Lakers News: Steve Nash And Steve Blake To Start Against T’Wolves Reviewed by Momizat on . After a few months of injuries ripping this team to shreds, the Los Angeles Lakers are starting to get some of their veterans back healthy. On Tuesday night, St After a few months of injuries ripping this team to shreds, the Los Angeles Lakers are starting to get some of their veterans back healthy. On Tuesday night, St Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Steve Nash And Steve Blake To Start Against T’Wolves

NBA: Sacramento Kings at Los Angeles Lakers

After a few months of injuries ripping this team to shreds, the Los Angeles Lakers are starting to get some of their veterans back healthy.

On Tuesday night, Steve Nash and Steve Blake will be back in the starting lineup according to Mike Bresnahan of the L.A. Times:

Nash has only played in six games this season as the result of numerous injuries that he’s struggled to bounce back from. The last time the two-time NBA MVP was on the floor was against the Timberwolves back on Nov. 11. Nash was diagnosed with nerve root irritation in his back after the game and had an uncertain timetable for a return as a result.

As for Blake, the veteran point guard has also missed considerable time this season. Blake played in 21 games before going down with an elbow injury that’s kept him out since early December.

Over the past few weeks, Blake has been practicing using only his left arm while participating and is finally ready to get back on the floor after a 26-game absence.

Along with Blake and Nash, Jodie Meeks will get the start at small forward with rookie Ryan Kelly at power forward and Robert Sacre taking over at center for the injured Pau Gasol.
Steve Blake Returning From Injury, It’ll Be Interesting How Coach Uses Guards

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  • Luke

    Their goes Kendall Marshall twisting and turning in bed now knowing he is on the outs,not the starter anymore and no assurance of a future role.Damn it’s becoming hard to watch this mess unfold.Lakers are now older than any NBA team in the backcourt and Lakers say they are rebuilding????????This team is becoming a laughingstock because they lack direction.So lets say they win some games who the hell cares they are out of the playoffs anyways?????

    Yeah this is doom and gloom to the first degree as a Lakers fan.At least fans of bad teams get to watch their team develop young players,us we get to see old men light jogging in the backcourt while other teams are sprinting all over them.This is now a joke 40 year old Steve Nash starting on the Lakers that’s Bull $HI man.Lakers play with no pride and no heart no energy no effort sadly.

    I know bad teams like Kings or Cleveland or 76ers or Utah all have young players worth watching Lakers have scrubs and crappy old men to watch yet ticket prices are sky high and their channel costs extra money to watch them on TV.I have been a Lakers fan for 45 years and i want to turn in my season tickets and sell them to a ticket broker or just give them away to someone.I am moving on from the Lakers until they get a better run team out there.

    SMFH the hell with Mike Antoni and lil Jimmy Busst and Fake Mitch Kupcake.Lakers are going to be pathetic being run by these losers and idiots this team is garbage 3 wins in the last 21 games is disgraceful to Lakers fans.Just can’t be down with this losing and pathetic product.

    • LakeShow

      You just read my mind. I have the same exact feeling about this.

      We all know this is a losing season and we are aiming for a top draft pick. What’s the point giving Nash and Blake playing time when we could use it to develop Marshall, Meeks & Henry for the future. Even if they don’t turn up great, at least we could use them as 2nd team and this is a great opportunity for them to develop chemistry.

      Yes, we might win few games under Nash & Blake but for what? That would only get us far away from the top 5 pick. And they are not going to play for us for long term.

      At least, I was looking forward to see Marshall get double-double and Henry posterizing dunks.

      I know this sounds evil but I hope both Nash and Blake re-injure themselves soon and just retire. Personally, I don’t hate Nash or Blake but they are just going to ruin the Lakers future. And to Nash, you already made us gave up a first rounder (2015), and now you are ruining our young players by taking their playing time. Damn!

    • Cedric

      If you leave, you leave for good. You can’t just say “Oh the team is old and bad now I don’t watch their games anymore”. If you’ve been a real fan for the last 45 years you wouldn’t say sh*t like this. Let me guess you said the same thing before Shaq came to the Lakers and when the team wasn’t playing good around ’05.

    • Dana Douglas

      I don’t believe you’ve been a fan for 45 years, and I don’t believe you have season tickets. On the off chance that you do have season tickets, understand that when you give them up, they’re gone for good. I made the mistake of giving up season tickets when they sucked, and boy did I regret it later on.

      But then, you don’t sound like an actual fan, anyway.

      This is one season. Yes, they are hard to watch, right now. Kendall Marshall is a bench player, at best. He looks good only because he’s in a D’Antoni system and there are no real players on the floor. Put him on another team, a real team, and he disappears at the end of the bench.

      • Daryl Peek


      • Genius

        continuing to hit three-pointers at 48% would not make someone disappear at the end of the bench.

        • Dana Douglas

          Yes, he has shot the 3 well, so far, which blow me away, because he looks like a toddler putting up the shot. Terrible mechanics. But when they leave him alone and he gets that little set shot, he’s been able to make them. Personally, I think if players guarded him and he had to do it over a whole season, that number would probably drop to around 26%.

          • Daryl Peek

            That number had already started to dwindle. He’s down to 45% right now which is still great but all of his stats don’t make up for team chemistry which was much better with the others on the floor.

            Everyone loves a redemption story like Marshall’s but the reality is better players are returning and you cannot make a case for Marshall starting over them. KM will still get PT going forward. It will be up to him to adjust to the lessened role by still producing.

    • hookedonnews

      I don’t think Kendall Marshall was under any illusion that he was going to come out of the D-League and push Nash, Blake, or Farmar out of their spots in the lineup once they were healthy. He’ll get minutes, according to D’Antoni, Nash will be playing limited minutes at least initially. The statement that the Lakers play with no pride, heart, or effort is BS. You can send me your season tickets if you’re looking to give them away. You couldn’t have a better coach than MDA to work with young players. You need to chill. Yes, Nash & Kobe are older players but they are still great players. Blake & Farmar aren’t that old and the rest of the roster (other than Gasol & Kaman who may be gone after this season) are younger players. Everyone knew this team wasn’t going to the Finals when the season started before all the injuries struck. There’s no reason to be this pessimistic. They were playing better than expected before all the PGs went down and Kobe was re-injured. New players will be brought in through the draft and free agency. This team is not garbage. They’ve just been short 5 of their best players. No team is going to do anything under those circumstances.

      • I Hate Steve Nash

        Dude, I don’t think Nash even qualifies as a good player anymore, much less a “great” one.

        • hookedonnews

          Hope you’re watching the game right now. You need to get a new name. No rational person hates Steve Nash.

  • Luke

    Old Fart Steve Nash And Old Man Steve Blake.

  • MDA

    Why is Kendall not starting? Are you kidding me that Blake is starting? I am tired of watching Sacre playing more minutes than Kaman or stating over Jordan Hill. Why is Lakers in love with Sacre? I don’t get it. Kendall has been playing really well the beginning

    • Devon Murray

      I agree, I just hope this isn’t a disaster in the making…

      • SoCalFan

        You say that like things aren’t already a disaster

    • Joe Sangenito

      Yeah I would rather see Kaman starting then Sacre.. Isnt that why the lakers got Kaman? If they are not going to use Kaman then send him somewhere else so he can play.. All hes doing is sitting on the bench rotting away…

    • Cedric

      Hill wasn’t as valuable when he was starting compared to his value when he was coming of the bench. He was posting the same numbers but he was shooting worse.

    • hookedonnews

      Blake is starting at SG. I don’t think Marshall could do that job. Steve Nash is starting at PG. You didn’t expect Marshall to start ahead of Nash, did you? Nash’s minutes will be limited, and Marshall will get minutes. If Meeks had been putting up big numbers you wouldn’t expect him to start over Kobe when he returns. I’m pretty sure KM knew he wasn’t going to be starting once SN, SB, and JF came back. Hill anchors the bench group and is better when he doesn’t play extended minutes. Kaman is in the doghouse for whatever reason, doesn’t spread the floor or shoot 3′s, and has a big mouth. Sacre works hard and plays well in practice, and he spreads the floor and has a good outside shot. I think maybe the idea is to develop Sacre and Kelly, but that’s just my speculation. Kelly has a lot of potential to be a good stretch four if he can improve defensively. I’m sure KM is just glad to be in the NBA and out of the D-League. He’ll get to play, but he’s not going to start over players like Nash & Blake.

  • Daryl Peek

    Not tripping on the back court but Meeks at SF and Sacre over Kaman?!?

    • Dragon7s

      Agreed. Wonder what the over/under is on the bench outscoring/outperforming the starters…lol

      • Daryl Peek

        LOL I see line up change very early tonight.

    • NotSoAnonymous

      well this answers our previous convo about Meeks playing with Kobe lol. At least if D’antoni is coach. No idea what he’s doing though…Kaman shouldn’t start because he hasn’t played..he should come off the bench. Sacre is really a joke..he shoots every time he gets the ball. Wes Johnson has been a disaster. There’s really not many options..especially since Harris will be let go. Blake was the leader and produced quite well before getting injured, so I hope he does a decent job. As long as Nash doesn’t get injured again…i think it’ll be progress. D’antoni probably just trying to create that bench mob again? Idk, but this will be interesting!

      • Daryl Peek

        Meeks would start at SG next to Kobe who would slide over to SF. LOL

        SF is likely to be Kobe’s new position the rest of his career if you keep it real. Perimeter defense will be a problem if Kobe continues on as a SG. This injury will affect his ability to defend more than anything. There are countless articles out there detailing this. MDA has said such before the season even started. I wont go as far as saying he doesn’t know what he’s doing but Meeks at SF is a head scratcher?!?

        I thought that too on the bench mob. *looking*

        • NotSoAnonymous

          We’ll see. but I’m certain Kobe won’t play SF. Maybe on paper it’ll say Kobe SF…but in play he won’t. That’s simply not his go to position. He loves SG and enjoys PG. SF’s are simply too athletic, tall, and strong. You can’t rely on articles, they’re filled with bias opinion and 90% of them turn out to be bs. Just gotta wait and see, and build your own conclusion/opinion.
          I’d be surprised if Meeks has a good game today… 6’4 going against a guy whose bigger. It’ll be interesting today.

          As long as nobody gets injured…that’s all i ask now.

          • Daryl Peek

            Oh I do build my own conclusions. Kobe has begun to morph into a SF every since about 2008-09 after he sought out Hakeem to improve his post up game. Kobe and Jordan are aberrations as big post up SG’s… dig that, BIG SG’s?

            Kobe’s game is and has been better suited to be a point SF and this is why Phil experimented with that. Both Craig Hodges and Phil often begged Kobe to be that during the first three peat. That is where much of Phil and Kobe’s issues were rooted in. Phil wanted Kobe to be more of a Pippen type than MJ playing with Shaq.

            Good health is all I want also. These last two seasons have been a nightmare and its not fair MDA and the FO being blamed for it.

    • hookedonnews

      I was surprised at everything except Nash & Blake. I guess we’ll see how it works, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see some early substitutions. It’s obvious that Kaman is in the doghouse. MDA said he would play. Nash will be playing limited minutes each half. Maybe Jodie will slide over to SG and Blake to PG when Nash goes out.

      • Daryl Peek

        Don’t say that man. Your killing KM PT and the KM is the next, team is gonna come crying foul. *logs off to avoid the daggers*

  • Dragon7s

    Maybe D’Antoni is trying to make sure that both Nash and Blake get hurt and miss the rest of the season.

    • William969

      One thing for sure, MDA is trying every possible way to mess up the Lakers and get fire before the season end. For Nash, he is properly laughing so hard right now seeing the Lakers in this bad shape. He is take revenge of all those Phoenix playoff losses to Lakers back in the days when he play for them.

      • Dragon7s

        Can’t agree with you on a Nash/D’Antoni conspiracy theory but it could make for a good movie!

      • vdogg

        “all those Phoenix playoff losses to the lakers back in the days..”? are you kidding me? the lakers should be the ones looking for payback, since PHX won two of the three playoff series and had an overall playoff record of 10-8 vs LAL during that span. learn your lakers history.

        • Daryl Peek

          Preach as you teach

      • hookedonnews

        I don’t know if you’re serious or joking, but no coach tries to mess up a team if they’re planning on ever coaching again. As for Nash, it was the Lakers losing to the Suns in the playoffs when he was in his heyday. Yes, they lost in 2010 to the Lakers, but no one expected the Suns to even be in the WCF let alone beat the Lakers that season. It was the Spurs who were the Suns’ nemesis in those years. Besides, Nash came to the Lakers to win, not to be part of a disaster.

      • Daryl Peek

        Not to pile on ;) but Kobe always held a healthy level of competitive contempt for both Nash and the Suns regardless of who was the HC. Why? Because of the hard fought playoff losses his first time without Shaq. We had the Suns down 3 games to one after that game winning shot by Kobe when he did the Jordan fist pump. Winning that series was supposed to be Kobe’s crowning moment of ascension after Shaq at the time.

        Kobe took so much heat after we melted down in that series. That was the series Barkley (Former Suns player who still loves Phoenix) called Kobe out for quitting on his teammates. Kobe didn’t hate D’Antoni but was not peaches and cream with Nash, and especially Raja Bell. Kobe squashed it with both just as he’s done with all he’s had issue with over the years for the most part.

  • Lakers Fan

    Why the hell would this coach start old ass Nash and Blake after they have missed damn near the whole season??? Then move a 6’4 Meeks to SF. Sacre over Kaman…really?? D’Antoni is a fuckin joke. He couldn’t wait for Nash’s old ass to get back so he can try this small ball shit again. The defense is about to be horrible and Kelly’s about to get destroyed by Love.

    • hookedonnews

      Who doesn’t get destroyed by Love? Hope you’re watching the game, and you’ll figure out why Nash & Blake started. And Sacre has played pretty well with Blake & Nash on the floor. Most teams in the league are playing small ball. KM is not going to help the defense btw. Kaman not playing that great.

  • knezpedja

    So Kendall Marshal who directly contributed to minimum 35ppg (12ppg + 11apg) in last 15 games is not going to see lot of playing… hmmm D’Antony is I.D.I.O.T.

    • LakersHeatBeef

      Yes that is very tough for a young player to handle,getting benched after being the story of the NBA for the last couple months or whatever.It’s his job to lose is how i would have dealt with it.I never would have benched Kendall Marshall,it’s a sad day for me as i am a fan of his on here.MDA has a loyalty with Steve Nash that goes way back and KM is not starting because of that and i can’t understand it sorry.

      • hookedonnews

        Are you watching the game? Kendall Marshall never thought he was going to start once Nash was back. He’s just glad to be in the NBA, and he’s going to get plenty of minutes. Nash is starting because he’s the better player and a 2 time MVP.

        • knezpedja

          WTF?! “never thought he was going to start” ?!?!
          So what?
          You think MJ thought from day one that he is going to be all time…?
          Kid plays great, so let him F play!
          So if someone comes in and playes good, should be benched ‘cos he did not think so?!
          Dude it is about results, who the F cares about names, it is basketball, not Kardashian show!

          • hookedonnews

            You can’t seriously believe that Kendall Marshall is better than Steve Nash. If you were watching last night you got an opportunity to compare the two. Marshall got plenty of minutes. Yes, results matter but no matter how well Meeks or Young play they aren’t going to start over Kobe. Marshall didn’t start because he’s not the best player in that position, and he knows that even if you don’t.

          • knezpedja

            I don’t have to believe in anything, it is basketball, buckets is all that counts. Look at the numbers and you will see that Nash and Blake had K.Ms average numbers together. Nash was great offensive player few years ago, but today he barely walks…
            So you would start Kobe even he can’t play?
            It is F-ing basketball not reality show and popularity contest. That is why Lakers are down for few years, ‘cos everything is more important than BASKETBALL! Maybe to rename the team in LA Kardashians and have 1$ app for voting who is cool and swaggiest in pink shoes?

          • hookedonnews

            You act like KM wasn’t on the court last night. What were his numbers? Yes, Nash was injured at the end of last season and the beginning of this season. If you saw the game last night you know he’s moving just fine and shot 50% from the field. No, I would not start Kobe if he couldn’t play, but Nash can play and proved it last night. You obviously didn’t see the game. It’s got nothing to do with popularity. It’s all about skill–shooting, court vision, knowledge of the system, passing skill, etc. As long as Nash is healthy he’s the better player. No one is going to argue otherwise. He’s healthy right now and looked great last night. I don’t know what your problem is. Marshall got plenty of playing time, and I doubt he lost any sleep about not starting. He’s under no delusions that he’s better than Nash. And if it’s buckets that count, no one on the planet would argue that Kendall Marshall is a better shooter than Steve Nash. Blake is obviously not 100% and still managed to get 6 assists.

        • knezpedja

          BTW Nash was MVP and great player in last decade.
          Or you think we should sign Kareem, he is better (name) than Sacre?

          • hookedonnews

            Nash was the league leader in assists and an All-Star in 2012. Comparing him to someone who hasn’t played in years is reaching. But, if we had Tim Duncan he would be starting over Sacre.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Yeah Steve Blake is a good basketball player and Steve Nash has some basketball left in him most likely,but seeing Kendall Marshall go to the bench or whatever is going to happen with him is going to be very tough on me because i grew to like him as the Lakers starting Point Guard,he impacted the game with his passing and he shot the ball decently for the most part,yes his defense is needing a ton of work and yes he needs to get a scorers mentality more than the one he has but he is a young 22 year old player i enjoy watching play.This is a lost season anyways might as well just develop Kendall Marshall and see what happens IMO.It is what it is lets see how Steve Nash and Steve Blake do.

    I like Blake more than Nash at this point in their respective careers tbh.Blake is a shooting guard that is what he is tonight and when Nash plays for the most part he contributes.Sorry to Kendall it’s like that sometimes the NBA is a cold cold cold world filled with trials and tribulations and setbacks and hardship,KM just gotta persevere through it all kiddo.It is a long way to the top and some never make it.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Lakers have only 35 games left this season and then draft,free agency come up.

  • gm jack

    Marshall should be number one. Nash and Blake are going to have to fight back for their spots.

    Farmer. Your guess as good as mine. No way Farmer is better than Marshall.

    Marshall with little NBA experience is averaging 10 assists per game. That is prime time.

    Derron William is not averaging that, and he is on a team with bunch of scorer.

    • Jim213

      Don’t see Marshall here in the long run but Farmar’s a way better shooter.

      • Dragon7s

        Statistically, Farmar’s not “a way better shooter”, he just looks better doing it…lol

        • Jim213

          Slightly over exaggerated but Farmar is the better shooter aside of being able to put up his shots quicker. Defensively though, night and day.

          • Dragon7s

            I can agree with you there.

    • NotSoAnonymous

      Farmar is better than Marshall. Give Farmar the minutes and ball possession Marshall got during all the injuries and he’d produce just as well. Any PG in the D’antoni system can achieve these numbers, you just need an opportunity and shooters around you. It’s a good system to develop PG’s and make them into star players, and to turn scrubs into good role players. That being said, Lakers should give Marshall a bigger opportunity, maybe 2-3 years. He’s got potential…just has to work on his shot consistency. Who knows, he might turn out like Rondo (best case scenario).

      • Dragon7s

        Statistically on offense, Marshall is better than Farmar, Blake and Nash so far this season per 36.
        Defensively, all 4 of them are a liability with Farmar being the best defensively.

        The stats supporting Marshall, especially considering that he’s put up those numbers with so many injuries to starters are pretty impressive, even when compared to the top 10 PG’s in the league via nba(dot)com (sorted by assists/game).

        • NotSoAnonymous

          Not enough to come to a conclusion..but yes, Marshall deserves an opportunity as he did a good job

          • Dragon7s

            He’s actually quite a bit better offensively if you believe the stats.
            Nash is the only one that has such a small sample size that you can’t say for sure what to expect from him.

    • hookedonnews

      Nash & Blake have their spots. Marshall will back up Nash and get plenty of minutes. Farmar will run the 2nd team once he’s healthy I would guess. Marshall gets a lot of assists because he rarely looks to shoot and a lot of those passes are going to Gasol. He’s limited offensively. Meeks has already gone out with an injury tonight, so I’m sure everyone will get a chance to play going forward.

  • Veix

    SHAKE MY HEAD on the KM not starting thing. MDA has got to be the worst decision maker ever in the NBA!

    • Veix

      Especially, when Nash is injury pro and should get used to playing against real opponents first.
      Lakers management tactics: re-injury everybody to tank harder than Bucks?

  • gm jack

    1. Trade Blake ( 6.9 ppg and 3.9 apg, and you are going to start him ahead of Marshall. The fact that Lakers ever sighned him for $10 million per year is a joke. Let Magic talk. It is all of you guys who shut him up.), Nash, MDA and Gasol for whatever you can get. You cannot get worst than the said combination.

    2. If Gasol stays, Lakers Starting line of:

    Kobe SF

    Gasol, C

    Hill, Power Forwar

    Nick Young, SG

    Marshall, PG

    This can be an entertaining line if nothing else.

    • NotSoAnonymous

      These dudes better play 48 mins cuz you just left the bench with no scoring punch.
      Don’t forget that Blake stepped up when Kobe got injured and early this season. I don’t believe he’s worth that much $ considering he’s injury prone and old, but he upped his game and leadership when the Lakers needed it.

  • Tar Heels Thriller

    Kendall Marshall just hang in there man,he earned the job and he is one of the best young point guards in the NBA.But he is being benched for a 40 year old that is bunk.D’Antoni is a joke FIRE HIM!Love ya brotha Kendall.

  • Tar Heels Thriller

    Wow just wow.

  • Glmus

    I am glad that there are so many thoughtful fans even if we have a airhead coach. Given what we have to work with, Kendall, Jodie, Nick, Kelly, and Hill should be starting – give us a chance. The two old geezers should be sharing time on the second team until they get into shape. The only thing I can think of is that Coach D is going to run Nash into the ground so he will quit – great idea. Blake needs to get his legs back. Sacre is a real hustler, but starting over Hill? Perhaps Coach D is trying to load up the second team so that we can win the game as they rescue the first team. I have been enjoying watching the young guys playing. When does Coach D’s contract expire? Maybe we can trade him for a draft choice like the Cs did with Doc. But who would take him after starting the two out of shape old geezers?

  • Stephen Gilson

    Nash will only play 2 games then go back on the injury list. The lakers should just bench his old ass so we can collect on the insurance from his contract after missing 41 straight games. Then release his ass in the offseason and spread the last year of his contract over 3 seasons. KM is a beast, I thought I heard he has the highest 3 point percentage since given the starting PG role. 12 ppg 11apg?? WTF!! MDA needs to use some common since!! Trade Gasol for a 1st rounder and a young player and move on. Since Kaman is unlikely to get any playing time, they need to dump his contract as well…IMO..

    • Dragon7s

      Let’s hope that if Nash can’t return to form that he doesn’t play more than 3 games. That way he’s still eligible for medical retirement.

      As far as Marshal, statistically, compared to the top 10 PG’s when sorting by assists per game, here’s how he stacks up per 36:
      2nd in assists @ 10.4 (Chris Paul is 1st with 11.7)
      4th in turnovers @ 3.0 (Lowry is 1st with 2.2, 2nd is Paul with 2.6)
      8th in points @ 11.4 (Blake is 9th with 11.1)
      10th in steals @ 0.5 (Blake is 9th with 1.0)
      4th in FG% @ .446 (Paul is 1st with .464)
      1st in 3pt% @ .455 (Curry is 2nd with .407 on twice as many attempts)

      As you can see, he compares quite favorably offensively with what are considered the best PG’s in the league. He doesn’t get to the FT line as much as he should and he needs to work on his defense.

  • Dana Douglas

    Well, the full tank is officially on.

  • Daryl Peek

    After pondering it, Meeks at SF may not be our biggest problem. Pekovic and Love will. Love is gonna destroy us on the boards against Kelly, and Pec will mash Sacre. This is where we’ll miss Gasol most and need Kaman to offset by having a good offensive game. Hill will need to come in on tilt trying to keep Love off the boards.

    This is why Kaman should start over Sacre. That’s my main issue with MDA, Sacre.

    • Dragon7s

      I predict Pekovic has a career night…not much to do on defense and no one to stop him on offense. Yikes!

  • Adrian

    Nash is gonna play like 8 mins in this game, stop crying Kendal Marshall will get his time in and I rather this lineup way better than having Jodie at the point because his passing iq is notoriously bad.

    • Daryl Peek

      Agreed. Meeks has gotten better playing point but that is not his forte at all. If Nash and Blake have anything this only helps us. People need to just calm down.

  • #Lakersfuture

    Do you guys not see what is going on? This is all part of the plan. Lakers FO does have a plan wether you believe it or not. D’Antoni has been reduced to a puppet. FO continues to order Pringles to do what he’s doing, to keep coaching how he is coaching. Line up changes, starting less talented players for more efficient ones, Team is in tank mode. Stop expecting results with this team. The only result that the Lakers will receive is hopefully a lottery pick in the draft. End of story. Endure this season true Lakers fans! :)

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