Lakers News: Team Makes Changes to Coaching Staff For Next Season

Lakers News: Team Makes Changes to Coaching Staff For Next Season


The off-season is barely a week old and the team is already making some changes. In several moves announced on Monday afternoon, the team has made several changes to their coaching staff. After news broke that Eddie Jordan took the head coaching gig at Rutgers, the turnover for the team coaching staff continues with the latest developments.

According to Mike Bresnahan of the L.A. Times, the Lakers have begun their summer of transition.

What about some of the other assistants? Bresnahan also reported that several of them will be back next season.


Kevin Ding of the O.C. Register stated on his Twitter account that one of the reasons for the change is Mike D’Antoni’s desire for a smaller coaching staff after he inherited Mike Brown’s staff when he was hired.

These aren’t exactly groundbreaking moves, but it does show that the team is anxious to get the off-season started, and finalizing the coaching staff is a logical first step.


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    Those were two dumb moves!

  • Anthony Carter

    The Logical move is to fire the head coach, he don’t have a clue about the team. He keeps thinking it’s the early 2000’s when he had a young Nash

  • Truthhz

    Memphis beats Clippers 4 in a row using two low post players, but Dumbtoni couldn’t beat Clippers once!!!

    • hookedonnews

      Don’t think you can compare Gasol & Howard to Gasol and Randolph. Pau Gasol was not healthy all year, and neither was Howard for most of the year. The Grizzlies didn’t have the injury problems the Lakers had. Some teams just match up better against particular teams than others. The Lakers didn’t match up well against the Clippers this year, and the Clippers didn’t match up well against the Grizzlies. Are you saying that any team that has 2 low post players should be able to beat the Clippers? That’s an interesting theory.

      • Chrmngblly

        You have to be blind not to see the point Memphis makes for the Lakers every game they win. There are other teams constructed like the Lakers that kick ass consistently. We should probably play more like the Spurs than the Grizz, but trying to be the Suns of yesteryear in order to recapture our coach’s lost youth is foolish. We played well enough with the wrong approach to make it to the playoffs, imagine what we could have done if our coach knew what he was doing.

        • hookedonnews

          The Lakers are not the Grizzlies. The Grizzlies are the best defensive team in the league. There are very few teams in the league who play the slow-down 2 low post players game that the Lakers were playing at the end of the season. To try and compare the Lakers & Grizzlies is comparing apples and oranges. The only thing they have in common is 2 low post players. Howard is not the offensive threat that Zach Randolph is, and Pau Gasol is not as athletic as his brother. Nor is he as skilled offensively away from the rim. As far as playing like the Spurs, neither Howard or Gasol is the outside shooter that Tim Duncan is (or Boris Diaw for that matter). As everyone is so fond of saying, you have to have a system to fit your personnel. D’Antoni began tweaking his system the moment he arrived in LA, but it’s hard to evaluate players when you have no training camp and everyone is injured. D’Antoni is not trying to re-capture his youth. He has a very successful offensive system that the majority of the teams in the league are using. I still believe the Lakers could use D’Antoni’s system (a slowed-down version). The win against Indiana was an example of that. But because they want to play Gasol and Howard on the floor together, they have gone to the 2 post guys offense. Whether or not they can win a championship with that offense remains to be seen. Both Gasol & Howard turn the ball over too much, and unless you’ve got excellent perimeter shooters they are just going to smother them in the paint. These guys aren’t as athletic as Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol. You don’t see them getting stripped on a regular basis. As far as the playoffs are concerned, they weren’t going anywhere as soon as Nash, Kobe, and Blake were out regardless of the system or the coach.

          • Chrmngblly

            God knows what you just said. What ever else is true, LA is not OKC, Denver or the Suns of yesteryear. It is no help at all for you to say these two players are not those two players, blahblahblah. I think Dwight stacks up favorably most years against Marc Gasol and Pau is much more skilled than Randolph will ever be—but they are not the same, you are right.

          • hookedonnews

            No, the Lakers are not OKC or Denver, just as they are not the Spurs or the Grizzlies. The Lakers evidently are going to slow down their offense and play Pau & Howard in the low post. I hope it’s successful, but they’re probably not going to win a championship until they add a few more players. I think most teams given the choice of P.Gasol/D.Howard or M.Gasol/Z.Randolph would take Gasol & Randolph. Bottom line: regardless of the system you use, you have to have healthy players and a good bench. The Lakers had neither this season. Hopefully next season will be different.

          • Davis

            D’A coach said ,he is don’t have system.Why keep him?

          • hookedonnews

            Not really sure what you’re saying. If you’re talking about D’Antoni not having a defensive system, he does have one. They are keeping D’Antoni because the team was decimated with injuries, he was brought in after the season started, and didn’t have a real chance to do much because of that. He also has a guaranteed contract, and they would have to pay him (plus a new coach’s salary) if they fired him.

  • seriously

    can someone put jim buss and d’antoni on a plane together and then shoot a huge rpg and shut it down already?

    • hookedonnews

      That’s not funny.

    • jonz1

      I agree with you on that…LOL!!

  • mardigrasrex

    Breaking news D’Antoni is fired! Can we all say hooray?

  • blakhulk74


  • Black Mamba Shall Return

    Bickerstaff is gone?!?! He was the best coach they had this year. Jim is an idiot!

    • Shawn

      Amnesty Jim Ass.

  • Rob


  • penny125

    I cannot believe they fire Bernie. That’s sad!!!!

    • Shawn

      I know Jerry is turning over in his grave

  • mitrassof

    we want phil

  • quickster007

    If your star player is the one making the suggestion of what to do. You are no longer a coach. Dantoni system didn’t fit the lakers so Kobe suggested to Mike to what to implement and he listen. So after that, the lakers went 28-18 to make the playoff. If the lakers would stuck to Dantoni system, the result would be even better. Dantoni would have been fired. Shucks! I’d guess you can’t have it all.

    • BigSchlongLaker

      They went 28-12 btw,

  • Crystal

    Start with the head coach Jim :)

  • Shawn

    Wooooow Now Alvin Gentry wth, yea he really did a helluva job with the Suns this yr. That dude has nothing to offer the Lakers just like Done’ toni.

  • Jay

    Bickerstaff and Person will prolly coach in Cleveland with Brown.

  • Laker Season seat holder

    How do the Lakers feel knowing their fan base hates the coach, (Dandummy) and rightfully so, hates the part-owner Jim Buss, rightfully so, dislikes the GM, Cupcheck (he’s never done anything for this team, Jerry West did even when he was in Memphis) has won 2 first round playoff series in 3 years while being embaaressed in defeat and ran their best player into the ground with nothing but desperation and ignorance. Oh I know…THEY DON”T CARE !!!

    I am so disgusted with the Laker organization..but THEY DON’T CARE !! Fudge the fans is their attitude. REVOLT

  • sicktiredth

    I really hate to say this but…. it’s hard to even think this but….. my mouth is getting to dry to utter the words but…. gulp… little jimmy has just destroyed the Lakers chances for next year to…!

    Why is this being allowed?

  • Paka

    What the hell is Jim or Mitch thinking? Did they consider Bernie’s won/loss record after firing Brown? Any ball player who won a championship ring “bought in” to the coach and coaching philosophy? Does Jim and Mitch really think the Laker players have bought in and trust D’Antoni? How many rings has he won?