Lakers News: Steve Nash Ruled Out Of Second Half Against Jazz

Lakers News: Steve Nash Ruled Out Of Second Half Against Jazz


Point guard Steve Nash has been battling all injuries all season long, including nerve root irritation in his leg that he fractured last season and back injuries.

Nash was in the starting lineup against the Utah Jazz tonight and had two points and two assists at the half. According to Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters, the 40-year-old will be spending the second half on the bench:

Nash came out of Sunday’s game against the Chicago Bulls after bumping into Kirk Hinrich and came out of the game. He returned a week ago against the Minnesota Timberwolves and was in his fourth game since then. Nash sat out against the Cleveland Cavaliers, but was forced to suit up in case the Lakers needed players after a string of injuries left the team with just five healthy bodies. Tonight’s game was the 10th game for the point guard and he is averaging 8.2 points and five assists per game.

Kendall Marshall will start the second half for the Lakers and share the point guard duties with Steve Blake. The Lakers are also without Jordan Farmar until after the All-Star break, leaving them with Marshall and Blake as the primary ball handlers the next two games. Down to just nine healthy players, the Lakers are looking forward to the returns of Farmar, Nick Young and Pau Gasol.

Nash was kept out of the game by head coach Mike D’Antoni and the issue does not appear to be serious.

VIDEO: Steve Blake Is “Pretty Concerned” About Steve Nash

  • Patrick Bateman

    Dude doesn’t know when to quit. We appreciate your passion for the game, but Father Time says hang it up Nash. 2010 (IMO) was your last great season production wise.

  • Nalin Shukla

    No doubt Steve Nash can still play…but he can’t stay healthy enough to play..retire and fast we need your salary relief next year

  • Lakers4Life

    Steve Nash is merely a nuissance for the Lakers at this point, along with that idiot coach Dumbtoni. He may be a future HoF, but that doesn’t overwrite the fact that he’s simply a washed up b-ball player at this point who needs to dump his pride and retire already instead of getting injured and re-injured every game.
    Hopefully us Laker fans will get our long-desired Valentine’s gift with Dumbtoni retiring alongside Nash for teh win :-)

  • Elden Campbell

    Its inevitable it is just time to hang up the boots. Nash went from playing a couple games to no back-to-backs to now only playing half a game. Whats next? Every other posession or like in football being the kicker, but only shooting free throws.

    We as fans understand the season has been more time with guys injured than more time on the floor and in games, but Nash needs to realize he is hurting this organization rather than helping us. I understand his passion and drive, but what about the team? The team with him on the floor has to carry him all throughout the game, because he can’t defend and he’s at risk for injury which every move he makes. If Nash can just call it quits, we become closer to the luxury tax, and we have a chance to explore greater options. Now I wish the Lakers never traded Sessions.