Lakers News: Team Reaches Agreement With Jordan Farmar Reviewed by Momizat on . http://youtu.be/gqc53mVqGOE The pieces are beginning to fall into place for the Lakers, at least it would seem so on paper. After signing Chris Kaman to their m http://youtu.be/gqc53mVqGOE The pieces are beginning to fall into place for the Lakers, at least it would seem so on paper. After signing Chris Kaman to their m Rating:
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Lakers News: Team Reaches Agreement With Jordan Farmar

The pieces are beginning to fall into place for the Lakers, at least it would seem so on paper. After signing Chris Kaman to their mini-midlevel exception, it seems the team has reached an agreement to bring back former Laker guard Jordan Farmar.

According to a source close to the situation, Farmar agreed to terms with the Lakers. All that’s left is the team has to work out a buyout from his Turkish squad first.

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We’ll wait and see on the buyout, but for now it does sound like the team has the intention of paying the $500K it would cost to bring back the former UCLA guard.

Details of Farmar’s deal have not yet been released.

Farmar was selected 26th overall in the first round of the 2006 NBA Draft by the Lakers, and he played for them from 2006 to 2010, winning consecutive NBA championships in 2009 and 2010.

*Update: 10:22 p.m. – Dave McMenamin of ESPN L.A. has confirmed the initial report;



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  • lakers_824

    We need to amnesty steve blake now that we got jordan farmar…………….keep MWP and make a run with current squad!

    2014 LAKERS
    Steve Nash, Jordan Farmar, Darius Morris

    Kobe Bryant, Jodie Meeks

    Metta World Peace, Tracy Mcgrady

    Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom, Ryan Kelly

    Chris Kamen, Jordan Hill, Robert Sacre

    • Payaso

      lmao tmac

      • CharlieMurphy!

        Tmac’s been eating too much big mac’s nowadays

        • lakers_824

          lmao but on the real we only have the vet minimum to spend and TMAC actually played good in china i still think he can ball, not sure about his defense tho, but i always wanted kobe and tmac to play together.

          • CharlieMurphy!

            I don’t know, I’d rather see LO & Sasha back with Jordy. Sasha would be prefect for D’antoni’s system. LO reads offense pretty good, he always knows when to cut. Although I wanted to see a Kobe/Tmac combo, that was 7-8 years ago.

    • Jim213

      Still need more skillful players and depth. I agree with the Steve Blake perspective… good money being paid for the lack of play and inconsistencies aside from injuries. This would also make some more cap room to try to attain some more depth. ex. Lamar we’re you at!

      Although, the pay will influence his decision with a possible apology too. What can we say he’s an emotional person and it’ll help to get rid of past negative vibes.

    • Jim213

      LOL… lakers_824

      Good lineup for now, puts us ahead of Rockets for sure as long as Kobe can come back but only if he’s at least 90% healthy. Just need that 3 team trade for Gasol to to go on a serious run and attract a 2014 star during free agency.

    • Paytc

      I like most of what you are saying….

      But I’m not too sure about Meeks and Tracy Mcgrady?Meeks shot poorly last season.Can T-mac still ball?

      I know the Lakers signed Robert Sacre,but he too I’m unsure about.

      In all fairness the Laker management has the advantages of seeing how good the players are in practice.I don’t have that vantage point.I would require players to be talented and driven enough to be able to play.If a player is not skilled or healthy enough to play, why do we put them on teams.Is’nt that what the D-League and practice squads are for?

  • CharlieMurphy!

    Yes! Freaking Yes! Little Jordy’s back!

  • j lee

    Yes… the Lakers drafted him,now he is come back to help his team.This is home.

  • ra

    Yes, and hopefully a new and improved JF. I’m sure he’s got a lot more grit and experience with Euro-ball. Turkey has a tough team, and maybe that’s what he needed to get to the next level.

    LO, MWP, etc. … the gang is back! (well, some of the gang). Remember, we went to Finals 3 years in a row (just lost the first one, but the team was great for 3 years).

  • drocket21

    Yes Farmar is back! It must be Throwback Tuesday!!!

  • richard

    I am a little bit ecstatic of this move… if we can somehow convince LO to come back… not too shabby, FO move… we just have to get another serviceable SF… it could have been ECLark…

    • Terrence

      Not with Cleveland’s offer to him.

  • Jim213

    Brought this up a wk and a 1/2 ago. Good start to the 2013 rebuilding process so Kobe can focus on pull up shooting and not on driving down the paint like Lebron given the lack of help which also decreases his chances of getting re-injured given his competitiveness. This should appease a lot of Laker fans too, management is giving us some hope now…

  • Grant Russell

    they need to pick up a quick and agile guard like Kyrie Irving or cp3. They have the 2 big men, now they just need 1 more scorer

    • Jim213

      ?! Sorry but no capspace.. 3 team trade with Gasol… for Rondo?…

  • Ezekiel E. Chavez

    bring back odom and get jennings this make the lakers 2014 champion

    • Ezekiel E. Chavez

      or get copeland for reserve pf

      • lakers_824

        copeland already signed with pacers.

        • Terrence

          Damn, I was hoping for Copeland. If the Lakers matched Pacer’s offer, he would have taken all the mini-MLE. Hmmm, it would seem the Pacer’s have Gerald Green now available.

  • lakers_824

    Does the Vet Minimum include the the size of his ears or do you pay a luxury tax for that?

  • Aaron Chen

    Love Peace, but he’s gotta go. Too old, too slow.. Sometimes we just have to admit to age. Need to find a new enforcer. Farmar coming back helps. But i still feel the biggest issue is Kobe’s leadership skills. Yes demand excellence. But there is not enough building up of his teammates. They don’t walk or play with any swag when he’s on the floor. The Lakers have some great pieces in place to take them far into the playoff. But it’s gonna be Kobe’s leadership style that will take them back to the championship.

  • George Gonzales

    LAKERS R looking GOOD…watch out lebron THE MAMBA…gonna getcha boy…..!

  • Ordunaanthony

    Lakers should go after monte Ellis or Brandon Jennings!! Not lamar Odom Wtf !

    • lakers_824

      THEY HAVE NO MORE MONEYY TO SPEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      If Ellis or Brandon are willing to take a offer of 1mill then its possible but thats not going to happen.

    • Jim213

      It’s called team chemistry.

  • lorenzo

    solid pickup. the Lakers should also sign Sasha and Lamar if they are not too expensive. :P

  • lorenzo

    i remember Shaq said in his book that Dantoni would even sometimes have a few minutes of practice and call it a practice…thats not what we need right now.

  • Terrence

    Now just need to turn Blake’s contract into a serviceable small forward.

  • pennywellbell

    this isa good fit for the lakers.. farmar is a good consistent player. who can score play d and run an offense

  • lorenzo

    goudelock>Morris. honestly and that has been apparent since last years pre-season imo

  • Pat Oslon

    Trade Blake for Bulls SF Jimmy Butler. Blake would be a good backup for D-Rose and Butler would be a nice fit at SF for the Lakers.

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