Lakers News: Steve Nash Will Not Play During Two-Game Road Trip

Lakers News: Steve Nash Will Not Play During Two-Game Road Trip


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The Los Angeles Lakers are on a roll as of late winning two straight games and setting a franchise record for points in a quarter against the New York Knicks. Although the team has played well in the last two games, the Lakers seem to be much improved with Steve Nash running the show in the backcourt.

Unfortunately, Nash won’t be playing during the current two-game road trip according to ESPN’s Dave McMenamin:

As McMenamin suggests, the Lakers will likely have Jordan Hill and rookie Ryan Kelly in the starting lineup on Thursday to face the Milwaukee Bucks. Both players have played well recently and will continue to earn more playing time with veteran center Pau Gasol on the shelf.

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As for the point guard position, Kendall Marshall will continue to get the nod as the starting floor general with Nash unable to play and Jordan Farmar still dealing with an injured groin.

Heading into Thursday’s game in Milwaukee, the Bucks have the worst record in the NBA winning only 13 games thus far. Despite the ugly record, Milwaukee has beaten the Lakers once already this season with Brandon Knight lighting up the storied franchise for 37 points back on New Year’s Eve at the Staples Center.
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  • Eazy

    So tired of Nash’s bull, he can’t even play a stretch of games without going out due to “injury” yet he wants to come back next year and we are supposed to pay that fool ? Move to Florida and retire already Nash.

    • hookedonnews

      He’s going to be paid regardless. He has a guaranteed contract. What is it that you don’t understand about injuries? How many games have Farmar and Kobe missed this season? Mad because they’re getting paid? He came back and played the other night when he hadn’t practiced except for 1 scrimmage. Why? Because he wanted to play so bad. He shouldn’t have done it, D’Antoni left him in twice as long as he originally intended to play him, and he had a problem as a result. If he hadn’t gone back in that last time he’d probably have been okay. This is a serious problem but it may be able to be managed if they’re careful. You might as well have him out there when he’s healthy because the team is better with him than without him. He’s not going to retire and has no plans to go to Florida. Everything I’ve heard indicates that he’ll be back next season, so he needs to take care of himself now. He’s got people like you complaining because he’s not playing and others complaining when he plays about him taking time away from younger players. At the end of the day he’s got to do what’s best for him. There’s no way to please everybody.

      • $99752914

        Nash will be back next year, just bought a beautiful home in believe Marina del rey for 4.5 million… he’ll be healthy, he’ll be ready… what US Laker fans should be watching is Farmar and Marshall, because if the Lakers draft a PG, One of them is gone… Nash is under contract, Marshall has a partially T.O contract for like 950,000… saving on the cap, so Farmar needs to be on the court now… I don’t want Nash on the court now, rest like Kobe..come back next year ready to go…

        • hookedonnews

          Farmar has a groin injury. I can see Nash & Farmar on the court together much like Nash & Blake. Nash is not going to play extended minutes in any case. I don’t think he’ll take that many minutes away from Farmar. Besides, they know what Farmar can do. If I was running things, I would bring Farmar back. If they draft Exum, he can play either PG or SG. I don’t think that would automatically mean that they would get rid of Farmar or Marshall. My guess is that they would keep Farmar if it came to that.

          Nash has a limited number of games left in his career. I think he should play if he’s healthy because that’s what he wants. As I’ve said before, I think it helps the rest of the team to have him on the floor. I think they learn from playing with him. You saw some of that Friday night & Xavier Henry indicated as much. I don’t think his playing (if he’s able) will affect their decision about Farmar. I think the bigger question with Farmar is whether he can stay healthy. I think he’s already proven what kind of player he is.

      • Devon Samuels²⁴

        Well Said!

        • hookedonnews


      • Chrmngblly


        • hookedonnews

          I made that comment with you in mind.

          • Chrmngblly

            I made my comment with you in mind, too…:-)

            How are you, hook?

      • DNA

        Two Biggest Mistake in the Lakers History:

        Nash and MDA. Both may be great or whatever. But these are not the Lakers DNA.

        • hookedonnews

          What is the Lakers DNA? The Triangle or Showtime? If you think the Lakers are going to return to the Triangle once Nash & MDA are gone, I think you’ll probably be disappointed. The bottom line is winning, and that requires a roster with a certain level of talent that can stay healthy no matter what style you’re playing or who the coach is.

  • k.

    I think the best use of Nash’s expertise at this point is to become an unofficial Assistant coach and mentor the younger point guards. It’s better than having sitting out injured all the time and not contributing.

    • Chrmngblly

      Exactly. Make him a player/coach so he can teach Marshal a couple “Nash shots”. I think Jeanie needs to go ask the league for an exception so we can cut Nash next year and just pay him on the side and not out of our cap space. Two first round picks and two second rounders he cost us in addition to his salary and in addition to him clogging up the roster. If only there was some kind of handle we could pull to make this toilet bowl flush.

  • rigatoni

    Nash is shameless. More fans want him out of town and he still has not demanded to be traded! Perhaps the Lakers can get some 3rd rounders in return or maybe a 4rth round or just give him up for free.