Lakers News: Team Willing To Trade Draft Pick, Gain 2nd First Rounder Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="140"] With the Lakers having only three players under contract for next season, the team will have a lot of decisions to make in the coming [new_royalslider id="140"] With the Lakers having only three players under contract for next season, the team will have a lot of decisions to make in the coming Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Team Willing To Trade Draft Pick, Gain 2nd First Rounder

With the Lakers having only three players under contract for next season, the team will have a lot of decisions to make in the coming weeks. The Lakers need to add productive players, but don’t have many ways to do so.

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Outside of their cap room, the Lakers biggest trade asset at this point is their first round pick which is guaranteed to be in the top-nine. According to the LA Daily News’ Mark Medina, Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak is not opposed to using that pick in a trade:

It should be expected that Kupchak would keep all of his options open. In a draft like this, teams could be willing to give up a lot to move up and take one of the top prospects. Also of note is that Kupchak would like to add a second pick in the first round.

The odds of that are a little more difficult as the Lakers have no other picks they could offer in order to obtain a second draft pick, but it does go along with Kupchak’s belief that the team needs to being in a number of players:

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The Lakers are a blank slate and the goal is to re-build as quickly as possible. With Kobe Bryant ready to return next season, the Lakers need to do everything possible to bring in a number of talented players. Moving their draft pick could be the best way to do so.
VIDEO: Mitch Kupchak Talks Kobe’s Influence On Coaching Search, And It Isn’t Much

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  • Desmond

    Nah Mitch was never specific on what he plans on doing to get the mid to late first round pick.Honesty Mitch will never say what he really will do and the man would be a stupid ass to trade a sure fire lottery pick in this draft for multiple later picks this is not the NFL where trading a quality top pick for multiple later picks is good in the NBA that is a death nail in the coffin of a franchise.Keep the lottery draft pick no matter what Lakers FO.Lets not mess this up,too much is at stake to screw up this.

    • Computer Networking

      That’s not necessarily true. There are more late first rounders and below that are making the biggest impacts on there teams than the early first rounders. That’s exactly like the nfl. Things will work out. There are a numerous amount of things that the Lakers could do with or without the pick to be honest.

  • vdogg

    if the pick is top 3, then keep it. if not, see what — and who — you can get for it.

  • 3339

    Only consider trading the pick if you aren’t guaranteed Embiid, Parker, Wiggins, or Exum.
    idk who he plans on tricking into giving up for a mid 1st round pick, especially with how good this draft is.

    • Computer Networking

      Teams are looking for cap space. They understand that free agency is going to be amazing for the next two years. In order to be in play for it, they are going to be willing to give up good players and lower draft picks for any of the top 10 picks to be honest.

  • sal

    This offseason we sign Monroe and Deng to lets say about $7M and $10-11M respectively. That’s $18M on those 2 new players. + $24M for kobe + $9M for Nash. That totals $51M plus some 1 year contracts to fill it in.
    (whoever plays PF)
    That is a very decent lineup that will improve drastically on D with Deng/Monroe. And if Kobe can still hit 20-24 we’ll be in good shape. Decent shot to make the playoffs. Say we get in at 6-8, challenge the 1 of the top seeds then it’s a first round bounce. All while our Rookie PG matures more. Now 2014-15 season is over. Nash is off the books so we have, Kobe $24M again on the final year of his 2 yr contract, we have Deng making $10M, Monroe making $7-8M and the rookie pick locked in. So projected salary hit for the 2015-16 season is so far $42M plus the draft pick. And some role players off the bench. Don’t forget you can break the $62M salary cap barrier if you get decent bench players and we would have the mid level exception.
    So $42M that lets us sign Love to a 4 year max deal. Our salary cap would just about break hitting the $60M range but very doable.
    Our lineup in 2015-16 can now be
    Rookie PG (Smart or Exum)
    Kobe (final year)
    Ahhh now that is a perfect balance of scoring with love and kobe and some D with Monroe and deng, all while our PG gets an extra year of experience under his belt. Say we get the 4-5 seed (hopefully Spurs have declined by now and were competing with Houston/LAC etc.) Very very likely we get to the 2nd round maybe conference finals with this line up. But we get bounced again.
    2015-16 season over.
    Now our payroll is looking like (Kobe is off the books)
    Smart or Exum – $5M
    Deng – $10M
    Love – $19-20M
    Monroe $7-8M
    That’s $43M locked in. Leaving enough to sign KD or Westbrook. Now I don’t think KD leaves OKC but westbrook reuniting with Love in LA seems possible. Westbrook would absolutely be entering his prime at this point with Love. Along with Deng possibly in the last year of his contract still playing D and solid scoring. Monroe becomes an even better defender and our 2014 draft pick has gelled to a current Kyrie Irving by now.
    Smart or Exum
    Absolutely ridiculous. Im not saying its going to happen but everything I spit out right now is not out of the question at all. Obviously key is getting a defensive minded head coach. Improve our D this year. Drafting a good PG, and being attractive for Love next year and it will all form itself.

    • KB24

      exum ,kobe,deng, zach randolph,pau gasol …. they should try n get omar asik , who is a decent centre .. can get 10rpp 1+blk

    • badfuthamucka

      The Bulls got better after trading away Deng, while the Cavs got worse after trading for him. You must be smoking crack if you think he is worth 10+mil per year.

      • Chuck Basketball

        Thank you! I’m glad someone else on this site realizes that Deng is way overrated. I only hope the f.o. does too before they blow 10mil a year on a declining player.

        • lakers#1

          Deng is ok, but I’d take Trevor Ariza in a heartbeat if I had to choose between the 2 small fowards. Ariza will be a free agent this summer. He’s way underrated and he’s from LA!

          • Computer Networking

            I agree with that. If the Lakers can get ariza back, that would be great.

          • Anthony Ukpe

            Ariza has a player option of $7 mill doubt he leave that and he’s happy in Washington D.C.

    • IRG

      Dude your so wrong here.

      • sal


    • Computer Networking

      Here are two ways to go about this. Kobe wants to compete, the fans want to compete for the future, and the fo wants cap space for 15/16 seasons.

      1. Lakers have 28 million to spend after the cap went up 6 million a couple of weeks ago. Houston wants to go after anthony. In order to do it, they need to get lin and asik off the books. So, trade nash and a second round pick to Houston for lin and asik and their 1st rounder. They will go for it because it would mean that they would be in play to sign carmelo for 20 million or more if needed. The Lakers would get the 9 million from nash plus the trade exception back. This gives the Lakers 11.5 million to work with plus they still have the top ten pick and a late first rounder. On top of that, lin and asik contract is only for one year. The Lakers could use them as trade assets later if they needed plus they will have over 30 million for next season. Next move, resign young, bazemore, johnson and kelly. You already have sacre and marshall. Last, resign gasol.


      2. Sign and trade gasol for chandler and felton. Get monroe from detroit. Use the first rounder for a sf or a sg. Sign the same bench.


      I like the first option better, but either way, everyone gets what they want. The major downfall of the lakers is that they have no trade assets. Either option would give the Lakers trade options. They will need them if it comes down to upgrading the roster by the trade deadline. For example, love and/or irving.

      • comrade24

        why in the world would we want any part in helping Houston acquire Carmelo Anthony? Even if it benefited us slightly, it would further catipult the Rockets into the Western Conference elite. I’d like to have Asik, but it’s not worth it to get an okay player while at the same time giving Houston a huge boost.

        • Computer Networking

          Do you really think that carmelo is going to go to houston? He is either going to the bulls or staying with the knicks. Carmelo is only going to a big market team. We aren’t helping them. We are finding a solution for the lakers

  • Andre

    The Lakers better not buy a draft pick in this draft or any draft because that is not the Lakers way.We don’t mess with buying draft picks and we never will buy draft picks.The only pick i ever remember the Lakers buying was Darius Johnson-Odom from Dallas Mavericks a couple years back.

    The Lakers are known for selling draft picks that are usually in the late round or sometimes in the second round but when we get a lottery pick we keep and never sell a lottery pick or never trade our lottery picks again it’s the Lakers way.It’s always been this way we never buy any draft picks in round one.Only once we bought a pick that was Darius Johnson-Odom.This article by Mark Medina is just a interview nothing specific on trading our pick or buying a pick purely Mitch was just covering all our options with out a doubt.

  • KobeLakersFan

    trade for Kyrie Irving.. a player that Lakers team can build their team around but at the same time best for helping Kobe in getting his 6th..
    proven to be one of the elite point guard and future superstar in point guard era
    of the nba

  • JohnSmith00

    This is how I see it if there the Lakers land the 1st they should ONLY consider it if a monster of all deals comes along, something like that supposed pistons-magic deal. I want to see a team offering they’re they’re whole roster, or a three way trade that somehow lands the Lakers two all-stars specifically those named Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving.

    Though that might sound absurd and no team should consider doing it, it also hold true for giving up the 1st pick. If the Lakers are lucky enough to land the top pick there isn’t a single reason why they should give it up for anything less than that. Regardless of what pick turns out to be star or bust, because if he’s a star then you’ve got you’re franchise player, if he’s a bust and the Lakers use their cap wisely they still have room to potentially add the aforementioned players in the future.

    If it’s the 2nd pick I say they should only do it if it’s a star plus pseudo stars and assets, for example: Kevin Love, Ricky Rubio etc or Kyrie Irving, Dion Waiters etc. If it’s the 3rd only for Love if Wiggins or Parker are gone others wise they should keep it. Anything between 6-9 they can do as they please with though I seriously doubt they’ll get any real value in return so it would be better if they just keep it.

  • Zimmeredge

    if we have just one opportunity to land Love this summer via trading the draft pick + keeping Gasol at home then MK will do that.
    imho we should keep the pick at ANY cost. no matter who’s used as a trade bait. Pass on Kyrie and Love they will be both available next summer. It’s unlikely that we will take another ballhogger type of player at either guard position to play alongside kobe except a draft pick.

  • EmperorKing

    dont trade the pick..keep the pick..

  • TheTruthKills

    Gotta keep it if it’s top 4

    • JohnSmith00

      They can only land in the top 3 or 6-9.

      • Rayush

        Why not 4,5?

        • JohnSmith00

          That’s just how the lottery system works.

  • kookiebuger

    I’m pretty sure he means if the Lakers get a top 3 pick (#1 to be more specific) he will be willing to trade down if a team makes a great offer (76ers offer their pick top 5 (guaranteed) ,their other lottery pick (10th) and maybe a 1st round future pick (2015) if they want Wiggins that badly).

    • michael

      That would be a dream scenario, but if we get the first rounder we could package it with a sign and trade of Gasol / Henry or whoever they want.
      Philadelphia has a lot of second rounders (I think 5). We would have 2 early first rounders and can fill our roster with defensives minded second rounders.
      We could pick parker and gordon. Coupled with love and a strong center that would be dangerous combination.

      As for point guard, we would have a lot of cap to land one in free Agency.

      • kookiebuger

        Gasol and Henry are both free agents so they can’t trade him, the Lakers need talented players not 2nd round projects (they might be able to turn some of those picks into late 1st round picks in 2015), and getting Parker and Gordon (he will struggle in the NBA) seems unlikely but anything can happen.

  • IRG

    Lakers obviously want to trade for Kevin Love , see that they want to trade that first 1 to intrigue the Wolves to trade for Love. And also grab scott as coach with Irving coming to the Lakers They have plenty of space to sign both players and sign veteren players keeping Farmar , meeks , young , hill , may let gasol go. But it’s still in impressive team.

    • kookiebuger

      They team being open minded to trade their pick doesn’t mean they will trade it for Love, it can mean they might want to trade down and try to get a few picks out of it as well.

      • Guest

        Honestly I’m tired of seeing the Lakers struggle the last 4 hours. They need to get new star power , dwight howard was a total fail , they need a coach that will get them on top of there game. the fans have been loyal , we need to keep supporting and hope they grab Love and more star power to help kobe win more rings and bring parades back to LA.

      • IRG

        Honestly I’m tired of seeing the Lakers struggle the last 4 years. They need to get new star power , dwight howard was a total fail , they need a coach that will get them on top of there game. the fans have been loyal , we need to keep supporting and hope they grab Love and more star power to help kobe win more rings and bring parades back to LA.

        • kookiebuger

          More star power doesn’t equal championship look at last years team, the Nets, the 2003-2004 Lakers,etc. You need players who complement both Kobe and the team not just sign/trade for a bunch of ball dominant players who don’t play defense (Irving,Melo,Love) and hope for the best. To be honest it will probably be another 3-5 years before the Lakers are contenders, until then just be patient and wish for the best ( Lakers get #1 draft pick, Celtics 2,Bucks 3, 76ers 4, Magic 5, 76ers trade their 4th pick, their 10th pick, and maybe a 2015 1st round pick to the Lakers which gives the team plenty of moves to rebuild or trade for a star, I prefer rebuilding).

  • Kliffrichard

    i would like the day of draft day atlanta hawks trade assistant coach quin snyder for one draft pick to become next head coach LA Lakers next season

  • ra

    Anything goes, really. It’s not like the next LeBron is waiting to be drafted. Or, someone ‘like’ LeBron is available for free agency.

    So, anything is just a building block for the future.

  • Curtis Smith

    the bulls have 2 first round picks and are trying to trade boozers contract to make a run at melo. if the lakers arent gonna spend the cap space this offseason and wait until next yr to make a run at kevin love i’d look in a deal with the bulls

  • MFM

    Figure if it is top three the Lakers will keep it. beyond that if they can trade down in the first round and pick up a second round pick maybe they should listen. It is a deep draft and the Lakers need as many players as they can get. Then go get as many mid-level free agents as they can afford and hire a coach that doesn’t have to look in a dictionary to know what defense means. But even with the perfect off-season the target year is still 2015 when Love is a free agent.

  • SD

    Some of you don’t understand value in picks. After 1-5….the value from 6-12 is not great. If the Lakers pick at 6, it’d be picking a player who doesn’t fit the value of a 6 pick. Trading down for 2 picks in this draft that has value from 13/14 on…is SMART. Why draft Gordon at 6?…when you could get both Lavine/Napier….or James Young/Adreian Payne….

    That’s much greater value than just getting 1 guy at 6 who may not be better than the guys later in that round.

  • borsalino12

    If the Lakers win one of the top 3 seeds, then we keep the pic, but if they go down to 6-th, 7-th or 8-th, then here is what I am going to do.
    The Suns have 3 first round pics and 1 second round.We can draft with our lottery pic M.Smart or Arizona’s Aaron Gordon and trade him along with R.Sacre to Phoenix for Eric Bledsoe and their late 1-st round pic # 27, which may be Michigan State’s SF Glen Robinson III. That is fair trade for both teams. The Suns will get a lottery pic, which they may choose to be the local guy, A.Gordon and reserve center, who they may later cut off the roster, since he has a TO.
    The Lakers will get one of the best PG’s in the league, who can be our starter for a decade or more, plus very promising talent like Glen Robinson’s son, who can feel our void at 3 as well.
    P.S. Phoenix Suns will have pics # 14, # 18, # 27 and # 50.Instead of matching something like $ 10 – $ 12 mil per for Bledsoe, they can get a younger substitute at his position for just $ 2.5 – $ 2.8 mil. and move Goran Dragic to 2.
    The Lakers can also arrange a trade with Atlanta to get with their pic # 15 Lousiana/Lafayetts PG – Elfrid Payton as a reserve for Bledsoe. Then trade out St.Nash and let K.Marshall go back to the Bakersfield Gems from the D-League.

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