Lakers News: Tyler Ennis Says Playing With Steve Nash ‘Would Be Amazing’

Lakers News: Tyler Ennis Says Playing With Steve Nash ‘Would Be Amazing’


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With the NBA Draft Lottery set to take place Tuesday and the draft nearly one month away, prospects are beginning to speak out on getting drafted and what it mean to fulfill their dreams of playing in the NBA.

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When asked about the potential for playing with the Lakers and Steve Nash, former Syracuse point guard, Tyler Ennis delivered some praise for the Laker, according to Mark Medina of the LA Daily News:

“Nash is definitely one of the best point guards who played the game and he’s one of my favorite players,” Ennis said. “To go to a team and learn from him would be amazing for my career.”

Despite being injured for the majority of his Laker career, Nash is still highly regarded by young players as someone they would love to learn from. Over the past season, several Lakers shared their own acclaims over Nash. In the case of Ennis, it appears his love for Nash also stems from growing up Canada.

As it stands, Nash serves as general manager for the Canadian National Basketball Team and harbors a close relationship with Canada’s younger basketball players. Many Canadians have followed Nash in taking their basketball talents to American schools. Ennis spent his freshmen year at Syracuse before declaring for this year’s NBA draft.

Along with Dante Exum and Marcus Smart, Ennis is seen as one the best point guard prospects available in the draft. While most have him going after Exum and Smart, it can not be ruled out for the Lakers to pick up Ennis. The latest mock draft from MyNBADraft currently has Ennis going to the Denver Nuggets with the 11th pick, but there is still plenty of time for him to improve his stock before the draft.

For a deeper look at Ennis and how he could fit the the Lakers, click here.
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  • VillainKing™

    I would love to pick point guards Exum or Smart and also Wiggins if the Lakers have a chance on him..

    • Eazy


      • VillainKing™


  • Eazy

    ummm Buddy, this is a story on Ennis lol…

  • VillainKing™

    Buddy I mean I will pick Exum or Smart over Ennis lol..

    • Eazy

      I feel you brother, and I dont dispute what you are saying, I would too :)

      • VillainKing™

        Tnx brother..

  • JohnSmith00

    It’s too bad for him that there is zero chance of him joining the Lakers, there are simply too many other talented players ahead of him for the Lakers to pass on.

  • Thomas

    Marcus Smart is way too special of a player to pass up for Tyler.After the draft combine Marcus Smart passed the test as one of the best Point Guard prospects ever as he bossed up on the vertical jump and in the bench press test also his agility and speed was much better than expected.

    • Mathias

      I have a horrible feeling that if we don’t land top 3 then this pick will be traded down, and Smart won’t go top 3…I REALLY hope I’m wrong because I think Smart will be huge in this league and I’d love to have him at 6th.

      • Thomas

        Well i get the idea that most the GM’s are just giving the standard corporate line by saying we are open for anything whether it be drafting at the position we land at then draft a great young prospect or moving down in the draft and getting multiple picks or trading the pick for a established veteran this is what Mitch Kupchak and Utah GM Dennis Lindsey and Phoenix GM Ryan M. were all caught saying only the Bucks GM spoke a different tune he seemed intent on keeping his lottery pick.These were the interviews i watched at the draft combine.If the Lakers trade the pick missing out on Marcus Smart or Dante Exum it will go down as the worst trade in the history of the NBA.

        Let me explain why it will be such a bad trade because the Lakers are in the best top heavy draft in the last 30 years and the Lakers have traded away 2 out of the next 3 first round picks to Phoenix and Orlando.And this is not the NFL so don’t ever trade you’re lottery pick for later picks it never ends well in the NBA.Always keep the lottery pick because the NBA is a star driven league and role players don’t equal a star player ever.

        Basically the Lakers would be passing on Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook in hopes they land Matt Barnes later in the draft along with getting multiple picks to bring another Devin Ebanks and Darius Morris type players with later picks that’s a recipe for a major disaster bigger than Katrina.Yeah keep the damn lottery pick and never ever ever ever ever trade it especially not in this once in a lifetime lottery draft class.Lakers have to keep the pick and draft Smart.

  • jarl

    jabari parker!!

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Tyler Ennis also said he would love to play for the Clippers with Chris Paul helping mentor him and that Chris Paul is the best guy to learn from and he would love to go head to head against him practice to learn from a All Star Chris Paul.That is a ideal situation for him.Yet again we are making too much out of what a college kid said about something basketball related LOL.Tyler Ennis is getting drafted mid first round range and he is not better than Marcus Smart or Dante Exum.Actually i like Zach Lavine,Shabazz Napier and Elfrid Payton also Jahidii Carson more than i do Tyler Ennis.So no to Tyler.