Lakers News: Team ‘Hopeful’ To Meet With LeBron James Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="298"] With superstar LeBron James intending to opt out of his deal with the Miami Heat, teams around the league will be hoping to get an op [new_royalslider id="298"] With superstar LeBron James intending to opt out of his deal with the Miami Heat, teams around the league will be hoping to get an op Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Team ‘Hopeful’ To Meet With LeBron James

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With superstar LeBron James intending to opt out of his deal with the Miami Heat, teams around the league will be hoping to get an opportunity to talk to the perennial All-Star. The Los Angeles Lakers are one of those teams, according to Mike Bresnahan of the L.A. Times:

The Lakers are intrigued by LeBron James reportedly opting out of his contract and are hopeful of meeting with the free agent-to-be, The Times has learned.

As of right now, many believe that LeBron will simply re-sign with the Heat. Miami needs the Big 3 of LeBron, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh to opt out in order to give the team more leverage in free agency and potentially sign another star player like Carmelo Anthony.

Even though Miami is likely high on LeBron’s list of suitors, the four-time NBA MVP will test the market with teams like the Lakers and Cleveland Cavaliers ready to sign him to a lucrative long-term deal.

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Carmelo has also peaked the Lakers’ interest with the team also expected to speak to the star forward. Los Angeles has a better chance of landing Anthony opposed to LeBron, but the start of free agency is still days away on July 1 and anything can happen once things get underway.
Kobe Bryant On LeBron James, Championships – Also Says He’s 100%

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  • TrueLakersFan

    Why not? Isn’t luring free agents to come play for the best NBA Franchise, what the Lakers do?

    • A Fan

      And besides, it doesn’t matter where Lebron goes, he’s always going to be hated. Like what The Sports Dude said, might as well go to the franchise who’s pretty much used to the hate and whose franchise player thrives off of hate and doubt.

  • nash gots to go

    if they trade 7th pick with nash and don’t take salary back. Lakers could offer lebron and melo $17 mil per year starting salary. Possible, but not likely.

    • TrueLakersFan

      Why does the Lakers need 2 ball hogs on the team. Kobe, LeBron and other vets for cheap will suffice!

      • jeremy

        it could work kobe made it work with shaq

      • comrade24

        Lebron is highly unlikely. HIGHLY unlikely, Melo is the safer bet. The two can definitely coexist. What they need is a pass first point guard to be the buffer between the two. Having two dominant players on each wing who both can play straight up or back to the basket is a lethal combination. Both can command double teams, then you quickly swing the ball to the other side of the floor and spread out shooters and they’ll score 120ppg. As long as we have a defensive minded coach in place who can preach team defense they would be in the mix with the Western conference contenders IMO

  • jeremy

    if lakers do get melo or lebron or both if were super lucky. it be heat team all over again and the lakers would have to get players on cheap. just like the heat had to

    • Zimmeredge

      Yeah melo or lebron or bosh is Plenty enough.
      If we can build a trade for young+10 for Nash+7 (realistic trade) then draft payton with the 10. Add lebron or melo or bosh for 80m (4y).

      • comrade24

        If we were able to land Lebron and Melo (pretty tough cap wise) we would be OUT of the free agent market, so do we start Robert Sacre as center? I mean with MCW, Kobe, Lebron, and Melo we could start Smush Parker at center and still be considered a contender.

        • Zimmeredge

          we could also play 3 for 5.
          nah one of these guys is plenty enough. lot of solutions.

        • A Fan

          Fyi, we can go over the cap limit to re-sign both Pau and Hill. I don’t know about signing Lebron AND Melo but just signing one of them should be plenty enough and still leave us with enough cap space to build a solid supporting cast.

  • Deon

    LeBron James can’t and won’t say no to Kobe Bryant and Carmelo Anthony.

    • 張棟崴


  • Deon

    Mark Medina ‏@MarkG_Medina 1s

    Lakers will try to set up a meeting with both LeBron & Carmelo once free agency hits. Interest is substantially higher on LeBron

  • Todd

    Come to the Lakers!

  • Terrell

    Would the Lakers throw a big parade if they sign LeBron and Carmelo?

  • nash gots to go

    I wonder how much tickets would cost for a kobe, lebron, and melo lakers game.

    • Julio

      Most expensive tickets in NBA history tbh.

  • nash gots to go

    After the Lakers sign Bron and Melo Kobe tweets:

    Not 1 not 2 not 3 not 4 not 5 not 6 not 7

  • Mario

    LeBron is a rebel and a wild guy that will do whatever he wants anytime.King James will play wherever he wants and he loves LA.He has the Dre Beats deal based in LA location.And for LBJ it’s all about winning and that’s it.And the Lakers championship roster is already mapped out.LeBron will do whatever he wants he doesn’t care what the Heat fans or any fans say he wants to play in LA so be it let it be.LeBron just wants to be happy and the Lakers will make him very happy as a class A organization with the resources and clout to get whatever players are needed to win championships the Lakers championship pedigree speaks for itself.Championships are a Lakers tradition and will continue to be forever.

    • MissCicely

      Side note: LeBron sold his stake in Beats for 30mil. :)

  • Calvin

    It’s time for the Lakers to bring all that Time Warner Cable money to the meeting and start spending all of it.Lakers got a huge pay off from TWC and now it’s the summer of 2014 that they have been preparing for and waiting being patient for.

    Time to just go on a big spending spree this Summer.Send that private jet to pickup LeBron James and then take him out to the most expensive restaurant in Los Angeles.Use the finest limo service in the state to pick LeBron from the best most expensive hotel in LA actually just give him the master bedroom at the Buss household.Yes King James is ready to be whined and dined by the Lakers.Signing with the Lakers is the pursuit of happiness for LeBron James.

    Then you all know Kobe and Camelo will be well dressed with a big smile on their faces.It’s also Magic Johnson that wants to meet up with LeBron James and he has some words to share with LeBron.Recruiting at it’s finest.Treating LBJ like a King!

  • The_Sports_Dude

    As it currently stands, there are no basketball reasons for LeBron to take over the Lakers rebuilding project, but by now he should’ve come to the realization that he will never win because he’ll always have his detractors and he’ll never be beloved like Jordan. You know who else was (is) in the same situation? Kobe Bryant. What the Lakers brand provides that no other franchise can offer is insulation. If the 29 fanbases are going to be filled with hate and vitriol, he might as well suit up for the one franchise that wears that hate like a badge of honor. We are the most loyal fanbase. Ask Kobe where he found refuge during the 2003-2004 season when the world was raining venom upon him. Miami is a nice place and Pat Riley built a great run, but everyone knows winning LA, where the Lakers rule the hearts and minds of the populace, is different. We have the pedigree and legacy, and we did it before when we acquired WIlt Chamberlain 10 years into his hall of fame career.

    Now if only we had the cap flexibility to actually assemble a supporting cast that could contend in the super-stacked Western Conference… and I’m not just talking about a starting 5 because you need a deep bench to win it all.

    • box5

      Man this is a grand post, I like it yell

    • comrade24

      Exactly!!! you know what i miss? The Beat LA chants at the end of close road games. They were like music to my ears. Haven’t heard those in a few years.

    • Devon Samuels²⁴

      Well said!

    • Lakers Realist

      Here’s the thing. If they could convince Nick to come back without a substantial raise, lock in Jordan Hill, and bring back Meeks/Bazemore/Xavier and Farmar/Marshall, that’s a roster. Not perfect, but if they could actually pull this off and Kobe really is fully recovered and stays healthy, I’d say that’s a better team than Lebron’s Heat teams.

      Of course we all know this is going to be a long shot, but if this plays out I think they could build a roster pretty easily.

    • A Fan

      Trade Nash and the 7th for Thaddeus Young and the 10th, then bring back some of the players from this past season’s roster. With the 10th pick, they’ll most likely end up with either Aaron Gordon or Julius Randle.

      G – Kobe/Farmar/Marshall
      G – Bazemore/Young or Meeks/Henry
      F – Lebron/Johnson
      F – Young/Gordon or Randle/Kelly
      C – Gasol/Hill/Sacre

      There’s no permanent starter at the 2 and 4. It can depend on the situation. Oh, and hire Lionel Hollins as the HC.

      • comrade24

        but if you trade the 7th pick to Philly you wouldn’t be able to draft Gordon or Randle.

        • A Fan

          Picks 1-3 would be Parker, Exum, and Wiggins (not necessarily in that order).
          ORL’s top 2 choices would be Exum and Smart.
          Picks 5-7 would be 3 of the following: Vonleh, Embiid, Gordon, Randle.
          If SAC and CHA does what everyone thinks they’ll do at 8 and 9 (SAC drafting a PG, w/c could be either Payton or Smart, and CHA drafting McDermott to solve their SF scoring and shooting problems), then that leaves us with the one big man who wasn’t selected from 5-7, which is most likely either Gordon or Randle.

          Of course, it all depends on what SAC and CHA does.

  • Arnold

    Lakers gotta trade Steve Nash and seventh pick to Philly for MCW.Philly can’t wait.

    Big four of Kobe+LeBron+Carmelo+MCW with great role player will be champs.

    • comrade24

      If that happens MCW will be the luckiest PG in the NBA. Figuring out who to pass to is like trying to decide which supermodel to date

  • Jordan

    Rating the four players like this in order out of a 100 rating.2014-2015 Ratings.

    1.LeBron James 100
    2.Carmelo Anthony 97
    3.Kobe Bryant 90
    4.MCW 88

  • yomomma

    its piqued interest not peaked interest..learn to write

  • Shahroz Khan

    First of all get rid of Nash. Trade him to a team like the 76ers or the Wizards so he can “mentor” their young PGs for a 2nd round pick. With Pau and Nash’s contracts freed up we have $29 million in freed up cap room. Kobe did take a $6 million pay cut and the cap will probably rise by $5 million so that’s $40 million for Carmelo and Lebron. They may even go for less in order to get Love or Irving next year. With the pick, we need to get a point guard or center. Go for Exum/Embiid/Smart in that order. If we get Exum or Smart, we can resign Pau and put him at Center or try to pick up Blatche or Boozer on cheap, one-year deals. If we get Embiid, just start Farmar of Marshall. Just imagine a line up of Exum/Smart, Kobe, Melo, Lebron, Pau. Damn good. We can keep our current bench (Young, Hill, Meeks, Farmar, Marshall, Bazemore, Xavier, Sacre, 2nd round big man from trading Nash). I like our chances if this happens. It CAN happen. We have the room and the allure.

  • Cordero J Ramsey

    I am disappointed in the comments of my fellow lakers fans. We should be on an all out protest to prevent Lebron from coming to LA. If we acquire him we will be the Miami Heat, a team the lakers have hated with a disdain ever since Lebron joined. Where is our heart? Our desire (basically the desire of every Kobe fan who has to defend his supremacy over Lebron) should be to beat Lebron as Dallas and San Antonio did. Melo I understand but Lebron? C’mon man!!!

    • The_Sports_Dude

      The only team I harbor any disdain for is the Boston Celtics. This isn’t about Kobe exerting supremacy over LeBron, this has been and always will be about the Lakers exerting supremacy over the NBA.

      Keep your eyes on the prize, young buck. The walls of Lakers lore are filled with great players that have come and gone and left indelible marks on our legacy. The one thing that has remained constant is the team. It has always been about the team. It will always be about the team.

      • Andrew Hirigoyen

        While I respect your dislike for LeBron, I disagree. It’s about attracting players who turn your franchise around. Theatrics, Excitement, Star Power. The Lakers have always been the team that somehow rises to the top after disappointing years. I don’t see how you can ignore how great a player LeBron James truly is. I just don’t see the point in hating a guy who handled himself so well with the pressure of the world on him. Everyone discredited him and his numbers were still phenomenal.

        Whatever happens, the Lakers are a big ticket market and have the money if they choose to take that risk. I am behind the Lakers Organization with whatever path they choose to take.

      • Cordero J Ramsey

        Thank you for responding to my thoughts. Personally I’ll be content with melo if he agrees.

      • Bravo

        couldnt have said it better myself.

    • Ben

      Finally someone who understands what Laker pride is all about! I’d rather Kobe retire with 5 rings he worked hard to get with other ring-less stars like Shaq and Pau and great role players than win 1 or 2 more just because Lebron who already has rings came along!

    • TheTruthKills

      Key sentence:”basically the desire of every Kobe fan who has to defend his supremacy over Lebron”

      Dude, the Lakers are bigger than Kobe. It’s about the team, the organization, the brand. It’s about winning. I regret to tell you this, but if winning meant bringing LeBron in then that’s exactly what the Lakers will try to do. You “Kobe first” fans are foolish. In 2 years you’ll be gone when Kobe retires.It’ll be sad to see Kobe go, but you “Kobe first” fans will not be missed.

      • Cordero J Ramsey

        Thank you for responding to my thoughts. It’s nice to note that I am a second generation lakers fan and recognize how important the team is over individual players. Personally I would like to see the lakers beat the heat (meaning Lebron) than join them or become them. Remember couple years back when the cavs had the best home record in the league and they played the lakers; Kobe was playing with flu like symptoms and a broken finger on his shooting hand and they came in Cleveland and torched them? Great games like that will be a memory if Lebron joins. Call me crazy but personally I want to beat Lebron

      • LakersForLife

        no, Lakers is not about Kobe. 10-20 yrs from now there will be somebody else carrying the team as another Laker legend, BUT..the next 2 seasons..it’s still Kobe’s team to lead. adding somebody as big as Lebron..will def chance the way people see our beloved Lakers..will chance people see the living legend that is now the leader of Lakers. now, you probably think i’m a Kobe fan..no, i’m not. But Kobe is the one the person who add 5 more champion banners..to that wall I have been watch to the left of my seat..for the last 29 yrs. If Lebron joined Lakers before he joined Heat..I probably will consider him.

      • Ben

        What good is a championship if we are known as the team that needed to do this just to beat Thunder, Clippers, Spurs, and EC champion?

        The last two times the Lakers tried this we lost! Nash/Dwight/Pau/Kobe and Kobe/Shaq/Malone/Payton.

        It’d be better just to have one more star, great role players, and a good coach.

        line, you can’t buy championships and be respected (see Miami Heat last
        four seasons). They’re going to have to work for it either way.
        Lakers don’t need to go down to this level.

        • TheTruthKills

          So you’d rather lose and keep this imaginary respect? Lol I’m done.

          • Ben

            I’d rather we won a certain way. It’s not imaginary for me, I had no respect for the Heat during their last two championships. I had a TON of respect for the Spurs this year. We just have different opinions I guess, but since we’re both Lakers fans, we’ll have to live with whatever happens. Can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow!

    • comrade24

      No. we will be the Lakers. The team who always lures the top free agents. You act like this is something new? You think we drafted Kareem? Drafted Shaq? give me a break. If the best player in the world is a FA you go after him. that’s a no brainer.

      • Cordero J Ramsey

        Thank you for responding to my thoughts and you are right that has been the lakers way. Personally I would prefer to beat Lebron.

        Ps Kobe is the best player in the world disregarding injuries. KD is also better IMO

        • Cordero J Ramsey

          Better than Lebron that is

        • comrade24

          i think Kobe in his prime vs. Lebron in his prime (now) there’s no contest. Hands down Kobe wins, i’m just saying at this point in their careers Lebron is the best. It took several years for me to admit that lol Kd’s definitely the best scorer in the league, but Lebron makes everyone around him better, Durant doesn’t. When Durant averages 30/8/8 i’ll change my mind. Durant’s young though, he’s still got room to improve his defense, court vision, and general basketball IQ.
          You know the saying used to be “I asked Lebron James for change for a dollar and he gave me 75 cents. Why? Cause Lebron never gives you the 4th quarter.”
          He’s shed that perception in the last few years, and i think KD will end up being better than Lebron in the history books

    • Chrisanti Dye

      I agree!!!

    • LakersForLife

      I totally agreed!!! Yes, Lebron is awesome and having him join Lakers is almost guarrantee another ring..or two for Kobe, BUT…I want Kobe to continue his legacy by his own. If we need to add another superstar, let it be Melo or Love or somebody new. I dunno man..i don’t hate Lebron, but i’m feeling sick now..just to think he is with Kobe raising another banner together. It just don’t feel right!!


        Losing is better for Kobe, Love is not a free agent. Melo by himself wll not help.

  • ra

    Good news is: we will know ‘once and for all’ the future of the Lakers franchise. If LeBron goes elsewhere (back to Miami, to Cleveland, etc.), then that will be it. The Lakers will be forever out of the running for LeBron and we can move on.

    This is great news, because now we’ll know ‘exactly’ what to do. There will be no ‘ifs, ands, or buts’ like there was with DH. If our future includes LeBron, it is here and now. If it doesn’t, then we can get going with something else. That’s it!

    Couldn’t be happier (either way, whether LeBron comes here or now). It’s about time.

    • comrade24

      we can also stop saving cap room for 2015 since all the FA’s that were projected to be FA’s next year are this year, so it’s now or never Lakers. No reason to preserve cap room (unless it’s for 2016) so let’s go all in and build the next dynasty!!!!

    • Wakeupnow

      I don’t want LeBron I want to beat LeBron. How he doesn’t come to the Lakers. That will be a sad day in laker country

  • Klay

    LeBron James is a businessman first and foremost and this is a business decision and Los Angeles and the Lakers is the perfect business move for LeBron as LA is the second biggest market in the USA and Miami is the 16th market in the USA.Yes it’s strictly business just strictly business my brother.

    • ra

      yes, but keep in mind that there are no taxes in Florida. LeBron should make a deal w/LA that scales up after 2 years, and during that time, can work on media related projects. He will be a star no matter which team he goes to, so he doesn’t have to win Championships yet, while he is promoting himself.

      Another Championship would help, and of course that’s what we want here in LA, so it would just be a matter of time.

      It would be a clear business decision to come here to LA.

      But, the flipside is – he will eventually need to win Championships. It is much more difficult in the West to get to the Finals. Spurs, Sooners (I mean Thunder), Clips, etc. The LEastern Conference is weaker, and he wouldn’t have to work as hard to get to the Finals. However, with which team in the East? The Heat run may be over, Chicago will go for Melo, …. Cleveland? That may be his best bet for another Championship ‘sooner’, and would be a move of ‘redemption’ (Cleveland’s ‘son’ coming home, after playing around in Miami).

      But, for pure business, media, promotion, projects, etc. LA’s the pLAce.

  • rik

    trade nash and no.7 pick for mcw and no.10 pick.
    PG: MCW/ farmar/ marshall
    SG: Kobe/ Lavine/ bazemore
    SF: Lebron/ henry/ wes johnson
    PF: Melo/ kelly
    C: Okafor/ kaman/ sacre
    heres the money:
    kobe 24 mil
    lebron 17 mil
    melo 17 mil
    mcw 2 mil
    okafor 1 mil
    farmar 1 mil
    bazemore 1 mil
    marshall 1 mil
    lavine 2 mil
    johnson 1 mil
    kelly 1 mil
    kaman 1 mil
    sacre 1 mil
    =70 MIL

  • Michael Davis

    Seriously why even pretend like this is going to happen, lebron haters all of a sudden become his cawk Ryders wtf … we need a team! not a bunch of big names that fail half the time

  • Not Tyler Durden

    Kobe, Lebron, Gasol with the #7 pick make a pretty good team and better than the big 3 in Miami. Would be best team in the East, and top 3 seed in the West.

  • iEATcelticBabies

    Kobe does need an heir to the throne…lebron would be nice, give him a chance to redeem himself and his bandwagon fan’s, personally would prefer, love and westbrook, keep it LOS !

  • hookedonnews

    Any team would take LeBron if given the opportunity. Not high on Melo myself, but if it took signing him to get LeBron I would get on board. Any team LeBron plays on is instantly in the playoff picture, and the Lakers would do whatever it takes to sign him just like any other team would (except possibly the Spurs).

  • jrzarate90

    no Queen James! Only 1 King in L.A. Mr. Kobe Bryant

  • Jonathan Ly

    Piqued not peaked. Y’all need some better work from the copy editor.

  • iEATcelticBabies

    if lebron and melo come to the lakers, paul will follow soon after…hmmmm, this could be niiiiice

  • Elden

    The only team that can sign both LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony are the Los Angeles Lakers they are the only team with the salary cap space to outright sign both LeBron and Carmelo.Stephen A. Smith has went on record and said he is 90% to 95% sure LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony will end up playing together in the 2014-2015 NBA season.Wake and smell the coffee world LeBron and Carmelo are a packaged deal they come together.Nobody can stop them from playing together.

    That’s the biggest advantage the Lakers have over all the other serious contenders to get LeBron James.The Lakers can actually pull it off others just talk the talk and pipe dream on this stuff.Both unrestricted free agents looking for a team to play for that can fit them both in and the Lakers are that team.

  • Dennis

    Kobe Bryant+LeBron James+Carmelo Anthony+MCW or #7 pick is a great nucleus and a amazing core of players.Filling the rest of the roster is also important.The Lakers are in a win win situation if they sign LeBron and Carmelo.Kobe Bryant can still kick ass at playing basketball,he has the motivation and determination to overcome his age and injuries always Kobe will score on the court.LeBron James is the best player on the planet and he is the leader of any team he is on but he respects Kobe and Carmelo enough to share the ball and make them get comfortable in the offense they choose to run.Which offense would you run with Kobe+LeBron+Carmelo+MCW?A championship style offense please.

    Add shooters and big men and a good coach and we are back on top winning championships.It’s easy when you have Kobe+LeBron and it’s very easy when you add Carmelo+MCW or #7 pick.The Lakers are in the driver seat to win it all if they execute this plan to sign LeBron+Carmelo.Rings baby.

  • Dennis

    Make sure Steve Nash is waived.

  • amrinlong

    As a Laker and Rockets fan through even hard times, this would not be a great decision in the long run. Change upper management first and support the idea of playing an NBA’s version of moneyball to build a well rounded efficient team like the Spurs have done. But this is Hollywood LA we are talking about here and I guess we need the glitz and glamour of things to promote everything but the changes necessary to be made. Bureaucracy kills initiatives…

  • fuck steve nash

    As long as Stephen Nash is fucking gone, I’m good.

  • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

    LeBron would damage his reputation even further by jumping ship. I’m not a James fan, but I’d be foolish to act like he wouldn’t be a great asset to the Lakers. Top player in the NBA, but why would he come to LA? The market? The franchise history? We’re not a “win now” team waiting for a superstar final piece. James would help the Lakers, but are the Lakers good for James?

  • LakerLore

    LeBron isn’t coming. What do we have to offer?

  • John Bauer

    Hope this happens Go LAKERS !!! By the way I have a serious crush on you Serena Winters !!! Are you available You are sure a cute Hot Babe !!!

  • John Bauer

    I just want 2 more banners so we have one more than you know who !!!

  • Wakeupnow

    The second James puts on a Laker jersey I am burning my laker gear. What ever happened to competition? I want to see LeBron vs Kobe playing against each other not in the same team. Michael Jordan wanted to beat the competition, not join them.

    • TheTruthKills

      Glad to know your loyalties are so fragile. Just go be a Clipper fan and save yourself the trouble.

      • Wakeupnow

        Great to know that you are a band wagon fan I think the clippers would suit you better.what does it say that you don’t even trust the Lakers org and just want lebron for a quick ring.the man just wants to use teams for his own agenda and leaves when it no longer suits him he leaves…and you want that clown here??? Fake Fans like you make me sick. I have been here through the good and the bad.we have won without LeBron and we will win again. You ‘re the kind of guy that was talking smack on lebron but all of asudden you’re a fan lol fake azz people

        • TheTruthKills

          I’m the fake fan? You’re the guy who said and I quote “The second James puts on a Laker jersey I am burning my laker gear”. That’s all it would take for you to rage quit on the Lakers? You’re about as phony as they come. And please check your history. I am probably the only person on this entire site that is a fan of LeBron. While the Lakers are (and will always be) my favorite team, I enjoy watching LeBron play. I remember when I said LeBron is already one of the greatest players of all-time and I was attacked for it. I stand by everything I say and so should you. If you’re that ready to set all of your gear ablaze then maybe you should just tuck your tail between your legs and run now.

  • Ferdinand Rosario

    Kobe james melo like it yes!go lakers

  • Wade Wilson

    If both LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony do join Kobe and the Lakers then it will be 2004 all over again when the Lakers picked up both Karl Malone and Gary Payton to team up with Kobe and Shaq…except this time the Lakers will win the 2014-2015 NBA Title.

  • Bravo

    hope this happens but who are we kidding. i doubt we sign either lebron or melo, they wanna join contenders and were sadly far from that. i hate to say it but were gonna have to rebuild thru the draft this time, and thats gonna probably take awhile

  • TrueKingJordan

    Pathetic, after he realized he cannot win anymore championships he wants Lakers, thats a loser attitude if you ask me.

  • TrueKingJordan

    Yeah like I said. to me thats just a loser attitude, he realized he would not win anymore titles in Miami so he goes somewhere else.

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