Lakers News: Steve Nash Unsure If He Can Continue Playing Anymore Reviewed by Momizat on . One of the more fluid situations on the Los Angeles Lakers roster is the point guard position. With point guards Steve Nash, Steve Blake and Jordan Farmar on th One of the more fluid situations on the Los Angeles Lakers roster is the point guard position. With point guards Steve Nash, Steve Blake and Jordan Farmar on th Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Steve Nash Unsure If He Can Continue Playing Anymore

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Steve NashOne of the more fluid situations on the Los Angeles Lakers roster is the point guard position. With point guards Steve Nash, Steve Blake and Jordan Farmar on the roster, it was going to be interesting to see how head coach Mike D’Antoni was going to use all three.

However, injuries to Nash and Farmar have left the Lakers thin with Xavier Henry assuming the backup point guard duties in the interim. The Lakers also got their superstar guard Kobe Bryant back from injury last night and they’re still waiting for Nash to do the same.

Talking to Mark Medina of the LA Daily News, things don’t sound too promising about Nash coming back anytime soon:

I might not be able to play anymore. I might have to yo-yo it. I might be able to play the rest of the way. Honestly right now, I’m trying to see if I can play the rest of the way.

Nash, 39, has been battling injuries his entire Lakers career and is dealing with mainly back injuries, stemming from the nerve damage he suffered when he broke his leg in the second game of the 2012-13 season.

There have been a few times this season that the word retirement has been suggested by media members and Nash himself as it sounds like he and the Lakers are trying to be extra cautious before he steps back onto the floor. If Nash were to play in less than 10 games this season, he would be eligible to medically retire with the Lakers paying his $9.3 million salary, but it wouldn’t count toward their cap.

With Farmar and Nash sidelined, the Lakers have reported interest in bringing in another point guard and it remains to be seen if they’d do that via trade, free agency or the D-League.

Regardless, doubts about whether he can continue his career are still alive as the Lakers try and help Nash get out on the floor in a timely fashion.


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  • LakersHeatBeef

    I read this piece and at the end you say the Lakers are interested in bringing in another point guard.That a great idea it will help the Lakers out when they need a quarterback on the floor.Kendall Marshall is a floor general and he can help out IMO.But now back Steve Nash he finally realizes it’s possibly time to hang it up.

    • Zimmeredge

      i read that the raptors might drop Lowry (via trade) or Augustin (waived) beaucase they’ve just acquired Vasquez.

      • LakersHeatBeef

        Yes i was just going to post what i read at CBS Sports wow this guy is a big time baller.A true PG that can actually help out our team.he has been on a tear his last 5 games averaging nearly 20 PPG and 8 APG. Lowry would be a perfect starter.

        If Mitch Kupchak can getaway with just trading Steve Nash back home to Toronto that would be the trade we been needing to put us on another level as a team.Toronto would make the move since they are in full tank mode and Nash would mentor Vasquez and the rest of the young Raptors.

        FYI Toronto is doing a complete firesale in hopes of landing hometown Toronto,Canada native Andrew Wiggins via the NBA 2014 Draft.Rudy Gay was shipped out last night to The Kings.Vasquez is the new PG in Toronto and now Lowry will be on the move IMO.

        Yes i do think the Raptors will deal with the Lakers without hesitation since we only play them twice a year and we are in different conferences.Kyle auditioned for the Lakers and the rest of the NBA last night with a wonderful performance.Raptors are in full tank mode.Lakers are either going to be buyers or sellers in this season.Lakers can make a deal tbh.

        • Zimmeredge

          9th in the eastern conference dude ;) I like Lowry but it’s going to be complicated to trade him for Steve Nash. Eventhough, Steve is canadian you can’t trade a guy who can’t stand in a basketball court for a 15/6/3 pg who’s starting and playing big minutes.
          I love Kyle Lowry, his defense is great but I wonder if he is great fit to play alongside KB24.
          if that trade happen I would be surprise.

          • nowrong

            I agree. I’d love to have Lowry on this team…it doesn’t work and he doesn’t resign..that’s fine too. I was looking at a trade for Lowry by giving Meeks/Blake. Raptors get expiring deals. Meeks is a talent (having a great year). It’s likely the Lakers won’t be able to keep Meeks. I really think this is Nash’s last season. He barely could come back last year…and can’t play at all this year. That team last year with Dwight/Nash/others wasn’t meant to be. Hill was hurt. Blake was hurt. It was a bloodbath. It wasn’t meant to be with Nash. He’d be smart to retire and retain his legacy instead of risking further injury/embarrassment by coming back. I admire his passion and will, but sometimes that isn’t enough. Sometimes you have to know that it’s over. It would be good for the Lakers for him to retire. Then, Nash can spend time with his kids, help the Canadian national team, etc. He’s a good guy. Looks like Augustin just got waived by the Raptors…Lakers could take a look at him…*Should work him out as well as maybe a Seth Curry…a guy who can do similar things that Farmar did (shoot well, penetrate well, push the ball well).

          • Zimmeredge

            Meeks and Blake? Kupchak will not trade our best. We have to strenghten the team. Blake is our only pg and Meeks our best shooter right now.
            But i do agree we need a pg. We need a good organizer Marshall, Augustin or Curry can be good asset.
            I wonder we will not try to trade Kaman too.

        • Zimmeredge

          mmmh I rather see them waive few players such as Buycks or Augustin, Acy, Daye.

          • LakersHeatBeef

            Raptors Waive D.J. Augustin

            Dec 09, 2013 4:32 PM EST

            The Toronto Raptors have waived D.J. Augustin.

            Augustin signed a one-year deal with the Raptors in the offseason to become Kyle Lowry’s backup.

            Via RealGM Staff Report

          • LakersHeatBeef

            D.J. is a very good backup PG.Lakers would love him tbh.

        • gobbbb

          Toronto isn’t firesaling yet ! They need cap room for next year and are retooling around their younger players. In the weak East division they have a shot at the playoffs which would be a boost. Their GM and coach are both too competitive to tank this year.

        • JC Shin

          that would be great for lakers but i dunno if toronto would like nash. yes he’s going home but with his contract $ and not being able to play for home is kinda sad.

  • Gregory Choa

    For all those people that somehow fault the Lakers FO for having swung this deal to acquire Nash in advance of last season, and at that price point, enough already…NOBODY knew he was going to break his friggin’ leg in the 2nd game of last season. His inability to play right now all stems from that freak injury…it happened…stuff like that can happen, no sense in holding it against the front office for trying to address the position when they did.
    But, having said that, it’s sounding more and more as though it may well be time for Nash to call it a career and for the Lakers to become the beneficiaries of the medical retirement benefit. The team needs to move on from Steve Nash and get ready for not only the rest of this season – which I think Blake and Farmar + one more b/up can handle – but also next season, when Blake and Farmar’s deals come off the books.

    • Pope Chuck Paul

      legs don’t last in portland. its sad man. wish nash the best. #lakernation

    • Zimmeredge

      regarding their respective season so far I don’t think Fo will drop Blake and/or Farmar. use that first round draft pick to acquire one of those new kind of point guard like Napier, Harrison or Hanlan.
      if we drop one them be sure to get a great pg like Lowry. but I kinda like the idea that we keep Blake and Farmar for the next two seasons, wait for a big FA pg.

    • Jim213

      Probably talking to me… FO gets the blame could’ve drawn a better contract that included a clause that would’ve minimized the financial hit they took though my belief is that FO gave too much away (to bring Nash in) like they seem to constantly do in every trade.

      But don’t expect Nash to play consistently given his injury which will need to be addressed more so to benefit his overall health foremost which includes after retiring whenever this takes place.

    • Dragon7s

      I agree, it was a freak accident and given Nash’s play the previous season, there was no reason not to believe he couldn’t continue contributing at a high level.

      I also agree that the best result for everyone in this situation is for Nash to seek Medical Retirement. He still gets paid and the Lakers are relieved of the cap hit they take with his contract.

      Nash has always been a favourite of mine and it’s terribly sad to see his career coming to this end but I hope he’s realistic about his chances of ever coming back to any semblance of his former greatness. I just don’t see it happening, sadly.

  • ra

    If Nash himself is saying this, having doubts, then it’s ‘for real’. It’s ‘really too sad’ that he was unable to play with the Lakers. If he were able to play even 75% of the way he did years ago, the Lakers would have been ‘up one level’.

    So, what next? He’s played fewer than 10 games, so the FO can leverage aspects of the remaining contract. That’s all business.

    What I would do, is also try to keep Nash as a ‘coach’. He could easily be a player coach with the Lakers, for years, grooming point guards to fit in with the Lakers system. I’m hoping that they (FO) will do this, and he (Nash) will do this. Nash could retire, and go back to Phoenix and become a coach there. I would personally feel better if Nash remained as a coach, to make up for the lost years of playing with the Lakers. It would ‘salvage’ the move the Lakers made years ago, and maybe help relieve Nash’s conscience for gathering such a large sum of money and not being able to play much.

  • Marcolito Balajadia

    Lakers should:

    Trade Kaman for Asik since Gasol needs help in the interior. Asik doesnt care about points. He’ll rebound and play solid defense in the paint.

    And if Lowry is waived, then go after him too.

    • Zimmeredge

      stop dreaming man… we won’t get Asik (look at his wage) he won’t take any pay cut. and he doesn’t fit our offense.
      And Lowry won’t be waived by the raptors. he’s too valuable to be waived they will try trade him.

      • Jim213

        Per E S P N . com, Toronto shows interest in dishing out PG Kyle Lowry. A likely move to increase the odds to acquire Wiggins.

        • Zimmeredge

          dishing doesn’t mean waiving imo… look at his wage and his current value. they’ve already waived Augustin.
          Ok they have Vasquez but it doesn’t make any sense. Lowry is better than Vasquez. and in the end.. Lowry is a FA at the end of the season. they won’t waive him. btw if nash doesn’t retire he is too expensive ;)
          imo we should take DJ or Kendall or Seth till the end of the season. We do not need a starting pg. but someone who can share the minutes with our current players. then wait this summer maybe Lowry will still be available. And of course you have someone like Isaiah Thomas who’s much more valuable to me or maybe we can get draft our athletic pg.

  • Marty Susman

    It is best for the Lakers salary cap if he does not play again.They have to pay him but his salary does not count next year….Now if that happens the Lakers need to sit tight and not panic. 2015 a bunch of great free agents come oyt…

  • Dominic Nicolas

    Since I’m new to posting comments to lakersnation I just want to say since nash looks like he’s going to retire could management maybe look into dj augustin who is a sharpshooter and very young and athletic so thank you for listening to my peace

  • jason

    what about dj Augustine anyone just got waived by the raps

  • Pacman_4skin

    Steve nash sucks send him to the D league or the lakers cheerleading team !!!!!!!!!!!

    • Matt Williams

      Slap yourself for that remark. Harder!! HARDER!!!

      • Pacman_4skin

        Steve Nash comes to the Lakers and all of a sudden they stop winning championships like can’t we spend money trying to get another PG that is under 39 years old

        • hookedonnews

          That is some amazing logic. And I agree with @Matt Williams. That’s not hard enough! The FO doesn’t want to spend money getting another player unless the absolutely right deal comes along, They are open to bringing someone in if Nash can’t come back pretty soon.

  • Pacman_4skin

    Lakers should of went after Rudy Gay and Trade Steve Nash

    • hookedonnews

      Gay wants too much money and hasn’t played well this season. You can’t trade an injured player who may not be able to finish the season.

      • Zimmeredge

        ppl does not understand that we won’t take a super star until kobe’s gone. If (and it’s a BIG, HUGE, MASSIVE “if”) Melo is available then maybe we will try something. but it’s clear now that our main target is FA 16 and 17. til then we will build a championship team around kobe. It’ll depend on Nash retirement and on Gasol next contract (because i think fo will give a new contract). We have a first round draft pick coming, we still have a good flexibility for next summer free agency (we have to target Lowry or Thomas, Ariza and Monroe) despite Kobe’s contract, we already have good players that will probably resign this summer (Blake, Farmar, Meeks, Young, Johnson, Hill, Sacre, Kelly) and a good coaching staff.
        sometimes i don’t understand people. “Take Gay for Nash”, “try Felton”…unrealistic!!! at best we can build a trade for Kaman. at worst we pick a guy from the free agency like Dj, Marshall or Curry.

    • nlruizjr

      R. Gay is NOT a PG, does that compute !!!!!!!!

  • JC Shin

    maybe bring ray felton from knicks he fat and solid pg

  • wldo

    i know theres been a lot of talk about augustin but tbh i really liked the job farmar has done so far and i think its a little quick to think about replacing his role on the team already. I wouldn’t mind waiting a month or a month an a half for his return, however, having said that i do agree that bringing in a young PG for the time being wouldnt hurt. I feel like someone that has flown under the radar is seth curry, he would fit perfectly with dantoni being a great shooter and once farmar comes back itll be easier to incorporate seth into the rotation than augustin since seth can be used as a spot up shooter if needed. Just my opinion.

  • Guest


    hey guys join our group on FB we allow honest and careful debate and exchange opinions regarding our favorite team

  • Gabe


    hey guys join our group on FB we allow honest and careful debate and exchange opinions regarding our favorite team

  • LakerMacedonia

    Vujacic anyone ? He can be a good replacement,and a good 3p shooter :)

  • J Taylor

    Maybe we can get him healthy enough to trade for Lowry.
    Then, after a twilight season in Canada, Nash retires and gives Toronto cap relief.


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