Lakers News: TV Ratings For Laker Games Down 50% From Last Season Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="169"] The Los Angeles Lakers are currently battling through arguably the toughest season in franchise history. Kobe Bryant only played six [new_royalslider id="169"] The Los Angeles Lakers are currently battling through arguably the toughest season in franchise history. Kobe Bryant only played six Rating: 0
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Lakers News: TV Ratings For Laker Games Down 50% From Last Season

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The Los Angeles Lakers are currently battling through arguably the toughest season in franchise history. Kobe Bryant only played six games this season until a knee injury took him out for the year and the team can’t stay healthy or on the right side of .500.

With everything that has gone wrong over the course of the 2013-14 NBA season, Lakers fans have begun to tune out the team and it has started to show.

According to Rick Kissell of Variety, the Lakers viewership is down considerably in comparison to last season:

Fans have bailed on the Los Angeles Lakers during their miserable 2013-14 season, with local TV ratings down sharply from last year.

Looking at Nielsen’s “Live plus same-day” ratings for the 2013-14 season, the 57 telecasts of Lakers games on Time Warner Cable SportsNet have averaged 199,000 viewers — down a whopping 49% from last year at this time (390,000). The team has been without stars Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash for just about all of the season, and has one of the worst records in basketball at 22-44 this season.

With every single prime-time player on the team missing considerable time this season, it isn’t much of a shock to see the numbers drop so drastically. Not only has Kobe, Steve Nash, Nick Young and Pau Gasol struggled to stay healthy, but the team is also without Dwight Howard, who signed with the Houston Rockets in the off-season.

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As if losing Dwight and dealing with injuries wasn’t enough to show cause for the drop in viewership or interest in the Lakers, former head coach Phil Jackson has joined the New York Knicks instead of finding a position with the team he led to five NBA titles.

Needless to say, this has been the most forgettable season the storied franchise has ever played and hopefully it will not stay that way.

The Lakers will make an effort to rebuild in the off-season with a sizable amount of cap space at their disposal and a high draft, but there’s no guarantee it’ll be an instant fix.
Coach D’Antoni On Kobe Bryant’s Return And Plans For Nick Young

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  • Jim213

    LOL… called it out since last off season. However, not sure how many of those were band wagoners. But good riddance. But it’s expect b/c the late great Dr. Buss left some BIG SHOES to fill to which the basketball operations side seems to be going backwards as opposed to forward. Wouldn’t be surprised if they get no more than 10 nationally televised games next season if things remain stagnant with the inept.

    • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

      FO really drop the ball on that DH leaving… they should have traded him for assets… oh well.. that’s water under the bridge… FO, just don’t make the same mistake twice, OK?

      • Daryl Peek

        What assets? Who was willing to give up good players or draft picks? These are the things no one can answer but everyone wants to judge the FO for letting Howard walk? It will be the same with Gasol if no good deals come across the table.

        Keep in mind Howard threatened to only be open to a select few teams for trade purposes. There was never a deal with GS. The Mavs were willing to wait to see if Howard hit the market as a FA. The Rockets were offering peanuts with poison pill contracts. Brooklyn was no longer an option. There was no one else.

    • moho

      To be fair there r some 14 year old boys who have Dish and there parents wont switch

  • Daryl Peek

    I’d like to see the ratings numbers for the entire league in comparison? I’d bet almost all are down.

    • Jim213

      Already making up excuses for the FO, DP? smh But all these injuries to the elite players of the NBA aren’t good for business but the Lakers situation is different given tho Kobe is out they failed to place forth a competitive product.

      • Daryl Peek

        Kobe being out is the biggest problem. Losing is the cause of the injures. TV rating dropped in the 90′s also. There’s no excuse, just the way things go at times. No team is immune to this. If the Lakers were the sellout streak would’ve been much longer than just 320 games when it ended this season.

        Gotta keep the history of the big picture in perspective.

        • Jim213

          Valid points but times have changed since the 90′s. It’s all about convenience nowadays when it comes to viewership. The growth of technology has forced and allowed businesses to adapt to changing times by offering different venues to catch games.

          They have to adapt or face losing viewers since today’s millennials watch games from their smart phones, CPU’s or IPad’s. But today’s broadcast’s are also televised globally too (demand). But IMO it’s more the result of the FO failing to place a competitive product (which doesn’t = over spending) that’s resulted in this team being the worst lakers team for an 82 game season.

          Don’t believe many of the masses (not the bad wagoners) would want to watch this awful roster represent the brand seeing as they’re always getting embarrassed. What’s been placed on the floor is not what Dr. Buss had in mind when leaving the business to his children DP.! What you see is not laker ball as half the roster shouldn’t even be wearing the jersey’s given their lack of hustle and fundamentals.

          • Daryl Peek

            You say times have changed but a 320 game sellout streak puts the team just a little over four seasons ago when ratings were down last down in the staples center. Think about the timing of that for a minute?

            Times may change but the game is the same. There always ups and downs and no team in any professional sport is immune to the ebbs and flows of how the cycle goes. Look at the Yankees and Cowboys? Every business in the world has to deal with this. This is nothing new really.

          • Jim213

            Yes, but if you say that the Steinbrenner’s or that Jerry Jones have done an exceptional job you’re mistaken. ARod’s $250 mil bought them 1 title aside of the major headaches. Jerry Jones stubbornness and involvement in literally every single decision/move shows that a lot of the credit should be given to his former staff.

            Given his decisions that has left them in a mediocre state for quite sometime (haven’t made the playoffs since who knows how long?). Almost sounds like Jim today believe he has the eye/knowledge to keep the brand afloat when it actuality this will be the 2nd worst Lakers team in history. Good job of putting your stamp on the b5rand jim bust smh.

          • Daryl Peek

            You say it’s Jim but Dr. Buss, Phil and even Mitch continue to say all decisions were and are a collective. Jim is not usurping the power structure as most was to pin on him.

            Even Jerry West tells of how all of this quick trigger judgement is way off base and not helping things. It’s way too early for all of this mess. Only time will tell. Were only one year into the post Dr. Buss era and folks are on the ledge with false information in hand ready to jump?!?

          • Jim213

            Not sure how things may turn out with Jim but he’s let a lot of people go which goes for scouts, Kupcake staff members etc etc. Don’t recall Dr. Buss doing the same thing back in the early 80′s as he had the experts do their thing while having the final say.

          • Daryl Peek

            Dr. Buss too over at a time when he was not looking to change things. The Lakers have been trying to move on from the triangle for a while now and do you really think Dr. Buss would let Jimmy remove all of those people without his blessing?

            Again, I cite all of the drama surrounding the team as the Showtime era was ending after KAJ retired in 89. lots of missed steps and questionable decisions made from 89-94. What will Phil do when he assumes command in NY? Likely removed a ton of incumbents and bring his guys in. This is standard MO with FO change. Dr. Buss had an awesome group in West, Sharman, and Jerry Krause who left that year if I’m correct? Why would he change things when they were some of the most brilliant minds in scouting and building a team when Dr. Buss had absolutely no knowledge of basketball operations? Jimmy had been an apprentice for over a decade under his dad, Mitch and West for a short stint and was in contact with West all of his life as he grew up under him. Completely different circumstances but I can’t say why Lester was not renewed last year? Only thing I can come up with is he was assistant GM and one of the younger Buss children may be getting that title soon. Joey Buss is well on his way to be primed for a move from CEO and president of the Defenders to a Lakers FO position. This is Dr. Buss’s plan.

            Time will tell.

          • Josh

            320 games is at least 7 seasons. I’m not sure if playoff games count, but they only play 41 home games per year.

          • Daryl Peek

            You’re right. I slipped on my calculation. I used 82 games my badd.

  • independentbynature

    It couldn’t happen to a more deserving company than Time Warner.

  • e3bonz

    TV rating may have fallen off, but what about computer, phone or ipad? I’ve watched most of the games via League Pass on my computer. Only missed a total of four quarters all season.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    I am pretty sure the ratings for the Lakers telecasts are far worse than is being reported since it’s just a rough estimation and T.V. stations tend to exaggerate ratings for the most part.The Lakers will probably get less viewers next season if things remain the same as this horrible season.Maybe it’s time to go back to having the Lakers telecasts on free T.V. on channel 9?

    I just don’t think enough people want to fork out the money to subscribe to the Lakers channel from TWC and that also requires having a top tier cable package same goes for satellite the top tier package qualifies for the TWC package not the $20 basic channel lineup more like the Top tier $60 package then a extra fee to add the TWC channel,most people in LA would rather just watch the stuff on Prime Ticket tbh.These are the tough times for the business side of things.Lakers will get back to be a contender patience is the key.Lakers know that nobody wants to watch a bad losing team.

    They hopefully fix this roster by next 3 years.Andrew Wiggins would go a long way in helping turn this mess around quickly.3 years from now hopefully it’s back to normal if not much sooner.It takes time to rebuild in the NBA usually 3-5 years.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Hell this was expected with the top draw Kobe being out for most the season.

  • TheMonitor

    I am a passionate Lakers fan but I have stopped watching the games on TV. It ruins my evenings and weekends each time I watch them getting blown out. I prefer to just check the scores occasionally during and after games. No surprises, no heartaches! Just the usually lopsided loss!

  • Art1969

    It is a very hard thing to watch a Laker game right now they are getting slaughtered i.e. Clippers so of course viewership is down.

  • DonJ1973

    The ratings must have taken a hit when all the games went exclusive to cable. I know Dish Network still doesn’t carry Time Warner Cable Sportsnet. Honestly, this isn’t surprising. LA fans hate losing and this team is awful. There are so many other avenues of entertainment in LA that a crappy basketball will obviously get ignored.

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