Lakers News: Steve Nash May Be Day-To-Day For Remainder Of Season

Lakers News: Steve Nash May Be Day-To-Day For Remainder Of Season


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Since Steve Nash’s 2012 arrival in Los Angeles, the 40-year-old point guard has been sidelined by one injury after the other.  Just two games into his inaugural season with the Lakers, Nash suffered a fracture in his left leg, causing him to miss the next 24 games.  Since that point, Nash has battled back and hamstring injuries and nerve damage.

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This season, Nash played in six of the first eight games of the season before his body betrayed him again, causing him to miss 39 games.  The 18-year veteran returned to action on Feb. 4 and managed to play in four of five games, but was again sidelined by the nerve damage.  As a result, Serena Winters of reports that Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni believes Nash’s ability to contribute will be day-to-day as the frustrating season winds down:

D’Antoni’s sentiment corroborates with general manager Mitch Kupchak’s remarks that Nash’s future with the Lakers will be “a challenge.”  Nash is averaging 7.6 points per game, his lowest total since the 1999-2000 season.

With 28 games remaining in the season, if Nash is able to play in 16-18 of them, it would have to be considered a success.  While he has battled admirably to get back on the court, Nash’s body is simply unable to keep pace with what his mind and heart desire.  Nash has appeared in 10 games this season, which disqualifies the Lakers from exercising the medical retirement option on the point guard.  However, the team may opt to use the stretch provision on Nash, which would place him on waivers and allow the Lakers to pay out the remainder of his salary over a three-year period.
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  • cyborgspider

    There isn’t a font-weight bold enough or font-size large enough when I type the following for me to express my disdain towards this situation: #SMH

  • Shannon

    Hasn’t he been pretty much day-to-day all season long? I’m so sick of Steve Nash. Get rid of him as soon as possible. This situation is maddening for any fan!

    • Al Haldie

      What would you have the Lakers do just rip out his HEART and through him aside. We can tell you have no friends – that could call on you for help…

      • Shannon

        We can tell you’re an emotional pussy ass little girl. This is basketball, this is business. Nash should do the right thing and RETIRE. “rip his heart out”? Really? Well with all his injuries I’m surprised he doesn’t have a strained heart. You sound like you have a sore vagina too. Shut the fuck up Arab.

        • hookedonnews

          Yeah, it is business. Nash has a contract and is getting paid no matter what he does. You sound like you have an anger management problem, not to mention a cultural/racial bias. Your vocabulary could also use some work. What you consider to be the “right thing” is not necessarily how everyone defines that. What Mr. Haldie is trying to say is that Nash is a class guy and deserves better than what he gets from fans like you who don’t appreciate the difference between some jerk athlete and someone like Steve Nash. You have no clue what it’s like to be an NBA player or what Nash has done to try to get back out on the court to help the team. The team is already short-handed with the Blake trade, and no one is going to be brought in this season. So what’s the problem with Nash trying to get healthy and get back on the court? Your comment also shows you don’t understand the nature of his injury. FYI Mitch Kupchak said it’s up to Nash whether or not he returns next season.

          • Shannon

            No what I have is no patience for stupidity and he attacked me first, therefore it’s on-in other words fuck him. I guess you missed that part huh? That’s how I operate. I’m far from ignorant or racist. You don’t even know what race I am.

            Nash is being paid $9 million a year to do nothing, everyday it’s something new. It was stupid to sign him in the first place. He’s 40 years old which means he won’t be getting any better and not retiring is holding the Lakers back from prospering and getting a replacement. Don’t like my opinion? Too bad it’s truth. I don’t care if it hurts because the truth tends to hurt. YOU AREN’T AN NBA PLAYER EITHER SO WTF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? I don’t need to be an NBA player to have an opinion on Nash or the NBA. You think he’s going to work on his back then come back strong to help the Lakers? What world do you live in? He hasn’t helped the team. At all.

            I NEVER once said anything about Nash personally. I specifically said this is business-strictly business, something people like you need to realize and let go of!! The personal interest you have in these players means nothing, this isn’t about whose nice and who isn’t. Fuck that. We loved Fisher and he had to go too, so what! I love Nash and think he’s a nice person that doesn’t change the fact that I want him off the team and as soon as possible. And since you are so fucking concerned about his personal life you should be concerned that he’s further damaging his back for no reason at all since the Lakers will still suck with or without him. He has a life beyond basketball to think about.

            The problem is the excuses, if that’s the case he needs to sit his ass out the rest of the year. I’m a real fan and have been following them ALL SEASON and every day it’s another “oh Nash is day-to-day”. Enough already. Just have him shut it down. Like why go through this everyday? We KNOW he won’t be able to play. I don’t need to understand the nature of his injury. He’s fucking old and won’t magically turn young overnight with some bullshit “hard work” to get back on the court and when he does, guess what? He’ll get injured again. It’s over for him-accept it. I don’t give a fuck what Mitch says either, he says a lot of shit. A few things might happen; doctors will tell Nash to pack it up, Nash himself will pack it up or they will use the stretch provision on him.

  • Guest

    why do he retire now ? What he try to do? old shit

    • karasoon4

      Is this English?

  • Sylvia Ross

    Steve. when you leave take that sorry BULLY COACH with you ! I don’t care where yall go, but I know one thing, you need to leave Laker land.

  • Hilario Flores

    hookedonnews… Al Haldie clearly started the instigation Shannon has a right to defend himself just because your dad buttfucked you in the ass without you so much defending yourself doesnt mean Shannon should be open to attacks

  • The TattleTail Strangler

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