Lakers News: Steve Nash Has ‘No Intentions To Stop Playing’

Lakers News: Steve Nash Has ‘No Intentions To Stop Playing’


Despite a rough stretch in his career over the course of the last two seasons, Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters reports that Los Angeles Lakers point guard Steve Nash has no intentions of hanging it up anytime soon.

While speaking to the media after practice, Nash expressed his desire to keep playing:

As Nash has struggled to stay healthy after suffering a fracture in his left leg in October of 2012, followed by back, nerve and hamstring issues, many proclaimed the 18-year veteran a walking injury, who would never return to full health.

After completing a rigorous rehab regimen, Nash returned to the court on Feb. 4, but appeared to be headed back to the injury list following Sunday’s game against the Chicago Bulls.

Nash was hit in the same spot where he fractured his leg in 2012, causing nerve irritation and forcing him to leave the game early.  Nash was restricted in practice on Monday however, but is expected to play in Tuesday’s game against the Utah Jazz.

Should Nash play on Tuesday, it will mark the 10th game this season he has made an appearance in, thus preventing the Lakers from potentially benefiting from his medical retirement.

While Nash may make it through the remainder of the season without any additional injuries, he would appear to be a likely candidate for the stretch provision, which would make him a free agent and nullify his salary as it pertains to the Lakers’ cap space.

For now, Nash will continue to push forward and give the Lakers what his aging body will allow.
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  • LakersHeatBeef

    Bro keep playing nobody gives a crap if he plays or not all we care about is his health after basketball,we want to see him healthy not crippled.He is going some serious stuff and it is a shame his body is not healing up properly it reminds me of a old boxer that hangs on til the pay check stops coming.Nash will make the 10 games necessary to avoid medical retirement ensuring his salary will be paid for next season by the Lakers.

    My only piece of advice to the Lakers is avoid giving this guy a contract extension he has not earned it yet due to injuries.He has missed over 80 games in less than 2 seasons,yeah i am over it already.Good luck and keep on making that easy money.It’s the life of the Canadian Legend Steve Nash.He is toughing it out.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    He will play on Tuesday IMO.

  • Kenshin Himura

    I guess it’s time for you to retire Mr. Nash, two years in your contract and you haven’t played more than 30 games in those two years. You’re not being paid to sit on the bench or to visit hospitals for your rehabilitation. It’s time for you to leave the game and stop receiving salary you don’t deserved. Give you position to someone who can play better and not riding the chair all game long. If you think no one is capable of replacing you, think again. Kendall is playing great basketball these days and he can do what you can’t do now and that is stay healthy.

  • Paytc

    That’s the mind talking. Now let’s hope the body comes along for the ride. Obviously Nash has not played much since joining the Lakers. I wish him all the best and wanted to see he and Kobe get a couple rings together. Now he just needs to prove he can return healthy enough to play at a high level. The Lakers are not in a good position for any playoff talks so obviously that is why Kobe is in no hurry to return. Nash wants to get his $ so he is returning to play just enough to get paid. I wish Nash,Kobe,Gasol etc all the best !

    Go Lakers !

    • hookedonnews

      I don’t agree with what you said about Kobe. He has said that he’s coming back as soon as he’s able regardless of the team’s record. Nash could stop playing today and still get all his money. I think he & Kobe are two of a kind, at least when it comes to dedication to playing the game. They both are going to do whatever it takes to play. I hope we can get all our players back asap. What is the deal with Farmar? I haven’t heard anything about him. I was surprised he wasn’t playing Sunday.

  • hookedonnews

    This is not exactly news. He’s been saying this from the get-go. I knew when I saw the report yesterday that he had told friends he was going to retire after this season that it wasn’t true. I knew that because he’s been saying the opposite every time he’s asked. Time to stop asking him about retirement. He’ll do it when he’s ready, and it’s a little bit insulting to keep bringing it up.

  • ra

    Nash commented that it was good to be back on the court, and feeling better. He still has chops, and if healthy, can do some good things.

    However, it could be a bumpy ride for him. I don’t see him retiring by choice. In fact, after the Lakers run, I see him heading back to Phoenix so that he could retire there (may be a ‘one day’ signing, who knows), and possibly be on the coaching staff in Phoenix. ….. unless his ‘film career’ takes off in LA. Then he’s here for the long haul.

  • Baltazar Costa

    If Nash has no intention of retiring, then me and my friends, all die hard Lakers fans can arrange something special for him, randevou like thing, after which, he may become an invalid for the rest of his life. So better he walk out now, then later with wheel-chair.