Lakers News: Team Interviews Mike D’Antoni, Phil Jackson

Lakers News: Team Interviews Mike D’Antoni, Phil Jackson


After dismissing head coach Mike Brown on Friday morning, the team was instantly linked to several big names. After interviewing Phil Jackson on Saturday morning, ESPN’s Chris Broussard is now reporting that the team also talked to Steve Nash’s former coach in Phoenix, Mike D’Antoni.

Jackson is still the team’s top choice, but is bringing a long list of demands with him if he’s to return to the sideline in Los Angeles.

Still, it sounds like the job is Jackson’s if he wants it. The Lakers know they have a team constructed to win now, and aren’t likely to let Jackson slip through their fingers purely because of a few unusual requests.

My money is still on Jackson coming back to the Lakers for a third time, but until it’s official anything can happen.

  • joe23

    for me, either way PJ or D’A… just do it.

    • Raigo

      No, D’Antoni is a bad choice

      • this guy

        why? explain pls.

        • Phil Jackson

          D’A is the white version of Mike Brown.

  • SpeedStar70

    For me Phil jackson or Jerry Sloan

  • Gabe Bumanglag

    No they’re just too old for a run n’ gun offense. They may start good, but their knees won’t hold till the finals.

  • Dominic Caro

    Whoever becomes the coach of the Lakers, be it Phil Jackson or D’Antoni, my suggestion to them is to reinforce the bench by getting an athletic and aggresive big forward who can shoot 3’s and good rebounder. Maybe get an unsigned veteran and get him cheap. I heard Kenyon Martin is available. Trouble is I don’t think he can shoot 3’s. Otherwise, trade. Second, reorganize the starting five. Some people suggested putting Pau as the sixth man. He and Dwight are overlapping quite often I noticed. Seems like they are confused sometimes who should be defending inside or block shots. Eliminate confusion and over dependence on each other.

  • Mike

    D’Antoni? I thought we wanted another championship… apparently we’ll settle for 150ppg. and an early 1st round exit.

    I need some rope to hang myself! :(

    C’mon… there’s only two options. Either PJax or Sloan.

  • Sti1lmatic

    D’Antoni is the Joe Budden of the NBA coaches. Well Mouse before he signed with that BS Shady crap.
    I’d love to see him coach the Lakers. Can’t be any worse
    than Mike Brown.

  • franklyons

    Let Phil take a road game or two off and have some say. Get him and try to win it.

  • Bryan Walker

    No Dunleavy!