Lakers News: Steve Nash Knows Most Fans Want His Salary Off The Books Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="135"] Steve Nash's future has been a sticky subject for Lakers fans. When the Los Angeles Lakers signed the eight-time NBA All-Star on July [new_royalslider id="135"] Steve Nash's future has been a sticky subject for Lakers fans. When the Los Angeles Lakers signed the eight-time NBA All-Star on July Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Steve Nash Knows Most Fans Want His Salary Off The Books

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Steve Nash’s future has been a sticky subject for Lakers fans. When the Los Angeles Lakers signed the eight-time NBA All-Star on July 4th, 2012, there was nothing but excitement from fans who knew that a championship ring was the only thing missing from Nash’s career. In addition to the convenience of remaining close to his children, Nash was coming to Los Angeles with the intention of winning a championship to close out his career.

Nash has now missed 79 out of his 139 regular season games as a Laker. He missed 32 games in his first season in the purple and gold after suffering a freak leg accident that has since caused a spiral of related issues. Nash has played in just 10 games (missing 47 games) in his current season with the Lakers, sidelined with a multitude of nerve root issues, affecting his back, neck and virtually every part of his body.

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Since the start of his nerve root issues, the majority of Lakers fans have been calling for his retirement. Before Nash played his tenth game as a Laker, many were hoping that doctors would deem Nash unfit to play for the rest of his career and force him into medical retirement. Looking to the future, fans were hoping that the final year of Nash’s contract (9.7 million) would be removed from the books, clearing more space to rebuild.

Nash, though, was just hoping to get back on the floor and contribute. On February 7th, Nash returned to the court, celebrating his 40th birthday in vintage style, scoring 19 points in the Lakers win over the Philadelphia 76ers.

Even coming back a couple weeks ago and playing in Philadelphia, in some ways it’s just a throwaway game in the middle of the season, but just to score 19 points and play 20 some odd minutes, I proved to myself I can still do it.” Steve Nash opened up in an interview with Slate’s sports podcast Hang Up and Listen. “The difficulty is to be able to do it three or four times a week, and I haven’t been able to prove to myself that I can do that yet.”

Nash wasn’t able to do it. After a solid performance in Philadelphia, Nash returned to the court against the Chicago Bulls, shooting 3-4 before exiting the game in the third quarter with nerve root irritation.

On February 11th in a loss to the Utah Jazz, Nash played in his 10th game of the 2013-2014 season. As Nash left that game, too, with nerve root irritation, so did that lingering possibility of medical retirement. Nash’s salary would remain on the books.

When asked about his perception of fame and professional athletes in an interview with Hang Up And Listen, Nash revealed that he’s very much aware of what Lakers fans want and to a certain extent he welcomes the criticism:

A lot of Lakers fans would like to get my salary off the books, and in some ways, I’ve been told how great I am for so long, and now I’m quickly in a position where ‘I’m a bum and lets get rid of him,’ and I almost would rather that, than being told how great I am. It’s closer to reality in some respects because you’re not fooling yourself.”

Last week, Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak addressed questions about Nash’s future. He acknowledged that the 40-year-old’s future will definitely be a challenge, but also made it clear that Nash’s future with the Lakers is only on his shoulders. The Lakers organization is in no way pushing him towards early retirement, and Nash loves the game too much to simply walk away.

I don’t see it as a situation where I have to walk away from the money necessarily. This is a contract that I entered into.” Nash said on Hang Up And Listen. “I enjoy this too much to just walk away.”

Since the first episode of The Finish Line, a Grantland.com video series that documents Nash’s struggle over the past two years and the realization that the end is drawing near, many have become more empathetic to Nash’s situation. With five episodes remaining, some may change their viewpoints on how Nash is ending his career, but only Nash can decide how he wants to end his career. The two-time NBA MVP has deserved that right.

**For the full interview, listen below.

VIDEO: Check Out Steve Nash’s Top 5 Funny Off-The-Court Moments

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  • Jim213

    Tough situation for everyone. But the issue is Nash can’t play an entire season pain free. FO needs to make the best move for business rather than letting things run it’s course. Not good for business but especially for the brand.

  • roseducanna

    He try 10th game for money, he and coach MDA are for money.

    • djay

      you’re a moron.

      • purplerain53

        No. You are a moron.

  • Joseph Rejekt

    If the Lakers aren’t going to be using their free cap next season, they’d be better holding Nash so he comes off the books for 2015 instead of taking up $3.2 on a cap hit in 2015 and 2016.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    I hope he retires whenever he decides to,it’s not our decision it’s his.

    • Jim213

      True, not telling Nash to retire as FO needs to do what’s best for business tho it’ll depend on what they do in the off season.

      • Chrmngblly

        Crybabies and Nash-worshippers out there: get out of the way. This hanging around Nash is doing is not in the team’s interest and not in the interest of Nash’s legacy. Nash has been plugging up the roster and soaking up precious salary dollars for most of two years now.
        If Nash could have remained healthy, the whole Howard fiasco might have come out differently. Since it didn’t, Howard is gone and Nash has no more purpose on this team. He needed to retire a game ago and come back as a coach to the Laker guards or something. Right now this is all about Nash making a few more dollars before he scurries off in the night. What a shameful ending to a great career.
        I say this to the Lakers: quit playing the guy. Let him sit. Nash, the team has moved past you, you can feel it, too; you know that I am right on this. The Lakers are not planning around having you onboard anymore. What is it you think you have left to contribute?

        • Jim213

          Not going to keep re-posting the same info about Nash but it’s just best to place the PRESSURE on FO who pay everyone’s bills. They need to do what’s best for the brand but it may come down to what they plan to do this off season too.

        • purplerain53

          It can be said any better.

    • purplerain53

      If we don’t push him out of L.A., he won’t retire. He is just one greedy ass hole, same as Mr.24.

  • John Elliott

    His comments just come off wrong. Shows lack of respect for the Lakers. He has zero to contribute at this point the Lakers are too polite to tell him to go. He is too proud to realize he is done like so many pro athletes when Father Time comes. Nash comes off as a chump.

    • Carters Room

      nash comes off as a chump? your coming off as a chump to be completely honest. Hes worked his ass off all season just to come back and play 10 games. Nash has always been one of the nicest and hardworking guys in the NBA. Lack of respect for the Lakers? He broke his leg PLAYING FOR THE LAKERS. That broken leg may end his career due to nerve root irritation. He gave his body (and possibly the rest of his career) for us, the LEAST you can do is show the man some respect.

      • Chrmngblly

        Chump. Small, petty, selfish. Embarrassing.

      • purplerain53

        You are an complete IDIOT to write this BS.

    • Kalece

      Let’s say Kobe’s knee doesn’t get any better the next year or two, and even gets worse, will you say the same thing about him?

      • Shannon

        Kobe wouldn’t keep forcing the issue if he couldn’t play anymore. As a big Kobe fan I would say the same. Lakers>>>Kobe and Nash. It’s bigger than them. Lakers fan first.

        • terrence

          “Kobe wouldn’t keep forcing the issue if he couldn’t play anymore”

          –I’m not so sure about this. Kobe’s competitiveness and ego is a blessing, but it could also be a curse.
          But I do agree that the team should come first over any individual superstar.

          • DJ

            Kobe’s competitiveness is the reason he will walk away from the game and the contract, then have guys torch him night in and night out. Kobe’s ego wont let that happen… and I say that if Kobe isn’t playing at the level he was before he got hurt, I guarantee he will walk away…he’s way too competitive and ego way too big…

          • kobe24

            Agreed, Kobe would rather run off in the sunset and make people remember him as the guy who scored 25+ PPG till the end rather than a star who faded and had to retire because he couldn’t play anymore

          • Hank

            That competitiveness and ego can work the other way too. It’s not always a one way street. Kobe likes to prove his naysayers wrong and one of the things that motivates the guy is when people, be it fans, other players, or NBA analysts, say that he can’t do this or that anymore and the like. We will just see I guess.

      • purplerain53

        Dude. You have to understand. We are Lakers fans, not Kobe’s or Nash’s or Gasoft’s.
        When they play hard for my team, I am going to support them 100%. But, when they just hang around and take home huge paychecks, without even playing for my team, then, I am going to kick their asses out of L.A.Have you ever learn math in the school? Make a combine salary of these three and you will see why, we are in this situation. They are taking tons of money without any contribution to this team. Our FO’s hands are tied and we can not rebuild , till this 3 are out of the book. That is the ultimate truth here. If you can’t admit it, then you are not a Lakers fan. Maybe a Trojan horse here.

  • AEvangelista

    Fans need to stop worrying about Lakers money. It’s not our money.

    • Chrmngblly

      Shutup. It damn sure isn’t YOUR money. You are right about that.

    • Chyeah

      Where do you think they get their money from?

    • purplerain53

      It is very easy to spend someone else money, right? But, all of this money are coming from our pockets, if you look at the big picture. So your post makes no sense at all. Just BS.

  • jeff

    How can he enjoy getting smoked every time he’s on the floor? Just retire already.

    • hookedonnews

      He wasn’t getting smoked against Philly or Minnesota. He was schooling those 2 young guards in Philly. He’ll retire when he’s ready.

      • Chyeah

        He needs to retire immediately. There is no point in him being healthy for only a couple of games before re-injuring himself and missing dozens of games. He’s injury prone that’s the problem.

        • hookedonnews

          What’s the big rush? They’re not going to bring anyone in to replace him this season, and he’s going to be paid regardless. And he’s going to be back next season more than likely. They aren’t winning without him.

      • purplerain53

        NO. He will retire right now. You are an idiot.
        Stop irritating the Lakers fans in this forum.

        • hookedonnews

          Stop irritating me. And you don’t speak for all Lakers fans. He’s not going to retire because you think it’s time. Calling me an idiot doesn’t make you smart.

  • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

    Totally agree with Nash… he entered a contract… he would definitely want to play that contract out.

    • Chrmngblly

      He’s turning into a loser, hanging around in the way and burning up a roster spot that could be used for someone else. I resent the waste of money. I don’t care if he comes out of the whirlpool as good a s new, all we will have is a wrinkly 40 year old man. I guarantee he is going to hear a lot more fan dissatisfaction if he tries to soak up his salary for another year this way. Screw him—the team does not come first with Nash. Truth.

  • Marty Susman


    • hookedonnews

      You don’t speak for all the fans.

      • purplerain53

        Yes. He speaks moron. You are Lakers hater. Don’t put your big nose into someone’s business. Just get your ass out of Lakers Nation.We don’t need to read your stupid comments every day.

        • hookedonnews

          It’s people like you who give Lakers fans a bad reputation. No one is forcing you to read my comments, genius. I’m the hater? That’s funny.

  • hookedonnews

    I don’t think anyone knows what the “majority” of Lakers fans want. There are plenty of fans who respect what he’s doing and want him to come back and play. I believe he would still be playing if he hadn’t been hit again on that spot where the break occurred, but I can’t prove that. I’m disgusted at the lack of respect he’s gotten in LA, but you can’t judge the entire fan base by what you read on blogs or Twitter. He’s the one who’s going to have to decide if he can continue to play. That’s how it should be. Very few players would be willing to put in the work and go through the pain he’s endured to try and get back on the court when he was going to be paid anyway. If you can’t respect that, something is wrong with you. He’s only going to be here one more year anyway. If he can play he’s the guy I want on the court. If they draft Exum he can mentor him. If not, they can pick up Rondo or Irving or some other hotshot PG.

    • Chrmngblly

      Quit groveling, hook. Get off your knees. We know what you are doing down there with your lips puckered like that. It’s undignified This guy Nash is a mooch. I have lost all respect for his sorry ass.

      I never thought Nash was that good in the first place but now I don’t respect him as a man. And I won’t respect you either if you keep butt-kissing the guy like you have been. Quit it. PLEASE. He is absolutely only out to see what he can get out of the Lakers for himself. He is the most selfish player on the team. It is not good.

      • hookedonnews

        No one cares who you respect. And you don’t have a clue. Not worth my time to engage in another effort to educate you.

        • Chrmngblly

          You care, hook. You want my respect. Admit it…:-)

        • purplerain53

          I do respect peoples like him, because they speaks the truth. I can’t say the same for you, because you are an provocateur here and everyone already knows that. Get out of this forum idiot.

  • kobe24

    Personally I don’t think its a big deal.

    To be honest Lakers aren’t getting anywhere next year. Maybe 8th seed if they get couple of young solid additions. And as Kupchak has mentioned Lakers might not be spending all the cap anyways so it doesn’t matter with Nash’s contract or not.

    On the side note as other people have mentioned I wouldn’t want nash’s contract to be in the books 2015-2016 and lock up $3~4 million in cap space + he can always mentor new PG guys

    • Chrmngblly

      The idea is to get under the cap in order to avoid the “repeater tax”.

      • kobe24

        Exactly, if they are under the cap next season (as Kupchak mentioned they probably won’t spend all of it) they are going to be below the cap anyways

  • Josh

    Sad thing is, a healthy and young Kendall Marshall is equally as bad as a gimp and injured Steve Nash on Defense. The next time Kendall Marshall stops ANYBODY from just blowing by him will the first time.

    • Chrmngblly

      Right. And with D’Antoni’s teams spending 75% of their time focused on defense during practice, as he claims, that could be any day now…:-)

  • chhay23

    you guys are fucked up. nash is injured and you are calling him a loser? all you lakers fans are loser, some fan you guys are. dont even support the team players. talking about him retiring sooner to save cap room. what about kobe? signing the 48 mil is it for 2 years? how come one is bring that up? im tired of everyone blaming the coach, its not his fault the whole roaster is hurt. when they signed him, the team was already sorry and weak. everyone is hating cause the team is losing, suck it up let them play and see what happen next year.

    • Chrmngblly

      Do you know why they paid Kobe $48 Mil ? They had to, They are paying him to lose, to lose and endure this pure shit. But they need his name and reputation as the kernel to build the next Lakers dynasty around. They are paying him to lose. Wouldn’t Miami like to have kobe or Pau???

  • hookedonnews

    Nash didn’t say “most” fans, he said “a lot of.” There’s a difference.

    • Chrmngblly

      Go worship Nash on Phoenix’ website. He hasn’t done the Lakers one single bit of good in all the time he’s been here AND nobody expects any kind of contribution out of him ever, either. Nash was a bad idea whose time has already passed. If he had taken care of business when Howard was here maybe Howard would still be here.

      Nash IS a loser. The only reason he is still here is because his agent out-smarted Jim Buss and wrote a slick contract—NOT because he is earning his paycheck. Every day he takes the free money is a day even less people respect him.

      • hookedonnews

        Get a life.

        • Chrmngblly

          Go worship Nash in Phoenix…

          • hookedonnews

            Nash is not in Phoenix. Why don’t you stop trying to annoy me? Isn’t there someone else you need to be irritating?

          • Chrmngblly

            It is not really you, hook, it’s just that Nash is such a blood-sucker and you are such an idol worshipper… I just want you to dial it back in view of the fact that Nash never did the Lakers a favor in his life and he doesn’t know when to leave. This is just dragging on and on…

          • hookedonnews

            Much like your comments.

          • purplerain53

            Can you see someone else, supporting your stupid comments? NO. So get out of here immediately.

          • hookedonnews

            Maybe you should look again. And stop trying to act like you’re running things around here. This isn’t Russia, and you’re not the boss.

  • Shaka Saphir

    When will Nash finally wake up and realize that he will never again be the player he once was and not even close to what he once was. Thus he needs to do the honorable and class thing,retire and allow the Lakers to move on with the franchise’s future via freeing up the money they’re paying him,while receiving nothing in return as it relates to value. This isn’t Phoenix and nor is he the caliber of player he was 3-4-5 years ago,so face the facts of life as it currently exists,because the old Nash is never gonna come back,no matter how long you try to hang on.

    • Chrmngblly

      It is also the job of the FO to solve this problem—Jim Buss. Do the dirty work, too, Mr. Big Shot.

  • Leo

    Nash and Dumbtoni just milk the franchise, take advantage of tanking. I wonder what Dr Buss would say to this… multiple negative franchise records (straight home losses, getting outrebounded in dozens of straiht games etc… plus a 6’7 forward playing center… wtf?) The franchise is falling apart. Shame on Jim Buss. Magic should have bought the Lakers not the Dogers.

    • purplerain53

      I would prefer Magic to buy this team, instead of Dodgers and Sparks. He has enough money to build a championship roster. And Magic does understand this game. Jim Buss and M.Kupchak are destroying the Lakers.
      I can’t take it anymore.

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