Lakers News: Team To Interview Clippers Assistant Alvin Gentry Wednesday

Lakers News: Team To Interview Clippers Assistant Alvin Gentry Wednesday


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Add another name to the Lakers coaching list as the team will interview Los Angeles Clippers assistant coach Alvin Gentry on Wednesday according to the LA Times:

After talking with Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak by phone last Friday, Gentry has an interview with Kupchak and vice president Jim Buss on Wednesday to talk about replacing Mike D’Antoni, according to several NBA executives who were not authorized to speak publicly on the matter

This is the first time Gentry’s name has come up in the Lakers head coaching search, but he is an interesting candidate. He fits a big Lakers qualification of experience, and he is known as one of the best offensive minds in basketball.

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Under his guidance, as the team’s offensive coach, the Los Angeles Clippers led the league in scoring while ranking third in field goal percentage, and second in assists.

Gentry also has experience in Los Angeles, serving as the team’s head coach from 2000-2003 before becoming the team’s assistant this past season, coincidentally spurning the Lakers in the process.

Gentry’s most recent head coaching job was with the Phoenix Suns where he lead the team to the 2010 Western Conference Finals, falling to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Gentry will join Mike Dunleavy, Byron Scott, and Lionel Hollins as coaches who have either interviewed or are expected to interview. Former point guard Derek Fisher has also been linked to the job. So far, the Lakers seem to be sticking to their claim of wanting an experienced coach. Every person outside of Fisher has at least five years of head coaching experience.
Top Lakers Head Coaching Candidates

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  • Pablo Martin

    noo!! ,We need Defense! Hire Hollins

    • Ryan

      Hire Lionel Hollins!Hell no to stupid Gentry!!!!!I hate Mr.Puke stupid Gentry!

    • Frank

      Dumb Alvin Chipmunk teaches NO DEFENSE and all he is a big douche bag retard worse than Mike Dumbtoni.All Alvin is really a Mike Dumbtoni wannabe.Check his record 2 winning seasons in 12 seasons coaching that means 85% of the time he is having losing seasons as a head coach.The guy Alvin is total garbage and he is a terrible coach god awful worst ever.

  • Cuco

    Last time Lakers hired a coach who had an Offensive minded Plan AND past w Nash…kinda didnt work out well. Imo, Hollins and Scott should be only two real candidates of those who have interviewed at this point. Still would love for the team to bring in Mark Jackson at some point for at least an interview to gauge his interest.

  • Milt

    The Lakers just confirmed they are in a full tank rebuild that won’t end,iceberg is upon the Lakers the ship is sinking under this awful management.

    Fudge cake didn’t they freaking see the system the last coach didn’t work at all.The Lakers are not going to improve with Alvin Gentry they are only going to get worse and more hopeless.The Lakers management is ready to hit a huge iceberg and then Jimmy Short Buss will be forced to step down from his position finally.Mitch is not possibly this stupid now is he?The iceberg is in the Lakers future until they smarten up the Lakers ship will keep hitting iceberg after iceberg.Stop the BS.

    This is the worst possible news for any Lakers fan expecting to see team improvement.Alvin Gentry got fired from the Phoenix Suns midseason for good reason he sucks balls.Jeff Hornacek took over a worse roster than the dumbass Gentry had and he almost led the Suns to the playoffs with 48 wins.NO HELL NO TO LOSER GENTRY.

  • Mike


  • Doug

    Hell no!Pass on this scumbag loser!No way in hell should he even be interviewed.

  • Henry

    Alvin Gentry has had 1 winning season in 12 years of coaching in the NBA.Then he had a 29-21 season in the lockout season.Other than that he has had 10 losing seasons and only made the playoffs twice in his whole career.Only 1 playoff appearance with the Suns.He is one of the worst head coaches in the NBA ever.This would be the worst hire ever by the Lakers FO.Hiring Mike Dumbleavy sounds great right now.Byron Scott please.Lionel Hollins line 1 please.

  • comrade24

    No no no no! Hire B. Scott or Hollins!!!!!!

  • purp& goldpride

    Ummm no.thanks…stay your a$$ with clippers alvin. The Lakers need to stop trying to re-create something that never won anything significant. The furthest that Phoenix team went was the WCF…and the current clips are almost a mirror image of that mid 2000s Phoenix suns team. Just stop. Dunleavy and gentry shouldn’t get a 2nd interview.

  • purp& goldpride

    Jim buss & mitch are dead set on making the wrong hire. We’ll be looking for your resignation soon jimmy…3-4 years. This fanbase has no belief in you

  • Mr.6160

    Hollins or Thibs.. others suck and Scott does not fit sorry

    • lkrpwr

      Thibs is the only worth while candidate. All the other are just a bunch of recycled coaching failures…rather see a new unproven face…what about Sam Cassell

      • vdogg

        these are the lakers, man. no first timers here.. that’s not the way things work.

        • Josh

          The Lakers have had plenty of coaches with no prior experience. Several got to the Finals (or even won titles) in their first year. Just because Phil had championship experience before the Lakers doesn’t mean every coach has to or that it is even a reasonable expectation.

      • Mr.6160

        Cassell needs more seasoning as an assistant.same goes to Dfish and the others

  • Calvin

    Alvin The Loser Gentry nah man stay you’re ass away from the Lakers.Stay with DOC and Clippers dumb fool.We better not hire this loser not even a .500 coach.

  • vdogg

    nothing more than a recycled substitute teacher.


  • RUDY T.

    At least hire a good retread like Lionel Hollins.Loser Gentry is a butthole jerk.NO!

  • Pedro


  • lakers season ticket holder

    I am a season ticket holder if the Lakers hire trashy Gentry i will never renew.

  • Ozzie

    Alvin Gentry you’re services are no longer required!

  • Darwin

    Please god no.Stop hiring stupid loser retreads.What Lakers want to keep tanking?

  • Luther

    What are the odds the clown Alvin Gentry was a loser in Miami,Detroit,Clippers,Phoenix as head coach he stinks,he is a big joke fucking hate this news and it will piss off everyone Kobe included and all the world will say anything to weaken a opponent so of course coaches are talking up Clown Man Gentry and that’s so some stupid team hires him as head coach so he can keep on doing what he does best and that is losing.He is a career loser a lost cause.
    Steer Clear of Alvin Gentry!The Lakers fan base already hates him.

  • $20509373

    So they went out and interviewed D’Antoni 2.0. Why haven’t they talked to Ettore Messina yet?

  • Devon Samuels²⁴

    on to the next interview its a major pass on him! Scott or Hollins are the only top choices!

  • roseducanna

    Please no GENTRY.He is worst than BROWN and DUMDASSTONI.

  • Matt Williams

    Bad idea! He’s a D’Antoni guy. No! No! No!

  • They call me Pringles

    Alvin Gentry is a carbon copy of D’antoni.

  • Evan

    This is just an interview. I definitely have no front office experience, but if I did, I’d be bringing in quite a few guys. Some of them just to get a feel for what they bring to the table, if nothing more.

    Just because they bring a guy in for a FIRST interview does not mean they’re even close to offering him the job. It’s just an interview. Just something to gauge a candidate. Nothing more, from what I can tell.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    I can’t understand how a team that went 27-55 and the everyone knows that Kobe and Pau didn’t want to play for Mike D’Antoni then tou go out and interview a lifetime loser and a idiot Alvin Gentry a student of Mike D’Antoni the guy that was just run out of town by the Lakers fan base???

    Oh by the way Alvin Gentry has missed the playoffs 10 times as a head coach and he only has been in the playoffs twice as a head coach.10 out of 12 seasons of anguish and misery as a head coach for lifetime loser Mr. No Defense himself the idiot Alvin Gentry.He has a career winning percentage in the 40% range and he missed the playoffs every season except 1 season he made the playoffs then he got fired during the season.

    Yeah this is some delusional coach trying to get a job as a head coach.The thing is just giving a interview is bad luck and bad for the franchise,it shows major weakness to stoop this low for a head coach.Anyone is better than Alvin even Messina or Dunleavy are way better than this stooge.Honestly Lionel Hollins and Byron Scott are much better candidates to be hired than any other coach mentioned lately.Lakers FO can’t afford to make a humongous mistake by hiring Alvin Gentry or any other awful head coach.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Alvin Gentry is a coach that will promise a team lottery balls.He is trash and sucks.

  • Olajide Paris


  • Dirty

    Byron Scott or Michael Cooper

  • daniel

    the problem is that with now a days communication everybody knows what is going on, so perceptions is also a big factor. Well, the perception that Mitch and Jim are giving is that they do not know which way to go, that they are clueless, and for an organization as the Lakers that has many, many things to offer, at least in the long run, is sad.
    Is it necessary to interview coaches that would have no respect from the Players, fans and the city itself? I guess Jim does not realized that not everybody is able and capable of dealing with the local media, the demanding fan base, and what all those things bring as a consequence.
    People and companies pay big money to see the best and they are used to see the best, so, why bring an average coach that also has not relation to the organization.
    It looks to me that, first requirement obviously is to have a better than a good coach, then to have someone that understand the rebuilding process that the Lakers and going through and he should be good at developing players, and the third leg of all this, is that he has to be a Lakers. Phil Jackson was not a Lakers but his pedigree speaks by itself, so he did not need to be a Lakers. I now think we need a true Lakers, at least that will give him some extra credit and time with everybody.
    My Vote to Byron Scott.

  • Maurice

    The Lakers need to hire a coach that teaches defense and has the respect of the players and fans also a coach that can handle the media circus in Los Angeles a coach that is a disciplinarian and a coach that will discipline the players.That coach is Lionel Hollins a well respected head coach that is a winner.No way in hell is retarded Alvin Gentry worth interviewing or hiring,is this some big sick joke or something?

  • Lakers4Life

    Can’t believe the FO is even considering an offensive minded coach like Gentry after the massive failure we had with Dumbtoni.

  • AZ

    fuck that. How can the Front office consider this

  • uh

    you guys are all crying like they hired him. it’s just an interview, in the beginning of the interview process. just like they’re gonna interview everyone else they’re looking at.

  • Sylvia Ross

    Byron Scott, PLEASEEEEEEEE!!