Lakers News: Team Waives Darius Johnson-Odom

Lakers News: Team Waives Darius Johnson-Odom


djoThe moves keep coming for the Lakers. After it was announced that they lost their three best big men on Sunday night, it was announced on Monday that they have released rookie Darius Johnson-Odom.

Johnson-Odom, who was the 55th overall pick in the 2012 NBA Draft, was acquired by the Lakers from the Dallas Mavericks on the night of the draft. He only appeared in four games for the Lakers this season, where he totaled four rebounds and one assist in six minutes of game time.

The move is most likely a precursor to bigger moves from a struggling team. Although his contract would have been guaranteed had he lasted until Tuesday, so it could just be a small money saving opportunity for the team.

Regardless, it looks very much like the Lakers are clearing roster space for either a free agent signing or a potential trade.

At least things are always interesting in Los Angeles.


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  • The Problem Solver

    Cut the crap. Renegotiate Kobe’s deal DOWN to get us another $10-12 million that we can spend. In return, maybe Jeanie Buss can “Rent” his Malibu vacation home for $10 million. win-win. We need the space to add 2 youths…

    • clarity

      You cant renegotiate NBA Contracts. It is not allowed in the CBA.

    • ARealisticLALfan

      You idiot, you can’t do that per rules of the new CBA.

  • Andrew

    The Los Angeles Lakers have failed as an organization. From top to bottom. The hiring of D’Antoni over Phil Jackson. And the players for thier lack of effort and defensive production.

    Didn’t resign Shannon Brown, traded Lamar Odom for nothing, released Gerald Green (Athletic player). They sign older slower players and then say they need to get more Athletic.

    Our Guards Suck (Nash not included)

    This is just an utter disaster.

    Extremely disapponted Life long Lake Fan

    • meep

      meek and brown even out. brown only doing well , because he on a team were he can score. with the lakers he stats would be so different but i do agree about everything else

      • Andrew

        Brown was a perfect 2/3 backup for Kobe and Meta. He got good minutes and was able to play free with out Kobe on the floor. I thought Mitch blew it when he let Gerald Green go. He had the athleticism the Lakers are lacking. And Guard play has been horrific. Should have signed Aaron Brooks when he was available.

        And D’Antoni is killing me with his substitution pattern. Its Rediculous.

        • meep

          the thing green thing, cant be to mad about that, he not the best player. he has athleticism but that it, he such a streaky shooter. and i agree we should of got brooks when we had the chance.