Lakers News: Team Acquires Point Guard Steve Nash

Lakers News: Team Acquires Point Guard Steve Nash


The Los Angeles Lakers made their first splash of the free agency period this afternoon when they agreed to a sign-and-trade deal with the Phoenix Suns that will send 2-time MVP winner Steve Nash to Los Angeles.

According to Ken Berger of CBS Sports, the Lakers and Suns agreed on a deal that would send Nash to Los Angeles in exchange for multiple draft choices and cash.

Nash, who previously said he would have reservations about joining the Lakers, had reportedly been flirting with the Toronto Raptors and New York Knicks before agreeing to the sign-and-trade deal with the Lakers.

Rumor has it the Lakers will be using the trade exception they acquired in exchange for Lamar Odom last December along with draft picks – 2013 and 2015 first round picks along with 2013 and 2014 second round picks. Steve Nash will be paid about $27M over the 3 years in this deal.

The Lakers, who were left without a point guard when Ramon Sessions opted out of his contract, appear to have found their man in the future Hall of Famer.

  • Mejiarobin

    YESSSSSSSS! He is old but stil have a little in his tank! 

  • King Sharkaveli

    It’s on Lakers FAH life

  • Joe

    Kobe is going to get number six next season!!!!!!! Hell yeah Purple N Gold to the fullest

  • Isaiah Lewis

    i smell 2013 champs next year

  • Sdnf

    nash with the assist!!!

    what happens to sessions??

    • Slyboogie27

      he been gone dummy

    • Intel

       sessions can come off the bench, he can’t handle the pressure as a starter. Nice to have him as a backup if we can bring him back

  • Lana

    This news made me jizz my pants.

  • Jwadhwa77

    Sessions and blake will switch off playing the back up 1/2 guards

  • Freedy

    Haha good move Nash! U deserve a better team! Now Lakers will b more unstoppable GO LAKERS!

  • 24INDIA

     steve is so fast! yay lakers champion 2013!!!! dwight suck my dick now!

    • rick

      ur just being dumb.  

  • rich

    Stoked about Steve in LA! 

  • Intel

    Finally, we finally have a real point guard. Nash has more left in his tank then you haters would think lol :)
    Let’s put up a parade already hehe

  • JR. Morales

    Good pick LAKERS! If Howard still thinking bout it, hes a big looser!!! Nash is a good pick and his quick!!

  • Farham

    Bench, bench is still our problem. Lets go  lakers….

  • Newnlkm

    I wonder if Kobe’s behind Mitch pushing him for his 6th ring!!!!   Nash adds class to the Lakers!!!  Once a enemy, now a teamate, hopes he ends his career with a ring curtosey of the Lakers, Andrew or Dwight will work…………

  • Sajonyjuan

    it ain’t the only piece we need but mos definitely a Huge and much needed priority

    its even better we didn’t have to trade anyone to get em. h a gasol trade for role players.

  • rick

    Hilarious you people think that the over the hill steve nash is going to lead the lakers to a title.  not a fricken chance.  

    • luis

      yo man! u should like shut the fuck up man! HATER!!!!!!

    • Sonny Gately

      Finally someone that makes sense.   Rick is being honest …and he’s right

  • Ed Mc Curry

    If Dwight can make it to L.A……. there will b another big three… how u like that MIAMI!!

    • Bryan

      We have kobe gasol and bynum…the bench is whatBryan

  • Kevin Pruitt

    I dont know. Hope it more changes to come.

  • Carlos Hernandez

    Yeah baby! Great pick up on Nash! He brings a whole lot to the table! A very good true pg, play maker, IQ and experienced leader! All we need is some bench players and we’re good! Good job mitch!

  • Leesullivan84

    nice pick up we are missing a young small foward who can put points on the board the championship here we come

  • Semion Kiryak

    welcome to LA, Steve!

  • Tomcampbell169

    4 draft picks and cash for a 38 year old, white point guard who didn’t even get his team to the playoffs last year? Huh?

    • renjo

      dont worry about those picks….LA wont get 1st round picks below top 25…….there are lots of great/genius minds in LA camps….sooo why worry it?asking why Suns was not in playoffs?compare their teams to other Western Con teams?hope i did answered ur doubts…..

  • Jojob

    Well how about that! We finally got a break. And all because a player wanted to be near his family. That’s not an advantage that would have occurred to me. Because of the new CBA, we have few options. This was a good use of the trade exception. 
    Now we have to find more ways that the new CBA will allow us to advance a two-pronged improvement (improving the Kobe swan song and planning for the post-Kobe era).
    As long as Mike Brown allows Nash to distribute the ball and actually run the offense, we have the possibility of a balanced offense these next two-three years, making teams pay for doubling the post and then doubling Kobe. Kobe still has a great basketball IQ and brilliant footwork. With the ball in Nash’s hands he could play more like a three and do a lot of damage.

    I wish I knew of a really good trade to take advantage of Bynum’s high trade value. I’d hate to see us max him out a year from now and then one of his damaged knees goes bad. People don’t appreciate how cold the new CBA  is because all of it isn’t implemented, yet. We’re in a hole because of all the salary we’ve got tied up. A Bynum injury would keep us in the hole.
    The same applies to Dwight Howard and his back. If you have multiyear, max contract players, you have to hope they stay healthy. Any player can have a career limiting or ending injury at any time. But, hanging your franchise hopes on Bynum or Howard is just asking for trouble.

  • djericho

    I was for trading Gasol for a defensive playmaking PG, I know it’d never happen but I’d love to have Rondo. But with Nash who can get the ball to Gasol where and when he needs it we’ll need two 7 footers down low. 

    Trade Bynum for Howard and we got a championship team. locked and loaded…

  • Jeff

    Big 3? How about a Big 4? Thanks, Kobe, Mitch, And Jim Buss. Jim Buss era starts with head coach Mike Brown and now Nash. Great start! Wonder if it’ll get more interesting for LakersNation before the Olympics? Can’t wait!

  • Dexterrey_eduarte is your time to shine again ,w/ kobe.go go go go.

  • Blink 62

    kobe bryant, steve nash, pau gasol and dwight howard 2012-2012 world champion lakers

  • Vincent White

    Just heard Mitch talking about the Mid being out so no mid levels of the 5 year 5 million and 2 year 2 million trades. In order to free up money we have let go of someone. I’d rather let go of cry baby Bynum and free up the money for a Dwight Howard or someone who will be a force down low. I’d rather have defense than offense. With Kobe, Nash and Pau all we need is some great defense.

  • Sonny Gately

    Why in the hell would Lakers sign Steve Nash?    We don’t need players ready to go over the hill.    Besides he never liked the Lakers and LA never liked him.  We all understand Sessions is not there and  may not get there… but we have more critical needs.    Come on management, what are  you thinking?