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Lakers News: Team Interviews Kurt Rambis For Head Coaching Vacancy

The Los Angeles Lakers continue to do the rounds in terms of interviewing candidates for their head coaching vacancy following the resignation of Mike D’Antoni. Current Lakers assistant coach, Kurt Rambis, is the latest to sit down with the Lakers brass to talk about the open position, according to Mike Bresnahan of the L.A. Times:

Rambis is one of five candidates that have been interviewed by the team so far. Mitch Kupchak and company want to do their due diligence in finding D’Antoni’s successor and will continue to take their time in the search for a new head coach.

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Along with Rambis, the Lakers have interviewed Lionel Hollins, Mike Dunleavy Sr., Byron Scott and Alvin Gentry.

Although it was inevitable that Rambis would be interviewed by the team, rumors have surfaced that Kevin Love would have reservations about joining the Lakers if Rambis was still with the team.

If this turns out to be true, Rambis may not be a candidate that is seriously considered if the Lakers believe they have a shot at landing Love in a trade this year or in free agency next summer.
Lakers GM Kupchak Says Next Coach Must Get Most Productivity Out Of Kobe Bryant, Plus Likelihood Of Trading The Pick?

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  • samkosei


    • Jim213

      Per Darren Wolfson (1500ESPN .com):

      Wolves considering trading K Love for Julius Randle or Noah Vonleh?

      • Adam

        Thanks for the report but that radio station is always wrong and they just toos out fake rumors all the time.They are the same station that rumored Pau for Love for a few years and they rumored Derrick Williams to the Lakers and many other big lies.

        • Jim213

          Just a rumor but the Celts who be in a better position to put forth a better deal than the Lakers currently.

          • LAstory

            If they cant guarantee that Kevin will re- sign with them, its a dumb deal period…

          • Jim213

            Definitely, but they’re willing and ready to take the risk tho it’s unlikely he’d stay in a small market team.

          • LAstory

            Yes, It’s either Lakers (next year) or if the GSW step up and make the trade for Lee and Barnes…

          • Jim213

            Disagree with regards to the Warriors as they’d need to dish out more and given they don’t have a top 10 pick they’d have to give up more (draft picks) IMO.

          • LAstory

            I can’t argue with that… very true also…

          • Kb24

            2014 amd 2017 pick belongs to the jazz, how can they trade their 2015 for them?

          • Jim213

            They can’t tho they can draft and trade after but that won’t be enough to accompany a possible Lee/Barnes deal.

          • vdogg

            yes, but who wants to play in boston? terrible weather, terrible team. love is doing that NOW.

          • Jim213

            True, but given they select 6th and have better assets (draft picks) they’re in a better position as they’re willing to take a gamble on Love being not requiring him to sign an extension first (if correct). NO guarantee Love would stay there but the Wolves IMO are looking for potential talent foremost not acquiring more role players.

          • KB24

            Lakers Will get love Minny will get 7,18th(was) Phx will get martin Win win situation…..s and t gasol for boozer(amn him) and jimmy butler(top2 lbj defender,kawhi is the top 1,pg24 top 3

  • Michael Hilton

    I love Kurt Rambis he is one of my favorite coaches in the NBA but this job is not for him.He needs to go coach in New York with Phil Jackson being there.The Lakers need to hire Lionel Train Hollins he brings much more to the table for what the Lakers are in need of and what they are looking for.Lionel is a perfect fit for Lakers.

    • Cuco

      Absolutely agree. Rambis is not a bad coach, and could do good things w the right team. But Hollins is definitely the man. Defensive minded, and runs a slower paced offense, which will benefit w Kobe and possibly Nash (if hes ever close to healthy) at their older ages. He also made good use of Z-Bo and Marc Gasol in Memphis, and that could help entice Gasol or possibly Hill to return. Gotta say I love that the team is reaching out to many candidates, seems like past two opportunities, they rushed the process.

      • Michael Hilton

        Yeah the Lakers FO are making the rounds in the coaching search and they have thoroughly searched and interviewed a lot of coaching candidates so far and they seem very determined to get this coaching hire correct this time around.

        I never have remembered seeing the Lakers FO doing this much interviewing for a head coaching job this shows the FO is dead serious and determined to select the perfect fit for the head coaching job.

        This is great news for us Lakers fans.We need the team to get on the right track once again and hiring a great coach is the main start to getting on a winning track.

        Yes Lionel Hollins is the man for the head coaching job and i full expect a announcement of his hiring as the next Lakers head coach that will be a great hire by our FO.Lionel Hollins is great at coaching defense and he will allow and trust Kobe to run the offense.Also Lionel will create a terrific post offense for our bigs.

        A major steal for the Lakers will be hiring Lionel Hollins he is great at coaching and a team like the Lakers with a big budget is perfect for him as they will add the players he needs to be very successful.Defense wins championships.

  • Michael Hilton

    Lionel Hollins improved the Memphis Grizzlies defense each year he coached them.

    Defensive Evolution, Lionel Hollins StyleSeasonDef.

    Defensive improvement went from ranked #19 to ranked #2 utterly amazing.

    Rank 2009-10 Ranked 19

    2010-11 Ranked 9

    2011-12 Ranked 7

    2012-13 Ranked 2


    Very important side note without Lionel Hollins the Grizzlies dropped from #2 on defense as a team to #8.That proves it was Lionel Hollins coaching a great defensive scheme and system.Memphis legend Lionel Hollins next Lakers coach.

    • LAstory

      You forgot to post he only had 3 seasons of a winning record in 7 years and has a worst PO record percentage than Byron Scott… STILL a great coach just wanted to be transparent…

      • Michael Hilton

        Sir he was in charge of the Vancouver Grizzlies 60 games in 1999-2000 and he had a bad record because that team was one of the all time worst rosters in NBA history so i won’t count that crap man.

        Then in 2004-2005 he was a interim head coach for only 4 games that’s not much of a sample size to count it as a losing season 0-4 man is nothing but a weeks worth of games so please don’t give me that as if he is a loser or something bad lol.Then in 2008-2009 Big Mark Ivaroni got fired for stinking up the joint and Lionel Hollins took over for the coaching duties and he went 13-26 which yes was not a full season and he was stepping in as a assistant coach to be a head coach.

        But finally in 2009-2010 he took Memphis from the gutter and rebuilt them to respectability with a
        40-42 record and the Grizzlies were now on the rise rebuilding the right way under Lionel Hollins then that season he went 46-36 and the Grizzlies finally made the playoffs and then he went on to have a winning season in the lockout year going 42-25 also making the playoffs again then 2012-2013 the Grizzlies went 56-26 and made it all the way to the Western Conference Finals.

        The L-Train has a 18-17 playoffs record a game over .500.Lionel Hollins has proven his worth as a head coach and he is on the rise in the NBA coaching rankings and the crazy owner in Memphis is the only reason he was not retained when his contract expired that Robert Pera is a jerk and he has a big ego.I think Lionel Hollins is getting hired by the Lakers as head coach.It will be a great hiring by the Lakers FO.Man is a leader and smart.

        • LAstory

          Well you did promote what he did in Memphis “from the gutter and rebuilt”, yet he didn’t do it in Vancouver… I like Hollins I think that pumping him up to much when NO other team has interviewed him this past year and only interview for the Lakers, the owner of the Grizzs is one thing, but look up Lionel berating team…. his style wont last as long as Kobe is on that team… Hollins is good for a young team not one with Kobe on it… again, I like Hollins and wouldn’t be upset if he is hired, though I am pushing for Byron.

          • Lakers Fan

            I just wanna ask. Why exactly do you want Byron to be the HC? Is it because of his ties to the Lakers? Because it can’t be because of his winning ways. You say Hollins need a young team, yet he had his best coaching career with a veteran team in Memphis. If its anything Scott is the one who needs the young team considering he was a better coach when he had a young team(New Jersey/New Orleans). People bash Lionell for gettin fired by the Grizzles due to him clashing with the FO, but have you seen the mess in Memphis lately regarding the FO? You have to take that into consideration and maybe think it wasn’t entirely Lionel’s fault. I have no issue with Byron, but based on recent success I would rather have Lionel.

          • LAstory

            Though it helps that Byron has Laker ties, it takes a special type of personality to coach here, Winning ways, well Byron took a NJN team to 2 NBA finals… I never said Hollins needed a younger team, I said that his style would fit a younger team, Hollins style of coaching will never vibe with how Kobe is it just won’t… and despite what people may think, he was fired due to his interaction with those veteran players. And your facts are slightly off, Jason Kidd wasn’t “young” as well as other players on that team and CP3 was a rookie that Byron drafted but that was a veteran team, now you and I may have a differ of opinions of what is considered what’s a veteran. I have not nor will I bash Lionel Hollins, ever as I said in my previous post, I will not be upset if he is hired by the Lakers. And based off recent success yes WITH that Memphis team he got the to the WCF, which is great.. this Lakers team isn’t that Memphis team, that will have a Kobe Bryant that will have little to no patients for Lionel’s learning curve to coaching Kobe, who is going to be here for at least 2 more years and from a recent interview with MK, depending on how Kobe feels could play after the 2 years. Mike Brown was a coach who was a genius with the Spurs, came to LA with no familarity with Kobe and we saw how that played out, Hollins who is considered a defensive minded coach COULD happen with him, Scott and Kobe and dare I say MK all have the same type of philosophy to the approach of the game they want to run… with Byron and MK from the days Byron was a player and knowing what Mitch wants the type of style he wants the team to play and it didn’t hurt having Byron commentate on the Lakers on FSW, and Kobe and Byron having multiple conversations about offensive and defensive schemes. Also Byron being a commentator for the Lakers, and Byron being a defensive minded coach, just as much as he was the third best defender behind Coop, and CAP… he is all about defense and ball pressure to spark the break… with all that being said… I have always like Hollins and would not be upset with the FO if they hired him, he should have been coaching this past year and deserves better than what happen to him in Memphis… So I wouldn’t mind Hollins at all, like you my opinion is that Byron is a better fit now and with the relationship he has with Kyrie (it could help) would love to play for Byron and with Kobe…

          • Lakers Fan

            While I agree with a lot of what you said, their is no way you can compare Mike Brown and Lionel Hollins. Mike Brown was “considered” a defensive guru, but he was awful with offensive schemes and rotations. Hollins on the other hand is a 2-way coach. He can coach both defense and offense. IMO, Kobe would mesh well with Hollins because of that and his recent success with the Grizzles. You also have to consider how tough it is the get into the playoffs in the Western Conference let alone win the West. Hollins has beat the 3 top teams in the playoffs while coaching the Grizzles with lesser talent. Scott had Chris Paul who is a superstar PG, and couldn’t get past the 2nd round. Zach Randolph led the team in scoring with 15 ppg, and that Grizzles team had no superstar on the team. Yet Hollins got them to the WCF. Now if they choose Scott over Hollins, who am I to question their decision. I’m just a fan playing the GM role. But I have a feeling they will regret it if they do. I’m not bashing Scott. I’ll take him if we can’t get Hollins. I just feel Hollins is the best coach as of right now.

          • LAstory

            I find it difficult to argue any of your points, yet it’s more indicative of Chris Paul never getting out of the second round since he has been in the NBA than on Byron Scott. We will know in a few weeks who they choose.

          • Anthony Hollins

            He didn’t have a chance to do building anything in Vancouver, he was coach for 60 days. Though during that time he had the best winning percentage of any previous coach. Also set a number of franchise records for road wins and consecutive road wins

          • LAstory

            He had 60 games to show what he could do and for whatever reason he wasn’t retained. As I am saying for the 4th time the team that Lionel had in Memphis isn’t this Lakers team… so with a with a different set of players and the extremely high pressure to compete for a championship, multiplied by an impatient Kobe Bryant and possibly Pau Gasol, amplified by us (Lakers fans) who can be brutal, impatient and vocally volatile I am not sure Lionel will ever be comfortable with that, this isn’t Memphis where making playoffs is a great season and winning your division and then wanting to hang that banner… here in LA the Lakers don’t hang divisional banners or WC champion banners… I don’t want to sound like I don’t like Hollins, I do and AGAIN!!! I wouldn’t mind him being the coach, at all… I just prefer Byron Scott.. that’s all..

          • Anthony Hollins

            I understand your difference of opinion. Just making sure the facts you are using to come to that point are accurate. I don’t care who you like, or for whatever reason.

            Btw, in Memphis there were a lot if people who thought The team should have gone after a new coach if the Grizz didn’t get out of the first round last year. Unrealistic expectations are everywhere. I agree it’s not LA, but there’s always pressure to get the job done

          • LAstory

            So let me get this straight, you don’t care who I like nor for what reason yet you took time to respond to my post… I guess that makes sense somewhere…. and I’ll extend that courtesy by saying I couldn’t careless what the people in Memphis want…you do… so I’ll let you do that.

          • Anthony Hollins

            Lol, my point is that you’re free to like whoever you want, I’m not here to change your mind nor attack you. I just hope that you have accurate facts when making that decision. Not sure where the hostility is coming from.

          • LAstory

            My apologies, lol.. its difficult for content through these post… I try to have accurate facts, yet they may not translate to this Lakers team concerning B. Scott.. I could be way off.. and wishing they’d hired L. Hollins… again my apologies…

        • Anthony Hollins

          You really know you’re stuff. To add to that. During his 60 games in Vancouver he had the best winning percentage of any previous coach, and the 18 games he won was just shy of the most the team had won over an 82 game season

  • dayton

    Lets cut the BS. If u cant get doc pop coach K or thibs ur best bet is hollins. Scott will want to much control just because he played for the Lakers. Just keep rambis as assistant. Thats his job. Not HC

  • corky carroll

    Always liked Rambis as a player, coach and human being. But I agree that THIS is not the right job for him. So far liking Hollins the best of what is on the table so far.

  • Adam

    The only reason Lionel Hollins is till not the coach of the Grizzlies is because the Grizzlies have a young whack job owner Robert Perra and he insults people and fires his employees for no good reason.He gave Dave Joerger hell for no reason.He fired the FO yesterday.He was put on blast by Wilbon and Tony from ESPN PTI today they called him a punk kid owner for messing with his employees.Otherwise Lionel Hollins would have never left Memphis,Robert Perra is the sole reason why he left.Memphis loss will be the Lakers gain…

  • Sylvia Ross

    No Kurt, PLEASEEEE Byron Scott, Lakers new HC.

  • VillainKing

    Coach Lionel Hollins please as the next lakers head coach..

  • Sylvia Ross

    I thought I read that Kelvin Love wouldn’t play for Kurt Rambis.

    • Marcus Franco

      I think that was the opposite.. LakersNation or some site, I don’t remember, spoke that he wants Rambis, actually

  • marvin

    wishful thinking:

    Head Coach: Lionel Hollins
    Assistants: Byron Scott, Kurt Rambis, Derek Fisher, (Another Former Head Coach or player)

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Please NO!Kurt Rambis added nothing as assistant coach for us.And he is a terrible Head Coach check his record with the Timberwolves.Plus Kevin Love the player we all want hates Kurt Rambis as a coach and that means NO Rambis!Don’t hire Kurt he sucks as a Head Coach and he did nothing last season.

  • Matt Williams

    At this point, Hollins is our best option. He’s got the best record. More wins than losses. We need to be smart about this and just give him the job. No disrespect to the others (Scott, Rambis, Gentry, etc.,) but we need a solid coach.

  • Kliffrichard


  • Lakers4Life

    Jesus! Why even consider Rambis as head coach…makes no sense whatsoever. Can the FO be more stupid or are they just humoring us fans and media? He shouldn’t even be a candidate. Assistant Coach at best IMO.

  • TheTruthKills

    I’m just sitting here waiting for Ettore Messina to get his interview.

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