Lakers News: Tom Brady Says He Admires Kobe Bryant

Lakers News: Tom Brady Says He Admires Kobe Bryant


The cities of Boston and Los Angeles often don’t see eye to eye on many things in the realm of sports. Whether it’s the heated rivalry between the Celtics and the Lakers, or the one between the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and Boston’s Red Sox in Major League Baseball.

However, Boston’s NFL franchise – the New England Patriots – find themselves in the Super Bowl this season. Now, their star quarterback has declared his admiration for L.A.’s biggest superstar.

According to, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady recently stated his admiration for Bryant and what he does on the basketball court.

“I actually saw Kobe Bryant for the first time when they went to the [NBA] Finals in Boston. It’s someone that I really look up to and admire, because of his competitiveness. I’d never met him before. You always watch other athletes and how they play the game and what makes them successful.”

Strangely, Brady and Bryant have had similar careers. Both won three championships at a young age before going through a rebuilding process. While Bryant was able to get his Lakers back to championship glory at the latter stages of his career, Brady has the Patriots back in the Super Bowl this season, looking for their first title since 2004.

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Both Brady and Bryant are known for their unbelievable work ethic and intensity on the field/court. Considering both will go down in history as the greatest players of their generation, it’s only appropriate that they respect one another.

Even if the cities they play in do not.

  • LakerLyle

    Kobe insults injuries. He’s all banged up but he plays like he’s never injured, like he’s so healthy. He sometimes takes it to the rack hard, which means he still has some of that “Young Kobe” in him, still has some hops equipped. His injuries are everywhere, he is even injured mentally and emotionally. Even right now, he is divorced or what-not, whatever. Kobe Bryant is simply one of the best, but what makes him the best of the best is his sheer will to compete and to win and its what separates him from other superstars. He’s tough, real toughness.