Lakers News: Team Works Out Louisville Point Guard Peyton Siva

Lakers News: Team Works Out Louisville Point Guard Peyton Siva


The Lakers are working out former Louisville Cardinals point guard national champion Peyton Siva today at their practice facility.

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According to Mike Trudell, Siva is among a couple other players the Lakers are working out today.

Now given the Lakers draft position, the Lakers are looking at the second tier of talent in this years draft. However, that does not mean they cannot get any value with this pick.

peytonsivaAs Siva showed throughout his college career, he plays an aggressive style of defense and he is a quick, athletic point guard that can get to the rim on command which is something that the Lakers have not had in the Kobe Bryant era.

Now lets not get carried away and say that Siva will be the number two point guard next year for the Lakers if in fact they do decide to draft him. According to Draft Express Siva is projected to still be on the big board when the Lakers are supposed to make their pick.

He needs to improve his jump shot and obviously he is a little small for the position, but this is a guy that can bring a lot of life to the Lakers bench and can be a very serviceable guard during the Lakers youth movement that will take place after the 2013 season.

The Lakers are also working out Miami power forward Kenny Kadji, Syracuse guard Brandon Triche, USC center Dwayne Dedmon, Arkansas guard B.J. Young, and Wake Forest guard C.J. Harris.


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  • Willie D

    To Daryl Peek and Julius Castillo Jr.,

    Kobe does whatever the team needs to better their chances at winning a championship.
    Nash,Gary Payton,and Nick Van Exel(not sure on spelling)have not led any NBA team to a championship.You can hate on Kobe but he is a common denominator to a Laker championship So he will continue to do what he feels gives us the best chance to win.
    Nash had a disappointing season,not a decent one, and can’t lead any NBA team at this stage of his career.Nash can mentor a young player. We would be lucky if Nash could play 24 minutes per game.That is the only truth that might hurt.
    How can the truth hurt….. when your a living legend and will retire as one of the games greatest players ever?There’s nothing painful about that:)

    • hookedonnews

      It’s not hating on Kobe to recognize the truth. No one is diminishing his value or what he’s contributed in winning championships. But you can’t stick your head in the sand and ignore who this guy is. Nash had a disappointing season because he missed 30 games because of injury (and played injured in others) and for a number of other reasons having nothing to do with his skill set. Kobe is not going to let Nash run the team like he did in Phoenix. It’s not in his DNA to give up control of the ball. Nash played about 36 minutes a game in Phoenix his last season. He played similar minutes (maybe a minute or two less) this season when he was healthy. He led the Suns last season, led the league in total assists with a lousy team, and was an All-Star. He’s still a great player, but no one can play with a broken leg, etc. He’s not going to be able to put up the assist numbers in LA that he did in Phoenix because of Kobe and because the offense is often run through Gasol. If Nash can’t play at a high level he won’t play. You can bet on that.

  • honesly

    how about giving my boy DJO another chance. would want to see him in a laker uniform than goudelock

    • BlackDeity

      Andrew goudelock is the real deal man, I agree with DJO but goudelock proved that he can score and that he also expanded his game while he was in the D-League, I mean he was the mvp. He has a nice floater. He needs to be on this roster next year, the guy can flat out shoot. And lets not forget his performances on the biggest stage, the playoffs. Though they were losses, he dropped 20 and 14 point games against the Western Conference champion spurs. Not too bad.

  • They call me Pringles

    We need JR SMITH!

    • hookedonnews

      The word is that J.R. Smith has a cocaine problem. The Lakers couldn’t afford him anyway.