Lakers News: Team’s Television Ratings Down 37.5 Percent Reviewed by Momizat on . The Los Angeles Lakers currently have the sixth worst record in the NBA and it has affected the team's television ratings on Time Warner Cable SportsNet. With K The Los Angeles Lakers currently have the sixth worst record in the NBA and it has affected the team's television ratings on Time Warner Cable SportsNet. With K Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Team’s Television Ratings Down 37.5 Percent

Jordan Hill and Kobe Bryant

The Los Angeles Lakers currently have the sixth worst record in the NBA and it has affected the team’s television ratings on Time Warner Cable SportsNet. With Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash only appearing in six games and the entire backcourt decimated by injuries, ratings have declined by 37.5 percent compared to the same period last season.

According to Nielsen ratings, the Lakers are averaging only 2.72 ratings over the first 40 games which is a significant drop off from 4.35 last season. Having said that, Lakers spokesman John Black believes fans “continue to have an appetite for Lakers programming” via Los Angeles Times:

“Although the TWC ratings are down, we know that Lakers fans continue to have an appetite for Lakers programming, be it live games, classic games or original programming.”

With the Lakers losing 17 of 20 games and in a tie with the Sacramento Kings for last place in the Western Conference, Black says there’s still a fan base who follows the team:

“We all know that we can’t be championship contenders every year, but there is still an enormous base of Lakers fans who are following this team.”

Although the ratings have declined significantly, the same could be said for the Clippers who are down 14.7 percent compared to last season. Both teams have seen their ratings dip because of injuries to their star players. The Lakers averaged a 3.57 rating when Kobe was playing while the Clippers averaged a 1.39 when Chris Paul was playing.

For the Lakers, they have a history of putting the best product on the court. While Los Angeles wasn’t a championship contender heading into this season, they were expected to at least compete for a playoff spot until injuries derailed them once again. With Kobe out for at least three weeks, it will be difficult to see these ratings improve until he returns.
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  • 22,23,24

    “TRiAngle ConSpiracy” : NBA DRAFT 2014..




    >The CELTICS will draft JABARI PARKER and the LA LAKERS will draft ANDREW WIGGINS to make a new rivalry ala LAKERS magic johnson/ CELTICS LARRY BIRD..

    the Celtics are in perfect situation to carry the team with JABARI PARKER as a rivalry of Andrew Wiggins and..

    the Lakers are in a perfect situation to help Bryant finish his career on a high note and lay down the building blocks for the future. With Wiggins looking like more than just an ordinary teenager, the Lakers may be in position for a grand comeback season next year.

    “Still, the Lakers have had their share of luck and the situation is perfect for them. As Kobe prepares to play his last few years, Wiggins arrives to carry on the legacy. It’s a story made for Hollywood, and the Lakers play only a few miles from there,” wrote Hubbard.

  • Sti1lmatic

    I wonder if Time Warner wants out just to get the Clippers on TWC.
    This is funny because I dropped Dish Network just to get TWC. At that point in time, obviously Time Warner was the only one with the new Laker channel. I was excited because we had just signed both Nash and Dwight.

    My cousin was so sure that we’d go straight to the finals that year and dance with the Heat 7 games.

    I sure do miss watching the games on KCAL 9.

    • Chick Hern Jr.

      No Shiyat!! KCAL 9 with the Greatest Voice Ever Mr. Chick Hern. It was great. They went from all games on KCAL to only road games, to NO GAMES. That’s the way business works. If people will buy, people will sell. I also dropped Dish for TWC because of that BS they pulled last year only to be dissapointed in service by the LAKERS and TWC. Both put holes in my pockets in one way or another. I just want LAL to dump Nash NOW!! D’antoni system is fun but you got to have guys that know how to play without a coach’s discipline which most NBA players do not have. I say we Let Nash, D’antoni, and Gasol go…Get Melo if possible or free up some cap space to work on some future moves. Can’t keep digging this hole deeper and deeper by overspending on atheletes.

  • Andrew Wiggins Lakers Choice

    Don’t worry everyone Andrew Wiggins is here to save the day.Coming Soon.

    Lakers will draft Andrew Wiggins and Celtics will draft Jabari Parker.

    New Rivalry renewed Andrew Wiggins versus Jabari Parker.

    Just like Magic Johnson versus Larry Bird.

  • Hank

    6th worst record? Wow, keep this up and they might actually land a top 3 pick.

    • Chick Hern Jr.

      Let’s be #1 in some way. Either the best of the best or worse of the worst. LAL need Rings or High Draft Picks…everything else is entertainment only.

  • Jimbo Harris

    Wow i am sure this a all time for the Lakers in ratings and fan interest.Tanking for the next 5 years will guarantee Jim Buss 3 new potential superstar players for cheap contracts.Rookie deals in the NBA are a steal.Building through the draft works just reference the Oklahoma City Thunder and The Spurs also The Pacers and Warriors and Blazers they all built primarily through the NBA Draft.Will TWC pressure Jimmy Buss into signing veteran players to big contracts?Will TWC pull out of the long term deal with the struggling Lakers franchise?Will Jimmy Buss have enough time to build a team with draft picks by tanking 5 years straight?LA fan base is unrelenting and very impatient and desperate to win championships.

    Lakers need top scouts and top men with knowledge on drafting a championship team year by year with high draft i am sure Jerry West and Ronnie Lester would be perfect right about now but both are long gone with helping Pacific Division rivals draft better.

    Lakers must hire top scouts immefiately or else risk losing out on having a future that is bright.Chazz just won’t cut it this time around,hire legit scouts.We need a black board of names we can draft.Names Andrew Wiggins,Joel Embiid,Jabari Parker,Dante Exum,Julius Randle,Marcus Smart on the black board.

    • Chick Hern Jr.

      I agree…the future is in tanking the season but the way this team is playing, they really dont have to tank it. Just keep playing that D’antoni ball and it’s as good as tanked already. where’s Kwame Brown and Mike Brown when you need them…BUM PARADE at Staples..come and see the clowns

  • roseducanna

    LAKERS move out coach MDA and NASH, the rate will go up right away.

    • Chick Hern Jr.

      only if you put Byron Scott and Melo in those slots…lol

  • Jay Brodes

    no kobe no ratings..pretty easy!! fire dantoni!!!

  • wheelpusher

    Im a life time Laker fan, but I find it very hard to watch these guys play. Cant stand the lame ass coach we have. Must nights I turn it off, because I get frustrated.

    • Chick Hern Jr.

      same here…it’s like watching your best friend get beat up. almost feels Rocky Balboa’ish…we are getting our asses kicked and it’s time for that final round flurry. We might be bloody and staggering but champions will make championship moves at some point. Keep the Faith or hop on someone else’s bandwagon. Only the true deserve when it comes back to LAL like it always has and always will. History proves that no matter what commisioner Stern does to sabatage us.

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