Lakers News: Trainer Gary Vitti Wants Nash’s Minutes Reduced Reviewed by Momizat on . In an interview with the LA Daily News' Mark Medina, Lakers Trainer Gary Vitti discussed how rough last season was for him. The Lakers roster accumulated a comb In an interview with the LA Daily News' Mark Medina, Lakers Trainer Gary Vitti discussed how rough last season was for him. The Lakers roster accumulated a comb Rating:
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Lakers News: Trainer Gary Vitti Wants Nash’s Minutes Reduced

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NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Sacramento KingsIn an interview with the LA Daily News’ Mark Medina, Lakers Trainer Gary Vitti discussed how rough last season was for him. The Lakers roster accumulated a combined 184 missed games last season, which was one of the biggest reasons this team underachieved.

Steve Nash had a strange season, to say the least. In the second game of the season, Nash fractured his leg after a collision with rookie of the year Damien Lillard. Nash would also end the season on the sidelines with hamstring issues, but should go into this season fully healthy. Despite his improved health, Vitti thinks that Nash should play fewer minutes this season.

“He might be a guy that would be better off reducing his minutes,” Vitti said of Nash, who played an average of 32.5 minutes per game last season. “Because he wasn’t himself last year, let’s see what he’s like in camp. We’re not going to beat the guy up.”

Vitti wouldn’t reveal the ideal playing time for Nash, but floated the idea about D’Antoni resting him for certain games. Spurs coach Gregg Popovich has adopted a similar strategy with aging stars Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili.

Nash is 39-years-old and will turn 40 just before the All-Star break, so giving him as much rest as possible during the season will be key to having him around for the playoffs. This year, the Lakers are better equipped to give him the rest he needs as they’ve brought in Jordan Farmar to carry some of the point guard load, and Steve Blake will be entering the season healthy as well.

Guys like  Nick Young and Wes Johnson will also be helpful as they can play both wing positions, letting Farmar concentrate mainly on point guarding duties and not needing to slide him to the two spot to back up Kobe Bryant.


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  • The Rock

    Listen to Gary Vitti he know what the hell he is talking about rest Nash.WTF is wrong with some people,Steve Nash is 40 years old WTF?Rest him and let the damn young point guard Jordan Farmar play most the back to backs and have him play 20 minutes a game or so.No damn way should fucking 40 year old Steve Nash play huge minutes and back to backs he is way too old for that shit.Steve Nash should play no more than 26-30 minutes a game.Max should play 30 minutes a game and absolutely never play him on back to back nights.

    • hookedonnews

      Gary Vitti is not the coach, and his job is not on the line. It’s all about winning, and D’Antoni will do whatever he thinks is necessary to win games. Nash is not going to play “huge” minutes. He hasn’t done that in years, but he’s not going to be limited to 20 minutes a game or sit in back-to-back games if they’re fighting to get into the playoffs.

      • cj

        its true hes not the coach but with one of the oldest core groups in the nba MDT needs to listen to his training staff and if vitti says less mins until proven other wise he needs to be listen to.we have blake farmar meeks young and henry all solid players capable of sliding in and taking time away from him. early in the season nash and kobe and pau need limited pt untill we see how they are doing. then slowly work their pt up to were it needs to be and vs bad teams they should have there pt limited to next to nothing let our top ten bench carry a load for once.

        • hookedonnews

          We know what Blake & Meeks can do, but it remains to be seen how Farmar and the other new players are going to fit in. If the bench plays well, the minutes of Nash & Kobe can be limited somewhat, but you are not going to see the team’s best players on the bench any significant amount of time no matter how old they are. Kobe & Nash are not your typical older players. If Nash & Gasol start the season healthy, I don’t expect their minutes to be limited. No one knows exactly how healthy Kobe will be, but he’s still Kobe. He’s not going to sit on the bench for long if he’s ready to play. The bottom line is winning games. Whatever it takes to do that is what will be done.

    • ninamelvin933

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  • Daryl Peek

    I disagree with Viti. I’m no doctor but if Nash is 100% coming into this season, 31-33 minutes a game (his career average) is not a problem. Taking a Greg Popovich like approach would be better. Rest Nash and Kobe completely (DNP) on different days during some of the back to backs throughout the regular season. This way you condition the reserves to be self sufficient when Kobe or Nash aren’t in the game. This also toughens up the bench for the long haul, speeds the grooming process of role players, and strengthens the bench in general. Miami did the same thing last season.

    • Eddie Lazaro

      Totally go with you there, watch their energy doing minute management (minutes played between subs) and build confidence on youngsters by having descent playing minutes on the floor.

    • Jim213

      Thirty minutes sounds about right for Nash but in the end it’s about wins and losses so I don’t both players getting certain games off on road trips or back 2 back games. The coach’s jobs on the line too but the 11 player roster expected for next season should help chew up time from both players.

      • Daryl Peek

        Not much difference between 30 and 33 Jim. The days off don’t have to be the same day for each player. Coach Pop gave Duncan more days off than he did Parker and Ginobli. I don’t see MDA doing it either but I think we would benefit from it big time.

        We are already looking at not having Kobe for a while. Why not? Nash could use a few games off here and there. Blake did a very good job when Nash and Kobe were out at the end of the season. Over a period of time Farmar will catch on and be able to handle more minutes. Meeks was very good in spurts defensively. He will be free to be more than just a three point shooter with Kobe out and that will help him grow IMO. I just think many are underselling the talent we have on the roster.

        • Jim213

          Small difference of course but it may matter to the vets. Given Nash has had a lot of time off already with his injury I just don’t see him getting games off.

          However, if the bench manages to help hold the fort down while Nash is on the bench then it would be best to reduce Nash’s minutes around the second half of the season and possibly sit him out a few games too.

          I just don’t see Nash getting less than 30 minutes a night especially when the team wants to prove doubters otherwise and when so called prognosticators rank the team 12th within the conference and when the coach’s job is possibly on the line too.

      • cj

        siting games hurts more then it helps bodys need to stay playing limiting nash to 25-28 min and kobe to 30-33 a night would be great for them.

        • Jim213

          Ain’t talking about sitting out Nash for long periods just on certain road that demand games on back to back nights. Kobe ain’t taking any night off and will likely demand to play between 30-35 minutes a night.

    • hookedonnews

      I don’t think the Lakers will have enough breathing space to sit Nash or Kobe for whole games. You can do that when you’re sitting in first place like Popovich or the Heat, but the Lakers will probably be fighting hard to make the playoffs. Nash expects to play about 32-35 minutes this season, and I can’t imagine Kobe taking games off once he is back. Maybe the bench will play well, and they can play fewer minutes. That would be the ideal way to get them more rest.

  • hookedonnews

    Nash has already said he sees no reason for his minutes to be limited and expects to play the same amount of minutes this season as last. Vitti is not going to be making that call.

    • http://www.ecodrivecn.com/ Jil

      but Nash is not young now. for example, Kobe will say that as Nash too. But they are not young now. They can’t avoid this.

      • hookedonnews

        If Nash comes to camp as healthy as he was when he came to camp last season, there will be no reason for him to play less minutes than he played last season. Kobe & Nash take care of themselves better than anyone in the NBA. They are not your average old guys. If they’re healthy they’ll play. I’m sure Kobe’s minutes won’t be what they were last season. A lot of that was because of the injuries to Nash and the lousy bench. Good bench play will give Kobe & Nash more time to rest. Hopefully they will step up and play well. If they don’t, the starters will be on the court, old or not.

        • http://www.ecodrivecn.com/ Jil

          I admit Nash and Kobe is much better than me and many of others.

          But pls take into account, the players like Kobe will never give up and will never easily take a rest, even he is exhausted.

          so, I think it’s better to offer them more minutes to rest.

          • hookedonnews

            That’s just it. Kobe is going to do whatever it takes to win. As I said, if the bench plays well they will be able to rest Nash & Kobe more. I hope they will. I agree that it would be great if they could play fewer minutes, but it will all depend on whether the bench players can do the job. They couldn’t last season. Hopefully it will be better this year.

          • http://www.ecodrivecn.com/ Jil

            so, just give the opportunity to the bench. they will be good.

            but if you don’t give them the minutes, they are bad, absolutely.

  • http://www.ecodrivecn.com/ Jil

    I hope Nash’s minutes reduced too. No matter Nash is ready or not, he is not young now. He need rest during the games.

  • Zimmeredge

    25-28 minutes at maximum for Nash. let’s Blake, Farmar lead the team as we know they can.

  • Lakers4Life

    100% agree with Dr. Vitti, but too bad it’s Dumbtoni sitting at the head coaching job. All he’ll do is wear down the old players till they get injured, some way or another.

  • KB24_7RINGS




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