Lakers News: Team Hasn’t Talked To George Karl About Coaching Job

Lakers News: Team Hasn’t Talked To George Karl About Coaching Job


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It will take some time for the Los Angeles Lakers to make a decision on who’ll be the next head coach of the storied franchise. With no shortage of viable options, the Lakers taking time to weigh the pros and cons of candidates is a smart move after Mike Brown and Mike D’Antoni failed to pan out.

One candidate that may have an inside track with GM Mitch Kupchak is George Karl. The former Coach of the Year expressed interest in the position, but has yet to talk to the Lakers brass about the head coaching vacancy.

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Apparently, Karl’s relationship with Kupchak goes all the way back to college at the University of North Carolina. Karl let it be known that he was Kupchak’s roommate while playing for the Tar Heels on SiriusXM via ESPN:

“Mitch Kupchak [Lakers general manager] and I were roommates in college and Mitch has been a very good friend of mine for years,” Karl said on “Off The Dribble” on SiriusXM. “Have I talked to Mitch in the last couple of weeks? No I haven’t.”

Karl isn’t the only head coaching candidate that has ties with Kupchak from North Carolina as current Tar Heels head coach Roy Williams has been linked to the job. Williams downplayed the chance of becoming Mike D’Antoni’s replacement in Los Angeles, but left the door open.

As for Karl, the veteran head coach has been out of the game after the Nuggets parted ways with him shortly after he won the Coach of the Year award in 2013. Despite health issues over the years, Karl has expressed in returning to coaching and will likely get consideration from the Lakers.

According to ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne, the Lakers haven’t been in touch with Karl as of yet:

The Lakers have yet to reach out to Karl, a source told’s Ramona Shelburne.

The Lakers will continue to weigh their options with the NBA draft lottery rapidly approaching on May 20. Karl will likely get serious consideration if truly interested in the position with the Lakers.
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  • iDontCare

    Yes? Or Nah?

    • vdogg

      absolutely YES!

  • Heat Fan

    Lakers have nothing as far as a roster is concerned.Under contract injured and 40 years old Steve Nash,Injured and unsure of a healthy return Kobe soon to be 36 years old.Robert Sacre a clumsy non skilled grocery bagger.Ryan Kelly a player that is weak physically and seems destined to be another Steve Novak.Other than that nobody is under contract.Yeah the Lakers would need a modern day miracle to make that roster become good.Yes a draft pick is in play that is great and all but it will take much more than a lottery pick to fix this terrible roster up.Too many holes in the roster and not enough salary cap space to fix the roster due to the outrageous huge contract Kobe Bryant signed.My lord some delusional Lakers fans think the roster will include LeBron James and others that is laughable.

    • Matt Williams

      What’s laughable is you coming on here calling yourself trolling Laker fans. Why don’t you go back to poll jocking Lebron somewhere else. Stay off Laker’s page.

    • Mathias

      The thing is, when Lebron bolts from Miami, and that is definitely WHEN, then what do the heat have? Mediocrity. The same as before Lebron came and carried Wades injury prone ass. Nobody except Wade is loyal to that franchise, even the fans refuse to arrive to games on time. The lakers are in a bad way right now but guess what? The fans are still there, the pride is still there. Who the hell is gonna be with Miami when Lebron and Bosh move on? Dwyane Wade, Pat Riley, Mario Chalmers and an arena full of empty seats. Enjoy the success.

  • Heat Fan

    George Karl is a good regular season coach but a terrible playoffs coach.First round and out is his history.

    • Dino Madness

      That’s true but he’s never had a player like Kobe at the end of games.
      He’s made it to the playoffs like 22 times so he get’s his teams to
      produce results. Unfortunately people won’t be able to see him as a
      great coach until he’s able to win it all. Just like Larry Brown needed
      that NBA championship to complete a great coaching career so does
      George Karl. Without winning that NBA Championship he will have an
      empty void that will never be fill.

  • Sylvia Ross


    • vdogg

      wholeheartedly concur.

  • ra

    … and won’t. ….. and DON’T.

    George Karl, from Colorado (Nuggets), the state that loves to hate (Kobe, that is). (even though his kid is named Coby and he played for the Lakers, and was a fan favorite during that time).

    But, not a good fit. Also, if Melo is coming here (prob. not), I’m sure he wouldn’t want to be re-united with a coach who couldn’t help him past the 1st round.

    • comrade24

      I personally, would much rather have Kevin Love or Kyrie Irving, preferrably both. No thanks to Melo, and George Karl for that matter. Karl has always had fast paced, run and gun teams (Sonics, Nuggets) just can’t see him being a good fit for the Lakers.

  • Andy L

    So how many more articles will there be on this loser not having talked to the Lakers yet? Talk to my ass girlfriend!

    • ra

      George Karl is contacting Lakers Nation website to generate some ‘unsung’ publicity. He obviously isn’t contacting the Lakers and asking them to contact him.

  • Scott Asai

    Good! Karl is and always will be overrated. He can have a good regular season, but he’s done NOTHING in the playoffs. Oh wait, he got the Sonics to the Finals once, well you know what? Mike Brown did the same in Cleveland. Karl is NOT worthy of being a candidate. We don’t want someone else’s leftovers. Championship coach or bust.

  • independentbynature


  • kliff richard

    please hire george karl or mark jackson and jeff van gundy and my wild card quin snyder as head coach LA Lakers next season

  • Adlaker12

    Umm He’s an admitted Laker hater. I say let Golden state hire him so the Lakers will continue to own him and his style play like we did with his Denver Nuggets.

  • Kirk Kelley

    The thing about George Karl is what a “Laker Hater” he was especially in Denver…unless i’m mistaken he was quoted back then about how much he hated them…So now that he’s looking for the paycheck he wants to be their coach??? He’s a good coach but I can’t forgive him for the hatred comments….I sure hope Jimmy B and Mitch don’t either…

  • Guest

    If they take the decision out of the hands of “Baby boy Buss”… only then can we get a GOOD coach.. bBby Boy Buss is simply not good with important decision!

  • Guest

    If they take the decision out of the hands of “Baby boy Buss”… only
    then can we get a GOOD coach.. Baby Boy Buss is simply not good with
    important decision!

  • Jerry Arthur Newcomb

    If they take the decision out of the hands of “Baby boy Buss”… only
    then can we get a GOOD coach.. Baby Boy Buss is simply not good with
    important decisions!