Lakers News: Steve Nash Likely Won’t Play Against Oklahoma City Reviewed by Momizat on . Two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash has played well during his short time back from injury recently, but still can't seem to stay healthy and likely won't play tomorrow Two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash has played well during his short time back from injury recently, but still can't seem to stay healthy and likely won't play tomorrow Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Steve Nash Likely Won’t Play Against Oklahoma City

Two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash has played well during his short time back from injury recently, but still can’t seem to stay healthy and likely won’t play tomorrow against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

According to Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters, Nash doesn’t think he’ll play on Thursday:

Nash’s nerve issues flared up during the loss to the Utah Jazz on Tuesday forcing him to sit out the second half. Apparently, Nash wouldn’t have played against the Jazz if the Lakers had a full roster:

With Nash continuing to deal with injury issues, the end of the veteran’s career in the NBA may be drawing near. Although Nash remains reluctant to retire, the future Hall of Famer may not have much of a choice if the injury problems continue in the second half of the season.

Coach D’Antoni On Steve Nash’s Injury And Another Tough Loss

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  • LifesGreat

    Yeah, his career is officially over

  • cyborgspider

    Just play once a week. Make it Sunday, rename it Nashday. He still gets to play, fans will know when to tune in and see his farewell tour, and then drop him like a bad habit the day after the season ends.

  • Jim213

    Posted a few days ago…

    Following up on Nash’s nerve root irritation, experts advice it’s best to prevent aggravating activities that further irritate. Do they relate to basketball? Yes, as well as to team travel. But recurrence of the condition is likely as experts say it’s best to exercise sensibly, limit sitting for longer than necessary and avoid stretching.

    Have to give Nash credit for his effort but signs say he can’t play a full season with this condition unless he addresses it directly which doesn’t involve playing ball.

    • Joseph Apohen

      Can’t play a full season?! How about a full game?

      • Jim213

        Know this (20 minutes a game) while sitting out many too. But he doesn’t want to retire so the best thing for business will be to stretch provision him come off season while eating the loss (thanks to FO).

  • Herb Green

    Time to say Aloha, buh bye, uh I fruiggin messed up (Jimmy I aint my pop’s shadow Buss) give Jeanie the team to run, give Jr. an # of c0ca & send him away…Nash really 3 years…moronic

  • purplerain53

    I wish, he likely won’t play for the Lakers for the rest of the season. I just can’t watch him anymore. Nash was one of my favorite players in Phoenix, but this Nash is totally different person. They are like the day and the night. By refusing to get medical retirement, he is showing to the people, that money are more important for him, than his name.Very soon, he is going to ruin that name. That is why, I don’t respect him anymore and don’t like to see him wearing the gold uniform.

    • hookedonnews

      No one who knows anything about Nash knows that money is the last thing he’s worried about. If you had bothered to listen to what he’s been saying since day one you would know that. He doesn’t care about his “name.” He never has. He’s never been hung up on stardom or any of that. He’s exactly the same person he’s always been–unselfish, hard-working, loving the game, and wanting to earn his money, He could have taken the medical retirement and gotten every penny due on his contract and saved himself all the pain and work he’s going through to try and get back on the court. This team is short-handed, and he wants to help. That’s why he played last night instead of sitting out like he should have. The man is injured. If you saw him play against the Sixers you know he can still play. If he hadn’t been hit on the knee where the break occurred last season he would probably still be okay. There’s no way he won’t be back this season. He’s been fighting his whole career. He’s not going to stop now. It’s always hard for great players to walk away from the game because there’s no going back once it’s over. There’s no way for Steve Nash to ruin his name or reputation for people who actually know who he is. If you can’t respect someone like Nash, I don’t know who you could possibly respect.

      • Nash retirement committee

        He can still play because he had a good game against the sixers? You mean the team that lost back to back games by 40+ and allowed Marreese Speights to score like 30 points? Yeah, that proves a lot.

        • hookedonnews

          I’m still trying to decipher that logic. What it proved what that he still has the skills when he’s healthy. I didn’t say his presence was going to take them to the Finals.

      • Ganapia

        I remember when he joined the team he said he wanted to play with Kobe and with Gasol. Unfortunately it seems that we will never see this trio playing together in good shape…what a shame for Laker Nation.

    • Joseph Apohen

      Didn’t he get a divorce? Maybe she took him to the cleaners and his broke! He’s sticking around for that 9.2.

      • hookedonnews

        No one was taken to the cleaners. He has plenty of money. I don’t know how many times it has to be said that he’s getting the money no matter what he does. It’s guaranteed. He could have walked away and still gotten every penny. It’s not about the money.

    • Balote

      You should definitely know your sh*t before talking sh*t about someone else, especially about one of the greats like Steve Nash. You do know that even if he retires he still gets whats left of his contract right? Only difference is that his last year doesn’t count towards the Lakers cap.

      • hookedonnews


  • hookedonnews

    He should have just waited until after the All-Star break to come back. He wasn’t ready to play. He said that if they had just 2 more players available he would have sat out. I think it’s too early to assume that this is it. Rotten luck that he got hit on that spot where the break occurred. This team just seems to have nothing but bad luck. And now Henry is going to be out another month.

    • Joseph Apohen

      Injury is part of life especially in sports. I am just sick and tired of hearing this drama. He is trying to help the team. Why? We are not going anywhere anyway. What has he done lately to help the team? He was a great player but that was in the past. He is not going to recover. He is fragile. He is like a boxer who does not accept that he can no longer fight. He is in denial. Why doesn’t he just ride his horse down the sunset and be done with that. He would be doing us a favor.

      • hookedonnews

        He is trying to help the team because that’s who he is. He played well in the two games he played before being hit on the knee in Chicago and helped them win the game against the Sixers. If you think you’re sick of this drama, what do you think about Nash? I think fragile is a bit of an exaggeration although he’s definitely got nerve issues that he seemed to have pretty well under control until he took that hit in the one place he couldn’t handle. If you would listen to some of the interviews he has given, you would understand why he’s still trying to play. He’s at the end of his career. He loves the game and wants to play because he knows his time is limited. He also believes he can contribute to a team that is riddled with injuries and short-handed and wants to earn what he’s being paid. If you believe we aren’t going anywhere and you know that he’s going to get paid regardless, what difference does it make if he continues to try to play? His teammates want him back. They respect what he’s done to try and get back on the court, unlike a lot of fans who continue to make unnecessary remarks. They also know the kind of player he is even at 40. I don’t know what is going to happen the rest of the season, but I have no doubt he’ll be back on the court. As long as we’re not going to be going anywhere why not enjoy watching one of the best PGs ever if he’s able to play? I’m not anxious to see him ride off into the sunset because he’s still fun to watch. He may eventually decide it’s not worth the fight, but I’m not going to be one of those people encouraging him to throw in the towel. He may be gone next season, but for now he deserves some respect for trying to do his job.

        • Joseph Apohen

          Fragile means easily broken, damaged, delicate. It is not an exageration. That’s what Nash is. Don’t be so damn noble by trying to help the team. How many of those handful of games he played they won because of him? I liked Nash. He was a great player and most likely by inducted in hof. Face it. Steve it is over and just walk away

          • hookedonnews

            They won one of the two full games he’s played since returning before the re-injury. They also won games at the beginning of the season that he played in. You and I can keep discussing this from now on, but it’s not going to change the fact that Nash is going to try to play. If you saw that video they posted today of him getting shots in his back and rehabbing, you would know that someone who’s willing to do that to try to play isn’t going to walk away. If you’re watching the game tonight you can see that our guys are battling, but they’re undermanned. That is the reason they need every player they’ve got. You can’t compete in this league with a limited roster.

          • Joseph Apohen

            The Lakers probably played their best game of the season against Okc. Their offense was great and defensively, Wes Johnson played well and did a great job on Durant who scored 43 points on some 30 something shots. Percentage wise he was not very good. The more I see Marshall the more I am convince he is here to stay. Those thirty foot bounce pass to williams, Johnson, and others remind me of Magic. Steve Nash the pg position is in good hands. So now you can retire. If you really love the game so much there are other places you can play. However, if you continue to play in the league involving high level of competition, you might be risking permanent injury. it is not good to play two games and out two weeks and back again. It is not coducive to team chemistry. It disrupts the team timing as the team has to relearn to play again after playing with, say, Marshall, Blake, or Farmar when he returns.

  • Joseph Apohen

    Sick of this bs. Nash just quit and relieve us of this nerve flaring up crap. It’s not that we can’t get along without you. Blake, Farmar, and Marshall will do.

    • hookedonnews

      Farmar is out, Blake’s elbow is still bad, and Marshall could go down at any time just like the rest of the team who are sitting on the bench in suits. We don’t have enough players as it is. If he’s able to play, he’s needed.

      • Joseph Apohen

        They can always recall Harris. We’re not going anywhere anyway. Play for what? Half a game and make another statement that the back is hurting? Enough already!!!!

        • hookedonnews

          They would have to give Harris a contract and they don’t want to do that. They would have kept him if that could have done it on a 10 day contract basis, but you can’t do that but twice. Then you have to give them a full contract, and they didn’t want that because of salary cap considerations. I don’t know why you care if he plays since you say we’re not going anywhere anyway. He’s going to be paid regardless. Why do you think Kobe is determined to come back and play this season? That’s just who he is. I can see that you don’t understand the mentality of people like Nash & Kobe who will do whatever is necessary to get back on the court. It’s easy to sit on the sidelines and say what they should do, but you’re not in their shoes. Their careers are almost over, and they aren’t ready to walk away. I think you have to respect people who are willing to play in pain and work their tails off to try and get back and help the team. Maybe you think it’s not worth it or that he can’t contribute, but he doesn’t agree and neither do a lot of his fans who still believe he can play. He played the other night when he shouldn’t have because of the short roster. I just don’t get the callous attitude of people who can’t appreciate a guy like Nash.

          • NickOld

            Man, stop wasting your time. Bandwagoners don’t know much about the game. They just go with whatever else other bandwagoners come up with. It’s like you’re talking to a brick wall.

          • hookedonnews

            You got that right.

          • Joseph Apohen

            There are such things as appreciation, but this is not in the same category. It is annoying to hear and read of this drama. Nash is like that ram trying to butt his head against the dam.


    Yea like he was going to make a difference.

  • ersliva

    its time for nash to retire and show some dignaty

  • J Lee

    Please leave Steve Nash….We need your money for someone else. We knows that we still need to pay you but at least your salary come off our book (9.3 this year, 9.7 next year that’s a lot of money) No disrespect but you are hurting yourself right now just to play Half game every week. Your body is screaming…”IT’S TIME TO STOP”

  • J. Lee

    Thanks Jim, Mitch…
    Phoenix Suns.

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