Lakers News: Team Reportedly Interested In Free Agent Elton Brand Reviewed by Momizat on . With Dwight Howard out of the picture in the Laker rotation, it's time for the Lakers to initiate their secondary plans. There is a glaring need for an addition With Dwight Howard out of the picture in the Laker rotation, it's time for the Lakers to initiate their secondary plans. There is a glaring need for an addition Rating:
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Lakers News: Team Reportedly Interested In Free Agent Elton Brand

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With Dwight Howard out of the picture in the Laker rotation, it’s time for the Lakers to initiate their secondary plans. There is a glaring need for an additional big man, and with limited options available, it seems that the Lakers are very cautious and concerned with filling that void as soon as possible so that they have an opportunity to remain competitive in the NBA.

According to Ramona Shelburne of ESPN LA, the Lakers have gained interest in the free agent big man Elton Brand.

The 14-year veteran played last season with the Dallas Mavericks, averaging seven points and six rebounds in a reserve role off the bench.

Brand could be very useful to the Lakers. The additional big man depth would aid the loss of Dwight as he takes his talents to Houston in pursuit of an NBA championship. 

While Brand may not seem like the most attractive option, if he fits the financial range of the Lakers he could be a very useful pickup.


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  • LAL

    i think its best if we trade gasol,hill for gortat and okafor(scola for nene)
    LAL will get okafor,mortat for gasol and hill
    PHX will get nene and hill for scola and gortat
    WDC will get gasol scola for okafor nene
    trade blake or nash for andre miller
    waive nash or blake amnesty MWP
    PG:miller,dj augustin,ivey(10)

    • jhernandez1981

      meta aint going no where, better factor in that pay check

      • borsalino12

        Aint going? Meta will be amnestied in the next week. July 17 is the last day, we can delete a player and Ron Artest is the only candidate, since we can not move Steve Nash.His days as a Lakers are over dude. You better factor in that.

    • Jim213

      Just close to 11 million over possible cap which tax is matched dollar for dollar… still presentation good… Hopefully MANAGEMENT knows how to read and comes up with some useful stuff..

    • Janice S. Roberts

      like Amber answered I am dazzled that anybody can make $9219 in 1 month on the internet. did you see this page w­w­w.K­E­P­2.c­o­m

    • Jokobe

      Lol..look we got a fantasy trade expert here how cute.

    • lorenzo

      im glad ur not mitch kupchak. okafor??

      • lorenzo

        gasol for okafor is absurd

    • BasketballFan

      Oh my God, this is really stupid to say the least.. but worth a good laugh! thanks!

  • http://www.facebook.com/eddie.lazaro123 Eddie Lazaro

    Elton Brand was a Beast @power forward in his early years, but injury put him on a downward spiral and was not able to recover his form, putting him as a back-up center just worsen his status where he played uncomfortably lost. He can/will be a great (12-15pts/5-8reb/gm) addition to the Lakers for this season since there’s not much left big man with substance in the free agency. Hope we can get him FOR THIS SEASON to get to the playoffs… Next season will be a totally different scenario.

  • ra

    Don’t forget. EB’s injury was a ‘torn achilles tendon’. It kept him out of NBA for a while (playing time, and playing efficiently if at all). So, do we want 2 ‘achilles’ victims on the team? Heck we should get Chauncey Billiups too.

  • knezpedja

    What about picking up Bill Russell, Charles Barkley and maybe Kareem?

  • quickster007

    He gives Howard fits, that’s what we need if he is expensive we can always go with Lamar.Odom.

  • Ahmadi Nejad

    No more old slow guys Kup. Seriously???

  • TheTruthKills

    We need to tank next season. And maintain our great cap situation for next summer. The only move we need to make is to dump Nash before then.

    • borsalino12

      Very true.
      M.Kupchak has to work a trade with Toronto (Nash’s hometown) for future draft pic and cash consideration. We have to go into the summer of 2014 with zero ( 0 ) team salary, so we can get 3-4 good promising young players and add two first round pics in that draft.

    • Thomas Klein

      Why, he’s the ONLY player on the roster past this year, and then only for one year and 9 mill. That ONLY leaves us with 61 million in cap space, enough to sign ANY free agents we want, plus our first round pick, and two second round picks.

      • TheTruthKills

        He’s an old liability on retirement’s doorstep.

  • Sam W.

    Why do the Lakers keep showing interest in ageing players? Elton Brand is a good big man, but we have to get ready for when Kobe is gone and have to rebuild the franchise. Come on, Mitch.

    • http://www.facebook.com/eddie.lazaro123 Eddie Lazaro

      No money to spend on younger competitive players (nothing available) right now. Brand, Odom, Kaman, Chi Chi are the only (positive) ones that are available (for mid level) to make an impact to the roster for a year or 2 until we have enough space to go after Young stars and rebuild the franchise to. Kobe will renew his contract for less ($12-15m) as a Point Guard for 2-3 more years in which I think will be good in helping the rebuilding process. Kobe still fill the seat at Staples and all throughout the NBA whenever he plays, so that’s a plus.

  • Eek

    We need Bynum and monte Ellis before its to late both free agents or trade for Nash for illard from Portland he said in a interview that he would love to play for the lakers and we need players like that

  • Eek

    Ellis lillard bynum brand Odom vujacic and that’s all lakers need

  • borsalino12

    Elton Brand is the one of 3 FA, we have to go for.He can play for us for the veteran’s minimum.Solid offensive and defensive player with experience.

    J J Mullens is the other one, who we can get with our mini mid-level exception.

    This guy is a raising star and he can blossom alongside Gasol and K.Bryant.

    And the third one is Dorell Wright, who we can get with the veteran exception of $ 1.3 mil. He can fill the void at small forward, after we amnesty M W P.

    All 3 of them are within our range of the exceptions we have and are available.

    Martell Webster was another very good option for us, but he choose to stay with the Wizards for $ 22.0 million over 4 years.

    Phil Jackson and M.Kupchak have to work really hard this days and make sure, they will get the best available free agents for us.

  • lux

    Dwight coward f@#K him

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