Lakers News: Steve Nash Plans To Return Against Wizards On Friday Reviewed by Momizat on . UPDATE (10:37 AM) According to Mark Medina of the Los Angeles Times, Nash will suit up tonight against the Wizards It's official. Steve Nash will play tonig UPDATE (10:37 AM) According to Mark Medina of the Los Angeles Times, Nash will suit up tonight against the Wizards It's official. Steve Nash will play tonig Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Steve Nash Plans To Return Against Wizards On Friday

UPDATE (10:37 AM)

According to Mark Medina of the Los Angeles Times, Nash will suit up tonight against the Wizards

Embattled point guard Steve Nash recently detailed his frustration with not being able to remain on the court since joining the Los Angeles Lakers. Despite his rigorous rehab work, Nash has only played in 10 games this season and was deemed unlikely to return by Mike D’Antoni.

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It was then reported Nash has worked to stay in game shape, should the Lakers need him, which now appears to be the case with Jordan Farmar suffering a groin injury. According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, Nash will be back in a Lakers uniform on Friday night:

After five weeks on the sidelines, Los Angeles Lakers guard Steve Nash is planning a return to the lineup on Friday night, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

In February, the 40-year-old point guard, who is also the oldest player in the NBA, appeared to be somewhat recovered from nerve damage and hamstring issues that have plagued him since his first days with the Lakers. However, after coming into contact with Kirk Hinrich on Feb. 9, Nash’s nerves were once again set off kilter and he was only able to play 17 minutes in the following game before being shut down.

With the Lakers eliminated from the playoffs, much of the focus has shifted to giving the younger players an opportunity to play extended minutes. Despite being at a completely different stage in his career than several of his teammates, this could be an important stretch for Nash as well. Nash recently admitted some of his desire to return next season is tied to the $9.7 million he is set to receive. The Lakers could however opt to use the stretch provision on the aging point guard and while he would still receive the remainder of his salary over three years, Nash has stated he would then retire.

Kendall Marshall is expected to start in the game against the Washington Wizards, but with the Lakers short handed on true point guards, Nash should see some playing time. Nash isn’t the only player returning to the Lakers, as Jordan Hill and Nick Young are also expected to play.
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  • Sylvia Ross

    Pringles, we could care less who you start with or who you finish with at this point. Our season has been over for quite some time now. I’m praying that you WILL NOT BE BACK NEXT SEASON.

    • hookedonnews

      Some of us still care about the team no matter what the record is. That’s what being a fan is all about.

      • Sylvia Ross

        hookedonnews, I didn’t say I didn’t care what the Lakers did. I said, I didn’t care what Pringles did. If I didn’t care about the Lakers I wouldn’t take the time to participate in the forum. Everything I said was related to PRINGLES !! Not the Lakers ! Pringles hasn’t played a consistent line up all season.

        • hookedonnews

          Saying you don’t care who starts or who finishes and that the season is over reflects on the team even if your intent was to insult D’Antoni. Hard to have a consistent line-up when you struggle to have enough healthy players to put a team on the court.

    • DrM

      Great Sylvia. I am in on your side.

    • ken

      This is a lost franchise, like Kobe says it starts up stairs with the ownership they arent selling the team so this seems to be a permanent situation. From first to worst,in every way!

      • hookedonnews

        Kobe has back-tracked on those comments if you’ve read when he said after that press conference.

  • Daryl Peek

    I’ll take the bait and be interested to see what Nash can do as the rest of LN collectively rolls their eyes.

    • hookedonnews

      According to MDA he’s only going to play 9-10 minutes. And some people are already complaining. The same people who were trashing him because he was injured and not able to play are now mad because he’s supposedly taking minutes away from the young guys. Let them roll their eyes. Some people can’t see past their noses anyway.

      • Daryl Peek

        All you have to say is Nash and their eyes start twitching.

        • hookedonnews


  • hookedonnews

    Glad to have him back on the court. Hope he can stay there. I would start him, but I’m not the coach.

    • Weinburg

      No, but the Lakers coach is as big of an idiot as you seem to be so I’m sure Nash will be in the starting lineup taking minutes away from some of the young players.

      • hookedonnews

        Nash is not going to be in the starting lineup. He’s going to back up Marshall. In case you haven’t heard, Farmar is injured and they don’t have another PG. He’s not going to be playing major minutes. Nash has been ready to play for two weeks, but has been sitting because they wanted to work with the younger players. He’s criticized for not being able to play, and now you want to complain because he’s going to play because Farmar is injured. I guess Marshall should play 48 minutes. Putting a player like Henry or Young at PG is really not the best idea either because they are playing out of position. No reason to do that if you’ve got a Hall of Fame PG ready to play. Get your facts straight before you start calling people idiots. It would not hurt for Nash to start just out of respect for who he is. No one believes he’s going to play extended minutes.

        • dr

          I have read all of your post. You worship Nash.

          Truth be told. Regular season Kings, are just that. Your local town pump mechanics. And, that Nash is.

          • hookedonnews

            No, I do not worship at the church of Nash. I just appreciate great players, especially those who are high character guys who have worked hard and played beyond their physical gifts. Anyone who has followed his career knows that he is a special player, but there are plenty of other great players. If you have read all my posts you know that I have said Kobe Bryant is a better player than Nash. He’s not on my Mount Rushmore of the greatest players ever. I don’t know why you think he never had any playoff success, and I also don’t know why you and others don’t get about the fact that one player doesn’t win championships. Even the greatest players ever had to have help to win a ring. It doesn’t take a genius to know that the Lakers are a better team with him on the court if he’s healthy.

  • jeremy

    I’m kind of surprise to see him back I thought he might be done this season. Plus what he has to prove. He has a contract next season. He should just call it a season and wait and see what the lakers do

  • LakersHeatBeef

    MEH Yeah it makes no sense to me for a injured 40 year old Nash to play on a team that is 22-45 and was the first team out of 30 teams to be eliminated from the playoffs.John Wall is probably licking his chops waiting to light up Nash for 40 points tomorrow night.Lakers are not tanking i understand that but this hurts Nash more than anything since he needs time off to recover from his injuries.Oh well.

    Jeez them people think we want to see Nash get hurt yet again not at all,we just want to admit this season is over as far as the playoffs are concerned and this makes as much sense as Richard Jefferson playing big minutes for a TANKING Utah Jazz team huh this is just the facts.I just want to see Kendall Marshall and Kent Bazemore and Xavier Henry develop more at Point Guard.Nash can prove his worth next season when it matters this season is over.Shut it down.

    • Gregory Choa

      I don’t think people understand the nature of what ails Nash – the (nerve root) irritation has obviously subsided enough for him to feel like he’s good to go. The Lakers without Jordan Farmar are down to one true point guard in Kendall Marshall, so it makes perfect sense for Nash to play so long as he’s pain free. If he does anything to re-aggravate the nerve root, then he’ll stop again and start his therapy anew.

      Personally, I’m happy to see Nash back in action so long as he feels up to it. The Lakers are a better team with him active, of that I am sure.

  • Lakers4Life

    All we can do is hope Nash wil retire while we fire Dumbtoni out of LA. Not much to worry though — most of us know these things will likely happen after the season ends :-)

  • KaLI$

    WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT “THEY HAVE IT UNDER CONTROL” the worst season in LAKER history,,,,and they have it under control? I see the Lakers struggling for a long time… Obviously her and her brother don’t get it if you don’t understand that no matter what you make space for Phil Jackson

  • bill

    let’s hope that this time nash wears some kind of protection over his weak area knee. it did not show much foresight when he got hurt in the same spot that started it all.

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