Lakers News: Trevor Ariza Wearing A Kobe Bryant Jersey In Philadelphia Reviewed by Momizat on . When Dwight Howard left for Houston, it was a shock to everyone that finally someone had willingly left the great franchise that is the Lakers. Now, we are seei When Dwight Howard left for Houston, it was a shock to everyone that finally someone had willingly left the great franchise that is the Lakers. Now, we are seei Rating:
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Lakers News: Trevor Ariza Wearing A Kobe Bryant Jersey In Philadelphia

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When Dwight Howard left for Houston, it was a shock to everyone that finally someone had willingly left the great franchise that is the Lakers. Now, we are seeing players like Jordan Farmar wanting to come back to the Lakers.

What gets lost in translation is not only how much it truly means to not only wear the great colors of the purple and gold, but also the respect that current and former teammates have for the great Kobe Bryant.

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Trevor Ariza came to the Lakers through a trade from the Orlando Magic in 2007. He instantly became a fan favorite through his hard nose defense, three-point shooting, and his athleticism that included some highlight dunks that got the Staples Center rocking.

Ariza was one of the Lakers that truly knew what it meant to play for the Lakers and what it meant to be a part of the franchise, which was another reason why fans loved him. However, his recent actions will be giving Laker fans more of a reason to continue to root for Ariza.

According to Ariza’s Instagram, he was walking down the streets of Philadelphia wearing a Kobe Bryant jersey.

Trevor Ariza

New Laker Nick Young says even Kobe won’t be stopping him if he’s on a shooting spree! Check out our interview below and and don’t forget to click here to subscribe to our YouTube Channel!

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  • 3339

    Trevor was a great Laker. He was so clutch in the 2009 championship season. A game that really goes unnoticed is game 4 of the finals. We were down and Trevor took over. He hit so many big shots that got us back in it. If not for him, there wouldn’t have been Fishers clutch shots and the road to the ring would’ve been much tougher.

    • Justin Shepherd

      uh lol? Much tougher? did you not know what the finals was 4-1
      if we lost 4-2
      you think a garbage magic team has a chance at lakers home? lol get your facts straight dude

      • truthteller3379

        That ‘garbage’ Magic team should’ve won Gm 2. And WTF…no team that makes the NBA Finals is ‘garbage’. That just proves how dumb you are…

        • ariza faggot

          dude your an idiot, your hoping that we re-sign ariza and go through mediocrity for another 3 years?? the lakers became championship material when we dumped that bum ariza

          • 3339

            Became championship material when we dumped him? dude we won with him. And we could’ve won in 08 if he and Bynum weren’t hurt

        • ariza faggot

          and yes plenty of teams have made the finals and were garbage, just look at the pistons teams that won finals with ben wallace and a bunch of homeless people, the league is so watered down that any rubbish team can make a finals, CLOWN!!

          • myke313

            They were garbage but they beat a STACKED Lakers team 4 – 1. They set a defensive record with holding teams under 70 points, they had 4 Allstars. They were far from garbage they just didn’t have any big named superstars. They BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF THE LAKERS. No team that makes it to the Finals is garbage those are the 2 best teams left in the league that year.

      • 3339

        the series would’ve been tied 2-2. 2-2 is much tougher than 3-1. only a moron would disagree with that.

  • JOMI™

    Somebody please get him back to Los Angeles. His talent is wasting away in Washington.

    • Daryl Peek

      Would love to have Ariza back but his 7+ mil is too much.

      • Jim213

        Agreed, he’ll be a free agent in 2014 and given last seasons injuries he may not get the same type of pay as previously if he doesn’t stay healthy and pick up his game.

      • David Lee

        Expiring contract. Blake and Hill for Ariza?

        • Link

          I’d keep Hill, were thin at the 4 and 5 positions and he can play both. Hes pure energy and hustle and he keeps up with the youthful bench

        • Daryl Peek

          Blake is our back up PG and Hill is needed in the front court.

          • Matt Williams

            We can do without Blake. We can’t do without Hill.

          • Daryl Peek

            Blake carried the team down the stretch. He’s needed to spell Nash. Farmar does not make Blake expendable.

          • Matt Williams

            Farmar was apart of our 2 championship run. He’s better at shooting threes than Blake. Just because Blake had a good season doesn’t mean he’ll be the same next season. We’re trying to get younger and keeping Blake ain’t it. We should’ve gotten Nate before Denver snatched him. We need a younger more consistant backup PG. I say trade Blake for draft picks. Then pick up Delonte West for one year.

          • Daryl Peek

            D’Antoni loves Blake. Blake earned the back up spot last season. Blake is a 39% career three point shooter, Farmar is 37%. Blake is a much better three point shooter and has proven he’s clutch when you need a big shot. The Lakers couldn’t afford Robinson. One year vets min, that’s all they can offer. Delonte West, really? Keeping some team chemistry is more important.

          • Daryl Peek

            Now if Farmar beats Blake out cool but he will have to do just that! Nothing is just going to be given to him. Farmar acknowledged this himself in his intro presser. I respect that and see it as maturity in Jordan.

        • Eddie Lazaro

          Not Hill, plus he will come back less in 2015. Once a Lakers will always be a Lakers, just as Farmar… Chi Chi next?

    • LakerPaN

      Lakers need a Defensive Guy, that’s him. Mission impossible “A”riza! MWP was a huge loss if Lakers will have him? We are back on track absolutely !!!

  • Islesteelr

    It’s nice to see him wearing Gold 8…… But lets get that Man his 3 somehow in the next couple years. Two guys I hated to see go as Lakers….. Ariza and Eddie Jones.

  • Dang

    Is it coincidence that he took the photo near by the jewelry shop called “Royalty”? haha

  • ariza sucks

    fuck ariza, hes a one trick pony, dont bring him back!!

  • Eddie Lazaro

    People, stop bashing Ariza. You may not liked him personally but his contributions to 2009 Championships was Grand and he has the Lakers at Heart. He got duped by his agent thinking he can get more in the F/A than the Lakers have on the table that’s why he left. Btw, having MWP as sub came out well, so, give the guy a break.

  • Paytc

    Ariza played some madd defense! He had great timing in making impact, game changing plays.

    The Lakers do miss him.We need players like Ariza who make plays on both sides of the ball.Every great player needs help to win a championship.

  • socali

    If Trevor comes back to the LA then we are GOOD. This team is primed for a deep playoff run

  • quickster007

    the Laker management need to bring in Hakeem Olajuwon to mentor Robert Sacre. He learn the post move from Hakeem and the skyhook from Kareem.

  • ra

    And, Kobe 8, not Kobe 24. Maybe he admired Kobe 8 (Phase I of Kobe’s career), or, would like to be like ‘that’ Kobe. Who knows. Recall that ’8′ was also D’Antoni’s number in Italy (which is originally why Kobe chose that number).


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