Lakers News: Steve Nash Still Limiting Basketball Activities Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="288"] Steve Nash played in just 15 games during the Lakers 2013-14 season, plagued by nerve issues that stemmed from a leg fracture in his [new_royalslider id="288"] Steve Nash played in just 15 games during the Lakers 2013-14 season, plagued by nerve issues that stemmed from a leg fracture in his Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Steve Nash Still Limiting Basketball Activities

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Steve Nash played in just 15 games during the Lakers 2013-14 season, plagued by nerve issues that stemmed from a leg fracture in his first season with the Lakers. Nash, not yet ready to throw in the towel, is looking to get healthy enough to sustain minutes in his final contract season with the Lakers in 2014-15. A little over a month removed from the Lakers worst season in franchise history, Nash has continued to work out each day, but his time on the basketball court still remains limited as he works to overcome his nerve issues.

“I haven’t been on the court as much right now,” Steve Nash told LakersNation.com at the Sports Spectacular Gala over the weekend. “I want to try to lessen the impact and just strengthen and get myself in position to where maybe I can take some of the pressure off that nerve a little bit as I’m still staying in shape. So, it’s kind of a tricky balance I’m trying to walk here, but I actually feel pretty good right now. So, hopefully I can continue to ramp it up and have success doing so.”

Nash reiterated his hope to be back next year, but after a season that Nash could only describe as a “nightmare” for himself, he knows there’s no guarantee. He’s open to the idea of returning in a limited role off the bench and Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak has been both supportive and appreciative of his efforts to return. As for teammate Kobe Bryant, Nash said he’s yet to run into Bryant this off-season.

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Nash accepted the Spirit Award at the 29th annual Sports Spectacular Gala, for his philanthropic efforts in the Los Angeles community. The event raised awareness for obesity and diabetes, benefiting the new Sports Spectacular Health & Wellness Center at Cedars-Sinai, funding new medical research and encouraging healthy eating and exercise.
VIDEO: Steve Nash’s Exit Interview – Addresses Uncertain Future, What’s Left To Achieve?

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  • Dana Douglas

    And yet he’s out there playing soccer. :(

    • hookedonnews

      He plays soccer to stay in shape. Don’t you think he knows what he’s doing? He’s not going to do something that will set him back. He’s not going to sit all summer and do nothing. If he did that it would take him 2 months to get in shape once the season started.

      • Dana Douglas

        Do you imagine that there might be something somewhere between soccer and “sit all summer and do nothing?” Like, maybe structured workouts that don’t involve getting banged around, falling, being hit by other players, or other forms of impact that can affect that nerve root?

        Personally, I think Steve, as much as I admire him, plans only to collect a $9.7 million paycheck this year, and he doesn’t care that much whether or not he can play. I think that if he did care, he wouldn’t be out playing contact sports where the risk of injury — especially with such a delicate condition — is great. I would prefer that he do the kind of stuff Kobe has been doing, maximizing his chances to be productive on the court next season. Because we’re going to need all the help we can get. But it’s pretty clear that’s not in his plans. He was very honest about just wanting the paycheck, because he feels he deserves it for a long career of good work and sacrificing his body. And I cant argue, because he did sustain this injury playing for the Lakers.

        So, to answer your question, yes, I think he knows what he is doing and that he’s living his life and not worrying too much about being there for the season; and yes, I think he’s fine with doing something that would set him back, because he’s all about collecting the paycheck. I think any game we get from Nash is a bonus, and my attitude is to set my expectations at zero games for him next year.

        • hookedonnews

          I think you (and you are by no means the only person) take his soccer playing way too seriously. He’s not playing in the World Cup, and everyone he is playing with understands his situation. This is one of the brightest guys in the NBA, and he’s not going to jeopardize his last season by doing something stupid.

          You clearly haven’t watched the Grantland videos or you wouldn’t be saying that he doesn’t care whether or not he plays next season. Actually anyone who knows anything about Nash wouldn’t have to watch those videos to know that’s not the case. He has taken epidurals just to be able to get out on the court to try and play. This is his last opportunity to play in the NBA, and yes, he wants to be out there playing. I suggest that you take the time to at least watch that first video in the series. He could have done a Derrick Rose last season and just sat out the whole season, but he did everything he could to get back out on the court. The statement about wanting the money needs to be taken in context. He never said it was only about the money. But of course, he’s not going to walk away from that much money. Nobody would. Your view of Nash is not even close to accurate. A little research could correct that. The interview he did with Chris McGee will clear up the money issue if you want to take the time to get the facts.

          Steve Nash and Kobe Bryant are two of a kind when it comes to work ethic, love of the game, and desire to win. Nash would no more blow off next season than Kobe would. If he’s able to walk he’ll be out there trying to play.

          • Dana Douglas

            Thank you for the kind and informative reply, when others would have been less so. I’m not sure where to find said videos, but I will look. If you have links, that would be helpful.

            Don’t get me wrong, I admire Nash greatly.

          • hookedonnews

            My reply to your comment hasn’t been approved (probably because of the link I included). So I’ll just say you can find the Grantland videos by googling Steve Nash Grantland and the interview with Chris McGee by googling Steve Nash Interview with Chris McGee. There are 4 episodes in the Grantland series and a podcast as well. I don’t think you’ll have any problem finding them. Some of the videos have been on LakersNation in the past.

          • Jim213

            #10 should be aware of spacing the link ex. grantland .com

          • hookedonnews

            That wasn’t a link. Spacing not a requirement when you’re googling something. They won’t let you post actual links because I tried it, and they wouldn’t accept the comment.

          • Jim213

            Disqus doesn’t allow links as it places the post on moderation but deletes it once one leaves the article posting on.

          • hookedonnews

            I was pretty sure they weren’t going to allow it when I posted it, but I thought I’d give it a try. I guess they don’t want to have to investigate every link someone might post here.

  • ra

    oh well. Glad he’s getting better, right? Is he getting better? Not clear from his statement.

    The changing of the guard is happening now. The 2000′s are ending, and the superstars of that decade are close to retiring, or have already retired. We’re entering the LeBron / Durant era, and I’d ‘really like to see’ Kobe finish up his career with a bang.

    I think Kobe was ready to retire with DH, and Steve (at full strength) hopefully even getting close to a Championship if not winning one, and being able to pass the torch to someone. But it didn’t work out that way. I’m not sure how it’s going to play out. I think Kobe now has to push it as hard as he can, with his condition, and really didn’t want to have to do this. I think Steve wants to give it a last shot, and see if he can maintain a somewhat high level through the year without the aggravating injury.

    Kobe & Steve were superstars. It takes a lot out of you to do that, and for so long. (yes, Kobe is still a superstar, but not at his peak now).

  • idanoclo


    • DKWTTY


  • Jeff B

    Retire already

  • KB

    Amnesty that

  • comrade24

    This is sad. Nash is the one player i coveted even during our championship runs. I always imagined how great it would be to Have Nash, Pau, and Kobe on the same team and when it finally happened, father time caught up to them. Too bad, would have been unstoppable trio just 3-4 years ago.

  • Vigillio

    The parasite eating up the lakers cap space…

    • stan

      I want Nash gone as much as the next lakers fan but I cant blame him for not retiring. Instead, I blame the f.o. for trading 4 draft picks for a 38 year old pg and then signing him to a 3 yr contract.

    • wangkon936

      Will be gone after the 2015 season. On the flip side, Nash’s expiring $9M contract does have some value…

  • J Taylor

    There are silver linings….
    If he starts the season, he could take a medical retirement and give the team a big medical exception.
    If he starts the season, and plays, his expiring contract might have value….
    He can be cut and flexed to create $6M of immediate cap space if needed. But, the team takes $3.4M in dead cap space for 3 seasons.

  • Kanishka Ray

    This is called, “living fat on the Lakers dime”

  • wangkon936

    The Suns are gonna get a nice draft pick in 2015 because of that trade. Gosh, why did we do it? Lesson number one. Never bet on age (when it comes to the NBA).

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