Lakers News: Team Announces Summer League Roster, Julius Randle Included Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="300"] The 2014 NBA Summer League will get underway for the Los Angeles Lakers on Friday, July 11 in Las Vegas, Nevada at COX Pavilion again [new_royalslider id="300"] The 2014 NBA Summer League will get underway for the Los Angeles Lakers on Friday, July 11 in Las Vegas, Nevada at COX Pavilion again Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Team Announces Summer League Roster, Julius Randle Included

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The 2014 NBA Summer League will get underway for the Los Angeles Lakers on Friday, July 11 in Las Vegas, Nevada at COX Pavilion against the Toronto Raptors.

On Tuesday, along with the start of a vital free agency period for the Lakers, the team released the roster of their Summer League squad.

Rookies Julius Randle (Kentucky) and Jordan Clarkson (Missouri) will join Kendall Marshall and Rodrigue Beaubois in Las Vegas. Along with the two veterans joining forces with the team’s top two draft picks, the Lakers also have the following players on the roster:

Xavier Gibson (Florida State), Anthony Ireland (Loyola Marymount), Jerome Jordan (Tulsa), DeAndre Kane (Iowa State), Trevor Mbakwe (Minnesota), Kevin Murphy (Tennessee Tech), LaQuinton Ross (Ohio State), Roscoe Smith (UNLV) and Renaldo Woolridge (USC).

Nine rookies round out the roster with Beaubois being the seasoned veteran with four years NBA experience. Marshall has two years at the NBA level while Jordan and Murphy both have one year under their belts.

This roster is subject to change with Randle’s status still up in the air. Players like second-year forward Ryan Kelly could also be added to the roster along with other young players that might be signed.

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With no head coach in place, the Lakers will have Mark Madsen and Larry Lewis as associate coaches along with assistants Tom Bialaszewski, Clay Moser and JJ Outlaw.

The Lakers are scheduled to play the Raptors, New Orleans Pelicans (July 13) and Golden State Warriors (July 14) before seeding for their fourth and fifth games.
Lakers Mitch Kupchak On Coach Search And Free Agency

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  • Jim213

    Will watch.

  • truth24

    yuk!!! marshall and Kelly suck

    • BULL

      keep Kelly out of that sentence

      • Jarvis

        Ryan Kelly is not going to play in the Summer League.Technically another team can offer him more money still all the Lakers did is offer him the qualifying offer that’s why he is not on the SL Team.

    • GodlyRebel

      Marshall….. i understand, but you obviously haven’t been watching Kelly.

      he started the season coming off the foot injury. since the all-star break i believe….. he was coming back to form(BTW hes just a rookie, hes still developing). Kelly has been blocking shots, getting rebounds, Dropping threes, i remember vs the Suns he stole the ball during an inbound and he ran the break performed a behind the back losing a defender and finished with a sweet one hand flush. he also crossed up Durant. i’m not saying hes a “Star” or “Great” player but i can see him becoming a good role player.


      couldn’t say it better myself but the videos you posted didnt cover enough

      i think theres only one video that would make sense
      on youtube Search:
      “Ryan Kelly | Grown Up | HD”

      • Me$$

        Godly where have you been!!, Thanks bro and yea that video is much better

    • Thoughtso

      Noooo Marshall really! He is skilled passer but cant defend at all. We need a pg who is quick and who can defend these other top pgs. Give jordan clarkson or Kane a try.

      • Badazztj12

        We will find out during summer league. People can always buff up during offseason

    • Veneno

      you said it….marshall needs to start looking for a new D league team to play for….

      • J Taylor

        Marshall can be very useful in the right situation… If he’s and would help a team find a championship.

    • Jarvis

      Yep Ryan Kelly is slow and not athletic the typical white guy lol ha ha but he is a 10 out of 10 as a shooter and Chandler Parsons is not that athletic slightly more athletic than Ryan Kelly yet he is about to get bank in free agency.Ryan Kelly is the best shooter on the Lakers.Also a good rebounder and he has a very high basketball IQ.He is a good guy for us.

      • J Taylor

        Ryan is a 6’10″ SG…. He needs to learn how to be “big” and play in the paint when needed…. Otherwise, he’s a 2nd tier guy who will be a bench specialist.
        - He’s “this generation’s” version of Pau or Nowitzki, except both of them have learned that they STILL need to be a PF.

        • BrandonY221

          This Generation’s Paul of Nowitzski? LOL you mean the same exact player as Novak

    • VillainKing

      Fuck Marshall..

  • JohnSmith00

    I’m glad Randle made it I was hearing the possibility that he might get signed until after free agency, which would have prevented him from playing in the summer league.

  • Badazztj12

    Great news. We will get to see how Julius Randle play against NBA length and see if Kendall Marshall improve his defense

  • fuck nash man

    Carmelo isn’t coming. Dark days ahead with Kendall Marshall and Jordan Clarkson the future.

    Steve Nash, fuck you

    • BULL

      hahaha.. summer league.. roster not even finish.. im tryin to see how my boy Kelly looks along with Clarkson

    • wangkon936

      Don’t blame Steve Nash. It was the Lakers’ fan’s high expectations that brought Steve Nash here in the first place. We are greedy little Lakers fans. We want to win all the time forever. Forget rebuilding. We made a roll of the dice in 2012 and it came up snake eyes. It happens. We must not repeat the same mistake over again though by overpaying for old guys (i.e. Pau Gasol) or marginally talented free agents (i.e. Trevor Ariza).

  • fuck nash man

    So Jodie Meeks getting paid nearly $7M/year while reportedly Wade is considering $11M starting annual salary?

    Wade is probably rethinking his contract situation at the moment and be like the fuck is this Jodie dude getting paid $7M/year?

    • fuck you man

      6.3 M / Year fuck you!

      • fuck nash man

        it’s $20M for 3 years, if you round the numbers it would be $7M which I said “nearly” to save myself from typing $6.66666666666…..M mil but you made me do it anyway

        • BULL

          well isn’t Wade doing it to keep James.. shit If I was Wade I would too.. he will not lead another team alone again! might as well keep the best player in the league with you by taking a cut

        • sam

          Its 19 mill , know it all

      • J Taylor

        FU Man – Grow up.. Your schtick is tired.And your words sound like a drunk beligerant jerk.

  • BallisLife24

    Should’ve invited Patric Young…

    • wangkon936

      Yeah, I thought so too but he’s with the Pelicans.

  • Double

    Ok they announced the roster but…who will coach them? :)

  • VillainKing

    Deandre Kane make your revenge now!!

  • numb1lakefan

    marshall had the lakers number 3 in the league in assist last year ALONE he just needs to form his shot and learn to play d. james or melo will be a laker i guarantee you that from a laker insider

  • independentbynature

    Our roster might not look much better than this while the FO is busy with the LeBron/Melo pipe dream.

    • Thomas Klein

      Lebronze, the frozen one is not going anywhere, but Carmelo is leaving New York, it’s just a question of the Bulls or the Lakers. The Lakers and the Suns are the only two teams with enough cap space to sign him outright, everyone else would need a sign and trade. We have a good shot a getting him, I say one in three, and if we sign him for a max deal, we still have enough for a very good point guard, think Lowery, or Bledsloe, or Isiah Thomas, and if we package Nash up with Clarkson and a 2 nd round pick for one of the above point guards, we have enough for a center, Gortat, Hawes, or Gasol on the cheap.

      • jeremy

        well gortat is gone he resign with the wiz and i wouldnt give up on clarkson why not give him a chance.instead of trading him

  • numb1lakefan

    i had this vision of ryan kelly and melo tandem…could happen

    • laker fan in little d

      thats awesome lol!!!

  • VillainKing

    Julius Randle and Deandre Kane show to us how you play ball!!

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Julius Randle is going to play in the Summer League that is great news and i can’t wait to watch him play for the Lakers.I fully expect him to dominate from day 1.It will be his first experience as a NBA player but against lesser competition.

    Jordan Clarkson should be starting on the Lakers Summer League Team.I already know what Kendall Marshall can do i been watching him struggle in the Summer League the last 2 years anyways as we all know he can play like 2 games and then go home and relax,teams always send their veteran players home after a game or 2 at the Summer League.Jordan Clarkson is the player we want to see play and find out if he can be as good as he was rated as the 19th best prospect by NBA Draft Net.Also DeAndre Kane needs some minutes it would be a shame if he gets a permanent spot on the bench during Summer League.

    Jerome Jordan is a big body that has never found a home in the NBA.Maybe he can finally show he belongs for good we certainly can use his size.

  • Earl

    Damn the Lakers have a loaded Summer League Team.Julius Randle is the best player from the 2014 NBA Draft.Jordan Clarkson is a all time great pick in round 2 the guy is all world at being a scoring Point Guard much like Russell Westbrook and he can pass like Rajon Rondo also he is a big athletic fast Point Guard.

  • VillainKing

    Patrick Young playing for the Pelicans..I hoping when the start of the season Patrick Young and DeAndre Kane will playing in the Lakers roster permanently..

  • Bruce

    Hope we sign DeAndre Kane, kid looks like a steal in the undrafted class.

  • jodie meeks

    deandre kane, jordan clarkson and julius randle are beasts

    • VillainKing


  • jeremy

    im all for young talent making the lakers. with the way lakers want to go about signing players i can see another rookie or 2 making the team.

    • VillainKing

      I hope the 2 young talented players that will make in the L.A. Lakers roster permanently this coming season are DeAndre Kane and Roscoe Smith..

  • J Taylor

    Marshall needs to learn how to score and be a PG in the modern NBA.
    Kelly needs to learn how to be a PF and bang with the bigs.

    • Ray-Marcus

      True Kelly needs to hit the gym ASAP. He could develop into a good player if he applies himself

  • Rita Long

    Wow what a big smile.

    LOL! reading men arguing like little girls on a playground.

  • lifetimelaker

    If we dont get Melo which I dont think we will I wouldnt mind seeing a lineup look like this PG: Isaiah Thomas or Bledsoe, SG: Kobe, SF: Ariza or Parsons, PF: Randle, C: Pau, gives us room to sign a decent bench like we had last year.

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