Lakers News: Steve Nash Out For Second Half With Back Pain

Lakers News: Steve Nash Out For Second Half With Back Pain


The Los Angeles Lakers got more of the same from veteran point guard Steve Nash on Sunday night against the Minnesota Timberwolves with the 39-year-old having a poor performance before dealing with back pain.

Nash didn’t come out of the locker room after halftime and will not return according to Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters via Twitter:

Ever since Nash broke his leg in the second game of the 2012-13 NBA season, the two-time NBA MVP simply hasn’t been the same. The veteran has shown flashes of his former form at times, but it’d be safe to say he’s no longer the player that gave the Lakers so much trouble while with the Phoenix Suns.

Nash will be evaluated by Dr. Robert Watkins tomorrow to determine how much time the veteran may miss or if it’s time to consider retirement.

Steve Nash Still Dealing With Injury Issues From Broken Leg Last Year

  • kobe24

    Okay, Nash is offically done. I’ve been really optimistic for Nash but this won’t do. Nash has to realize that his body just isn’t cut for the NBA anymore. Im pretty sure he’ll end up being a good coach in long run or something but his career as a player is over. I hope he chooses to retire or Lakers should trade him for anything (even crap expiring contract players)

  • Jim213

    Like i mentioned a few days ago, all the talk about Nash’s health just aids to the fact that it may have been the start to his health ailments. Unfortunately, it’s time to pull the trigger on a trade given the team needs STARTERS and especially a PG.

    • Paytc

      I could tell Nash was slowed down before and especially after the broken leg. He is a relief pitcher now not the starter.If Nash gets healthy down the road who knows what he has left in the tank? But now we need to go thru a few growing pains with Farmar starting until Farmar gets in sink with the starting responsibility. We know that Farmar is not enough at PG so that should be the major area of concern. I have a feeling the Lakers will pick up someone to add with Famar and move away from what they know won’t be enough come crunch time. But Famar should do well given the chance to further prove himself. It does look like Famar will get his shot and hopefully he makes the best of it.

      • Daryl Peek

        Blake will start before Farmar.

        • Paytc

          That does not guarantee he will be able to hold the job down. It’s not about giving the job to the player who we pay the most or the player anyone likes. It’s about who we think can consistently provide a high level of play in the position. We will see if Blake or Famar starts who eventually has the position on lock. Personally I have seen Blake for the past few years and with all due respect Blake will give you his best effort. But my question is will that be enough to put that position on lock? My only wish is for someone whether it’s Blake or Famar STEP UP and show the critics,haters,and doubters who’s most worthy. I think we are still searching for a starter? Go Blake, Go Famar, Go Lakers !

          • Daryl Peek

            Why would you even mention salary? Blake will get the nod due to how he’s performed so far.

          • Paytc

            Because many times the coach and the front office want the highest paid players on the floor to get some value from the decision to justify the amount paid. They want to cover each others ass. I was not just throwing that out there for Blake. Kobe,Nash,Gasol, and everyone else has to deliver on the agreement to justify the contracts.

            And I am not impressed with anyones performance at PG to this point. But I do think Famar is the youngest and most athletic, and believe that will allow him to be the most likely candidate in the long run. Time will determine things not either of us. Best of luck to them all. Go Lakers !

          • Daryl Peek

            With D’Anntoni, this season, the salaries don’t matter. Williams was starting while Hill who makes more money was riding the pine. This season was an open competition for all except Gasol and Nash.

          • Paytc

            5 or 6 games in does not tell you what direction the coach will steer things.
            Jordan Hill has earned his pay and should be out on the floor but he is not one of the players MDA particularly likes in his system. But Hill is a baller and always provides a lot of impact and effort whether starting or coming off the bench. I stand behind my belief that these guys cover for one another and rightfully so. But I as fan want them to play the player(s) who are in the best interest of the teams success regardless to what they are paid.

          • Daryl Peek

            Hill is getting PT. MDA is playing mad scientist trying to find the right mix. My only complaint of him so far was the Kaman plight. He resisted starting Kaman with Pau at first. Now he’s relented on that. I have no gripes with the job MDA is doing with the roster. Given all he’s up against he’s being very flexible in giving everyone a chance.

          • Paytc

            I agree with that a bit, but MDA has to have some flexibility in his approach not just try to force the system on everyone if it’s not working. Every game calls for a different approach because of different matchup problems. MDA is doing an ok job to this point, but remember he has all the cards and has to be accountable for the outcome.

          • Daryl Peek

            How is he not being flexible on the system theme? Gasol and Kaman are starting together. I’ve seen Gasol and Hill together and Kaman and Hill. Last season he never ran his system according to Nash.

            Every coach has a basic principle they teach as system fundamentals. More often than not they don’t bend on these but do give the superstar veteran players the flexibility to free lance in the offense. This is no different out of what we’ve seen from D’Antoni.

            Everyone wants to perceive he’s forcing things on players. MDA has given Pau the option to post up in the offense. He’s all but begged Pau to roll to the post after setting screens. Hill and Kaman are doing it. I just don’t understand the preconceived bias against MDA.

          • Paytc

            It’s a misconception in our communication. I am not saying MDA is doing anything wrong. What I am saying is he has to continue to be flexible given the fact that he was counting on Nash to be healthy to run his system. He is the coach and holds all the cards so he has to be accountable for results or else.

            I am standing in support of MDA and all the Laker players to this point although I know the ones I would lean on if I were the coach. It would not take me long if I had all training and off season to gather my plan for the season. He should have a good feel on which players to roll with by now IMO.

            It’s early and the Lakers are far from mid season form. We have to give the players and coach a report card after every game. No one can back away from taking ownership for their responsibilities. The Lakers have a high standard in place it’s championship or bust. MDA has to keep that in mind and remind the players of that as well.

          • Jim213

            DARYL!, posted “your consistency argument is fools gold,” SMH, team gives up 47 in 1st quarter. What happened to the starters who haven’t played consistently aside of your belief that Nash will prove doubters wrong with regards to his health concerns.

            Good thing this isn’t a publicly traded business otherwise stocks would be declining. However, the team does have the second highest ticket charge but how can basketball operations substantiate prices given the current product has failed to meet expectations (competitiveness)?… which blame goes to management foremost given the current roster.

          • Daryl Peek

            Why is my name in caps? The whole team stunk it up in the first half. Nash was battling back issues as he left and didn’t return. The second unit fared no better.

            Explain to me what more could the FO have done in free agency?

            Now if you want to talk basketball, Blake almost brought the team back in the third quarter with the help of Meeks. Farmar was horrible! This team is just gonna have its share of growing pains this season. It’s too early to flip wigs!!

            As Phil Jackson once said “don’t judge a team til they’re at least 20 games in. By then you’ll know what you have”

          • Jim213

            Consistency from the starters is the issue. Can’t expect the bench players to meet the responsibilities of the starting line up. Hopefully Nash heals what ails him but he’ll need to get traded no doubt to this now.

            I remember a few months back when Nash had mentioned that he was close to 100%? The team lacks a PG but especially a young franchise PG that can help to run things on the floor.

          • Daryl Peek

            That was a given on the PG plight. We lack much more than that big picture. Again. why even discuss this knowing the given? Developing what we have is and was the goal for this season. Were only 7 games into that. IJS

          • Jim213

            It’s still about wins and losses. Given management may have the opportunity to improve on the future well being of the team all options should be considered. With basketball operations past ineffective moves we shouldn’t expect them to improve the team overnight.

            IMO, it’ll take at least 2 to 3 years (there goes KB24’s time, SMH) to improve the team. However, if circumstances present themselves now that can help the odds to quicken this transition they should strongly consider those options as currently we’re just playing for a lower seed playoff spot. Evaluate and consider trades that will benefit the team in the long term to hopefully help speed the process up given that KB24 has a short time span remaining.

          • Daryl Peek

            What makes you think they aren’t gonna try to improve the team? Everything they’ve done recently is about trying to set the team up for the future. Mitch already said all the chips wont likely be thrown into 2014. IMO their taking a realistic approach to rebuilding. Again why discuss this after every win or loss this season? This season is this season. The win loss column has nothing to do with what moves may be made going forward, 7 games into this season.

          • Jim213

            Been discussing this since the off season (myself) though can’t vouch for others. I’d rather get something for these players now rather than disregard some during the off season (2014). If they keep Nash?? until the end of the season $9 mil pay he’ll be amnestied (if possible) come 2014 off season.

            Yet they’ll end up paying the salary cap TAX, some here won’t name them say ‘keep him he’s teaching Farmar and Blake.” How about letting him step aside and rehiring him as part of staff. But like he’s mentioned he intends on playing.

            IMO, it’ll be a blessing to have him play at least 41 games and even better at 30-35 minutes. Like mentioned back in August it’s like paying an employee a 40 hour shift salary for 20 hours of work $9 mil at that Daryl. I’d go with an employee who has the same capabilities and SHOWS work consistency = productivity.

          • Daryl Peek

            Can’t amnesty Nash. The amnesty clause was a one time deal for one player only. (Metta) No sense talking trades now because there will be no movement til at least after Dec. 15th when players that were signed this season are free to be traded. Given the luxury tax repeat offender plight I’m sure something will go down by the February trade deadline. Until then it’s all about what we have now and getting them to improve.

          • Jim213

            Should’ve followed up but this just aids my belief that he’ll get traded if he’s unable to play per MD perspective. Hopefully more than one trade can take place for the long tern benefit of the team.

        • Jim213

          Blake has proven to be the most consistent aside of Kaman when he starts. He seems a better option at the 2 but given Farmar’s bad play these past games Blake should start at the1 and have Meeks at the 2 given his consistent play.

          • Paytc

            I think Blake and Famar will both struggle starting at the PG position. I also think time will determine who the best person for the job is. I think you need a young healthy athletic PG to consistently be able to keep up with the talent out there on opposing teams at the position. A couple of good or bad games does’nt guarantee your cut out to lock down the position. It is my belief Famar is more suited for the position, but neither of the two are enough. I am sure one of them will be gone soon and I have a feeling which one but I’ll keep that to myself. Best of luck to them both. Go Lakers !

          • Jim213

            Agree, don’t mean to disrespect their game but they’re more bench players than starters at the 1 position. This is why it’d be best to start Blake at the 1 for now given that Farmar has better chemistry with the second team.

            The coach deserves the blame for the starting rotation but has to be given credit from the 2nd unit which suits his style of play more as opposed to the first unit. We have some good players under the 2nd unit (depth) but seriously lack STARTERS.

          • Paytc

            That makes sense to me.But obviously we need to make a few moves if the bench has more production and defense than the starters? We just need to find a way to win our fair share so we are not too deep in a hole when Kobe returns.

          • Daryl Peek

            Blake will be the starter if Nash is out, period. We all know this. Now Farmar will get his share of PT, it will be up to him to prove he deserves the nod over Blake, it’s Blake’s job to lose.

            I agree on the Meeks theme. I said that from the start when everyone was high on X. Experience will win out in the beginning, the youngsters will again have to prove they deserve theirs.

            Blake is steady but will have off nights, just like Farmar did tonight. Everyone has them. We all know we don’t have a bonifide superstar on this til Kobe comes back. We will just have to be patient with what we got til then.

          • Jim213

            X is alright but it seems that his mentality goes along with his play being that when he struggles he doesn’t seem to be able to fight or conquer the challenge to bounce back. From watching his play as of late it appears that he drives into the paint like a right handed player as opposed to him being left handed which makes his shot selection awkward at times.

  • Paytc

    Of course most Laker fans were optimistic when Nash was acquired. We hoped he would be able to give us a couple of good years. I do not like to write injured players off. I have been urging the team to limit the load Nash has to carry to improve the odds of him being healthy come crunch time. I keep saying ride the younger more athletic Famar,but give Nash minutes to stay sharp. I think the unwise decision to give him the burden of starting and carrying a major load in not in anyones best interest.Hopefully he finds a way to get healthier and provide an impact down the line.

  • Matt Williams

    This isn’t getting any better. Nash is done, Pau is struggling, MDA is completely clueless. I know it’s early in the season but I see no solution in site. Jim Buss wanted to relive the 2006 Suns, but it’s not working. We need a change if we truly want to contend for a title.

    • Paytc

      Matt Williams your right it is early in the season. I have been trying to urge all the fans and the team to not get too high on win or too low in loses. It will take some time to get into sink especially without Kobe providing the anchor to hold us together. But I do agree with the fact we need a bit of change to contend for a title. And I did not believe the Lakers should try to become the Suns. We have our own thing out here and it’s given us a boat load of championships. Continuing to be the Lakers…… That we do not need to change.

      Go Lakers !

  • blkmamba0824

    We all know Nash is done, but I think he finally realizes it as well. This year is a wash and I think to a certain extent we all knew that coming into the season. I know some might not agree but I think we should TANK the season and make a run at Wiggins, Parker, Smart or Randle. What purpose would going 43-39 serve, and getting bounced out the playoffs in the first round. Answer: NONE. Tank the season, maybe get a top 5 pick, have all the money to go out and get the players needed over the next two years (Kevin Love, 2015) amongst others and there we go.

    • Jim213

      I’m for letting him play if he wants given that Toronto has expressed interest in Nash. Get something out of it though wish him well.

    • Daryl Peek

      Who’s to say they will only win 43 games? And how do we know they will get bounced out of the first round? Anything can happen over the course of an 82 game season and once you get in the dance you have a chance to advance… Tanking is not an option.

      • Paytc

        I agree with that. If we are healthy and have Kobe and all our weapons plus add a piece or two come FEb….. we could hit our stride at the right time. It is not how you start but how you finish that matter most. Go Lakers !

      • ra

        Agreed, D.

        And to those who think that the Lakers would ‘intentionally’ tank, here’s my response. No way that they will.

        Here’s why:

        Now the Lakers are comprised mostly of the summer acquisitions; young bucks who want to play after this year. I predict they will try to step up to either continue to play with the Lakers, or even in the NBA. Think of Jodie Meeks – last year he proved himself, and he’s hanging around now.

        Also, it gives ‘any one’ of these young bucks a chance to try to take over the team, and if they get the Lakers to more than 43 wins, they will def. get credit and a chance to continue with the Lakers.

        I’m more concerned about … ‘will they be able to do this’. We’ll see.

  • j.Lee

    Steve…Your body is trying to tell you that: It’s time to retire.

  • Sti1lmatic

    3 team deal
    We get Rondo, Celtics get Gasol and Toronto gets Mr. 3,000 Nash.
    Of course other small players involved (expiring contacts) & what not.

  • Leo

    If I were Nash I would not want to play for this Lakers either. I think now he regrets to have signed with this team. Pau is 50% of the player he used to be, Dwight is gone, Kobe is out indefinitely (no one knows if (or how) he comes back. Dumbtoni has no concept. There is no elite player on this team. Not a single one. Pau is not elite, Nash is not elite and the rest is either mediocre (max. good) or garbage from other teams. Let the old boys go, we need to start from scratch – Magic was right last year.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    It is what is.When Nashty played against the Lakers all those years he was awesome.Now he is with the Lakers and he is a shell of himself,he is a great asset to have in the locker room to help mentor the young guys and all.But as far as his playing career it is in flux.Injuries and father time have caught up to Nash.

    This latest back injury could be a big problem moving forward,many people have said Steve Nash is just a old fart collecting a paycheck with the Lakers,i disagree with the collecting a paycheck part he was willingly paid by Jim Buss and he is now injured and old,he could retire but he would lose his money in that case.

    So he says screw it and keeps trying to help the Lakers out,he is a ghost of himself tbh.Lakers are paying Nashty @27 million dollars over the course of 3 seasons,learn to not overpay old players should be the lesson taught to the FO tbh.It’s not Nash’s fault he is injured IMO.The body breaks down eventually over time,it’s just science.

  • Sean

    Time to blow the Lakers up. Trade Gasol. Tank, get a good lottery pick. Get great free agents. Fire D’antoni.