Lakers News: Team Interviews Mike Dunleavy For Head Coaching Position Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="279"] After the Los Angeles Lakers landed the seventh pick in the 2014 NBA Draft, the team has officially started searching for their next [new_royalslider id="279"] After the Los Angeles Lakers landed the seventh pick in the 2014 NBA Draft, the team has officially started searching for their next Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Team Interviews Mike Dunleavy For Head Coaching Position

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After the Los Angeles Lakers landed the seventh pick in the 2014 NBA Draft, the team has officially started searching for their next head coach after Mike D’Antoni’s resignation.

According to Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski, general manager Mitch Kupchak met with Mike Dunleavy for the coaching job on Wednesday morning:

For Dunleavy, this is the second time the Lakers have reached out to him regarding a vacant head coaching position. After the firing of Mike Brown five games into the 2012-13 season, the team considered Dunleavy and Phil Jackson before ultimately deciding to hire Mike D’Antoni.

While Dunleavy has not coached since the 2009-10 season, he has ties to the organization, leading the Lakers to the 1991 NBA Finals where they lost to Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls.

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With numerous qualified coaches available, this is likely the start of a long list of interviews. Since D’Antoni’s resignation, many coaches have expressed interest in the position, but the Lakers ideally wanted to know what pick they landed at the NBA draft lottery first before moving forward. Unfortunately for the team, Kevin Ollie, Stan Van Gundy, and Steve Kerr are no longer available as they recently signed with different teams this past week.

After the Brown and D’Antoni hirings, there is a lot of pressure for the team to find a head coach that will provide stability as they look to rebuild themselves into championship contenders. Fortunately for the team, there are still well-qualified candidates available including Byron Scott, George Karl, and Jeff Van Gundy, among others.
Top Lakers Head Coaching Candidates

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  • jaii

    Lol another coach name Mike?! When will the Lakers learn about these coaches name mike

    • Phillip

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      • Dougoberto

        Most informative post here ^^^

        • Darwin

          That weird post makes about as much sense as the Lakers interviewing Mike Dunleavy.Makes zero sense,senseless.

    • Jeremy


  • Eazy

    You gotta be F’ing kidding me, the name MIKE needs to be banned from the Lakers. First MIKE CLOWN, then MIKE D’UMBTONI and now MIKE DUMBLEAVY! Damn they never learn!! Someone shoot me :(

    • Mike

      Next year might be Mike Tyson

      • Marcus Franco

        Mike Woodson, sadly.

        • AG

          or Mike Fratello

          • Marcus Franco

            He has 54% in regular season but is awful in Playoff and he still better than Both Mikes

    • Darwin

      Their is a good reason nobody has given Mike Dunleavy a coaching jon in the last 4 years.Mike Dunleavy sucks and is unemployed 4 years plus.

  • Lakers Fan

    It’s just an interview. There is no way they hire Dunleavy with better coaching candidates out there. Then again they did hire D’Antoni over Phil.

  • Dana Douglas

    You’d think his last stint with the Lakers would have been enough to cross him off the list this time.

    • Daryl Peek

      Interesting? You do know he got the Lakers to the NBA finals in 91, after the Pat Riley meltdown in 90 as Kareem had retired in 89? Dunlevy only left because the Bucks offered him more money and FO power?

      • Marcus Franco

        IN 91 he had Magic and Worthy on his side.. Right now we have Kobe in his final year and a bunch of clown except young… I think it’s time to try something new, a coach that can lead the team for the next 4 5 years.. If the Lakers hire him I bet he’ll be fired next year.

        • Daryl Peek

          In 91 Magic was the man just as he was in 90 under Riley. Worthy was the man also but was soon to be on a rapid decline as he retired not soon after that. In Portland Dunlevy had the same kind of cast as these Lakers as Arvydas Sabonis was like Gasol as an aging lumbering big who needed to have his minutes managed. Isiah Rider was a ball dominate SG who Dunlevy was able to mesh with Damon Stoudimire, Kenny Anderson and Greg Antony at times. Pippen, Steve Smith Rasheed Wallace, Brian Grant, ETC… all similar types of role players as we have on this Lakers roster. The thing that Dunlevy has proven in his stints with both the Lakers and Blazers is how he’s adept at getting diva vets and youth to mesh. This is what he did with Magic & Worthy coupled with Vlade, Campbell. I’m not trying to pump Dunlevy as the best fit but he wouldn’t be a bad choice.

          • Marcus Franco

            I see.. To be honestly I’ve never saw him on the sideline but right now we have many good coaches out there which I believe that can be better than Mike, like L. Hollins, Byron Scott and some says about Tom Thibs but I think is hard to get him… He might work out in LAL but I think is a huge bet given the fact the horrible job he has done with LAC and also is only 46% in playoff career.. I think that’s too low for a coach that has over 20 year in this job.

          • Daryl Peek

            It was the Sterling owned Clippers. LOL Dunlevy still holds the best playoff run in Clippers history as they barely lost to the 06 Suns (4-3) that season. Kaman had his best production under Dunlevy and players like Elton Brand, Corey Maggette, Shaun Livingston & Chris Wilcox all developed nicely under Mike. Again, I’m not saying he’s the best fit but the others you mention are not really better big picture.

          • Marcus Franco

            haha.. I get your point.. Well let’s see what Mitch can do this off season, I’m more worried about what he’ll do with the pick and what player he’ll bring to Lakers.. The next season can’t be worse than this, at least he can’t bring Mike D’antoni again lol.

          • Daryl Peek

            I’ll say this, the one heads up I’d give Dunlevy over Scott is Mike ability to be flexible and adjust to roster talent or lack there of. With the Lakers and Magic he was again able to get Magic and Worthy post KAJ to produce at a high level in getting to the finals. Riley somewhat lost the team after Kareem retired, as many players complained about Riley and Magic. Also Keep in mind Dunlevy coached B. Scott and got very good production out of him. Then he went to Portland and coached two different styles of basketball during his tenure there. First he ran basic offense but once they acquired Pippen he allowed some triangle sets to be part of the offense.

            Adapting to roster talent was one of the biggest complaints of the MDA tenure as Lakers HC.

          • Marcus Franco

            I didn’t watched the 90′s so I am from the young generation of basketball so I can’t give a strong opinion about him, but for what you’ve been saying he might work here despite my thoughts about L. Hollins be better than him… But what if Scott Brooks or Frank Vogel becomes available after playoffs, would you still consider Mike than them ?

          • Daryl Peek

            For me personally, I don’t like Vogel as a fit for the Lakers. Brooks, I’m not sure if he has the stomach for a market like the Lakers. I like Hollins old school ways but worry about his personality in handling the LA market and dealing with the FO as he’s not employed right now for that very reason. that coupled with his inability to get Rudy gay to mesh with Connely as he became more of a cog on the Griz when Rudy was out. Too many Lakers fans have conflicted views on what they think a coach will be able to do with Kobe and a ball dominate PG. This is where I give Dunlevy the heads up over every other candidate as he did that in Portland.

            There are pros and cons to every coaching candidate. The thing is it all boils down to personal favorites as none of the guys out there right now are clearly head and shoulders above one another.

  • Luke

    I am officially just going to stop fighting arguing the Lakers haters.You Lakers haters are right and keep on laughing at us and making fun of us we the Lakers have officially settled in on being the bottom feeder in the NBA.No hating here i just want to stop arguing and defending the Lakers and their miserable decisions.This ship is not anchored like it used to be lets be very careful it’s a slippery slope downhill.Iceberg is upon the Lakers.:-(Just leave me alone i am in depression.

  • Deone

    Gross!…what is this 1991?

  • Jessie

    You have to wonder why they would even bother.. with way better coaches still out there, along with it being poor marketing strategy.. If FO doesn’t realise that even the name “Mike” is now associated with a bad reputation and hiring another Mike would not infuse confidence in the Lakers organisation from fans thus further damaging perceptions on the Lakers current FO then the FO is just ridiculously stupid.

  • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

    Okay, I’ve been trying my hardest to be supportive in a wait-and-see-what-they-do stance toward the front office. Please, someone tell me this was more of a situation where Dunleavy showed up banging on the door and refused to leave kind of an interview, and not something where the front office actually called him and scheduled this interview. I’m about to pull out the rest of my hair if this was a serious inquiry on the Lakers’ part.

  • Mathias

    It’s reports like this that make me question how switched on to the modern nba Mitch kupchak is.

    I’m patiently waiting here for a report that he’s also interviewed 10 more relevant candidates too…

  • IloveLA

    They should be reaching out to Jerry Sloan.

  • Like Really?????

    Mike Dumb-leave-me is a worst case scenario.I can mention 900 better head coaches and Mike Dumb-leave-me isn’t one of the 900.GTFO before you even think about coaching the Lakers loser tanker retard.Fuck Mike Dumb-leave-me!

  • saythereal

    I can trust Mitch Kupchack to make a brilliant decision and understand that Byron Scott should have been hired this morning.

  • Mike

    Shit my name is Mike hire me as Lakers Head Coach.That seems to be the only qualification necessary to become the Lakers Head Coach.

  • Ivan

    Lakers FO hire Dave Joerger.

  • MartyCalderon

    Word is that Tyronn Lue has been gaining rave reviews for his leadership as a Clipper’s assistant. I personally prefer Byron Scott as coach. But if not, then I think the Lakers should just go youth movement and see what Lue can do for you.

  • comrade24

    No more MIkes!!! Hire Byron Scott!

  • Ivan

    I was hoping and praying this was a hoax a big joke but Woj is reporting it and he is always accurate on his information and his sources are the main source usually.I am understanding it’s a interview but that usually becomes a hiring.I will stay posted with Woj he better say Lakers are interested in someone else because Mike Dunleavy is the reason i started depression and anxiety therapy in the 90′s and he is the reason Xanax was created along with Prozac yeah it’s that bad.STAY AWAY FROM MIKE DUNLEAVY STEER CLEAR HE IS DANGER TO THE LAKERS!!!!!!!

  • get,lionel hollins/bickerstaff

    Lionel Hollins the former coach of the grizzlies is a excellent candidate. he lead the Grizz to the best franchise recored by emphasizing defense. buss/kupchak need a coach who preaches defense in order to win games like hollins, and bernie bickerstaff, yes i said it, bernie bickerstaff forced the flakers to play hard nose defense when he was interim coach b4 freakin buss hired dumbtoni.
    i highly suggest, like james worthy says, no defense no rings, a coach like hollins and bickerstaff will make sure the team plays hard on defense.. and all lakers fans hope they land Marcus smart the next best defensive combo guard of the future..

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      Bernie didn’t “force” the Lakers to do anything. His mantra for five games was: Have fun! He knew it was a short-term job and there was no way to implement anything, so he just removed the Princeton and let them play.

  • Cory

    The Lakers FO Mitch and Jimbo are better off hiring a puppet than hiring Mike Dunleavy and i mean a actual Puppet just have Jim Buss pull puppets strings.Bert and Ernie the puppets are a much better hire than Mike.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Are the Lakers even a viable franchise anymore or is this some sort of sick joke on the fans or what can the Lakers FO be thinking are they wanting to tank for picks?I have no love for Mike Dunleavy i actually prefer Mike Brown over this joker.Hell Mike D’Antoni left the Lakers seems very real right now he left us wow holy Toledo are things bad in Laker Land right now this is hell don’t panic and hire this lifetime loser and miserable retread named Mike Dumbleavy.NO Stop yourself from another huge mistake and a epic failure just move on and wait it out.No rush relax.This is the worst possible hire ever.A crack head off the subway station is a much better hire than Mike Dumbleavy!Please interview Lionel Hollins,Jeff Van Gundy,Byron Scott,Mark Jackson,George Karl anyone over Mike D-Bag.HELL NO!

    • Lakers Fan

      Some fans on this blog(I won’t say any names) always find the good in what this FO is doing. They haven’t done anything good lately, this adding to the list. Why are we giving Dunleavy the time of day when you have Hollins, Jeff Van Gundy, Byron Scott, George Karl, and mark Jackson all out their looking for head coaching jobs? It’s unbelievable. Then Mitch says it will be another 2-3 weeks before they start looking for a coach. Really Mitch?! Who do he think will be available then? Ima be pissed if we end up with another incompetent coach because Mitch decided to take his time hiring one.

  • They call me Pringles

    Hiring Dunleavy isn’t so bad. He did pretty darn good when he was in Portland. He proved he can handle multiple personalities such as Pippen, Wallace, Grant, Smith, D. Stoudamire, B. Wells etc. Portland was very good in defense, I remember they gave us a scare back in the 2000 Postseason.

  • LuvLakers

    Ummmm NO!!!! no disrespect to Mike or anything. I just don’t think that he will fits with the Lakers.

  • Donnie

    I am crying just by reading this article.The Lakers FO has just become incompetent and incapable of making a good decision.I used to be stupid enough to think that NBA fans from other teams yes Clippers and Heat and Spurs and Celtics fans i am looking right at you were just hating and talking crap about the Lakers being lousy and having no hope or future for no reason,i thought they were just hating on the Lakers out of jealousy and for shits and giggles now i finally realize those Lakers Haters were just saying what they saw and they were speaking out against our bad ownership and terrible basketball decisions also they all know Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak are harmless to their teams as this type of article demonstrates the Lakers can never comeback with this awful mismanagement and terrible decision making their is absolutely no hope and no prayer to save this self implosion by the Lakers ownership run by Jimbo Buss the ignorant idiot that never learns from his huge mistakes and he keeps doing worse mistakes every season.Jim Buss is a hard headed selfish self centered moron that has run Phil Jackson,Magic Johnson,Jerry West to rival teams because they can’t stand the stupid actions of Jimbo Short Buss.This is no longer the Lakers it’s the Buss’s without Jerry.

    • Heath

      Uh..Phil Jackson had a huge role in running Jerry West out of town.

  • Al Haldie

    This thing is really DUMB to sit around and talk about it when nothing has been done …..

  • Daryl Peek

    Everyone has their personal favorites. Dunlevy has a very good track record both with the Lakers and the Blazers. B. Scott seems to be the Fav of the masses but that does not mean he’s the best man for the job, and I’m not saying he’s the wrong guy.

  • Dana Douglas

    Maybe the team should start hiring a series of coaches named Byron.

  • Les

    If the Lakers Front Office is going to stoop down to this low level of incompetency they can do much much better by targeting Vinny Del Negro or Scott Skiles or Lionel Hollins or Avery Johnson or Messina or P.J. Carlesimo or Paul Westphal or Sam Mitchel.Come on man please explain how a coach that hasn’t coach since 2010 4 years ago is getting interviewed for the most prestigious job in the sports world?Mike Dunleavy is a piece of crap garbage coach and i would hire Mike Woodson over Mike Dunleavy.If the Lakers want to go for a low cost hire then hire spurs assistant Chip or Tyrone Lue or Darren Erman all better than Mike Dunleavy.

  • Willis

    Mike Dunleavy coached 1317 games total and he has a 46.1% winning percentage that’s under .500 with over one thousand games coached that’s a below average coach.NO don’t hire Mike Dunleavy he will ruin the Lakers worse than they are already we need to build from the ground up with a new young coach.Mike Dunleavy is a old below average retread coach that has no hope in hell of being successful and he is crummy and miserable.

  • purp& goldpride

    We want to believe in you mitch & Jim, but s**t like this is why the fan base has very little to no belief in what you’re doing. How many times do they have to botch things? They’ll be the next McCourt’shaving to sell this team….

  • Andy L

    Laker haters all over the world must be jizzing their pants over what is going on in La La land nowadays. Ain’t nothing going right. Shee-yet!

  • Gemini Ac

    I think they should interview 1st. Jeff Van Gundy,2nd Byron Scott,3rd Mike Dunleavy

  • Erod

    F**k that shit no way that he’s are coach ,well I would hope he’s not are coach but u never know with jimmy .jim needs to stay away from the lakers for good he can experiment all he wants with the d league

  • John Bauer

    Dumbleavy to replace DumbAntoni LOL Well whoever is the coach let’s get # 17 then # 18 and pass the Whimptics !!!

  • Daryl Peek

    News flash for all the Mike Dunlevy dissenters, a certain guy named Phil Jackson is interested in hiring him also. Hmm?

  • Jerome

    Looking to hire retreads much?Loving retreads much?Well here is a list of NBA retread coaches that are better suited than Mike Dunleavy a coach that has been out of the game for close to 5 years now and he must dust off the moth balls to even look clean enough on the sideline.The list is of 10 retreads better at coaching and they can help the Lakers get back to the top.

    1.Lionel Hollins
    2.Byron Scott
    3.Mark Jackson
    4.Avery Johnson
    5.Alvin Gentry
    6.Nate McMillan
    7.Sam Mitchell
    8.Mike Woodson
    9.Bernie Bickerstaff
    10.Jim Cleamons

    Don’t be afraid of a little color Lakers FO!

  • Romero

    Lakers FO are doing things the old fashioned way.The times have passed the Lakers by.Stuck in mud and sticking to old thoughts and ideas from a time they might have worked like over 20 years ago.This is the new age of the NBA and the Lakers FO refuses to grow with the new wave of the NBA.They have stuck in their old ways and been passed up by everyone else.It’s time to hire a young GM or at the very least hire new young FO people to help these old farts they are lost and stuck in the 80′s and 90′s they are just not in 2014 new age of the universe.Hey Lakers FO remember it’s Marcus Smart not Keith Smart.Remember it’s Andrew Wiggins not Mitchell Wiggins.Remember it 2014 not 1994.Remember we are a last place team stuck with paying old men millions upon millions of dollars.Lets get a new age FO and win again.

  • wangkon936

    Mike Dunleavy? NOOOOooooooooooo!

  • Mario

    All the Lakers haters are loving the news that the Lakers first coaching interview was given to horrible old outdated washed up coach Mike Dumbleavy.Come on Mitch this is the best you can come up with after such a horrendous season?????I am hoping this is some hoax or lie.This depressing why do the Lakers stupid FO keep on fucking everything up?This news SMFH.

  • Craig

    Someone from the Lakers FO like Mitch Cupcake or Jimbo Buss need to come out and address this crap.I mean seriously Crack Head decisions won’t be tolerated by this fan base.Start spending serious money on basketball related matters and stop being greedy we as a fan base want to win.We are living in the now not the old past.Fiction Jim Buss.But now is the Lakers were once good but non fiction is the Lakers are bad now.Seriously are the Lakers Front Office stooges so stupid they interview Mike Doneleavey after the major failures of Mike Brown and Mike D’umbtoni seriously Mike Doneleavy was last somewhat relevant back in the 90′s with Portland and that was around 15 years ago and he hasn’t coached a NBA game in over 4 years this just seems way too fishy and whack to be true.Someone needs to drug test the Lakers owner and FO GM Mitch Cupcake.Worst off the fans will suffer through another 3 or 4 more bad years of bad coaching and a awful roster yeah this Jimmy Buss guy must go just like Donald Sterling banned for life.

  • Danny

    Keep in mind L.A. Clippers fans protested on the streets in front of Staples Center to have Mike Dumbleavy fired as coach also the Clippers fan made a popular rap song dissing Mike Dumbleavy and calling for him to be fired from the Clippers and remember the Clippers got really good once he left and Vinny Del Negro took over so if anything the Lakers should hire Vinny Del Negro we will be much better off.NO NO NO NO NO NO NO More suffering we as a Lakers fan base have spoken.

  • Brodyt

    Please God No!..

  • Omar


  • Stan

    Did Phil Jackson plant this Dunleavy seed?????????????????Jeanie break up with Phil Jackson ASAP and groung you’re brother Jim Buss and GM Mitch from any more disasters we have had more than enough lately.STOP IT MITCH!

  • idanoclo

    Lets just go through all the mikes we can find

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