely to have a top five pick in the 2014 NBA Draft, Mitch Kupchak and company will have a lot of tough decisions to make in free agency this summer. The majority of the players on the current roster will become unrestricted free agents with uncertain futures.

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At this point in time, there’s no telling which players will be retained, but Wesley Johnson has made it clear that he wants to return according to Mark Medina of L.A. Daily News:

“I want to come back,” Johnson told this newspaper. “Hopefully they feel the same way. I’ll have to continue to prove myself and show I can play hard.”

Johnson has had somewhat of an up and down season. The former lottery pick got off to a good start with the Lakers, but has been inconsistent despite showing signs of promise along the way.

Johnson hopes he’s shown enough to secure his long-term future with the Lakers according to Medina:

“Hopefully it’s a long-term thing,” Johnson said. “But we’ll have to see what happens with what the front office decides and how they move around things. I would like to be here.”

As of right now, Johnson may be in the team’s plans this summer, but it remains to be seen if they’re willing to keep him around long-term.

Johnson will turn 27-years-old in July and still has a lot of basketball left in him. That might appeal to Kupchak with options limited in free agency this summer.
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  • mg6179

    WJ is a tough defender and I would keep him. I don’t think MDAs small ball works against every team but when it does, like against portland, WJ is worth his weight in gold

  • ico

    Keep Wes!

  • vdogg

    i like the guy, but he is not a ‘stretch 4′. he is a SF, plain and simple. i would love to have him back, but to be honest i’d rather sign trevor ariza instead. or draft wiggins or parker. the ideal situation would be to draft embiid and sign ariza. with those two moves alone the lakers’ defense would vastly improve.

    • Kracken

      why would you always say draft wiggins and parker like like its the easiest thing in the world? It’s a longshot! Think the fuck first!

  • Jim213

    Wes has failed to capitalize on the opportunity all season. Myself, wouldn’t bring him back given his inconsistent play. Yes, very athletic but he isn’t the only one in the league who can play a similar style.

    • Bull>Lion

      I concur he must go.

  • Bull>Lion

    MEH No way should he comeback.Wes disappears in games and he is way too soft and he doesn’t score enough to be a starter at the wing position.No way in hell should he be back.Wes has always lost games in the NBA.Wes is one of the biggest lottery busts ever,David Kahn messed up.He needs to go.

  • hookedonnews

    I’m sure MDA wants him to stay. He was key to that victory against Portland. I think he has a lot of potential on offense and defense. I would keep him.

  • Matt Williams

    He’s a great defender and he can shoot. He just needs the confidence. MDA is not know to give that to players, he discourages them. Keep Wes!

    • Daryl Peek

      Really?!? Then why are all of these players outside of a few saying stuff like this… “D’Antoni gave me the confidence to be free, go out there and play my game” ?

      • Matt Williams

        Same guys on the injured list, hurt beacsue they’re playing his system?

        • Daryl Peek

          Kobe missed a minimum of at least 8 games (15 games or more 3 times) due to injury in a season 6 times from 2000-2012. Nash miss more than 7 games only twice (12 in 2000 & 8 in 2008) due to injury in the same time span. Nash, 5 years Kobe’s elder played in the so called injury causing D’Antoni system from 04-12

          So if the system is causing the injuries how do you explain Kobe being less durable than a 5 year older Nash who played in the D’Antoni system all those year? Couple that with most of the Suns players, of that era being more durable than many of the triangle players?

          • Matt Williams

            Why are you always defending D’Antoni? What has he done in his career that’s so great?

          • Daryl Peek

            It matters not that he has not won a championship. That’s a BS point people try to use against him. There’s only a handful of championship proven HC available in NBA presently. All the rest are in the same boat or less than MDA.

            I’m not a fan of his but I’m a fan of the Lakers and who ever they employ to coach the team I’ll give them a fair shake. Sheep regurgitate the same old misinformation. I only deal in facts. statements like the one you put out there concerning MDA are flat out lies, just like all of the Jimmy bashing over him choosing D’Antoni over Phil. Phil just killed all that noise by telling the truth, Dr. Buss made that call but again, most ESPN First Take sheep will cross their arms turn their lips up and swear it’s still Jimmy’s fault, calling Phil a liar.

            Why do you put false info out about MDA?

          • NickOld

            Tell it Daryl, like it is

          • Matt Williams

            What false info? Why do you think the bigs hate him so much? Why isn’t Dwight still here? Do you actually think Carmelo, whether we want him or not will come here with D’Antoni at the helm? The fact is he knows nothing of defense. He said 75% of practice focuses on defense. That’s a flat out lie, because we’d see it every game. That’s my problem with him.

          • Daryl Peek

            Cracks knuckles…

            Hill is having the best production of his career and will get paid next season because of it. Kaman has put up numbers just as good as he did in Dallas and NO playing less minutes then he did in those spots. Sacre loves D’Antoni due to the chance he’s given him. Gasol is having the best season he’s had in three years and doing it playing the least amount of minutes he ever played in his career. That’s all four centers playing very well in the D’antoni system. There’s only so many minutes in a game. Everyone of them can’t play at the same time.

            I find it funny people would be mad at a coach who put them into a position where they will get paid going forward due to the production they got playing for him?

            Howard didn’t want to be a Laker in the first place. And it was Kobe he hated more. Howard is playing in the d’Antoni system in Houston and doing WELL.

            Melo is destroying Mike Woodson’s coaching tenure in NY. Everyone said it MDA was the problem in NY but they are having the same problems now?

            How do you know they don’t practice defense? You are absolutely lying if you say you know they don’t. I’ve seen Lake Show Access Sports shows where they are absolutely prepping and practicing defense. I won’t say the percentage of practice they’re doing because I don’t know.

            To play good defense you need good players, and healthy ones at that. A full roster would be nice so you don’t run out of gas and lose in the second half like they’ve done most of the season.

            Now for the small ball VS. playing the big’s together, MDA is right in that the small ball line ups he’s played are much more efficient. A bit skewed due to the injuries but still an example; The difference in the two Clippers games this season…

            In the first match up we blew them out with the bench mob of Farmar, Meeks, X, Johnson and Hill, small ball. In the second match up MDA allowed the big’s to play together. Sacre and Gasol started the game and Kaman and Hill were off the bench. The Clips blew us out by almost 40 and the game was not even that close. Blake Griffin destroyed all of the big’s. Wes held his own against Griffin in the first match up. Now to be fair we were shorthanded on PG’s in the second game but the big’s stunk playing together.

            Again your’re putting out false info. I’m not tripping on you not liking him personally, that’s your prerogative. I just take issue with false doctrine.

            MDA has personality conflict with the big’s but they need to play the system the HC implements, period! And as I said, all four of them can’t get PT all the time, and they don’t play well together compared to playing next to a stretch 4.

          • Matt Williams

            If these guys are playing the best game of their careers, why are we not in a better spot?

          • Daryl Peek

            Individual numbers, the team has been decimated by injuries. Not much else to say tonight, that performance makes even me wanna say fire D’Antoni and EVERYBODY!

          • Matt Williams

            I agree.

  • jack

    We’d love to have you back Wes!

    • Chrmngblly

      I don’t know. He’s not really big enough to play the 4 against all the rest of the PFs in the league. Who else is athletic enough to play the stretch and defend, too? We could have won a few more games if we just had someone who could rebound and run the floor.

      • Bee Ballin

        He has only played PF for a few games

        • Chrmngblly

          Let’s watch him. The only thing that’s really open is the 4.

      • Kay Carter

        that’s why coach need to be a coach nd make adjustments according to the other team line-up nd put players who can rebound nd run the floor smh but he don’t

  • Gregory Choa

    So long as MDA is coaching, it seems to me that Wes Johnson has a pretty solid future with the Lakers; he’s athletic, he shoots the 3 at a pretty high %, and runs the fast break well. I think the FO would be wise to try and re-sign him. I also think, if nothing else, he can be further developed into a more specific role as something of a “defensive stopper” off the bench.

  • richard

    Keep Wes! He will be a very good asset coming off the bench in the 3-4 position… He is not a starter material, but he can start on this team being a defensive guy at SF, much like WMP does. He doesn’t have to score that much once Kobe returns.

    The reason we see his inconsistency is that he is asked to produce offensively when he is not that, not to mention that extended minutes he is forced to play due to lack of able personnel that can run the MDA offense.

    • NickOld

      I’m hoping we get Earl Clark back for minimum this summer, pretty much a taller Wes Johnson. WJ is athletic but he lacks the size to play PF even in the MDA system and lacks the skills to play SF.

  • Richard

    If Wesley plays hard and consistently and effectively demonstrates his athletic abilities and talents, I think he and Jodie have a great chance of returning barring….

  • Kay Carter

    if he wants to stay, bring him back…..he earned his time

  • Super Girl

    He is alot better than Daruis Morris, Chris Duhon etc and he is so cheap… Jim Buzz do you hear me????