Lakers News: Team To Give NBA-High $49 Million In Revenue Sharing

Lakers News: Team To Give NBA-High $49 Million In Revenue Sharing


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The Los Angeles Lakers play in one of the biggest markets in the NBA. While this distinction helps the Lakers with their bottom line, the league’s revenue-sharing system requires these large-market teams to give up sizable chunks of their earnings.

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Once everything is taken into account, the Lakers are projected to make $100.1 million this season, by far the largest profit in the NBA. The Chicago Bulls and Houston Rockets are the closest, projecting to make $61 and $40.7 million respectively.

The Lakers large profit is even more impressive considering that they are also set to contribute the most to the revenue-sharing program according to Grantland’s Zach Lowe:

Holy cow, the Lakers! They end up with that huge profit despite contributing a league-high $49 million to revenue sharing […] A few teams, including the Lakers and Knicks, play in markets so large they are disqualified from ever receiving revenue-sharing payouts.

The NBA’s revenue-sharing plan was set up in order to help out the smaller market teams of the league. Teams such as the Milwaukee Bucks, Memphis Grizzlies, and New Orleans Pelicans are the teams which benefit most of the revenue-sharing plan.

The revenue-sharing payouts and contributions are tied to several different variables such as market size and profitability. With the Lakers going through one of their worst seasons ever, it is impressive that they still make this much money.

One can only imagine what the profit will look like if the team gets back to championship level, which they intend to do as soon as possible.
Lakers Mitch Kupchak On Coach Search And Free Agency

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    and what do we have to show for it? 7 worst team last year smh

    • LakerHeatBeef

      The NBA is a tool of BSPN losers with a hate targeted towards the Lakers and it’s obvious.SMH

      • Kupcake

        With Dumbchak & JimBust in charge, what’s there not to hate about the Lakers (NBA’s laughing stock)?

    • Dragon

      It took years for them to build up to that and just because they have a bad 2 or 3 years every now and then doesn’t mean they aren’t the greatest still. Plus they can’t be always be winning all the time it won’t be competition it just be a one team show in the nba.

      • markjsunz

        Prior to the decline of the Lakers there was no salary cap. The GM had double the size of the checkbook over the other teams. Plus Dr. Buss passed away last year.
        Now there is a salary cap and it is not fair to compare the Buss children to there father.
        Jerry Buss belongs in the Basketball hall of fame.

    • kookiebuger

      *6th worst team.

      • Badazztj12

        yup because the cavs moved up and it push us back one

    • Kobe Gagnon

      Julius Randle.

    • LakersHeatBeef

      Adrian Wojnarowski @WojYahooNBA · 4m
      Jodie Meeks has agreed to a three-year, $19 million-plus contract with the Detroit Pistons, league sources tell Yahoo Sports.

      • Max K

        Mike D’Antoni is my hero.

    • markjsunz

      We meaning the Buss family and other owners who have a piece of the Lakers?

  • Guest

    Can this money be used in FA lol but by the way do any of you guys think we should take a chance on Danny Granger? He can still play defense and he was starting to look like his old self at season end of Clippers

    • Dtibwetgh

      Keep dreaming dude, Granger a 31 year old washed up cripple with a set of bad knees that will continue to deteriorate. #TypicalMyopicLakerFan. >:)

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Just a shame the NBA is using the Lakers as a meal ticket yet they find a way to screw the Lakers every chance they get.All the opposing GM’s and owners are Lakers Haters and every NBA market trains their fan base to hate the Lakers to despise the Lakers they train the fans and the fans are sheep and follow the sheepherder being the NBA Teams marketing strategy.Thank you BSPN for the hate and disrespect.GO LAKERS GO FTW!!!!!!!

    • Wayne Griffin Jr.

      The Lakers aren’t the NBA…they are my team but one of 30 in the league. In business there are always strengths and weaknesses but business is synergistic and the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts. Business 101. I’m glad most people in here don’t run the NBA!

    • CCX

      You said it right bro, Lakers are the NBA’s meal ticket yet the one franchise that all others conspire against. I know longtime Laker fans will remember going back to Showtime how hard it’s has been to make certain deals or acquire certain players. The rare instance when they find a trading partner on bigger deals everyone cries foul like when Pau was acquired. But when it was in the power of the owners to veto a move they did just that like when Gilbert the clown stomped and hissy fitted his way to Darth Stern vetoing CP3 – and he was one of the most vocal owners pressing for revenue sharing too.

      As far as other fanbase’s hating the Lakers it’s always been that way, will always be. They hate us ‘cuz they ain’t us! Routinely the best attended road team, slipped a little of late for obvious reasons but by far the largest number of fans, not even close.

      It’s business as usual, the Lakers have always played with a deck stacked against them but it hasn’t kept the best franchise in sports from getting to the top as often as they have in the modern NBA era, it’ll make the next banners they hang at Staples all the more sweeter!

      • silksoul

        Couldn’t agree more. We couldn’t do the CP3 trade, yet Miami pulls off the unbelievable with Lebron, Bosh and Wade. No way would The Lakers would have been able to pull that off without backlash from crybaby bitch owners vetoing.

    • aussiejazzfan

      Ummm if it wasn’t for the nba and other teams there wouldn’t be a lakers, it’s really that simple mate.

  • Jim Buss

    SMH! Teams like Brooklyn decides to have a team payroll way over the cap. Their owner is a Russian billionaire who is times richer than the Buss family and the Lakers partly have to pay for their misfortunes this year?!

  • Mitch

    John Canzano @johncanzanobft ·
    Chris Bosh’s 5-year deal with Miami expected to start at $11 million in year 1. Dwyane Wade will sign four years, $12 million in year 1

    Yet we can’t restructure the Nash and Kobe deals.This is unfair and collusion.

    • Badazztj12

      They looking for another championship. Watch Lebron get his max deal

      • Mitch

        Yes they might get 2 or 3 more championships with under the table deals like this.Good time to be a Heat fan i guess the NBA office doesn’t mind it.They make it look perfectly legal but very shady.

        • Josh

          There’s nothing under-the-table or unethical about it if those guys are willing to sign those contracts. The Heat couldn’t restructure those deals either if the players didn’t choose to terminate their contracts.

    • Spitfire

      Geez! Do you even have a clue on the NBA’s CBA?! I guess not.
      It’s called CbA where you cannot do restructure on contracts.

  • Badazztj12

    Hey you guys think we should take a chance on Danny Granger? He can still play defense and he was starting to look like his old self at season end of Clippers

    • Mitch

      Yes why not?Ugh we got nothing to lose.

      • Badazztj12

        He has a good 3 point jumper and can step in for the Mid range shot

        • Ray-Marcus

          He can still ball but he is over 30

  • wangkon936

    So, wait a minute. You’re telling me the richer teams have to pay into a pool that essentially pays for the poor teams despite their effing mismanagement and sh*tty market? WTF?

    It’s like…. like…. Communism!!!

    • Steffan Bryant

      That’s what they’re telling you!

  • Waylon

    I have 100% faith in Jim Buss come on pull The Lakers out of this hole they are in.

  • Kobe Gagnon

    If you guys are confused still let me clear it up. The lakers make way, way, way, way, way more money than any other team. Now who the HELL is crying right now

  • Wytols

    To bad Meeks is gone,went to the Detroit Piston- a 3 year deal with 19 million $.

  • Spade

    Dr. Buss was against revenue sharing because he knew this would happen. Other teams profiting off of the Lakers brand.

  • David

    Does this include the TV deal with TWC? If so eventually every team in the league will an exclusive TV right with their local cable companies.

    • Steffan Bryant

      Yes it does and no they won’t at least not even comparable to LA’s!

  • J Lee

    NBA still take profit sharing from the Lakers, after veto Chris Paul trade to send the Lakers to hell for basketball’s reason?? And Dan Gilbert still get the first draft pick, how much profit sharing will Cleveland give to the NBA? I would like to know.SMH.

  • Johnny

    If the commissioner wasn’t such a dick, the Lakers would be contending next year.

  • Rav

    Lakers Should exempt from luxury tax penalties

  • silksoul

    Actually Jim Bust got us Bynum, but I get your point. It’s not Kupchak its Captain Crackhead Jim Buss and his desire to prove something that he isn’t. Mitch is just Jims fall guy. Case and point, Mitch saying Kobe won’t have a voice in the hiring of the coach. Mitch would never say some sh*t like that, that has Jim written all over it. JIm was forced to call Phil and disrespect the decision process, why? Because of Jim, so the Mitch hate needs to stop.