Lakers News: Steve Nash Out For Two Weeks With Nerve Pain In...

Lakers News: Steve Nash Out For Two Weeks With Nerve Pain In Back


Steve Nash

In the Lakers’ 113-90 loss to the Timberwolves on Sunday night, Steve Nash was seen limping on the court and did not return in the second half. While many thought it was a precaution since the Lakers were down by so much, Nash revealed that his injuries are getting worse and would seek medical advice from Dr. Robert Watkins on Monday afternoon.

After the visit this afternoon, Nash was diagnosed with nerve root irritation in his back. He will receive an epidural tomorrow and is expected to be out at least two weeks. Nash will be re-evaluated in 10 days where the Lakers will have another update on the 39-year-old’s condition. Steve Blake and Jordan Farmar are expected to play major minutes at point guard until the former two-time Most Valuable Player returns.

Here is the press release of Steve Nash’s injury via Lakers:


EL SEGUNDO – Los Angeles Lakers guard Steve Nash was examined today by back specialist Dr. Robert Watkins, who diagnosed Nash as having nerve root irritation.  Treatment will include an epidural block, which Nash is expected to receivetomorrow, and Nash is expected to be out of action for a minimum of two weeks.  He will be re-evaluated in approximately ten days, and an update will be given at that time.


  • LakersHeatBeef

    Me right about now.Depressing news!

  • lakerfan

    The problem with he Lakers is Nash.. he is done face it, yea he was a tremendous PG but the guy is 40 YEARS OLD!!! another problem is Pau Gasol IMO he should be traded, but i don’t think anyone wants his $19Mil contract, and last but not least Mike Dumbtoni. Perhaps when Kobe returns to the Starting lineup we can see a improvement on Gasol. Bench is completely fine in my Opinion.

    • kobe24

      I don’t get why you people are saying to trade Gasol.

      First, Gasol will be off the books by after this season so there is no reason to trade him unlike Nash.

      Second, there is no one that can really replace Gasol. Lakers lack big men and I don’t think Kaman and Hill can manage the front-court all by themselves.

      • lakerfan

        True, But Nash traded? who would take a injured 40 year old… When Kobe returns im 100% the team will make 6th 7th or 8th seed and make it to 2nd round atleast.

        • kobe24

          Like you said I don’t think any team will trade for Nash…I really respect Nash and hope he retires cause the near $10 mil is gonna make next year is just total crap.

          I don’t want the team to pull a Milwaukee and get 6,7,8th seed and go to the 2nd round whats the point in that? That gets Lakers nowhere

          The Free agent class next season is overrated, this season’s draft is full of so many potential franchise players (Wiggins,Parker,Randle) why not just “tank” and go for them?

  • Daryl Peek

    Been waiting for this, not that I’ve been wishing for it but it was obvious this was coming. Now the team can work with what they got instead of the will he or wont he day to day. I hope Nash gets better but I don’t want him back til then.

    • Jim213

      ? Daryl you posted a few days back along with hookedonnews/Choa and others mentioning that people should lay off of Nash given it was just a matter of time before we observed old Nash (prove haters wrong if correct) though I’m more a show consistency at the position type of critic.

      Disagreed with many comments given that Nash didn’t seem to have healed 100% though he kept assuring people that he was close to 100%. Don’t get me wrong I’m for him playing if he could’ve managed to overcome his injury but this hurts the team in the long run given that he’s supposed to be the #1 guy at the 1. C’mon Daryl.. had to call you on it just if I who’ve posted it. Not hating though …

      • Daryl Peek

        Your mistaken. I may have said that in response to people calling for him to be yanked but I’ve always maintained MDA will eventually have to make a decision if he does not improve. My point has always been let the process take place and let the coaches and doctors do their jobs. I still believe Nash will get better but it’s just time to temporarly shut him down as doctors have prescribed.

      • Gregory Choa

        Look, maybe these epidural blocks will actually work and somehow reverse this nerve root problem that is ailing Nash. If he can lick this thing, then the leg and back problems should go away…he’ll still be 40, but at least he should still be able to effectively run the point for the Lakers starting unit. And, if that’s the case, then I still have hope that Kobe’s return, in concert with Nash playing 25-30 mins a game, can really fuel a great starting backcourt. That would be a pretty great Christmas present for Lakers fans, and I’d be the first one out there caroling my ass off… But, if the nerve issues with Nash are chronic and surgery and or total shut-down is required, I’m just not sure what Kobe or the Lakers have to gain by coming back at all this season, I really don’t. At that point I’d MUCH rather see the young players like Young, Farmar, Henry, Hill and Kelly have a chance to really develope.

        • Daryl Peek

          Agreed on Nash. This has always been my point.

      • ra

        Nash may have healed from the broken leg a while ago – unf., it created nerve damage that appears to be perpetually (and increasingly) aggravating.

        I don’t know if time will heal this. Nerve damage can be treated by high doses of Vitamin B12, or supplements like St. John’s Wort or Passion Flower. (apparently conventional medicine doesn’t appear to be solving the issue).

        If the damage is just ‘aggravated nerve pain’, then it should in principle be managable. If there is tissue damage or muscle tears, then it has to have time to heal.

        Steve has been dealing with back problems for years (always would see him in his reclining pad, in the middle of games). He’s ‘managed’ problems for years, but this looks more evolving.

        So, our past ‘optimism’ on Nash and his role in the team was considering that the condition could be managed. However, it doesn’t appear to be an easy fix, so what can we do? He didn’t get ‘physically fouled’ in games, or was even out of shape for a full game. It’s just an ‘aggravating condition’ (as far as we know). Playing hard appears to aggravate it more.

        If he can’t manage it, then I don’t know what to say now.

        • Jim213

          IMO, he needs to shut it down for now until he can fully heal. A few weeks back after one thing seemed to lead to another with regards to his ailments it just seemed like it was the start to more issues which proved to be the case.

          Heal to 100% and return after to go out on top, not be forced to retire if that’s the way he sees it. Although, we have to think more long term foremost given all the current issues with this roster.

  • swagmeister

    Father Time is undefeated; Nash is done.

  • 3339

    Nash hurt, dantoni saying that the Lakers have no identity,,,,,,here we go again.

    • Lakers4Life

      Exactly. Both Nash and Dumbtoni need to get out of Lakerland. I’m sure most fans except the idiotic ones would agree :-)
      On a separate note, this is the perfect time for the Lakers office to pull a sudden “Phil” appearance as coach and boost morale and improve the team as we await for Kobe’s return and head into the latter part of the season.
      Let the “We want Phil!” chants begin!!!

  • playthebenchmore!!!!tobuss!!!

    the lakers have the best bench in the league right now and dantoni should play those guys more to avoid ugly starts like against the twolves and golden state.

    this team hasnt been this deep in years will be fine if nash sits out and rehabs, this a young man’s game. this will speed up the starting 5. gasol, and blake should come off the bench instead of start.
    jodie, and farmar is younger, faster and more athletic and can play better defense to start ball games.
    ill play elias harris and r. kelly if i was coaching, and sit gasol because gasol said it himself he’s not fast or jump as high as he used to after the first pelicans lost. give harris, and kelly a few minutes to shine at the end of quarters and spot up for 3’s.
    once nash comes back he should just play a spot up 2 guard and instead of the point , coming off the bench he can hit those corner 3’s which he is good at. playing point for him is too much now at his age.
    once kobe come back in a month, i see lakers have a solid 11/12 man rotation.

    • JohnBrownWasAterroristAMIRIGHT

      you’re out of your mind

  • Lakers4Life

    Like I’ve said over and over, Nash is done with his career and “trying” to extend it is merely one of the factors that will limit the Lakers growth into the season.

    Everything indicates to him being too old – he’s feeble, slow, can’t play defense and doesn’t help much now on the offensive end either. He can’t hide these facts any longer and “wishing” he’ll be better at some point unfortunately will never come true.

    Humans cannot get any younger – they just get older and need to accept that fact and move on. Same goes to some of those old, feeble-minded fans I sometmies see on these boards who think Nash is still the MVP he once was a little less than 10 years ago lol. Nash is over and should just retire and become a player development coach.
    Bye Nash!!!