Lakers News: Team May Not Spend All Their Cap Money This Offseason Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="139"] With this season being such a struggle for the Los Angeles Lakers, many eyes have turned to this off-season as the beginning of the t [new_royalslider id="139"] With this season being such a struggle for the Los Angeles Lakers, many eyes have turned to this off-season as the beginning of the t Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Team May Not Spend All Their Cap Money This Offseason

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With this season being such a struggle for the Los Angeles Lakers, many eyes have turned to this off-season as the beginning of the turnaround for the storied franchise.

Armed with a substantial amount of cap room, and a potential high draft pick in what is thought to be a very talented draft class, better times could be on the horizon.

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General Manager Mitch Kupchak spoke with the media after the NBA trade deadline ended today, and ESPN’s Dave McMenamin reports that he will not just spend the team’s money on anyone:

Even though they have cap room, the Lakers have to be smart about using it. Players like Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James are likely to stay with their current teams and the Lakers can not pay lesser players like top stars and ruin their salary cap.

With Pau Gasol surviving through the trade deadline, the team will retain his bird rights, and could sign-and trade him in the off-season as well to bring in a good piece.

The Lakers will have options this off-season, but they have to be very careful not to spend money just because they have it. They have to spend the money on the players who are worth it, and from the looks of it, that will be the case.
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  • Gregory Choa

    “Team May Not Spend All Their Cap Money This Offseason”…and nor should they. This summer’s FA market, where the Lakers are concerned, is much more so about the Luol Dengs and/or Greg Monroes of the marketplace than it is about the Carmelo Anthonys…it’s all about the summer of 2015 and Kevin Love than it is about this summer…except, of course, where the draft and the Lakers’ lottery pick is concerned.

  • A

    Smart move. I say go for one top free agent this summer and then focus on signing role players. Realistically, the top free agents we could get are Deng and maybe Lance Stephenson(only if Indiana can’t afford him and Evan Turner ends up taking his minutes) Monroe will be a little harder to get and Bledsoe is a lock to stay in Phoenix. Convince Swaggy P to opt in and bring back Farmar, Marshall, Henry, and Hill(Let D’Antoni walk so Hill will re-sign with us) Try to use the stretch provision on Nash or hopefully he hangs em up. Bazemore and Brooks could do really well for the next 28 games. If they do, bring one or both of them back and now all of a sudden we have more depth. Draft a PG this year

    PG: Exum/Marshall/Farmar
    SG: Bryant//Henry/(Bazemore or Brooks)
    SF: Deng/Young
    PF: Hill(hopefully)
    C: Sacre

    That’s 10 players right there(9 if you think Hill won’t return) Mitch will most likely want to go with a 13 man roster so that’s 4 left to sign. I’d probably sign 3 of the role players to small multi-year contracts. Guys like Young, Marshall and either Farmar or Henry. The rest I would sign to 1 year contracts.

    • Gregory Choa

      If he’s available, I’d rather see the Lakers draft the rim-protecting center in Embiid, than the PG Exum…especially if Love becomes the big FA acquisition in 2015, and KD the guy to replace Kobe in 2016.
      Kendall Marshall is the key piece of the developmental puzzle at PG moving forward, IMO – he’s the diamond-in-the-rough lottery pick that the FO was astute enough to sign (and hopefully re-sign) this season…another fortunate by-product of this injury riddled season. It’s also kind of ironic that the Suns were the ones to sign him, yet we’re the ones lucky enough to end up with him.

      • Chad

        Love just said the Lakers are shit, and people still think he is coming here.

        Then the other one is going after Durant who is never going to leave the Thunder.

        The plan is clear. There is no plan, but wishing upon a star.

        • Gregory Choa

          Chad, you’d be surprised what difference a year (Love) and two (Durant) will make! All good things to those who wait.

  • Daryl Peek

    Patience’s Lakers Nation, that’s all.

  • Phil K McLeod

    Mitch knows what he is doing. He is trying to bring player that play good defense and good offense. We just have to see what up with the draft. There going to be aloto fo good tallent out there for next year. Lets see Laker Nation. I know we want to have another Champions in LA its going to take some time. Lets Get it Done. Love our Lakers. Purpel and Gold baby.

  • Irving Mark Bailey

    They need to use some of that cap money and bring back Phil Jackson. WE WANT PHIL, DAMMIT!!

  • Miqueas Virgile

    It all makes sense now. That is why they signed Kobe to that High contract. They had no plans of building a contender and they know it. So they compensated Kobe so that he would be ok with the lack of front office moves. Kobe has already said that he will not pressure the Front Office he will allow them to do their thing. It’s a shame That Kobe will not get to see his 6th ring. As his 2 year deal is his swan song and he is merely here to keep the fans distracted and entertained.

    • roseducanna

      KOBEEN is not DUNCAN and MELO.

    • Chad

      Welcome to the Jim Buss era. Lakers will be slowly turning into the Knicks.

  • Kobe6rings

    Draft embiid or exum or wiggins trade for henson if we cant get hill back sign deng and possibly young to a more lucrative contract maybe 5.5-6-6.5-7 MONROE WILL BE EXPENDABLE IF WE HAVE LOVE EMBIID AND HILL OR HENSON(the BUCKS WILL TRADE HIM with OJ MAYO, we can give them nash and our 2019 top 8 protected pick

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