Lakers News: Team Announces Cuts Of Eric Boateng Dan Gadzuric Reviewed by Momizat on . The Lakers have made their first round of cuts. After starting this off season with a roster of 19 players, the team has cut it's first two players, announced v The Lakers have made their first round of cuts. After starting this off season with a roster of 19 players, the team has cut it's first two players, announced v Rating:
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Lakers News: Team Announces Cuts Of Eric Boateng Dan Gadzuric

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The Lakers have made their first round of cuts. After starting this off season with a roster of 19 players, the team has cut it’s first two players, announced via their twitter account.

The release of both Boateng and Gadzuric comes as a surprise to no one as both players were largely brought into camp to help keep the court full while Steve Nash and Pau Gasol sat to rest their aging legs.

The Lakers roster is now down to 17 players with, at the very least, two more cuts remaining to reduce their roster at 15 players. Guys like Marcus Landry, Ryan Kelly, Darius Johnson-Odom and Xavier Henry are on the bubble of being cut before the Lakers submit their Opening Night roster.

Kelly is a bit behind the group as he’s still recovering from a foot operation in the off-season while Henry has been awfully impressive in the Lakers first three preseason games. The Lakers continue their preseason tomorrow with a game against the Kings in Las Vegas.

Head Coach Mike D’Antoni Was Impressed With Pau Gasol And Chris Kaman In Win

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  • Daryl Peek

    As expected. DJO and Landry are next. Henry has earned the 15th spot over Landry. Kelly was gonna make the roster regardless IMO. I wonder if it’s too late to stash him overseas?

    • jeremy

      it doesn’t work that way, unless he was a international player who was drafted. you cant send players overseas.

      • Daryl Peek

        I think that rule has been changed man. Other NBA teams are sending second round picks (American born) overseas. DeShaun Thomas drafted by the Spurs sent to play in France, Colton Iverson drafted by the Celtics sent to play Turkey, James Ennis drafted by the Heat sent to play in Australia and Eric Green drafted by the Nuggets sent to play in Italy are examples. They weren’t signed to contracts by said teams in the states like Kelly is, that’s why I’m wondering if it’s too late?

      • CharlieMurphy!

        I don’t think Kelly will get waived. D’umtoni loves shooters. They’ll rehab him and send him to the D-Fenders.

        • Daryl Peek

          That still occupy’s a roster spot. You can’t add another player if a signed one is on board playing in the D-league.

          • CharlieMurphy!

            I’m just saying, the Lakers can afford to sit him out and rehab as long as he likes throughout the season and they can send him down to the D-Fenders for x-number of games because they’re actually set right now on bigs with Shawn Williams being the last option at forward or center (depending on matchups). The only time I see the Lakers signing a new guy will be after one player gets the axe in the middle of the season.

          • Daryl Peek

            Kelly will likely play the 4 and the 5. He’s no longer rehabbing. He’s been cleared as 100% for a minute now. The team is just taking the slow cautious approach with him, and he still needs to get into basketball shape.

            You’re right though, he will likely see some d-league action this season.

          • CharlieMurphy!

            Yeah, I hope to see him play some NBA games this year. He intrigues me.

    • Jim213

      Agree, except I have Henry (13) ahead of R Kelly if they go 15. Once he’s signed to an NBA contract he can be sent to the D league though the team will have to abide by his NBA contract. (E Harris 14) IMO

      • Daryl Peek

        Kelly is already signed, he’s just not fully guaranteed til after November if I’m correct. Given the team is taking it slow with Kelly, that’s the reason I believe he’s a lock on the roster above Henry, that coupled with his potential to play 3-5. Kelly is also our cheapest salary option at under 500k for this season.

        Also keep in mind Kelly was a stout defender when he was on the court at Duke. His shooting and ball handling abilities are as advertised. That combination in a seven footer is rare and will always be coveted. If not for injury, Kelly would easily have been a high first round pick.

        I still wonder if he can be placed overseas still?

        • Jim213

          Should’ve said if he makes the final cut but likely if they go 15. However, if Kelly doesn’t play in pre-season (doubful) I’m not sure if he’d get a spot being that they’ll be passing up on a healthy player to fill the spot.

          • Daryl Peek

            Kelly will have a spot whether he plays in the preseason or not. Ima go out on that limb. I can’t see MDA and Jimmy giving up on his potential at all.

            BTW, Kelly has been cleared as 100% for a minute now. Viti said they are simply being cautious with him. This is the other reason I say Kelly is a lock.

          • Jim213

            It’s more the coaches decision more than what Jimmy believes but IMO it’ll depend on his health aside of showing some type of sign/reason to give him a shot for the long term.

          • Daryl Peek

            That should be the only determining factor but we both know that’s not the case in this new CBA, NBA. Hanging on to Kelly sets the team up better for trades going forward. Money matters too. If Kelly can play 3-5 as I truly believe D’Antoni thinks he can, that gives them the options to trade either Gasol, Blake, Hill, Meeks, ETC… going forward. They will see Kelly through the way I see it.

  • C*HarrisTHEboss

    Landry is no good as a stretch 4 – and We just have too many guards to keep both Xavier and DJO – even tho i think DJO could be a shannon brown type player for us

    • Timmy Chong

      ……….. this is marcus, his little brother, he never played the stretch 4, nor will he ever. he plays shooting guard, i think hes even tall enough to play/defend the SF.

      DJO isnt making the team, Henry is. DJO is nice but hes been in our training camp for 3 years straight

      • C*HarrisTHEboss

        He’s actually played the PF on the Reno Bighorns before – if you had done your research. He has always been a forward – dunno where u get SG from Mr. “Wong.” He is a capable defender of the SF position – but he cant create anything on offense and his 3 pt shooting isnt consistent enough.

        • Timmy Chong

          First of all, i’d just like to know your ethnic background, if you’re white, id slap some respect into you, if your a minority id slap some sense into you. If you ever called me that in my face, like most others that get called a derogatory term, i’d punch you in the face. and i i doubt you’d even say such things like this to real people. considering you made backhand insult, when i said no insult at all. How’d you like it if i called you a Bisah? a Gardener? A N*igg*r? and i know you dont, so please shut your mouth.

          if your white, please say these racial terms in public, either someone or I would love to punch your racist ass in the face. Try visiting any other country and they love to rob, jump, and sodomize little white boys like you.

          anyways back on topic, first of all, i dont do research on D-league players, why? because i have a life and a job. secondly i dont waste time looking at crappy basketball players, do you waste time looking at crappy and ugly models of girls?

          yeah he has a forwards body, he can guard the smaller quicker forwards, but this dude is a SG, he cant penetrate inside, nor will anyone give him respect, for him to really play the traditional 3 role is absurd, on paper he might play the 3 for defense or whatever, but dude is still going to be 100% out on the perimeter because nothing ive see has shown me other wise.

          this guy is a straight SG, not SF, not a swingman, not a combo guard, not a point forward, even for being a SG his skills (from what ive seen so far in the NBA stage) are inadequate, if he doesnt shoot we dont get any production from him, and i havent seen any great defense from him either, and this is JUST the preseason.

          just because his height doesnt automatically make him a “SF” a “PF”, the heights, skill sets are just templates of what you should be. its nothing “official”, want an example? Magic, obviously.

          lastly, he played PF on the Reno Bighorns, you got to be kidding me right? how old are you 12? andrew goudlocke and play full time PG with his lack of play making skills and he can play full time SG without having huge defensive liabilities even though hes undersized at the 2,

          and your saying this 230 pound, 6-7 player can guard and play the PF at the NBA stage? even if he played PF in the D-League what even makes you bring up the Position PF in a discussion of Marcus Landry? WHEN WE”RE TALKING ABOUT THE NBA.

          read this below

          Kobe played Center before in highschool, but hes not good at center

          ‘someone says kobe doesnt play center’

          i say ‘ kobe played center in highschool , you should do some research’

          see how stupid that sounds?

          so you lack basketball knowledge, you lack basic respect, so pretty much your and idiot.

      • Daryl Peek

        DJO was a rookie drafted by us last season. How could he be in our training camp three years running when he was still playing for Marquette two years ago?

  • Average Joe

    DJO and Marcus Landry are getting cut next.Shawne Williams and Xavier Henry have earned roster spots IMO.Marcus Landry has been atrocious this Preseason.Go Lakers!

  • AC

    Marcus Landry is 4-17 from the 3P, i thought this dude was working on his shot in the summer

    • Terrence

      It’s beginning to seem like he’s a gym shooter. In game time he’s completely different. Similar to how Dwight was a 70% FT shooter in the gym, but it just doesn’t translate to actual game.

      • cj

        no its has to do with the speed of defenders in the nba he is a set shooter. you dont get set shots in the nba

  • Jim213

    They didn’t get enough play time especially Gadzuric but wish them the best.

  • Hoop Mac

    I sure like X Henry. Shawne Williams too. What is up with Wes Johnson?

    • Jim213

      Agree, IMO S Williams, X Henry, and E Harris will make the final roster (14). But if they go with a 15 man roster it’s likely that R Kelly will get the spot though he’ll have to show something.

  • ra

    Gadzooks. They took the “End Boat” to basketball oblivion.

  • Gregory Choa

    I agree that Landry and DJO have got to be the next two cuts…and then the Lakers should be set…assuming they carry 15.

  • LAL918

    It was only a matter of time when they cut those two. I have a feeling DJO and a random player will be cut next; Henry’s likely to make the spot and he’ll probably have his contract partially guaranteed.

  • Lakers+16 Rings

    Daniel Orton got cut by OKC today.Anyone think Robert Sacre should get cut be honest?

    Orton IMO is a much better player with much more upside than Sacre.Orton is big fast and athletic,he is a shotblocker he is a lot like Kendrick Perkins.His ceiling is another Kendrick.

    As far as Robert Sacre goes he has shown me NOTHING.He is a D-League player IMO.He is clumsy and has no post game also he just looks lost and timid out there,Sacre got punked by 5’9 Nate Robinson the last game LOL what the hell is he going to do when a big mean center gets up in his face?CUT ROBERT SACRE PLEASE!

    Orton will knock someones ass out before he gets punked.Lets get the team better and win over 50 games.Sign Daniel Orton!

    Orton is a mean dude,he is tough as nails,he has a mean mug.Daniel Orton won’t back down from anyone,he is a tough guy.I hope the Lakers cut Robert Sacre eat up his BS joke of a contract and add a hungry young Center Daniel Orton.Think about another Kendrick Perkins,in terms of defense aggressiveness and rebounding.Sign Orton!

  • KB24



  • Shawn

    Ryan Kelly saved a season for Duke the greatest college basketball program to this day he knows the opened floor plan he can shoot from any where and Henry earn his spot with the 29 point game let’s not get dumb now send DJO to The nbdl until we need him I should be running this team lol and cut Landry we can’t wait for him to find his shot.

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