Lakers News: Steve Nash Sensed D’Antoni ‘Didn’t Want To Do It Next Year’ Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="289"] Last year was an extremely trying year for the Lakers as a whole, and Mike D'Antoni in particular. D'Antoni was a constant target of [new_royalslider id="289"] Last year was an extremely trying year for the Lakers as a whole, and Mike D'Antoni in particular. D'Antoni was a constant target of Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Steve Nash Sensed D’Antoni ‘Didn’t Want To Do It Next Year’

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Last year was an extremely trying year for the Lakers as a whole, and Mike D’Antoni in particular. D’Antoni was a constant target of criticism for fans and analysts this whole season, and eventually, D’Antoni would resign after the season.

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The move came as quite a surprise to everyone as many expected the team to retain D’Antoni for another season, but one person who wasn’t too surprised by D’Antoni’s decision was his long-time point guard Steve Nash. Nash revealed his reaction to ESPN’s Dave McMenamin:

We talked a little bit about it towards the end of the season where I could sense that he felt that he really didn’t want to do it next year. So, if that’s his wish, you want the best for him.

Nash and D’Antoni have been together for a number of years so the two maintain a close relationship. Seeing the coach in which he experienced his greatest success under walk away had to be difficult for Nash, but he seems to be content with it.

The year was a difficult one for D’Antoni and it was likely not going to get better for D’Antoni who was never accepted by the majority of Lakers fans. It is because of this, that Nash is happy for D’Antoni for walking away.

It wasn’t an enjoyable year for him. I think he could foresee that next year wasn’t going to be any more enjoyable from his standpoint, so I’m happy for him that he was able to walk away.

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The Lakers must now move on and the team can not afford to miss on their next hire as both Mike Brown and Mike D’Antoni have failed to elevate the Lakers to the championship level that the fans are used to.

The Lakers have already begun interviewing other candidates, such as Byron Scott, Lionel Hollins, and Nash’s former coach Alvin Gentry. Hopefully, Nash’s health will allow him to excel in the final year of his contract with the Lakers, regardless of the coach.
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  • Suns+Nash Suck

    Steve Nash needs to go ASAP.He is bad for the team morale.Negative jerk.

    • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

      Or, everyone knows the fans hated D’Antoni, the players were growing uneasy with D’Antoni and the FO wasn’t all that confident in D’Antoni. To me, that’s bad, and wasn’t going to get better.

      That’s not negative, that’s called “realistic”.

    • hookedonnews

      Is that supposed to be a joke? It’s pretty funny. What did you think about Kobe refusing to speak to players on the team and leaving the country before the season was over? Not sure what your problem with Nash is, but no one who has a clue thinks he’s a negative jerk or bad for team morale.

    • NickDaKillaaa

      I agree Nash should go… but in no way is he bad for the team or a “negative jerk”, he brings leadership to our team and is a good mentor for our young pgs… if we get rid of him its to save cap space and gain young talent.

  • Suns+Nash Suck

    “I think he could foresee that next year wasn’t going to be any more enjoyable”STFU Nash!

  • cyborgspider

    He didn’t want to do what? Coach defense? Yeah no problem Mike, you’ve been doing that your whole career.

    • hookedonnews

      Maybe you should take a look at a recent article where it showed the defensive ranking of teams MDA has coached. You might be surprised. I was. It takes a healthy, consistent lineup to play defense. That was non-existent this season as I’m pretty sure you noticed. Unless some good defensive players are acquired it’s not going to make much difference who’s coaching.

      • Gregory Gaylen

        MDA’s offensive philosophy doesn’t enhance a team’s ability to transition back on defense consistently or in an orderly process. Well run offenses allow a team to play

        • hookedonnews

          Most of the better defensive teams aren’t great offensive teams. There’s a balance. One season D’Antoni’s team was ranked 5th in defensive efficiency. It’s not so much the offensive philosophy as the players you have running it. D’Antoni’s Suns never won less than 50 games, and the level of talent there diminished each year he was there because the FO didn’t want to pay to keep their players. You can’t judge the D’Antoni system by what you saw the last 2 seasons in LA. They didn’t use it last season according to Steve Nash, and the injuries this season destroyed any chance of success especially on the defensive end. I don’t care what system you’re running– when you have Nick Young, Kendall Marshall, and Pau Gasol, etc. trying to compete against the Durants and the LeBrons you’re not going to win a lot of games.

  • Kyle

    Steve Nash might get traded finally.PER Steve Kyler web chat…

    Hey Steve,
    With the 76ers having a plethora of cap space they’re unlikely to fill, 6 draft picks they’re unlikely to use all of, and a need for veteran leadership on a list of rookies, is this a trade that the 76ers and Bulls might entertain?

    The Bulls send Boozer and their 19th pick to the 76ers for their 32nd and 39th picks?

    The 76ers could take on the final year of Boozers bloated contract as a productive (albeit rapidly diminishing) veteran locker room voice and could look to pair the 19th pick with their 10th to slide up a few more spots, maybe to the Lakers at 7th or Celtics at 6th?

    The Bulls open up some cap space and they could also still get some quality talent with the two 76ers picks, maybe Hairston, McAdoo or Isiah Austin?
    Am I way off? Does it make any sense?

    Thanks Steve.

    Steve Kyler

    I think a couple of the salary cap teams will look at Boozer… Philly could be one. I think the Lakers could be one. All of it is possible.

    I have said for a while if I am Chicago I offer one of the picks and Boozer and see who will take him.

    Honestly if I am Chicago, I’d take Steve Nash in a deal for Boozer. Even if he doesn’t play, that shaves almost $7.1 million off the books. Jodie Meek in a sign and trade along with Nash for Boozer… I would do that before I pay Boozer $16 million to play somewhere else.

    I wouldn’t drill into just the 76ers, but they have the kinds of assets that Chicago would surely look at. No one really has the cap space to “absorb” Boozer until July when the new cap gets set, so whatever picks get involved would be used by the team and then traded later.

    • kookiebuger

      That actually makes sense for the 76ers who can use Nash to help mentor MCW (if they don’t trade him) and use him as an expiring deal but I’m not sure if they’re willing to trade a 2nd round pick or 2 for Nash. The Bulls will more then likely amnesty Boozer before trading for Nash.

    • hookedonnews

      No team is going to trade for Nash because of the questions about his health. He has said he’s not leaving LA, so he wouldn’t accept a trade. Unless there was a player that the Lakers really wanted for the long haul and Nash would agree, there’s little chance any trade is going to take place. Don’t see the Lakers wanting Boozer.

  • Kyle

    Trade might happen involving Nash word is yes.

  • Edy

    Nash should take some advice from mike dumbtoni and do the same retire for life

  • Purple24

    I truly do hope he gets traded i can care less where he goes id be a happy camper knowing he’s permanently gone

  • Nalin Shukla

    Hoping nash doesn’t want to do it next year too

  • VillainKing

    Steve Nash trade big YES but 7th pick trade big NO!!!

  • ra

    Yes, why would D’Antoni stick around another year, during these ‘troubled’ Lakers times, and take the blame some more. He can either take a year off, and prepare for another team in the future, or just stay retired if he wants (actually, he was ‘semi’ retired right before the Lakers hired him).

    He’s actually a good coach, and would fit in nicely with many NBA teams and even college teams.

    I think the Lakers injuries didn’t help MDA much, including and especially Steve Nash’s injury. The whole affair looked ok on paper, but was a bust all around. Too bad.

  • Derek Clark

    Can you re-negotiate your contract or something? I understand the Lakers were stupid for giving Nash all that damn money for too long (should have been a two year deal in my opinion, but hindsight is 20/20), and they are contractually obligated to pay Nash that money, but if I’m Nash I know I don’t deserve that and I am crippling the Lakers. At this point Nash doesn’t deserve to be getting more than the vet. min, I’m sorry. He needs to retire.

  • Lakers4Life

    Sorry but Nash needs to retire and become a player development coach, otherwise he’s more a liability than an asset, both from a player and financial perspective. He also seems to be heatlhy enough to play soccer during the off-season, but not in basketball which he gets paid for.

  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-ebwx54m_EuLVMV-Ppzxlg Mr.6160

    Steve please retired and be an assistant coach or something because you cant really do anything besides hurting the Lakers…no disrespect

  • Trey

    I hope Lionel Hollins gets hired today soon by the Lakers.Interview was yesterday i wonder how that went?Afterwards reports surfaced that all the Buss siblings want to be apart of the coaching search and hire.Something tells me Jim Buss wants to hire Lionel Hollins and he just needs to wait for the approval and votes of his siblings.

  • TimorReardonTaggert

    Nash also needs to go. Dump him and gasol, then the lakers have a ton of money, especially after dumping Blake’s 9mil. Now if only Kobe………

  • Guest

    I agree Nash should go… but in no way is he bad for the team or a “negative jerk”, he brings leadership to our team and is a good mentor for our young pgs… if we get rid of him its to save cap space and gain young talent.

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