Lakers News: Team One Of Many Interested In Point Guard Isaiah Thomas Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="155"] The Los Angeles Lakers are expected to be one of the busiest teams once free agency kicks off tonight. With so many holes on the rost [new_royalslider id="155"] The Los Angeles Lakers are expected to be one of the busiest teams once free agency kicks off tonight. With so many holes on the rost Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Team One Of Many Interested In Point Guard Isaiah Thomas

The Los Angeles Lakers are expected to be one of the busiest teams once free agency kicks off tonight. With so many holes on the roster, the team will likely pursue players at all positions.

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One possibility at point guard is Isaiah Thomas of the Sacramento Kings. A restricted free agent, the Lakers are one of many teams thought to be pursuing Thomas according to Pro Basketball Talk’s Aaron Bruski:

Thomas has been a thorn in the side of the Lakers since he entered the league. Though he stands at only 5’9, Thomas has proven he belongs in the league, averaging 20 points per game for the Kings last season.

With so much interest in the guard, the Lakers may have to pay a little extra to bring him to Los Angeles. Thomas has spoken about getting an offer from the Lakers, but according to Bruski, the Lakers are being outbidded right now:

If a team is offering $8 million, the Lakers may be hard pressed to match. While the team has the cap space, they will be wary of putting a major dent in their cap space before they know the intentions of top target Carmelo Anthony.

It would be dangerous for the Lakers to wait out the Carmelo Anthony decision, as he is not expected to make a decision until next week. But the Lakers are sure to keep their options open until then.
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  • Matt520

    Isaiah Thomas??? Just sign Nate Robinson! Hes cheaper….im crossing my fingers somehow they get a steal for Patty Mills…highly doubt it though.

    • jeremy

      nate is too streaky for me.

    • Jim

      Also don’t forget about jameer nelson. He was just waived by orlando to save money. He was set to make 8 million. If you could get him for 2-4 million I think he could come in and provide some veteran leadership and run the second unit.

  • Jim213

    Thomas, wants the Lakers to bid for his services being he’s a Lakers fan. Could possibly be acquired but not for more than $5 mil IMO. Although, I’d consider Patty Mills before Thomas or Nelson (magic).

    • Marcus Franco

      If Suns have interest in Thomas they probably won’t keep Bledsoe.. Don’t you think that Bledsoe better than Thomas ?

      • Ray-Marcus

        Much better IMO

        • Jim213

          Prefer Patty Mills tho he’ll probably end in NY. Phil has expressed interest in Mills as the same goes for Phil.

      • jeremy

        umm yes because bledsoe more a PG then thomas is. thomas to me is a SG in a PG body. he can pass but not like bledsoe can

        • LakersHeatBeef

          Bledsoe is much better on defense and much more athletic than Thomas.Plus Bledsoe is a few inches taller than Thomas.

    • Ray-Marcus

      Agreed. Especially like Mills as a shooter next to KB24 the playmaker


    Well since small fry wants to be a Laker I like our chances.

  • Ray-Marcus

    He’s gonna be a decent pick up but why not just go for Eric Bledsoe?? He plays better D than Thomas and could come in at a similar price

    • TheTruthKills

      The Suns will match any offer

      • Dominoes

        NO they won’t since they want LeBron and Carmelo.Eric Bldsoe is not as important to the Suns as you think.Redundant player in PHX.

        • comrade24

          Agreed. They drafted Ennis and also still have Dragic. Bledsoe is expendable IMO but he seems injury prone. May not be a good idea.

        • Jim

          Yea, I don’t think the suns want to give him a max contract. We will see though. He is a big strong point guard.

      • rival almighty

        I doubt they would use there draft pick on a pg if they were planning to match for bledsoe. They blowing smoke

  • TheTruthKills

    No choice since Toronto will lock up Lowry.

    • Jim213

      Lowry is out of FOs price range. Sources say Raptors plan to offer Lowry between $10-13 mil?! Nah.

      • Al Haldie

        Lowry, has already re-signed with the CAVS..

        • rival almighty

          You mean kyrie not lowry

      • kookiebuger

        The Raptors have enough to offer him a max but he isn’t worth a max and offering him 10-13 is already being generous, anything else is over paying him.

  • Glend miller


  • jeremy

    how about if nothing else get a smart vet in jameer nelson

    • rik

      no thank you raymond felton 2.0

      • jeremy

        i think nelson is much better then felton.

    • dont get jameer

      Hell to the no.

  • rik

    Lakers next year:
    PG: Bledsoe or i thomas/ clarkson/ kane
    SG: Kobe/ bazemore
    SF: Ariza/ young
    PF: Randle/ Kelly
    C: Gasol/ okafor/ sacre
    coach: hopefully hollins since he can do wonders for randle.

    • jeremy

      why do people want okafor yea he a nice player but doesnt his health scare people.

      • rik

        he can be a decent backup center for cheap and his health wont be a problem since he’ll be playing 10-18 min per game

        • jeremy

          low min or not i wouldnt trust his health

          • rik

            well i would much rather have hill back but he may be too expensive

    • wardrobe99

      thats a good line up i would. ad Ed Davis to give us some rim protection

    • Marty Susman

      30 WINS

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Thomas has nothing to worry about someone will pay him good money.I prefer Eric Bledsoe for us to sign up.Bledsoe is a better option for us.

  • rival almighty

    Bledsoe should be the first pg on our radar keep in mind that phoenix drafted a pg in Ennis. Maybe they won’t match deals for bledsoe

  • comrade24

    it looks like we’re going to have some tough decisions in FA. Sounds like we’re going to be outbid on people we want while waiting out Melo. If he doesn’t choose us we could come up empty and have a very long season ahead. Between a rock and a hard place.

  • Jason Decker

    I think the Lakers might miss out on building an actual team because they are waiting on Melo to make a decision. I understand that you want Melo, but there is no reason you can’t sign some solid defenders such as Trevor Ariza and Shaun Livingston. This would allow Kobe to guard the most limited offensive player. Randle may not get you blocks, but he should be able to disrupt players by bodying them up inside. If Gasol were to resign he and Randle can work better team defensively to guard the paint. Also they can sign a back up center rim protector who can come in and give them good stretches.

    I said this the other day I would like a starting lineup something like this next year with output predictions. I think this is a realistic lineup the Lakers can put together that could offer some defense, offense, and play making outside of Kobe.

    PG- Livingston – 8 ppg 4reb 4ast 1stl
    SG- Bryant – 23 ppg 5 reb 6 ast
    SF- Ariza 12 ppg 5reb 2ast 2stl
    PF- Randle 10ppg 12reb 2ast
    C- Gasol 16ppg 8reb 4ast 1.5blk

    Bench: Young 15ppg 2reb 2ast 1stl, Marshall 6ppg 2reb 8ast , Turner 12 ppg 5reb 3ast , Kane 10ppg 5reb 4ast, Udoh 2ppg 6reb 2blk

    • Marty Susman


  • Badazztj12

    I think if we cant get some of the big name pg’s. we should give Chalmers a chance. He plays defense which leads to steal, plus shoots 3′s. If we sign Lance, he can be the ball handler part time and do the same what Pacers did with George HIll

  • Cuco

    I like Isaiah Thomas. Lakers need athleticism at Point. They have been burned at the position for years, dating back to Fishers final years here. While I understand their goal is to pair Melo and LBJ w Kobe, fact is, the league has a rejuvenation at PG. Lillard, Irving, Wall, Rondo, Westbrook, Rose. These are guys that kill us every matchup. Lakers have to improve the point.

  • Jim

    I read Thomas was offered 3 year 8 mil so if that’s true I think he’s out of the lakers price range.

    But if they were able to get him for 3 to 5 mil I think he would be great coming in off the bench with nick young. The lakers would be a terror with there scoring ability.

  • Marty Susman

    MONROE & IRVING were the players that we REALLY needed in free agency & Exuum was who we needed in we could not get Irving. The Lakers NEED a TRUE center & a REAL point….NO ONE on the list will bring us a ring….

  • Al Haldie

    The LAKERS are talking a good game and they are interested in every body – but are doing nothing waiting till there is no one left to add as a LAKER- we are waiting till Thursday to talk to MELO at which time there will be no good FA that are not signed up — MEEKS was the first LAKER to sign and move on…now watch the others….

  • Jan Rey

    Patty Mills is a better shooter and defender.

    • LALA

      Don’t play no D.

  • Adriel Cherreguine

    Isaiah ranging $6-8 mil/ year ? That`s much man. LAL could get some cheaper guards. If we could just get Jameer Nelson or Patty Mills ? That`s way cheaper than what Isaiah is asking. The two could provide leadership in Point position.

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